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The Accuracy, the Certainty and the Doubt.

- "although never being sure on nothing... one can nevertheless adhere to a sort of thought, how to tell? the thinking matter... Being arrived to your degree of research, did you less doubt and get more certainties?..."

11, 2001 -mail from Lorenzo (Mauritius).

Universal Human Being

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- who + said + A + lack + of + doubt + does + not + give + it + certainty (Canada)

I am sory to don't know the corresponding author.
It is really the necessary condition of clearing any doubt to be sure of the corresponding certainty.
However, aside Rationality and in case of Believes how are we certain that Doubts may be exhausted?
Rationality and Believes are two opposite man's behavior.

- the called the better of life of doubt than certainty or lack of certainty (Uk)

- historical + events + certainty + and + doubt (..)

- the + ways + that + certainty + and + doubt + are + alike

- relationship + between + certainty + and + good + works (United Arab Emirates)

- why + is + the + accuracy + of + statistic + doubted (Niger)

The whole universe is difined by Universal Laws.
What is defined is then necessarily accuartly structured.
Thus, any part of the universe is precisely defined... even by what one tell as due to Hazard.
That is to tell, according to the universe Laws there is no possible Hazard in the universe. The Hazard is from Ignorance of Man invention.
Hazard is from partial observator's conscience according to that he has no global view on physic phenomena. To get a correct undestanding on phenomena, one have to be abble to get at first their corresponding universe Principles. It is because from these principles any construction of any thing was performed.

Without the corresponding principles that underlie any phenomona, observers get only partial understanding on them. With such incomplete view on phenomena, Man tempts to replace the globial view by the statistics technique. However, theses statistics are only conventional and artificial extrapolations methods that can never replace the True Global Views. These latter rest only on universe Principles on which necessarly Man's true steady universal knowledge can be enlarged.

- "relatoinship" + between + law + and + certainty (

- certainty + accuracy + correlation (..)

- balance + between + certainty + and + doubt (..)

a) - When the scale lever is in capriciousness of the imbalance between Yes-And-No then, we are always prisoner in the:

b) - While in case of the scale equilibrium between Only Yes Or Only-No then, we are staying on the solid:

- what + is + the + relationship + between + certanity + and + doubt (..)

- explain + the + difference + between + doubt + and + certainty (Albania)

The Doubt versus the Certainty necessarily drive to the Truth.

For each of us, the working of doubt/certainty may be resumed as follows:

1) - No, Yes, yes, no, NO, no, yes, not-yes, rather-No, yes-ok... and so on according to such playing without music.

2) - After a long tied to this Yes-and-No rather long chain trajectory,
one will ended on One unique Word :

        a) - a Unique Yes-free-of-No

        b) - OR a Unique No-free-of-Yes.

3) - The result is that:

This YES Or this NO is the Certainty the own expression of each one.

However, this personnal Certainty will belong to the Truth Certainty if it belongs to the universal Truth expression of many Immutable another body's concerning the same Yes-No chain type !!!

Certainty belong strictly to severe Universal truth...
For example, a colossal Eureuka-Certainty is not enough sufficient.

- doubt + leads + to + certainty + science (

The above Doubt-Certainty trajectoty can be rationally used as scientific test for determining what is Yes Or Not a certainty.

It suffice to define the criterions of certainty then a Test may drive to the result of Yes or Not a certainty.

It is noted that the euclidean, archimedean and the Dedekind-Cut Exhaustion methods is from a such test of exactness.

However, these latter is not correct.

Because the condition of getting successfully a test is that one should know precisely the prerequisite target of the trajectory or the marche of though.

1) - In case of the Doubt-certainty search human and also the alive are born from universal law constructions. Thus, man can effectively know intuitively what is the universal truth by testing it with the Doubt-Certainty thought process.
The Doubt-Certainty walking is possible because human has the ability to distinguish between Right and Wrong. Therefore, THE TRUTH as a Target IS A FACT of THE UNIVERSE REALITY.

2) - While for the above mathematic exhaustions, these techniques of advancing towards the unknowns are here no more than the impossibility of touching the undetermined thing or no more than tempting to touch the Nothingness.

Here, we can see that Impossibility is not from man's moral property but Impossibility means Not-Reality.

Now, it can be seen that the squaring a circle, the trisection of an angle and the doubling a cube are Realities of the univers space.

- certainty + and + doubt + man + on + the + moon (

- doubt + versus + certainty + in + Frankenstein (

- examples + of + doubt + leading + to + knowledge + in + sciences (, Canada)

- What + would + you + say + the + role + of + certainty + is + in + statistics + compared + to + the + roll + of + certainty + in + mathematics (

Human actions for life transformations need to define precisely objects that are concerned for. Before acting some transformations and to be successfully done one needs to define three mains points:

1) - The purpose and the way towards there the action is needed.

2) - The defined items on which a transformation should be performed.

3) - The optimal method to unfold the required forms of transformation.

Certainty for man's to get the result of a succesful action, need a sharp conscience of his own knowledge to defined accuratly each of these inescapble needed three parts to succesfully get the needed transformation action.

This means that for any optimal result of an action, the main work of a man's should be done as a long and conscientious step before any effective given action.

a) - The above first step of a will for current man's action need generally to be done instaneously. As soon as we want somthing we need to get it immediatly.

b) - If one want to get an optimal success of his action, the two above defined steps (2 and 3) that concern the action and its aim definitions, are practically insolvant even with a long work duration. In such situation, one is then in needed action failings.

It is why to overcome the difficulties of immediate needed action, man invents different processes to define even so his own way for succeeding his immediate will. This is usually the everyday practices characteristics for everyone along his life.

Unfortunately, this is also a current practice done in Sciences. Because it is not easy for sciences to define a universal scientifc practical method of knowledge that may enlighten every type of action method.

There is nice examples in science that make usual définition methods to go further by allegations in some defined knowledge. From these so called "methods" science can use practical enacting "synthetic laws" defined as a consensus of science for universal Laws definition.

Some welknown examples can be given: It is the Squaring a Circle impossiblility "theorem"...
and particularly,
The Quantum Physic that rest on an invented method denoted as the Statistic Mechanics.
The Statistic Mechanics allows physicians to overcome the impossibility of scientists to define precisely the matter state at the atomic scale. The statistic allows to scientific to surrely tel that they can "KNOW" the particle of matter. And then, the Quantum Mechanic can be developped as the Certainty of Science of the unknown and inaccessible Particle. The Boson is this wellknown Known Particle Ghost.

Therefore, man needs to act for transformation in Life, can then overcome the necessary unknown matter and then he invents directly the Nature as Frankenstein invented his human clone and as the Anciants invented the unkown universe by replacing the real universe with The Nothingness.

In conclusion

The statistic is only the synthetic figure with what one uses it as the reality clone. Then manipulations are done on this clone as one should do it on a true authentic reality. The result is never a certainty. It is because a clone is only a virtual and always an imperfect image of the reality. Working on a succession of virtual images one necessary meets the illusion.

The difference between the so-called Synthetic-Definitions and the natural property of Human's Knowledge is only the Authentic Certainty for this latter because Certainty is a natural property of the Alive directly connected by Certainty with the Universal Laws, the true Bases of the universe physic.

Hereafter is prposed a definition of the Certainty in its global meaning.

What are the Preciseness, the Accuarcy and the Certainty?

1) - The Preciseness is the certainty expression during pactice.

2) - Accuracy is the mode to apprehend the world according to the certainty.

3) - The Certainty appears by the Preciseness in real-life experience and is characterised by its Accuracy and the Universality of its reasons.

- essays + on + "conepyual + certanity" (UK)


- doubt + before + certainty (

Generally Doubt and Certainty are mixted along their way for certainty. However the difference between them is that the Doubt is the starting point and the Certainty is the arrival ending this way. But the Doubt and the Certainty are always all along the united builder.

- how + doubt + leads + to + certainty (

- what + does + Gandhis + principle + of + equality + consist + of + i + n + the + scene (..)

- why + the + principle + of + universal + doubt + should + be + douted (Italy)

- the relationship between certainty and doubt (San Antonio, Texas)

- thesis + statement + between + the + relationship + of + certainty + and + doubt (

- the + certainty + of + doubt (USA)

This is the unified accurate statement for both the Certainty and the Doubt!

1) - It is because the Doubt is a trajectory of different

2) - And the Certainty is to denoted the last final
about a given reality resolution on the whole world.

This is the Process of a given Predefined-Real-Object that have to be gain in our Knowledge as a True or False Reality one.

According to this Life Main Process,

we are doing a trip throughout our conscience on the whole universe Reality.

- absolute + certainty + accuracy (

When the practical accuracy correspond to a reality fact then, it corresponds to an absolute Certainty Location. Because a Location is the elemental-fact of the universe absolute space of reality.

This statement on accuracy and certainty corresponds to the old more imprecise one from Euclide when he was defining that "Equality happens when two figures are superimposed". As well as the Pythagoras' Theorem and his Numbers Archetype, the Euclide's Exhaustion, this Euclide's statement on Equality is from the usual notions as [More than, Less-than and Equal] are from empirical practice concepts. An another modern example of counting is given also by Dedekind and Cantor are no more than irrelevent foundation resting on the false concept of counting Numbers. The modern Numbers Theory denoted as the Induction Principle are also from the usual empirism of the ordinal Counting process. Because the counting process rest basically on the [Les-Greater-Equality] notions.

All these ideas are from empirism considerations. When Dedekind state that there is Infinity because he believe that his imagination tempted to proceed equality on association of counting Numbers with his fancy imaginary objects. One may note that Infinities are not any Location. All these thinkers errors are from ignoring that Equality-Comparison should be done ONLY by the Reality of THE UNIVERSE SPACE ABSOLUTE LOCATIONS.

The accuracy should correspond to elemental placement Locations of the universe Absolute Space. Therefore, the [Les-than , the More-than and the True Equality should be effectively the certainty ONLY from the scientific Spatial Language of the universe Discrete Matter.

This means that Equalities between figures is not Object-corresponding-to-Object relativity as was the Euclide's statement. But for the Dakhiometry absolute view point,

Equality should be defined as the property of any Objects occupying accuratly a same set of the absolute Spaces Location! From such base, Less-than, Greater-than and Equal can be the Certainty aaccording to the Uniqueness principle of Matter Quantities.

Example is seen for the Squaring-Circle where only constructions of spatial figures should be used to resolve accuratly the Square And Circle equality. According to equality is concerned by Locations, the squaring a circle is also true not only by Aera quantity but also by Lenght Quantity... and by Angle Quantity. Angla Quantity is also Location: the universe Location refered by the Circle or Central Direction!

The wealthy consequences of the Dakhiometry principles are that the squaring a circle is not only concerning the Cirlce-and-the-Ssquare. Because from now, one can proceed equality of Circle between any types of Figure Form. This proves that The Squaring a Circle is strictly a True Unique Events on the Universe Beginning of Construction... by the Universe Movement transformation phenomena.
This is the true absolute accurate Equality. The universe Energy Conservation principle is the basic reality of the universe Construction according to Equality principle.

Therefore, only

The fundamental absolute Discrete Matter is the basic condition for Location Certainty as Facts of Accuracy

- certainty + and + doubt + essay + life + of + pi (Mississippi)

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- samples + of + total + certainty + in + events + of + life (Malaysia)

- State + TWO + (2)+ events + in + your + life + where + you + face + total + certainty (..)

- What is the relationship between Certainty and Accuracy (

- accuracy difference certainty (Germany)

On a given problem the Doubt is the conscience of searching the State of Certainty when ended on a Solution.
There is two main methods of solving problems:

A) - The Exhaustion Method.
It is concerned on problem where the Solution is unknown. There, the main difficulty is to presuppose the accestability of a given solution. However, the presupposed-solution is the main difficulty for the success of the Going-Towards an unkown goal. Generally this latter is only an illusion.

B) - The Closed Loop Method.
It is the case where a trajectory Goal is well defined. The Doubt trajectory consists to successfuly reach a given-defined-point. This case is a concrete problem for Doubt where the Doubt may reach with the most accuracy the Certainty of this concrete given Goal. The Accuracy is concerning the Precision Method that allows to get exactly the determined Goal. More accurate the more is the Certainty of the Method... because the solution is a Well-defined Truth, the Certainty by itself.

In conclusion
1) - Resting on Hypothesis of presupposed solution, there are NEVER the Certainty of Truth. The welknow example is given by Archimedes' determination of Pi where the Hypothesis is to presuppose that one knows "what is the simplistic Circle Figure". On such hypothesis, His exhaustion tempted to equalize the dichotomic impossibility Fact between the Linear and the Circular Illusion. The Real Number according to the Dedekind Cut, the Cantor multi-Infinities are terrific man's illusion. The Minkovsky and the Einstein Spatio-Temporal are from modern nightmares. No possible Certainty should be valid for UNKOWN THING OF THE IGNORANCE NOTHINGNESS.
There, whatever is the Exhaustion-Method manner, No accuracy is valid.

2) - For example, Accuracy is concerning the case where one is shooting towards a GIVEN TARGET Fact. There, the Method of hitting the target, is concerning the realistic Doubt-Trajectory where accuracy is a possible concrete work towards its Certainty result. With the concrete Goal fact for the Doubt trajectory, an Accurate Closed-Loop method can be concretly defined (as the feed-back applied for electronic amplifiers) to link the Doubt trajectory towards the still-effective True Solution to get its Certainty. The accuracy is from there a property fact.
Note that the closed-loop method is not an exhaustion one. Because the Euclidean Exhaustion is only the Going-toward-Nothing-and-surely-an-illusion.
While the closed-loop is "how effectively to Precisely-Define a concrete goal to get it with best-accuracy". The accuracy is concerning the practical optimal method, the Real-Life one.
This is the case when Euclide defined the "Equality of Figures is done by their superposition". The Doubt is there the equality-questionning and the Accuracy of its Certainty happens when they are COMPLETLY superimposable. Euclide did not precise the difference that the Exhaustion is only no more than empirical means of defining some quite UNKNOWN.

- to + believe + with + certainty + we + must + begin + with + doubting + is + this + true (

Most of our everyday are from fundamental questionning.
We are asking "WHY?"
However, in fact it is done in more basic expression as "FROM WHERE, WHAT IS THE ORIGIN OF?".
Like when concerning a river, the question is about its origin, the source. The questionning on what its is going is only for its practice.

The fundamental questionning may be seen expressed in this following manner:

"What are we?...". Because we, the Alives, are only defined as a Way. Thus, it comes: "From where are we coming? Where are we going to?"

These basic questionning are no more than due to that our knowledge needs reasons that should validate any reality. This concerns the true rationality of human mind that need to know the root or the Universal Laws from where are built the world where everything was born and are living.

The Doubt arises when looking at reality one. At this time, it comes in conscience that some gap happens on breaking the Way continuity. The reasons one from where a given reality remains undefined. This given reality is like a river that seem to havn't any source and then this so-called river is not yet a fact of certainty. Thus, The Doubt is working until this river question is clarified in a final goal as Yes/or/No Reality Certainty. This latter is then as a universal reality fact for this given object.

In conclusion
The universe is a continual construction of reality. However for human life, the way to be formed is a Doubt one. This latter needs to be drawn by validating Certainty fact at each of its steps.

- certainty and doubt essay (Korea)

- differences between doubt and certainty (Bolivia)

- the + relationship + between + certainty + and + doubt (

- doubt and certainty in life (, Canada)

Effectively. Development of Life trajectories follow the Doubt and Certainty multways.

- expression de l'opinion la certitude et le doute (Colombia)

- examples of doubt in human sciences (India)

- thesis + statement + for + relationship + between + certainty + and + doubt (, USA)

- certainty and doubt connected (, Florida, USA)

- Plato + saying + philosphy + is + the + contineous + study + and + struggle + of + life (Pakistan)

- example of expression doubt (Brazil)

- function + for + doubt + and + certainty (New Zealand Aotearoa)

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- thesis statement for essay on relationship between certainty and doubt (, Maryland, USA)

- what + is + the + difference + between + certainty + and + doubt (

- certainty and doubt relationship (Korea)

- accuracy certainty (USA)

Accuracy is an experimental fact. It may be a discover relationship fact before being conscieously lighten by reasons as certainty. Then, the accuracy can be used as a particular equivalent expression of certainty.

- expression of certainty and doubt and example (Indonesia)

- doubting accuracy (Boston, USA) - an example of relationships between certainty and doubt (, USA)

" Running after the job of tempting to establish some uncompleted and short-lived equality",
is the alive capacity and Activity of KNOWLEDGE.

The principle of KNOWLEDGE is really to associate a precise equivalence between TWO realities.
Therfore, in any human language there are the corresponding expressions to indicate and point out the fact of the universal Equality principle.

For examples:
K-now, K-nowledge
Co-naître, Co-naissance
are words from the same concepts of Equality principle.

(K-) and (Co-)
the (K-) and the (Co-) may be are from the same axpression to means an association between two realities.
Then, -naissance means The-Birth. expression -Ledge may be from the word "edge" that means some "gap separating the two interested realities".

Therefore, (knowledge) and (conaissance) is no more than the practical idea from the universal EQUALITY principle. Because:

A) - betweeen two Realities, there are always a gap or an edge separating them. This is from the universal law of Uniqueness.

Why is there some need of (K-) or (Co-) to express the action of linking between these two realities?

B) - Because associated to the first Uniqueness aspect of this principle, there is the second aspect tightly attached to it. This is the Multiplicity one.
With such principle lighting, we can state that the universe is in constant Construction because Uniqueness and Multiplicity are no more then the constant source of construction in the universe. It is usually denoted as Interaction.


Thus, the uniqueness/multiplicity imply that there are necessary the constant actions of Knowledge association allowing to realize From two-uniques-realities to give birth a Third one according to the multiplicity construction.
In such condition man can tell that precise reality should be born from "unbounded Advanced Knowledge".

Now what about the characteristics of "Doubt and Certainty". This following sequences can explain what are concerned them.

1) - In the multiplicity of the world, there are always the conjuction of separated Two-Realities. But the Uniqueness principle implies that one should see them necessary as the One from the Uniqueness principle.

2) - Therefore, to be seen as One from the uniqueness, it must be done in such manner that this two different realities should be recognized as a One in the multiplicity of-the-whole. This problem is then realized in two successive steps:

a) - The first step is denotted as the Doubt where the gap and the edge between two different realities seems to be contradictory to the uniqueness principle.

b) - And the second step where the universal laws ligting are used to cement the differences into a One as uniqueness reality. From the succes of such unified actions (unified but not a standardization because the Unique is never from a standard), is the result of Certainty based on the Equality principle that allows to recognize precisely the Multiplicity as equivalent to the Uniqueness.

These two steps of the alive knowledge activity is universally present in any of the human language expressions. Only each particular language etymologiste can tell from what origin a given word was created and from what concept was born a given expression. But I can give here some known examples. For examples:

Search or Research are term associated with the above two step of Knowledge where Doubt is active in the Seach and Research procedure that tell the exploring of different doubt trajectories.

In VietNam language, the terms:
Tièm-Hiêu, means Search-And-Understanding. It is no more tha the Doubt-and-Knowledge aspects from universal Uniqueness/Multiplicity.
Hoc-Hoi means Learn-and-Questionning are from the universal Doubt-going-to-Certainty.

In summary:
Doubt and Certainty, is simply the alive in their necessary actions for universal living according to the universal laws and principles. Certainty is the Life fact resulting from some trajectory necessary done in the unbounded Multiplicity of one universal World.

In conclusion

Each human in his existence necessary behaves as the Life Explorer. Certainty are from the human rational property to discover from not-yet-known some universal life reality. There is not Nothingness but only not-yet-known realities. It is why,

Certainty in life is ONLY the Result necessary from the universal and rational Doubts trajectories.

- history relationship between certainty and doubt (, USA)

Doubt is the situation of one still running after the job of tempting to establish some uncompleted and short-lived equality. While he that has no more need to do it is the one living certainty on some interested equality. Because, this latter is yet staying inside him as his own accurate universal constructing part.

- difference + between + accuracy + and + certainty (Australia)

- how + to + start + a + thesis + statement + on + balancing + the + relationship + between + certainty + and + doubt (USA)

From the principle of knowledge to be done as Relationships according to the universal Equality Principle, knowledge can be explicted as follows:

1) - Exactness and accuracy is the current fact of a sharp consciousness on a given equivalent relationship.

2) - Certainty is the actual sharp consciousness on a given equivalent relationship.

3) - Doubt is the conscience searching some equivalence fact.

For each one these three situations are necessary actions of his consciouness. Without the possibility of one's conscious action one stays in believes.

- discoveries + made + from + certainty + and + doubts (, Gorgia, USA)

It's a fact. Doubts are usefull.
However, it is too difficult to overcome the obvioisness from dogma.

- what is the relationship between certainty and doubt (USA)

There is a steady relationship between dout and certainty. It is their common Certainty. It is not about the object concerned but it rests on a basic upsteam origin: the self being.

- relationship between certainty and doubt (, San., California, USA)

- relationship between doubt and certainty (Florida, USA)

The Certainty is the first basic conscience of one's Existence. Certainty is the expression of constant conscience on concretness of Life manifestation.

It is why Maintaining this conscience is like the respiration for each one. However the conscience of life is not a perfect constancy. It is like the life cycling between Health and Illness.

Therfore, life is always balancing between one side the Certainty state as Health and the other side in Doubting as being in Unhealthy Certainty. It is why the common background of Doubt and Certainty is the Certainty in clear conscience of one's cyclic Existence.

- relationship between doubt and truth (Philippines)

In brief, Doubt is from anthropomorphic while Truth is universal.

- example of doubt and certainty answer (Philippines)

- what + is + situated + certainity (, Pretoria, South Africa)

- begin + with + doubts + and + end + in + certainties (Singapore)

- what + is + the + difference + between + problem + and + certainty (United Arab Emirates)

a) - When there is problem, one is sure, therefore certain, to be bothered about. Usually, it is elegantly denoted as being in doubt.
b) - After longest sleepless nights, fortune may smiles on you and probably yoy will shout "Eureka". At this time, you are sure and certain to be abble to sleep soundly the sleep of the just.

Problem and certainty is no more than the equivalence of to sleep badly and to be fast asleep.

- example + of + certainty + and + doubt (American Samoa)

- expressions of certainty/doubt (Indonesia)

- is + certainty + synonomous + with + justice (Australia)

One of the main property of Justice is to prevail the exactness of a his pair of scales. Therefore, the Justice should be necessary and conscienciously certain.

- what is accuracy certainty in science (BrockU.CA, Canada)

- an absolute is an immutable universal truth about reality you need to (, Maryland, USA)

- humans + and + the + certainty + of + life (, USA)

- conceptual + certainty + defined (

- To + believe + with + certainty + we + must + begin + with + doubting. +definition (Brazil)

You are right.
It is necessary with this Doubt working that we will cancell any doubt about a given problem. After cancelling any remaining doudt that we finally meet our certainty on this problem.

- false + sense + of + certainty + from + illusion + of + accuracy (, India)

It is the case when using polygonal convergence, infinitesimal calculations and also when using computer with high length of bits word.

. - what is the difference between accuracy and certainty (Saudi Aeabia)

Actually, there is no difference.
However, accuracy is only the property of certainty. We don't know what is accuracy about an object, if we are not certain of it. Inversely, the consequence is that when we meet accuracy it leads to us the conscience of certainty about this fact. It is why we are not certain or doubting when there is no accuracy. Certainty and accuracy are concepts that rests on the Uniqueness principle. Only uniqueness is real.

- the + doubt + of + accuracy (Japan)

- constant doubt leads to certainty (UK)

- in order to understand one must first doubt (Texas, USA)

Understanding belong to the process of getting reasons behind a given thinking object. It begings to raise the problem yet unknown in conscience. This is the establishement of the different stages of the doubt process for completion of the understanding certainty.

- are + certainty + and + accuracy + the + same + thing (, USA)

Actually. We have there two words to tell the same concept.
a) - The first is a more general view.
b) - The second is the same concept applyed to its meanng on a particular object.
It is because the certainty concept is attached to the corresponding between the idea and some external reality. It must be noted that reality is there characterized as an universal concept. This is because without the universlity of reality there will no possible world understanding: nobody will known nothing else than his self. The reality is always the fact of corresponding between the oneself living and the world existence. The Living existence is constructed only according to such reality realisation as the connection between the self and the whole world. And this correspondence is a precise defined event of life according to that the reality obejct is accepted as a Unique one. Therefore:

1) - The accurracy is concerned about the presence of an Unique reality event.
2) - What is concerned by the Unique event recognition fulfil our internal needed equilibrium in life. It is because the basis of life for everyone should be to laboure and bring forth the World birth. The birth of eachone part of the Word is denoted as our life Certainty.

Then, if accuracy is concerned by one Unique event, the Certainty is the Sum of all our accuracy about the world realities necessary for optimal life construction.

It is why Accuracy is a constant fellow and companion of the Certainty. They are the double Aspects of the Unity.

- doubt + before + certainty (, USA)

This suffices to define the certainty.
There is never a Certainty without its preceeding Doubt. Certainty is always the succeeding of Doubt. It is like a problem. A Solution is always get after the just statement on a problem. Probably, it is why man had so much problems if he can't resolve all of them.

- in order to know what is true we must first doubt (, Singapore)

Doubt an Certainty are property os our conscience. Ans our conscience acts strictly on reality object. Without real object there is not true conscience but imaginary and believes.
A doubt is is characterized by it object. It is on this object that more or less certainty will be constructed by each of us. In the case where there is no doubt on this object then, the conscience of this object will be truly and universaly certain.

- say with certainty doubt everything we know (Germany)

- difference + between + doubt + and + conscience (Hong Kong)

Actually, these are the two aspects of a same mind state that needs the union of these two properties together: the doubt and the conscience.
Generally, there is the usual denatured doubt where one is pessimistic about anything whithout doing it on some given object. This type of doubt is different from the true doubt. It is more justly denoted as the fear about nothing precisely. The true doubt is really the growing conscience on some non-certainty. Conscience is the state of searching certainty. And when this conscience is growing more and appears clearly, then this doubt process can drive to the total certainty on this given question.
In conclusion
The true doubt is the constructing conscience working on a given problem to resolve. It may ends to the state of mind where this problem is fully and exclusively resolved as the certainty. This certainty should be enlightened and rest on the basis of universal reasons.

- what + is + the + differences + between + the + certain + and + doubting + conscience (Vietnam)

Actually. The true Doubt and Certainty are two phases of a same human thinking process.

a) - During Doubt, it can be tell that one is "certain" of doubting about some precise particular object.

b) - While as soon as the Doubt on particular object is faded then, we are certain-to-be-certain about this object questionning.

Doubt is the feeling of unsubstanttiality on a given object while the Certainty is the mutual relationship between the self and a given reality. Doubt and certainty are the characteristic of human wawes of living.

- before we can know anything with certainty we must first doubt everything we know (, USA)

Really, it is justly tell.
Because certainty should belong to the everywhere and the permanence. Certainty is the universal. Thus, certainty must be maintained to verify its universality and its permanence. Without any of such characteristic, the corresponding certainty is uncomplete and still suffer some doubt. Thus true steady certainty need be maintained throughout time and also according to the universality of the Everywhere.

- before + we + can + know + anything + with + certainty (, Wasshington DC, USA)

... certainly, we was concerning on doubting about.

- can + there + be + any + certainty + in + our + world (, USA)

- can + doubt + lead + to + knowledge (Burkina Faso)

Man has always the natural doubt capacity. It is why he has the possibility of accessing to the knowledge.
However, starting from a doubt state, there are alternative ways of resolving his doubt. Or he establishes method of resolving it or he fall into believes as a solution.
Doubt is not necessary a tendency for a method to ending towards certainty.

- beginning in doubt produces certainties

The doubt is then the way where the arrival is the cerainty.

- is + the + truth + so + absolute + or + the + lie + totaly + incredible (, Brazil)

It is an interesting questionning.
We have to consider here what these two words try to represent some realities. And if these realities are recognized as the exact meaning of these words, what next the language words can represent for each of us. What are our particular interpretations that may attached illusion to any words.

1) - The truth and the lying are words designating two basic concept of the realities facts of the universe. The Facts are the basic immutable realities that are universal then, they are denoted as the parts of the absolute universe. They form the fundamental concepts in our thingking during everybody life. A such constancy of the though concepts make that the universe appears as a whole unity where exchanges between multilicity are possible. The word Truth is necessary representing an absolute concept. It is because universal laws are the Facts of the universe Being. There is not the non-being representing the non-universal laws. If there is a non universal law then, the universe will be necessary a chaos. It is why, there is no Lying as an absolute fact even if lying is present in everyday life.

2) - Things in Duality is more easy to represent any concept on things when each of us doesn't have a precise idea on them. It is why one invented the Nothingness to replace the ignoance hole that can't produce a precise description of the true universe concrete Space. It is also why sciences began as Magics practices. Thus, telling not-True is usually similar to qualify it as the Lying. So, the Truth is a word that tempts to carry the constancy of a such absolute meaning. The Lie is the negative of this Truth. In fact the Lie don't exist as a concept of reality. But it is because man uses to have a simple mode of understanding the world by representing things in their Positive and Negative aspects. It is why Truth/Lie are two inseparable pleasant companions. More, it is easy to get the understanding of what means to lie because the Truth is a too vague thing about it one has his head spinnng.

3) - However, when one has a precise sight about what is the Truth, he has no more the necessity of using the word Lie. It is because only the Truth is an absolute fact of the universe laws. For examples in science, one needs no more to write a law statement with the expressions "Least Action, least Time or Law of Minimum-Maximum". Also one has not to use the inequalities as "Less-than and Greater-than". They are not expressions for true science of exactness. These are states of sciences practices that contain yet in themselves the indecisiveness of problem irresolutions.

- doubts + are + way + to + certainty (Philippines)

You are telling justly.
We dont know precisely why and how and when the certainty happens but this latter is the result of a necessary anterior doubt. This the basic characteristic of human on his Ways of knowledge.

- begin + to + doubt + the + accuracy + of (Thailand)

- Doubting + historical + accuracy (, UK)

- Singapore + tools + 19eme + century (, Singapore)

- establish + something + without + doubt (Poland)

... is to figure out the complete reasons of certainty.

- To + believe + with + certainty + we + must + begin + with + doubting + definition (Taiwan)

This the main human existence problem.
The belief belong to unresolved doubt uncertainty. A certainty is only a defined doubt cleared. Thus, a certainty should be a resolved doubt. A certainty is an absolute and permanent property of reality we used to denoted it as getting a truth. While the doubt is always relative moving states of man mind. Doubts are then for man a constant unbalance in his mind from there he need to resolve it step by step, to be at rest in the quiet healthy equilibrium. The ideal of such human way is to stay wholy in the absolute thruth. The truth is a summation of certainties getting all along his existence.
Therefore, the belief is a human in close loop in unhealthy state of unbalance situation.

- charectristic + of + doubting (Oman)

- perplexity + of + mind + nature + conscience + and + beauty (UK)

- is + beauty + symetric + or + proportionnal (, Québec, Canada)

It is fundamental to know what is beauty.
Beauty can be the presence of symmetry and/or proportion. However, beauty is neither attached nor dependent to any form. The beauty is the understanding and the recognition of the universal Truth, denoted as the universal Law certainty. As the universal laws are applied under any material aspect, for everybody the beauty feeling is originated from the immutable presence of the universality.
The recognition implys the conscience of equivalence linking between the Self and any external phenomenon expression. This equivalence property is directly known as the true of universality.
Practically tell, the beauty is the result of exact measurement between anybody Self and any of the universe Fact. Without such unity linking between the Self and any of the whole World event, there will be no beauty feeling. It why a the beauty impression is not dependent to any object and seems to be fugitive according to one's changes of mood.

- if + we + are + to + arrive + at + certainty + without + doubt (, University of Minnesota, USA)

This is an instructive issue.
Here follows is a schematic of human existence logic and esthetic:

1) - Universe reality facts -->
                --> human Truth conscience -->
                       --> esthetically pleasing of Certainty.

2) - There is many ways to meet or to match the conscience with the universe fact in its multiplicity. However, the conscience of such reality arouses always the esthetic plus the certainty feeling.

In the case of science, the ways of meeting the truth certainty uses methodical reason logics of thinking. When conscience of certainties are resulting from there then certainty conscience is always with esthetical sensation. In such scientific case the way of matching the conscience with the truth appears a an successive thougth processes. This progress of thinking consists of successive doubt resolving ways.
For a painter painting, it may seems that a painter doesn't follow some logical method. However, the painter manner of working is more global than the scientist analytical determined methods. Really, to produce his chef-d'oeuvre a painter struggle hard against his artictic doubt. Even if a painter seems to use only his feeling it should be recognized that without some real intuitive method a painter can't produce a coherent summation of chef-d'oeuvres.
This means that the difference between scientifc and the artistic ways of reaching to the Esthetical conscience is only different in their formalisms. But really they are walking on a same human way of searching and reaching the esthetical thruth.
The reason of eveything is necessarily the property of the universe fact realities. Scientist analytical reasons is no more different to the artistic ones because this two forms come from a same origin in the human thougth. Scientific reasons and the artistic ones come from a same root: the Truth that human can get his knowledge only through esthetical feeling.
The logic manner of matching with the universe thruth and artistic one is only human particular manner of searching way refering to the esthetic quality.
If the doubt is currenty associated with analytical scientific method because it can belong to discourse objects, there is also artistic "doubts" that are no more than another intuition means of searching the truth according to "esthetic doubts" where no coherent language dicourse can be done with. However artistic doubt is practically a logic method. Because it is done as a binary esthetic-logical-trigger that informs the artist for an alternate Yes-or-No of esthetic-quality.

Whatever are the forms under which it can appear, human searching the universe truth are necessarily to follow his way to match with the universal thruth. The way done by averyone follows necessarily the doubt one where the arrival should be the certainty of the truth. Even if the doubt appears under different form, there is no certainty without a way through the doubt. A doutb is then the elemental step of certainty construction.

- to + know + anything + with + certainty + you + must + first + doubt + everything + you + know (New Zealand)

- Accuracy + Synonymous + Certainty (Canada)

Actaully. Because accuracy means the consciousness of a precise object. If one know the reason of accuratly defining a point in a given figure, then any point that one defines under such method, is certain. Proof with figure constructions rest on accuracy method. Practically, if a point can not precisely be defined, however it is accuartly known with some determined error. This is sufficient to give certainty of the presence of such point, in such conditions.

- Certainty + and + Necessity (

Necessity associated with the Certainty is the most basic aspect that is not currently mentionned. Certainty is a constant background of living because it is founded on the necessity of life. Life is a constant construction and construction is to go ahead. Possibility for life of going forwards is the concretness of the universe characteristic. This latter is absolutly defined by immutable universal laws. It is not the case when the Nothingness is the only impossible dead end for some Futur building only by random constructions, if any. Without possibility of a perfectly defined world there is not the necessity of energy project for Life construction.
Because Hazard is not driven by any Necessity, even by any Destiny, the Necessity of Life Certainty is not related to any Hazard and Destiny but is the direct consequence of immutable universal laws certainty in the absolute universe.

- To + believe + with + certainty + we + must + begin + with + doubting (USA)

A certainty should be the ending of doubting bacause certainty is the result of human constructions to overcome the doubt.

- what + is + the + meaning to + believe + with + certainty + we + must + begin + with + doubting (, Miami, USA)

You are justly defining the rational belief that bingin with rational doubt to progressiveley ending to a rational permanent certainty when the initial doubt is totaly cancelled.
This process of rational doubt is quite different to the common irrational doubt that remains in closed loop.

- the + doubt + that + there + is + "turth" + and + belief + that + even + if + there + is + "humans" + are + probably + incapable + of + knowing + it (, USA)

Each of us have some truth in himself. Because, living is impossible without any thruth. However, the world is unbounded of thruth and each of us is more full of darkness than being enlightened.

- The + dance + between + doubt + and + certainty (, Canada)

The more active the dance is the more is the human living.

- certainty + of + the + mind + and + doubt + of + the + body (, University of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA)

This is a justly well definition of certainty and doubt.
We can tell that experiment is particular point of questionning while its resulting may be the state of living a global theorical certainty. This is the unity agreement of mind and body.

- In order for one to see the true form of certainty one must first doubt oneself (, OPERA)

It is exactly like this that one must have a look on the doubt-certainty as an one system.
Doubt and its certainty is the two aspects of the unique way of certainty logic. Everyone to get the certainty must perform completly the entire way beginning from doubt to end at certainty. The Doubt is only the certainty of being on this way. Because true questionning is yet the certainty of some object that one has to carry it into the light of a certainty.
In conclusion
Because a space line is only defined by two ends then it can define a direction. And because with two end points, there is necessarily a center then, a such space segment is the conscience of a precise object reality.
Therefore, to get certainty, one has to stay himself at one point. From there it may be seen a second point. In this cas, one get a determined direction. These states of conscience is the shematic of human creation of certainty. Where certainty is a first point of conscience by the self as a referent point. From there, the completion of the whole certainty can be realized as a true concrete universal reality.
It is why Doubt and Certainty should be seen as a one certainty way to be done by oneself. Without the Self one has no certainty creation but only use of informations.

- need + for + certainty (Vietnam)

- Role + of + doubt, certainty + and + belief (Singapore)

The belief is in fact the belivers' certainty.
Probably, they are three mains evolution factors for human. The Evolution as "Strugle-for-live" dogma is only consequences from there and is not inherent physical characteristics of hazardous alive's properties.

- the + relationship + certainty + doubt + and +belief (Singapore)

The basic human capacity is the Doubt. Doubt is only the human characteristic of his necessity to have a precise consciousness on each of his action in the world. Doubt is then the way he has to follow to get more conscience on everything. The human knowledge is the state of his clear conscience on universal laws. In this situation of living in universal law, human can tell that he is certain as welle as in action or as in rest state.
But on the long way between Doubt toward Certainty, for most of us the horizon is rather the uncertainty landscape. It is the living time of indecision and perplexity of mind where there is no more neither Doubt nor Certainty ideas.
The Doubt-Certainty is there no more a fundamental Way where the knowledge can be built. Thus, the way of human knowledge accomplishment is there transformed into a vicious circle where no human fulfilment can be achieved.
However because of the human inherent fundamental Need, in no manner, his live Certainty Need can be killed. His Ultimate Need is then transformed into the belief forms.
In this situation, human creates Believes as his Virtual Certainties like a dream replacing some shortcoming.
In brief
Doubt is the sensation of the human basic need for acquiring Certainty. But the way from Doubt does not always drive towards his necessarily Need for living. Doubt diverges more easily into Believes. This is the human complexity tendency of wasting away rather than the one for living development.

- how + can + we + prevent + contradiction + between + doubt ++ and + certainty + and + belief (Singapore)

Basic questions of any human are concerned the relationship between the himself and his surrounding world. It is why society has a main influence on the behavior of each of us particularly the local society where each one is living. As these environments are different from one to others, we can tell that human behavior is a function of so many particularities. Thus, human is charactrized by his dichotomic behaviors particularly the one against the others. From there, the truth is also a dichotomic living concept.
The human error is then to ignore what is really the universality. Because, contrary to the narrow life environment of each, universality is in fact the unique reality of each one. That is to tell each one is living in the unique environment denoted as the whole world.
Knowing what is this common universe where we all are living then, a possible harmony of human thinking can be built. This is the possible building of a common science, common in the universal object and therefore, common on a same basis of knowledge.
In this case, these basis are not prescribed by ideologycal dogma but on the universe reality Facts. These latter are then the foundation from where the human capacity of deduction thinking can rest and be developped by successive reasons. The true mode of the universal acknowledge can be then unfolded by reason deduced from reason. These latter are the language of the universal reality Facts. In such capacity of thinking there is no possible or few errors in constructing the human universal knowledge from there he uses as his fertile science. The deduced thinking mode of human is the truth one of the wealthy life development.
In a such condition of life on the Earth, Doubt has a few chance for deviation into Belief but it will work only as a direct way towards Certainty of science for life development actions.

- examples + of + doubts + belief + and + certainty (Singapore)

Human has a constant characteristic living in doubt. This comes from his necessity of learning the world around him for living. Each human life is practically a Way of successive learning. To learn is the capacity of questionning on every thing, the reason of the why and the how, for his life transformation actions. This is his learning state.
But questionning is only an intermediary phase of a complete life transformation cycle. This latter need question-answer to close its cycle. It is the characteristic of the human life learning for his development doing in many successive cycles. A complete cycle of question-answer result in a certainty state as a life stride for action.

However generally, a question doesn't drive to an exact answer that can fulfil and close a cycle. It is the so many case where a problem can not be resolved. More, life is not composed by an alone question. It is the property of the wealthy universe to be in endless transformations. Thus, our life is also a need of enless questionning as cycles of doubt-certainty. When to much pending questions have no solution so one feels uncomfortable as being unwell. So, to tempt to close the different open cycles as permanent doubt, one try to cancel them by creating artificial answers as a sick takes any kind of medications.
But to close a life cycle into a certainty, a doubt need a precise particular answer or at least a defined class of answers. Therefore, a such state of human full of unclosed doubt but with artificial certainties, is the characteristic of the human belief state.

- life + has + no + certainty (, New Zealand)

Certainly, live has no certainty.
However, universal laws are themself the certainty facts. It is the case of the universe constructions that are done according to universal laws. More, there is the fact that universe constructions are done according to the Uniqueness principle.
To produce a new construction obeying to be an unique object, it should be necessarily done in the total knowledge of all the uniqueness in the universe. Only universal laws can accomplish a such construction condition according to that they are universal. We can state that the universe construction should have accessed to its whole historical memory. From there a new unique object can be planed in respect to the uniqueness principle. This means that the universal laws are strickly certain.

Now, in the anthropomorphic view point, we can tell that "our life seems to wander with not any certainty". This is a general fact for each of us.

Does this conclusion being in contradiction with that we are also from universal law constructions?
The answer is NO. It is true that every of us, needs certainty. There is no contradiction provide that to be wholy certain in our life, we should get the knowledge of the universal laws, the only condition to be quite certain on every thing in our life. The only condition accessible, but it is really a too much vast job.

- between + two + certainties + is + doubt (Michigan, USA)

This is a basic statement. To be a steady one, from what root can it be derived?
1) - It means that human knowledge is not and is never from a Continuum principle. That is to tell, there is neither a continual ONE Certainty nor ONE Doubt.
2) - Thus, between two certainties is localized a doubt or also, between two doubts stand a certainty. This the basic description of the Discretness of the universe matter.

In another application form, every universe event happens in a Successive process. We can go further with the deductive thinking that the Succession of the universe Discretness come from a more basic principle. This latter is the Uniqueness of the universe construction. It is clear that to do not be a repetitive action any uniqueness construction cannot but be done in succession. Because at least unique thing is at first comparatively with another things. Therefore, a comparison needs two parts between the preceding and the succeding one.
From there comme the Quantity concept. A quantity is no more than derivated from the uniqueness. It is why man can apply the successive mode to invent language termes and name any quantity: (1, 2, 3,..., n)
This shows that the succession process of uniqueness construction, is not dependent to the Hazard. Because any thing is necessarily situated between its preceding and its succesive one. There is no possible permutation or repetition in uniqueness world.
In the doubt and certainty case, alone one doubt drives to one certainty. It is why there is the possibility of the theorem uniqueness. Any mathematics theorem is unique. It is the universe Law Expression because the first characteristic of a Law is to be precisely expressed with the Quantities Uniqueness.

In conclusion
All roots of human reason described above show that doubt-certainty-doubt-certainty-... is not a vicious circle even if it is cycle characteristics because in fact, the term (n.Pi) is not cycle repetitions but an unlimited (n) Succession. In the contrary, they give the reasons of the Uniqueness principle from where unbounded knowlege on universal laws can be explored.

- doubt + is + the + space + between + two + certainties (, USA)

- doubt + is + the + space + between + two + certainties (, USA)

This is a simple while a precise and rational definition of human knowledge and sciences.
For human a doubt is necessarily between two certainties and inversely a certainty is always between two doubts. This is the direct basic property of the human capacity for accessing the life in the self and in the world. What is this human capacity?
It is known and practised by any human on the Earth. The Doubt-Certainty is no more than what he can now defined as:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,...
It is known as the natural Induction principle that human applied when he counts. Simply tell, it is the natural capacity of human and also of any animal to receive the world reality as immutable Quantities. Counting is the shematic of the human on his way of developping his knowledge and more generaly for life development.
Therefore, doubt and certainty are necessarily the marks of successive life development. The knowledge is the final total quantity. For example, if doubt is 1, the certainty is 2=1+1 then, 3=1+1+1... and so on in unbounded manner. The (1) is the alive baby beginning in life with doubt as it is so for the beginning of Quantity counting in science. Only the certainty is growing while the Doubt is no more than the certainty dynamism. But Doubt is necessarily the factor of Certainty growing in succession.
There is no Doubt or no Certainty existing alone in itself. Only they are marks of step succession on a way. One may assert that he knows only the Doubt and/or Certainty but it is only missunderstanding of what is life development and what are inconsistency of words as conventional language products. Doubt and Certainty have false meaning whan they are corgulated and obey no more to the succession principle of life.

- Creation + of + Universal + Laws + of + Nature (, Ministerio del Poder Popular para las Telecomunicationes y la Informátican, Venezuela)


- THE+CERTAINTY+OF+CONSCIOUS (, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, USA)

A certainty is always a consciousness.
Usually, we tell having conscience of something even if we are not really in conscience or in certainty with it. Therefore, these everyday conscience may be denoted as doubting. Resolution of such everyday doubts can drive us to be in conscience about the certainty on the reality or not of such particular doubt queries.

- on + the + surface + these + works + are + smooth + and + simple + hiding + a + deeper + doubt + and + concern (, New Jersey, USA)

- doubt + and + certainty + meaning (, USA)

- there + is + no + certainty + without + doubt (, Missouri, USA)

And the true doubt is the one when we have consciousness of what is certainty.
There is a genaral semantic deviation about the world doubt. Most of human doubts as for axample suspicion. These doubts are rather generated from physico-psychological illness. These everyday doubts are only "doubt" that have no other object than as itself. For example, pain is in fact not a pain in itself, feeling hungry is not an object in itself. But many of us is feeling always the need of eating even if his stomach is full. Also many of us feel in confused pain in existence without no precise object of pain. It is like for the doubt, when we are always in suspect of everything.
The basic about doubt and certainty is that human concept of certainty is a transcendent one. Certainty is inherent to human constitution. To be certain we must be in excact consciouness on what something remains deeply certain for everybody. This is the inherent human process to recognize the world universal realities.
However, consciousness is not always a perfect human individual science. Therefore, the state of unperfect consciousness for certainty, should be denoted as the doubt-for-certainty. It happens when someone is stating about a problem. A problem is seen as a doubt but we should understand that the statement of a problem is only possible when it origin comes from some idea of certainty. A real doubt is never by a thing as itself that cat create something as solution. We tell it simply as the doubt, but really, such true doubt is only the under-construction-certainty.
Finally, the fact is that pain is only an alarm on our bad health and feeling hungry is only our need of necessary quantity of food for life. It is so for the true-doubt. Doubt is only the fact of human certainty need. Inherent quality of each of us, needs for precise constructions of conscience on reality to inscribe ourself into the universal world reality.

- the + doubt + meaning + long + nails (Brazil)

It is the time to bite ones's nails...

The law of steps necessary for
establishing certainty

- certainty + can + only + come + from + doubt (Montserrat)

We can observed this statement applied for all the alive behavior.
More, it is even the property of universal law for object interactions. A certainty comes always from doubt because certainty is construction of consciousness. There is no possible construction without the different steps of doubt questionning. If there is directly certainties as existing in themself then no construction is possible. In this situation, the universe will be built in hazardous manner according to each particular certainty. It is not a whole construction because there is no interaction between parts.
Universe construction means a continous interaction under universal laws. A construction happens in successive steps as "What is done", "How to do" and "Is it the expected result waiting for". These are the trajectory from Doubt to Certainty that can be performed only according to universal laws.
In fact, doubt plus certainty is the universal mechanism of wealthy universe construction according to the Uniqueness Principle. This latter forbids a death monoteneous universe.
In conclusion
With a direct Certainty capacity universal laws are useless. Because certainty is always done about something-else. Then, if there is only certainty as itself we always know what is always existing. Out of certainty, there will be nothing else. This is the case of a Death Creation of a coagulated universe.
In fact
Doubt-to-Certainty is only the characteristic of constructing universe. We can denoted this constructing universe as steps of getting reality. The result of getting a reality is the Certainty state. It is as follows:
"What is done", "How to do" and "Is it the expected result waiting for".

- to + know + with + certainty + you + must + begin + doubting (, Australia)

This is a rule for human knowledge capacity. A deeper analysis may show us that it is a natural law of the human property of how each one can get his knowledge growing.
It may be prove that a certainty is never an immediate creation in our mind. The step of how a certainty is progressively establishing in our mind beginning first to be as a likelihood. The more a likely is pregnant the more it gives rise to many questions about it. Then from theses queries precise answers about it appear. Finally any questionning on it drives to same answers. It is the step of a certainty settling.
The purpose of human science is to follows these steps to get precisely certainties.
In modern practice concerning the likely, one use to designates it by the language term of probability. Even if this method uses mathematic calculation and contrarily to the usage, we should not believe that calculation is a warranty of mathematic certainty. We should define that the probanility science is a method of science to get only the likelihood and not the certainty.
According to this necessarily law of approach toward certainty for human we can state that prophets and theirs propheties can be never certainty facts. Human capacity of clairvoyance is at best a probability sciences of prophet's wisdom that rest on analogies from experience of human facts.

- critics + question + the + evolving + self (USA)

And evolving self is to regain the basic property of each one: his capacity of knowledge on matter laws.

- can + doubt + lead + to + certainty (Philippines)

Doubt and certainty are linked together as a property of human unbounded though on enlighten his life.
What is in light remains illuminated. Certainty is this part of conscience that remains lightening. But because of the need for always an advanced knowledge, doubt comes to us. The doubt is not a repudiation of what is certain. The real Doubt is this part of "the need for more certainty".
It is why human science must be rationnally constructed et overrun the empiric behavior mode where the doubt is there only the sentation of error uncertainties. When doubt is leading some certainty, this means that this so called certainty is not rationally constructed and surely is an error of reasonning. This bad certainty lacks universallity. It is why knowledge of universal laws should be done according to rational reasonning proved methods.
In brief, the real doubt is only a mental state for searching more certainty. This doubt is a human quality, his part of need for larger certainty according to the unbonded universe construction.

- Certainties + result + in + doubt (bell.can Toronto, Canada)

However this doubt is not the consequence of a false certainty. Because certainty is really certainty. The doubt is only a certainty parallel function of our mind.
There is only the reality of certainty as a basic property of the world facts. The fact that eveything is the result of universal laws. Then, we can define that we have an inherent feeling on ourself and on the world, as certainty of reality. This basic feeling can be stated as the trancendental feeling of the universe reality. Trancendent because the universel reality is a permanence. From there any constructions can start until unbounded complexities of life.
All these universe facts are basic feeling inside him. Human is also from universal laws construction. And because the life construction is unbounded, everything is always changing. Consequently, the feeling of reality should be also a moving enlarged conscience of the changing reality. The human characteristic is that he needs to get the precise conscience of changing in the world. It is what is denoted as the human property of needing always to enhance his knowledge. As the changing universe, the knowledge is not a fixed thing but also it is a constant enhancement of knowledge.
Knowledge is then an enlargement of conscience on reality. Knowledge is constructed by precise conscience on reality. Each precise conscience is denoted as certainty. Reality is immutable as universal laws. Then any certainty is also immutable.
Human needs always to gain the certainty on the wealthy of reality. Therefore, human certainty needs always to be added to his certainty capital consequently to the changing construction in the universe. Life is not only the "use or consumption" of a given life. For each human life is also construction of his knowledge enhancement. But necessity of certainty enhencement doesn't means that the old certainties are false because true certainties are immutable. And the need of more certainty for knowledge gives raise to the real human doubt concept.
In brief
The fact that human knowledge needs to grow up is the basic meaning of the doubt. The true doubt should be define as the need of a human current capital of knowledge on the universe reality.


The Certainty

The idea of certainty is necessary although for a method of knowledge. The dakhiometry is a method for approaching a reality on which can pose to all an each, the certainty or doubt sentiments. A lot of reader that have lent attention to the content of this site, use gladly between others, the word of mathematics to associate to certain of its aspects: mathematical model, the mathematical evolution, mathematical society, mathematical nature,... It is therefore essentially in reference of Certainty that is often attached to mathematics, that one takes criterion to judge a proposal of knowledge. And without doubt, for each, this idea wears a suitable quality of certainty.

Nevertheless an examination is necessary for comprehension, what one can expect to know the life. Because, in fact, the notion of accuracy in mathematics and in hard sciences has not the meaning of certainty. It would be necessary perhaps to speak accuracy of process, that could allow to end to certain result.

This a reason of mathematics formulations by Al Khovaresmi (written here in French consonance), that had defined processes wearing his name with the al-gorithm term. A process can be physical but also, constituted by a set of reasoning. Just as with an automaton or a robot, by the process one can have the accuracy in well specific results. Thus, the algorithm can be considered as a mechanical box that proposes with input and output. One gets a result determined by construction, prefabricated by a mechanical accuracy. Applied mathematics formulae are prefabricated systems. As an automobile, you put there in the formula, some "wishes" and you collect results from an output. With the "formula", the car or the equation, you can not hope more or any else of what it is "formed" for. This are tools of large usefullness, but, this would be a serious ominous confusion for the thought, if one abounds this accuracy in the senses of the magical stick certainty.

It is discussed here on the accuracy, that has not the global and more fundamentally sense attached to the Life, as it would be for the Certainty. The mathematical certainty, is in reality only an allegiance to a Spirit that is an artificial excrescence of human beliefs, server to cover all what can not be understood in the world. It is a closed attitude of chilly refusal ahead the "strange". Such barricaded, this situation is not good to face a world of the "impossible" that stands open to the knowledge and to the life of each.

Otherwise are the Certainty and the Doubts, and unfortunately, they are not notions very clearly surrounded. Certainty and Doubt have meaning stretching between Belief and Incredulity, passing by the Truth. This are in fact only global notions of a state of the being. In reality, the Certainty and the Doubt are sentiments of the Being and the Existence, the sentiments by which each of us feels the Self. And here, lend attention. Despite the Self, that seems strange to tell it that this sentiment is not connected to no object. The Self is so much without precise object, that each of us could have to be annoyed, or tormented. The To-Be and the Not-To-Be, the Being be and the Nothingness, "je pense donc je suis", are illustrate examples. By reaction ahead this "nothingness" of no-object-Self, it generates often for humans a certain desesperation into an object, called the "I" ? Indeed, it is frequent that one builds his "I", to be able to see the "I" as high as possible, as a Tour of Babel, when lacking to seize and understand the Self as a without-object entity.

The Certainty and the Doubt are therefore sentiments of the Self. Being as the Self, the Without Object, it is thus difficult to situate precisely the Certainty and the Doubt. These last, as the Self, is unassailable and are not the acquired and fixed sentiments. In reality, they are motion of the Evolving Self.

Would you know to keep farm, the notion of the Whole who has no exterior, without being submerged by imageries of the decoration forming a unavoidable Beyond? Similarly will one arrive finally to conceive that the Self, like the universe, is without external? It is what the dakhiometric method tents to institute this notion, by the physical study of the universe. Because the Self is a reality of the universe, it is therefore rationally accessible.

The Self is therefore a permanent sentiment that each knows. And if one thinks to catch his Self, then this would be surely only his Ego. The Self is feel only in his motion. How can one do, how can one observes his Self ? Surely, not in a mirror. Here is found defects or limits of the observation sciences. It is necessary seek and adopt other more supple method to think. When one does not meet an exterior, it is only an "illogical" fact for our habits. Because the logic way of the thought can take here another direction to remain in reality contact. One never can pass through a wall? The wrong is to state it with a Universal Law. Because almost the entire universe can do pass through it. The reality is larger than this habit to knock against a wall and to stumble there.

The engine that moves the Self

Thus, one knows the Self, by the engine that moves it without ceasing. And the engine that pushes the Self in an Evolution motion, is an two-thrusts engine : the Certainty and its alter ego, the Doubt. In the body and in the thought, each of us feels his Self in motions, thanks to the Certainty and to the Doubt. This are motions that we use to appoint the Existence. One can tell that the Certain thought is that one where we do not hear the Doubt, while the Doubt is a thought where the Certainty no longer dares nothing to tell. This are only companions that are terribly faithful of us and each can not hope to dodge it. Do you remember Pinochio and his Conscience, so too much inexhaustible chatter? Well, by pronouncing the Conscience word, you have touched the true of the problem of Self and the Being.

1) - The Being --> the Permanence of Space of the universe defined in cloud of locations, called the dakhi
2) - The Existence --> the strengthened uniqueness Conscience into these unique locations, evolving in the Being definition and generating the existence sentiment
3) - Conscience - > a property to connect in this Being to construct by evolution of existence. It is the condition of the reality of a universe that builds in the Permanence.

It is therefore the Conscience that leads all the beings in an endless dance, everything looking for its next step of evolution. At there Certainty and Doubt form the thoughts allowing to decide a forward motion to change. The Conscience is well the physics of the life, that measures and makes touch the Being of the Self, to even the Certainty during the matter from matter equivalence. The Conscience extracts the Existence from its Belief state in which it doubts, to project it in the touch of Reality, in which the Certainty sentiment is accomplished.

Thus, without Doubt, there is no need of Certainty motion validation and with no validation of Certainty, there is no Doubt to seek for a next certainty evolving direction. The Certainty, the Doubt and the Conscience are truly a two-phases engine tools of the Evolution. As on a train in a night during a long travel, when there are successively a song like "...Doubt-and-Certainty; Doubt-and-Certainty;...", we are sure that the engine is correct, and the go ahead travel is o key, you can sleep tranquil...

Each evolution step draws a new reality. Even if the most of humans remain insensitive to that, ignoring the multitude of these realities. These last are inexhaustible wealth, to the fineness of the invisible spacial resolution, the spatial dakhi scale. Thus, the human evolving is to made step by step his path, from the possible reality to that one impossible. This is the expression of the Human Condition. These who associate the Impossible term to the Possible one, are the beings aware of vast openings of the universe Being.

The SELF, or the Being, been without object, non because its transcendental quality, exceeding the matter intelligence. For the alone case -here, without object does not mean without reality. Without object refers to the Whole, that is also without object. The Whole is without object, because there is not an exterior aside it and therefore nobody can not to designate it, or observe it. It is the Unique and this is only a physics Principle. Who therefore is observing, other that the Unique itself and having the capacity to watch to it, without being destroyed in the contradiction, both the observer, and the Uniqueit also? This shows that our thought can advance, beyond the linear sequence and tidied of skimpy thinks that suffocate the Just Knowledge. The thought capable to receive the physics of a Whole, can then hope to exploration the dakhi. The Whole or the Unique, no longer is Beliefs and according to the Unit Principle the evolution paths of the universe open to the Life. And this Principle exists physically, and therefore accessible to the knowledge of everybody. This is claimed by the Dakhiometry.

Then, one can understand now, that the Self is not the Me, the "I", the Ego. By the physical constitution of the matter, the Self is the place of the universality :

019 - The Self is a direct sensation of the All universe.

The diversions of the accuracy

And it is not surprising that the excess of mathematics have become synonymous of Powerful Spirit. One misuses it to the confusion, to advance mathematics as exact sciences, in the senses of the of no-doubt Certainties. Because the doubt is considered there as an anti-accuracy by the devout. In this rush for domination of influence on the world, certainties of mathematics have developed the delirious Continuum branch. The Great Mathematics Spirits slip gracefully in the contradiction. They ignore oddly their discontinuous nature of their thought and their physics that allows them to handle, to count and to compare their different imaginary Infinity Continuum, just as one has the possibility to make it with real objects. Because, the Infinite concept plus the object one, destroy themselves. Therefore, this certainty without the doubt, leads thus surely to impasses and to the decomposition of the thought. In no case, the real Certainty can be assimilated to processes or mechanical methods. One has again left blurred ways of some mathematics, because the admirable Geometry had sown the loss by fathering from its departure, the Continuum concept that was build on its basis constructed on the illusory continuous line concept. This has for result to make flower to 19eme century, others Geometry of the Continuum whose final bouquet of its application, bursts in the sumptuous explosion of the Relativity. I propose you only a simple reflection : how the Mathematics Great Spirits did they accept the idea of an infinite universe, only with the fragile figure of a curved and closed plan, for example the surface of a sphere? This figure is a proud discovery that unfortunately, some and others repeat with a well happy convinced air: "obviously, the universe is infinite, the proof is that one can turn infinitely on the surface of a sphere, that has no edge. Waoo ! the Extreme is truly Large, because it is the Inaccessible! ".

We have there, not the obviousness of Infinite but the proof of Extremist Thought mode. Its summary is as follows : "What do the world is? What is there presently, Here and Now, are not interesting. The World that concerns us is its Extreme End. If one does not find this End World, it is obviously the Infinity, the Eternity world. These last are therefore the Supreme Extremes. No life is there, thus until its ending, life is the Extreme World!". Therefore, Life has no meaning for these thoughts that are not innocent and have painfully consequences for everybody on the Earth.

The Human Justice and the Just of the Physics.
     The terrible reality

Hereafter is the result of a Geometry built from a continuous line, in which, the point is an secondary accessory as a definition of the intersecting lines. At a first glance for the standard knowledge, it seems of no consequences for life of anybody. But, in the fact of a news consideration of the physics of the world, any most less thoughts as well as any actions in the actual life are not gratuitous. Thus, any reference on falsifies thought, can introduce ominous consequences to the life in the long term considerations. This is important, when one accepts the reality of a physical Memory of the universe, by which all current thoughts fetch its matter. One can no longer hide his head in the sand and to refuse to wears responsibilites for the construction of the world and to play the role of Innocent in "one is not responsible of faults that one has not committed".

The democracy is not a decorations for the "advanced civilizations". Because there is a real Democracy, the one in the physics of the universe that one can not dodge in some expiatory carnival. It does not concern to punish the "delinquents" and to reward the "innocents". The real will for the human is to "vote" just, more numerous and in the recurrence, in the World Memory. The recurrence is a sort of fidelity of behavior and not the automatic reproduction of the habit. It is an individual vote, whose the card of vote is that of his Knowledge, in the plenitude of his uniqueness.

The result of vote of the Knowings means a Memory of the universe filling for producing Just Laws of the nature, according to that are drawn and open better paths of evolution. It belongs to the human Justice to prevent what seems bad. But it imports little to have not committed some pain and "to wash one's hand". The Great of this world must know that the universe advances with or without the Good or the Evil. The universe advances in writing its Laws, reproducing images of what had made it advancing, as new laws applied on the next life generation. These Laws are only observations of what fed it in previous steps. The universe is thus Just. The real justice that seems for the human could be cruel. But, the universe is pure Democracy. The cruelty, if it does, is only that of complexities that had filled with their good or bad acts, as their physical votes in the Common Memory.

It is necessary to retain that Laws of the current state of life, are only the active image of what having been filled by each, in the Common Memory. To evolve better is therefore to adopted oneself to the physical democracy, to multiply the just Knowledge, by recognizing and favoring the blooming of the Uniqueness, the Self. This is adaptation to natural and physical laws for the Just forward step of the nature, and to construct for the best coming It is a serious ignorance to believe of being able to make his "small comfortable life" and to leave each life of this Earth, exploited and crushed in the misery, in the injustice, submit to the Ignorant Thought. In this case, the physics of the democratic universe will reproduce ipso facto, in lesser details, laws of this suffocation of the life, and load it on the future and coming generations of the Earth. It is a general decomposition of the Life and non only for the miserable "of few importance", that are used to as moneys in trades.

These process of the Evolution, are not Punishments and Rewards, just as one could have believe it for the fire that burns, because it wants to punish... To take conscience on these physical procedures, is to know how to evolve, to orient his way. The direction of ways is certainly in the handle of life complexities. One cannot be neither proud, nor fearful, when saying that intelligen complexities have capacities to pilot the Evolution. This are only responsibilities for a best life of each.

The path is long, to get a just knowledge. As an example, the prestigious Extreme an Continuum Thought, the Spirit of the Infinite Eternity, all these standard thought darkness who have stroll on how much human generations. Can one seek for some life statistics? It no longer is, the luxury to trample on the spot and to reject the fault on "under-developed", considered as progress "incapable". There is no progress neither automatic disorder. To build just or to paddle in tears, it is the human condition.

Now, if someone could prove that the Uniqueness in the universe was an error, that is to say to show the phenomenon of two objects being able to be confused, while remaining independent each other. This is what we define until now the Contradiction of thought, then these Geometry would be based on just concepts and that the world would be effectively a Continuum. But, Continuum means Confused. But as long as our world is discontinuous realities of the Uniqueness, then the proof of the Infinite universe shown with the surface of a sphere, is a sad fantasy for the credulity. Also, in the Continuum, there is no points, even an alone point as defined locations on which each can make his speech. There is not even the notion of point. And to be in the most short, there is not Anything, especially no Conscience by which the World creates its Verb, because the Verb as any Law, are truly created by the Democratic World.

On the planet Europa, a Watchman!!!

Did you hear this next history? Don't you? You do not know it! Let us go on Europa, one of the Jupiter's Moons.

With the large resolution telescope Hubble, recent astronomers discovery is concerned on the existence of a Watchman, igniter of street lamps, just as on the Moon lives Pierrot...

You do go and seek details of these information on the NASA's site web and certainly, in all other astronomical observation site. Be insistent, you must insist on your question, to force the modesty of astronomers as long as it concerns inquiring on Green Men. It is comprehensible, when they are not sure on nothing they did tell nothing. Nothing, really. Nevertheless....

Every evening and morning, the Watchman makes his round of ward, obviously surfing on the immense sphere of ice as look like it the planet Europa. All astronomers of the Earth, regularly send friendships signs to him, but in hide-out manner maner), because they are ashamed to have a friend whose nobody is not sure of his existence. This are daily routine but one day... A unusual agitation seizes the peaceful astronomers, behind their glasses and telescopes. Their heart beat too strong so that its echoes are collected, through the satellite channels, disturbing the whole telecommunication of the world. Surely, behind their round eyes, their round glasses and their round telescope objectives, some thing did not turn round in them.

Europa, la planète du Veilleur
Astronomers suspected these stripes on the ice on Europa, as due to the traces of the Watchman's skate clamp. By examining the photograph, everybody hopes to discover him, thanks to ionic remnants left along his trajectories...

And effectively on Europa, the watchman turns too much in round ! The problem is very clear : standing on his skate slipping on ice, it is visible that he no longer knows how to stop. Oddly, the Watchman behaves as a beginner on ice. As certainly the planet Europa turns around Jupiter, the Watchman is going to turn in round around the Europa surface. UNLESS,... unless, of course, a luckily chance drives him to bump into a street lamp... But street lamps, one must recognize it, are rare on this planet. Even with the Hubble Hi-Resolution telescope astronomers are not sure that they exist there truly ! According that there is no street in a town that does not exist therefore, probability of a street lamp is too low in Europa. "And why does it exist there a watchman, igniter of lamp, without lamp and no street?" asked a child to his father. "...hum..., it would be necessary to go and question at astronomical observatory sites, that are leaning on this problem type. Presently, the most important is the How problem and not the Why one." replied the father, the nose always far in the deep space...

The predictions of Scientists...
In any case, during this day, witnesses of the scene are emotioned, despaired. Scientists do not stop to nod the head, inexorably. And, the prognosis falls: "the Watchman is effectively fallen in the lap of a lecherous circle the RS, the Riemannian Surface. The curved universe is cruel. Holes in Time exist, but in the space, holes exist also,... a lot of Holes, a lot... The World is a PC, the Pierced Cheese. Our watchman was tilted at an edge of a Singular Point, snatched in the horizon HVH, the Hyper Vortex Horizon. The chance of this phenomenon happening is very weak, this is only THE unlucky chance of our Watchman. He has thus experimented the IS, the Irreversible Space, the without return of RONR, the River-Of-No-Return, but alone, lonesome, without the Heroine. The effect is indisputable, as the impact of a cleaver: the INFINITY !", "W.C.D.N.F.H., We Can Do Nothing For Him", repeated Scientists inexorably. "Unless living the same fate and thus singing "you are my destiny, I am what you are...", we can not but remain at this steady side of our world".

The fatal resignation...
So if they tell it, ... Unhappily one expected to see him slipping thus in the Eternity, around Europa. This is not for laughing, but the watcher is perfectly comic, identical to a figurine of a music box that spending his turning like in a carrousel. The watchman remains therefore captive thus in this spherical surface infinitely looping... But, this phenomenon is interesting ! On Earth, teams are formed to report all observations of new phenomena deserving the Scientific Curiosity. In deprived, although their resigned impotence, astronomers have not forgotten to organize a bet: "one against hundred, the chance of the Watchman to hit a street lamp...". Therefore, the problem of the to-be-or-not-to-be of Europa street lamp is the liable principal discussions, during long evenings.

But, using instruments for far away primordial stellar seismic studies, in the hostile ether surrounding the Terrible Jupiter Planet spiting its radiation, one has been able to detect tiny organized waves. It is clear signals emanating from the Watchman: he is thinking hardly on his situation. One interprets signals as thoughts running in periodic wave packets, typically like purring. Il may be a snore? Probably, a new type of thoughts as a pure language expressions under influences of Jovial radiation.

The improbable miracle...
In danger? "Not at all do I" seems to cry the surfer's voice as a jet through the silent and frozen desert of the planet. Do you believe that the Watchman is turning around the frozen Europa sphere? "Nooo I don't!" shout him, "Do you forget Galileo? This is only my planet Europa that is turning around !". Not silly, unsilly is the Europan. No objection to him. Our skater comes to demonstrate his spacial adaptation intelligence, inventing the Relativity. He is escaping the fright of an impotence ahead the Infinity aspiration. What a astonishing spirit ! Instead of turning in the Eternity on a spherical world, he is comfortably standing on the spot, looking at the Europa's rotation. Here the applied theory is immediate, no prototype, no development ! The Europan Watchman stops to turn and as lightning the planet Europa takes the relay and go turning as any planet does well nicely. What a lesson of Belief, does the watchman give to us. It would suffice therefore only to choose the good Belief, the Best and the world is turning fine. If the Europan knew the Greek, it would have shouted "EUREUKA!". But, obviously, as an Europan he shouted with a bad Greek accent : "Europa!". Well badly takes him! Because, when one is taken an envy to undergo a shout, obviously, this happens always in a nightmare...

The nature comes back on gallop...
Now, the nature has something to tell. And, happily for the Igniter of street-Lamp and for the fragile astronomer hearts behind their Hubble telescope, this incongruous history, was only a nightmare. To sleep yes. Because, our hero that has the stupidity to put in emotion all this friendly world, was simply lulled sleeping during his vigil round. As an incantatory law, established by the impatient beings of this Earth and that unfortunately repeats without ending, it is tell that anything knowing a Beginning is going to End. And what will arrive arrives, "Que será, será", "what will be will be".

The fall of the history...
Directly toward an ice relief irregularity so numerous on Europa, our skater and watchman deepened there as a fate.

He fell.

The silence pour in the Hubble telescope. Since this day any telescope remained as it, quite dull. Thus, if you look at stars of the sky through a telescope, you never will hear no more tone nor song. Because, the awakening of the Watchman at this moment was rather brutal.

...A sore bit, the first regret of the Igniter of Street-Lamp, is to have live a fascinating supernatural feast yesterday evening. Gradually, after many others oaths and regrets, he regrets one more that the ice is not truly smooth. Smooth as a Continuum. Indeed, examining Europa through the Narrator Voyager2 and you will see that its surface is not so very-very smooth. Immediately shocked, immediately woke, as an igniter do, he converts himself on the fields into a philosopher.

The morality...
With an ethereal look, the sneer tragic, it does not lack no more for him than a toga, our skater in lack of sleep, regrets again once : "Even with a curved surface close looped, it is impossible and incongruous to use it as the proof of the reality of an Infinite universe. This, because there will be always a different detail waiting you, amazing, therefore, one can not return to the same places of this surface, indefinitely without recognizing it. By this manner, one can only conclude to the reality of a Finished World

Although what the astronomer spectators think, while they laugh at the upside down watchman, this last will remember always his fall. Different details come inevitably and necessary from a universe of Uniqueness. Each hump of Europa reserves the malice of an personalized effect of how to fall differently. To remind these unique objects, there is the Memory of the universe itself, that is not both foolhardy and mad : to skate with one's eyes closed.

Inform - you on the Watchman...
This history is hidden truth. Go on and ask for more precision, at web sites of astronomical observatories. If one replies you that the Watchman is a history of Madmen, then surely, they try to hide you some too mysterious thing...

And again, more contradictions of the Infinite

Theorem - The looped path is by definition a loop system. This means a trajectory that return back to its departure. It is therefore a Finished system, strictly.

1) - If there is no loop, this system is opened, there may be an infinity of something that remains open. In this case, this system is indefinable, since it is not again build. It is non - built, non finished work, it is not-a-concept, this is the meaning of Infinite.
2) - If there is a recognized loop, this system no longer is infinite, since it is definable as a loop of something on which we can name it. If one can describes in definitions, it is thus Finish. One recognizes the object of a Finished system. It is thus discontinuous, or distinct from other objects, as compared to other systems of the Finished World. If one can distinguish it from the other objects, this means that any object is Unique. We can recognize the universe and there is no universe when there is no Uniqueness. Thus, it is a world of Uniqueness. Therefore, the universe appear only in the Discontinuous for the possibility of any object knowledge. This is not an anthropomorphism because the Uniqueness of Matter is former to knowledge.

These remarks, and by the Unit Principle according to whether :

007 - the universe evolves according to a process of unique objects construction.

One can tell that the conscience of the universe is possible thanks to articulations allowing by the Discontinuity. Because the conscience is the relationship of matter to matter. Call a uniqueness as ONE. Hereafter, is a summary of the universe :

a) - Construction is ONE + ONE,
b) - that is possible only in the effectiveness of Measure,
c) - thanks to possibility of Relationship,
d) - according to a Unique Matter in the whole universe,
e) - from where the Simultaneity of all the object matter is possible.
f) - All this proprieties rest on the Permanence the All universe.

Relationships, measures and liberty in the Simultaneity are articulations of Matter. These articulations are the Conscience. Articulations of the conscience concern the totality of the uniqueness of the universe in simultaneity, therefore Liberty is possible for individuality of his choice of evolution path. And it is because articulations are the Discontinuous properties of Matter that the Conscience is possible. Because the Conscience is a reconciliation, a relationship, accomplished during measures, between two of distinct objects Discontinuities. Therefore:

020 - The Uniqueness and Discontinuity of Matter are necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a Conscience in the universe.

What are these articulations?

Then one can understand more easily, why the Conscience tends to widen, not only in distance, but also to the vast fineness of the universe, in its Breath, the dakhi. The Knowledge that is the progress of each individual, the Unique, but also, that one of the Whole universe in Evolution. A progress of the Conscience that one can define as, widening the capacity to reach articulations, at all scales of the universe, in space and in motion. That is to say Knowledge have to reach the heavenly bodies scale and more further, to the invisible matter scale, where matter bring up the thought.

The complex living beings, are associations of matter situating to a certain scale. How can do this constructions inserts in this plan of widening of the Conscience who would have to fill the universe?

A first description of the living beings may be like: the living beings are totalities richly articulated. Of course, even a unique cell, has certainly a lot of articulations, that one does not know yet exhaustively. One agrees, that all viruses are not known in all articulations of their actions. What is again far comparing to the sciences on mechanical articulations in physics. With these considerations, we expect that articulations of the universe can fill as Pascal told it from the infinitely small to the large infinity. But this expression is necessary only the visionary aspect of poet. Because we come to see that the universe is necessarily Discontinuous.

We have seen some of development Unit Principle, that despite its simplicity, has been able to show ramifications in its diversified consequences, conforms to the life and nevertheless rationally definable. However, new ideas of the universe physics, can not begin to live in thinks, without undertaking an immense work to put them in parallel with under way vision institutions.

For example, can one do see obviously through the simple statement of Unit Principle the possible error in standard thinking. Because, some dogmas fundamental statements established in the pass have to be falsified. This are the case of the Euclidian Geometry from which the temptation of Infinity, grows from the Continuity of a Lines definition. This rises to the Cantor's Infinities and the emergence of Non Euclidienne Geometries, to finish in developing in cosmology of today theories. Sciences can not take current forms without being bathed in the of Continuum thoughts that are direct produces of Euclidian Geometry. Now, in this reality, the physical constitution of all life with the Discontinuous, cohabiting with the supposed Continuum world, is a fatal contradiction of the thought.

The Continuum concept can not cohabit with the Discontinuous. The first or the second of these thinks has necessarily to be false. Let us agree on this point hereafter. You have to choose between either one: the discontinuous or the continuous of our World. In this choice, admit that the Unit Principle is only a joke, in front of secular brotherhood institutions of Scientists, the Highest Spirit of the Humanity. I agree to begin this problem like thus: The Unit Principle is a joke. Then the universe is a Continuum, since it is Infinite according to Dedekind and Cantor theorem. Now without the Unity Principle we will examine these reality concepts strictly with only the Continuum logic.

In fact,...

a) - A Continuous world is an Infinite world. The Continuum means that nothing can be distinguish, neither itself, nor the others, neither any other among the others. Example given, no word to talk can be said (if you do not believe it, try yourself to speak without articulating). Then, no mathematician, the Greatest, can neither write, nor state any postulate. Elsewhere, in this situation, they can not think non more because, thinking is also articulating ideeas. In this word, let be one Symbol, the letter A of the Latin alphabet. Now with this A, a Continuum means that there is a continuity of A. Therefore, in this Continuum, the first one that can say "It is nice today" with the continuity of vowel A, may get at least the Nobel Literature Price.

b) - In reality, if mathematicians put to state axioms, hypotheses and speeches, it is by proceeding with their Discontinuity capacities of their body. In this case, it is gravely contradictory to shout that this world is a Continuum Infinity.

c) - Also, for postulating that "all the parallels intersect at a point in the Infinity", anybody has to tell and express it with the only vowel A. He has also to think it only with the thought of "A", in continuity of image, in continuity of sound, in continuity of tone, in continuity of Time (Eternity without cheating!). Then, no Scientist, can perform a such Universe Record !

Thus, the fact that one can say when creating Non Euclidian Geometries, by posing "all the parallel intersect in a point at the Infinity", is the proof that matter is Discontinuous. We have not to continue further examining the legitimacy of this postulate. The fact that telling and talking is the real proof of the false of an Infinity World. Languages and thinking are composed of discontinuity. Anything thing is therefore different each others, as vocal cords and alphabets and ideas. This is the Multiplicity, the incredible wealth. In the Continuum, Newton could not invent any first formalists of the differentiation, to prove the motion with a Force.

The Continuum, that means total absence differences in the reality, is a radically a false concept. An Continuum does not exist as reality, as well as the Nothingness. You can throw away the Infinity to wastes, without fear to have wrong. You see, that without seeking to sell and to make the promotion of the junk "Unit Principle", we can get nevertheless the reasons of the illogic of the Infinity!

Science is general consideration on nature, but if there is something general this is this "distraction" in the Scientist mind. Thus, Cantor has succeeded to "count" Infinities, as cosmologists that believe to an infinite figure in a curved two dimension surface ignoring that the fact of telling it, is its direct falsification. It is so for Einstein when he wanted to show that the simultaneity is impossible, in beginning to pose first the Simultaneity phenomenon.

For example, to demonstrate the absence of the Simultaneity of phenomena, Enstein begins pose the Simultaneity in these terms: "Let be two luminous signals emitted at the time t0, at two distanced and different points,...". According to a limitation of information to travel in space before arriving to any body, how can some individuality know the simultaneity at t0, and thus to measure the different information velocities ? Who could then proves, as individual connected to others by a luminous speed, and what is the physical foundation of the action of measuring ? Did Einstein had telling something about this problem that is the most important when concerning relativity ?

Geometry of curves two dimensions surfaces are simply without no serious foundation. Despite figures of parallel rejoining to the infinity, these geometry are in fact, only Euclidean Geometry where parallels never intersecting in the infinity. Because Infinity does not exist ! You experience this as a bad joke when somebody propose you a rendez-vous in a place that does not exist!

At this view point, the Euclidian Geometry is bad founded on a continuous line, but this Geometry has not severe contradiction as Lobachevsky's or Riemann's geometries because Euclide have not propose a rendez-vous. When stating that parallels do not intersect at infinity, in fact Euclide is saying : "there is no rendez-vous at infinity". But the true must be clearly known and defined as : "Nothing can't intersect at infinity, because this last is not a reality". Therefore, leaning toward these types of postulates, is fancy intellectual jokes abusing human credulity.

We conclude in fact, that when one observes the world, he has tendency to dictate its Law to the world. He renounces his universe membership that is written to the end of his nails as an integral and equivalent part of this world. If this behavior is not a coarse ignorance, this would be a lie. The two cases are as serious consequences for the forming of the Common Thought of all, with the intermediary of the Memory of the universe. We can not delete errors registered in the Memory that is currently in action in the universe. We can act only and we can't get away from it, only as the democratic manner of the universe. It is simple : to "voter" in majority, more numerously with the just thought of individuality in this Memory, to prepare new thoughts, new Laws for the next stops of the just evolution

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