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The physical structure of matter constructions

Law of Construction in Viêt-Nam

Matter is motion in the space where interactions between objects happen unceasingly. The world object denoted a natural centered construction in the uniqueness. Exchanges between objects are processes of matter condensation during that constructions entail through multiple scale to build more complex objects. Interactions and exchanges are not in random manner, because condensation for construction are precisely defined in the whole structure of the matter. Therefore, there are rational characteristics of any object that we can defined for optimal action in the nature for Life developments.

The Dakhiometry has an otherwise vision of the matter. Therefore, if someone try to explain it through an old method from force of habit or for the sake of influence conservatism, he should loses the wealthy consequences of a new world understanding.

The text hereafter exposes a method of defining any object by their mechanical behavior during matter exchanges.

Theorem on classes of surface equality

and construction of the physical model of an object


Hi the present generation that may experience a revival.
I am happy to be with you.


Nguyên Tân Tài

Notes :

This is my real name and my real recent photo. I am born in Viet-Nam at Ho-Chi-Minh town on 1938. Because of war events I was sent by my family to go abroad for studying. However, conditions of leaving abroad are such that I have to get a job all along of my life without succeeding to work for science. These period of my life will be known a day, there is no secret. The main idea is that I had never succeed to work for science.

Aside of these everyday activities, each of us can have his own real life development. Therefore, during my real personnal life, what is concerning sciences are my own personnal real life activities without no means or helps from any person nor from social organisation. All of my results are not according to any school or of any person. I tell it out of any sef-sufficient mind.

Most part of my works happens mainly before 1970 during my painter period where actually I was painting. But some scientific and technique projects drive me to need a real scientific laboratory environement. Unhappily, nothing fits well. Then, the main mathematical and physical works was performed during Painter period and from about 1975 until now, was to do not lose, to achieve toward a steady state a maximum of the basic results and also, to conceive how to succeed communications with the human world importance...

I can tell to you that what are exposed in this Evolution of the Universe site are the result of my own personnal works that mature really all along my life from childhood in the VietNam family environment until to day retirement of active life on 2003. Last but not least, a condition happens for communication when the Internet Web begun public. You may be certain that without this web you will never know what is the squaring a circle and many other essential points of human knowledge. NEVER is juslty the exact term in such current human mentality.

No means, no help, absolutly bare hands !

Only along my free times under authentic continual working on the knowledge development according to human thinking process. I am a proof that each of you can performs himself while remaining universal : to get the just and precise knowledge on the basis of life construction. What is already exposed in this web site, are only a sample partial view of what is the real deep steady foundation for a futur human just science. This emphasizes that each of us rests on the wealthy laws of matter construction that is necessarily and sufficient to simply read and listen to our authenticity.

Too heavy is the stupid self-sufficient antediluvian conservatism barrier, too dark is the potential barrier of current obviousness mental to overcome it for an optimal communication on what it can be exposed really according to MY DA-KHI-HOC method, a real rational today's human science !

I have spending more than a quarter of century trying to obercome the communication hindrance with the institutionalized world. Consequently, I am the proof that over the barbarism, the real world can rise again itself, in less than one human generation by rebuilding his fertile knowledge in better accurracy and better justice. May all parts everywhere in the world where each is oppressed in under-development, listen to it. Each one particularly whatever he is on Earth and is not concerned the narrowness harmful and obsolete of clan and nation mind.

- Northern + Michigan + university + new + science + bulding + construction (

- How + long + did + it + take + to + build + Tom + Thumb, + the + train

The time a galaxy takes to form...

- "axemples" + community + needs + project (Uganda)

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- a + certain + earth + like + plante + circles + its + star + in + a + very + similar + orbit + to + the + Earths + around + the + sun.+ however + the + planet + does + not + experienc + a + change + in + seasons + throughout + the + year, + what + if + anything + can + you + say + about + the + axis + of + spin + for + the + planet (

Here next are simple immesiate simple remarks without no certainty.
It can be founded that plants rest mainly on natural mechanisms the function of them is to produce a cycle of live according to its immediate environment. Life of plants rests on the immediat mechanism of their global surounding environment cycle of life.

There is a few chance that any plant have some capacity to get knowledge over their immediat environment possibilities. This seems that plants may get somme astronomic influences. Because their capacity to get energy seems to to be out of astronomic influences. This is to tell that plant lifes need only to be within their immediate environment range.

So, if star of plants seems to be sensible to the Sun orbit, probably they are rather be influenced by the different duration of each seasons days. These latter are depending to the seasons. The Sun rising Times and the Sunset are of importance for theses plants because its is the effective Sun light energy duration in a day for these plants.
Thus, as a cyclic function, the plants may memoryze the differents sun-rize time and then was anticipaing by dispacing towards the direction of the Sun-rize. So each seasons of a year these plants movement for seaching-maximal-energy may be marked as circular rotations that seems to be from astronomic "knowledge" influence.

These remarks are simply as immediat simple idea not verifyed on these plant behaviors.

- one + question + of + sitting + arrangement,
+ 8 + frients + a, b d e f g h + are + sitting + around + a + round + table + in + which + 4 + are + facing + outside + a + is + siting + just + opposite + to + b + and + second + rigth + to + e + e + is + facing + centre + f + is + sitting + between + c + and + d + and + facing + outside + g + is + opposite + to + d + and + facing + outside + c + and + d + are + facing + outside (...)

Searching continuation...

- General structure of the space and the motion of a      (

- for a wheel barrow the output force is usualy greater than the input force. therefore "whta" can you say about the mechanical advantage of a wheel barrow (Canada)

A wheel barrow is only a mouving Lever. This latter is a mechanical system of sharing-effort betwwen its two ends.
Then, the wheel barrow is also used to share working effort. One of its end is applyed man's effort and the other end of its level is suporting the remainder of the total working effort.

The advantage of the wheel barrow is that at one of its end is a wheel. This latter is then a Gliding Fulcrum of lever.

The advantage of the wheel barrow is that one person can work with the aid of a glinding-Lever that reduce the wearing of a given load all along his working distance.

However, the True total Work is done by the man.

It is noted that the wheel barrow is the intermediary machine between the Horse and the total mechanic of Tractor.
The wheel barrow is only used to diminish the force of wearing of the worker load. And also, its advantage is that it is a lever that follow the working-displacement of the user as a nice faithful dog or horse.
However, the load dispalcement effort is assumed by the working man.

- what + is + the + meanning + of + social + "scince" (

- The + top + speed + of + a + kangaroo + is + over + 60km/h + and + it + can + leap + a + distance + of + up + to + 8m + and + a + height + of + 3m. + Their + normal + hopping + speed + is + at + 25km/h + and + they + are + able + to + hop + a + distance + of + between + 1.5m + and + 2m. (Egypt)

- The + horizontal + distance + to + which + an + animal + body + can + extend + depends + on + how + far + it + can + keep + its + center + of + gravity + within + its + base + of + support.
+ A + monkey + can + reach + farther + by + extending + its + tail + keeping + its + center + of + gravity + within + the + support + of + its + feet. + By + extending + its + tail + it + can + shift + its + center + of + gravity + to + maintain + balance + and + stability.
+ This + would + be + mostly + for + in + the + trees + in + the + monkey's + case.
+ For + walking + a + much + larger + animal + might + use + their + tail + to + help + them + keep + their + center + of + gravity + above + their + feet + so + they + can + extend + their + heads. (California, USA)

It is the most interesting and important problem to understanding the animal behavior according to their body physical structure.
There is to aspect to understanding why they move in equilibrium. This due to the use of the different body circular momentum :

a) - The mass momentum of their different skeleton parts.
b) - How these physical property are done relativeley to their center of gravity.

For this purpose, the animal tail have different utilities.
For most of the Monkey tails have no possibility of being used with their rotation mommentum capacity. It is because their tails can be generally considered as a light rope. The example that a rope has no capacity of having a hight inertia of rotation momentum is the whip. A crack of whip is a linear transmission of energie coming from the center of gravity of the original system.
Thus, monkey tails are rather an another monkey "hand" to catch something on a tree for example.
To be abble to have a great rotation mometum, a supple tail cannot simulate a rigid Rod. Only a solid rod can perform inertia of rotation as for example to maintain one equilibreium. It is the case for a long rod of a funambulist that can stay in equilibrium when walking on a rod.
But there are many wealthy usefulness if an animal tail. It is the case for the crocoddile and also the kangoroo. A Kangoroo can provide a long jump because when it stiffen his tail, he use this latter iniertia momentum to have a new center of masse back to the usual rest position. Therefore, his behind feet as support are also back, following its new center. In this position it put his usual center of mass before its behind leg feet as base of support. There, he is quite in position of jumping as an athlete in a starting block for sprinting. It is with this tail technique that a kangoroo can run so quickly, always with it mass center before his feet support.
Obviously many other animal can also have the solid and heavy tail for being able to use their inertia rotation. Note it is why, the main crocodile technique is abble to violently and strongly tears the prey using ther tail rotation inertia. It do it in water with not really any solid support as action-reaction.

Matter Ubiquity or Simultaneity - diffrence + between + body + structure + in + a + matter + relationship (Philipinnes)

Non moving balls quantity may be zero and more, if their contacts are aranged in continual line with perfect symmetry.
Diamond or high elasticity ceramic material of balls are optimal for such experience. Their cyclic motions may be done with high long duration.

- Why + doesn't + "tha" + heavy + object + accelerate + more + than + a + light + object + when + both + are + freely + falling (USA)

Actually. It is what we all believe obviously that in falling body heavy object are different from the lighter one. It is because we have not the natural formalism of Force that is only a theorical form. We are naturally sensitive to object energy. It is why heavier objects seems to have the tendency of more "force". This term of "force" are the initial sense during the Middle-Age where one tempts to see motion as due to energetical action but not by the newtonnean Force. The energy concept on thing is a authentic physical reality. It is really the sense of the Work reality.

- precalculus + with + trigonometry ++ San + Antonio + is + at + a + latitude + of + 29 + North + which + means + that + a + line + drawn + from + the + center + of + the + Earth + through + san + Antonio + makes + an + angle + of + 29 + with + the + plane + of + equator. + Find + the + radius + to + the + axis + of + rotation + for + a + person + in + San + Antonio. (, Washington dc, USA)

- esu2 + dùong ++ xuân + hòng (Vietnam)

- universitas + scientarium (, Ajka, Hungary)

- "principle" + of + ideal + possible + worlds + science

- can + be + difine + other + structur + include + the + structur

Really, when we have some idea of a reality we can try to have a deep basic understanding on this reality fact, by unfolding it according to a referent space structure. For example, a parabolic motion trajectory can be exactly defined by a struture built from a circle plus a line. But this is the specific application of a space background properties. This means that space is itself the basic beyond which there is no more structure.
If any real phenomenon can be defined, it is owing to the absolute space that allows any phenomena building to be perfectly define as relationships unfolded from the space absolute locations. Therefore, any phenomena of condensed matter are necessarily structured because it can be precisely defined as the space structuring. It is to tell that structure is the language as space property.
There are some basic struture as strutures in itself because they can be referent tools to explain nany other reallities. For example the circle and square is one of the most basic reference one where most of space relationships can be expressed. We can incribed in this circle-square struture, all the other structures as the conincs and more. There is also a more simple structure done only with some linear segments that is used to define the continuity of all the uniqueness of any rational Quantity concept of the universe under their ratio forms. This gives the real Quantity definition that shows the Anciant's Number as only artificial convention using to designate the empirical man interpretation on Quantity concept.
Space itself is absolute property while it can not be define as a struture. Because space is a Fact of the universe, a fact of everything. We can't explain and define a Fact or a postulate but we can recognize them as the True by their universality.
It is why, we can't define the universe in the view point of a whole. We can define the Whole Limit even if the universe is discrete matter as a finit constant quantity. That is to tell: the structure of a Whole can be analyzed only through the human as condensed matter.

- The + physical + laws + that + we + observe + on + earth + apply + everywhere + in + the + universe

- quantum + phisic + of + art + of + thought + in + Germany (moldtelecom, Moldavia)

- compare + "mathamatic" + in + America + and + Vietnam (Green River Community College, AUburn, Washington)
Mathematics should be the same everywhere on Earth for human. But there is education organizations that unfortunately depend to peace and war events.


The three postulates on the matter of the Dakhiometry are :

1 - The matter is an absolute space.
2 - In the space a property of Change occurs in the Recurrence process.
3 - Interactions between objects are characterized with surfaces of quantum matter.

Concerning the Second postulate

- second + tchi + principle
- "changement + comme + substance + composant + toutes + choses"

      The Change is a substance of everything.

- "length + is + a + matter"

- space + distribution + and + space + motion + as + part + of + the + physical + properties + of + motion

About the equations of motion

Therefore any object can be seen by a square number. Thus, the natural whole numbers series is equivalent to a same series with each element squared. This is only an internal numbers transformation. Galileo had noticed this fact. from that, one can see the natural whole number series as a model of a linear recurrence, according to successive recurrence of a unit and also, one can see this series as successive recurrence of a "squared unit". It is important to remind that a unit of the natural number series is a logic model of the elemental quantum matter, the indestructible or the a-tomic dakhion. In physics and for the recurrence, the unit is the generic representative of some material object, e.g., a table, a meter, a tree, a particular animal, a human,... on that a recurrence can be applied. The reproduction of the alive is also a recurrence phenomenon.

What is concerned here is the motion as a recurrence process particularly the uniform motion and the accelerated one. This may be done is according to the model of the natural number series {N}. The n2 in the recurrence is not a contradictory logic that was defined in mathematics where it is difficult to understand what is this really mysterious induction concept. In the nature, the phenomenon concerns the "recurrence of a generic unit". And therefore, may be considered as a generic unit, something that is a constant and also, something that is a "regular change". The reason is that a regular change is nothing else than a recurrence of a constant. E.g., a uniform accelerated motion where a regular change of motion is a normal unit for the Recurrence. A Falling Body is nothing else than a recurrence of a constant unit spatial change of the body. Now one can verify this acceleration in doing calculations in the natural series. This is to do successively the sum of all the preceding number. The successive results are as follows :

1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45,....

These number are obtained from this following array :

1   =   1
1+2   =   3
1+2+3   =   6
1+2+3+4   = 10
1+2+3+4+5   = 15
1+2+3+4+5+6   = 21
1+2+3+4+5+6+7   = 28
1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8   = 36
1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9   = 45

This array has remarkable symmetries. It has a half square form, divided along its diagonal. Because the Recurrence is a Change from one spatial location to an another one, one may consider the place of number in this array as spatial locations, precisely, 1 place is 1 spatial location. Thus, each square of numbers in this array, is a quantity of 1 quantum matter. Simply, each half array square is in fact a matter Surface.

Explanations :
Examine this array. One read at the column on the right, the normal Recurrence, here are 1 to 9. Now, each row at the left of this column is the unit of the Recurrence. In normal recurrence of a uniform motion, in these rows there is 1. But here, this unit is a composed unit of Recurrence. It also, is under the progression of a normal recurrence e.g. a +1 recurrence. Therefore, the global recurrence of the right column -from 1 to 9- is a Recurrence of recurrence with a unit that grows at each row progression.

Parabola Pattern

Figure of the above Motion Change or Acceleration Parabola Pattern in the natural numbers.

In the columns and rows order, the value of this surface is the total sum of a column or a row. And the successive or the Recurrence of these numbers is written as follows :


According to the matter property, the Falling Body Law on a heavenly body, is stated similarly as it was discover from Copernic and Galileo, as following :

Any body belonging to a heavenly body, and being unconstrained, falls toward the center of the total system, according to a same accelerated motion. The distance of the displacement is proportional to the square of the speed, whatever the quantity of its matter is.

The fall does not depends on the mass of the body, as it is seen in the above array of the natural number that is applied to 1 quantum of matter. Even if this body is tall and heavy, this don't affects this phenomenon because the falling law of body is a Law of Spatial Localization of any quantum of matter.

This law is universal and is such that everything in the space, stays in their place. Everything has its own location of equilibrium. Therefore, any material of a heavenly body is located at the center of the system, even they are in the globe form. This law of spatial placement is the source of the existence of potential. Remind that potential is spatial dependent. However, the potential is not an effect of the Gravity. Thus, if a stone reach the center of the Earth, it stay there at its rest point, with no potential. With the habit of the gravity obviousness, it is difficult to admit this idea. But, with a more enlargement of the vision of the physics, on may ask why the matters that comes far from the space of the nowadays solar system, had accept to come there and form finally the Earth. The initial volume of the cloud of matter that had form the solar system is well much more vast then what we know for the solar system today. Nobody had spend energy to carry it to there. This means that there is some more laws of the matter condensation to make acquaintance with. And it is with all these process of matter construction that one may understood finally, why there are Falling Body even if there is no more gravity.

About the factor k in this formula, it depends on the environment of the total system.

In the above simple case, k = 1/2, since only a half of a square is concerned.

And now ?

You know obviously this formula :

E = (1/2)v2

from this, you can also say that this is the formula of the Falling Body...

But, you who seek the quantity of a so called matter, denoted as Mass, I am sure that you are asking : Where is the Mass ?

- Chute + libre + d'une + bille + avec + vitesse + initiale + horizontale + animation (Tunisia)

- assign parabolic rise

- free + falling + bodies + physics (India)

- définition + simple + acccélération + linéaire (, Paris, France)

- falling + speed + animation (Philippines)

- The + Falling + Bodies + Experiment (India)

A such mechanims with very low time consummation may be useful for computer simulation where the (y=x2) is done only by increment for addition of numeric bits.

- gif animation of motion of falling bodies (Bangladesh)

On falling body, according to that the Condensed Matter space is permanently structured as cocentric iso-potential spheres around a Zero-Energy point then movement changing from as sphere to an another one, should be correctly described as proportionally the distance of differential displacement. The Central Force is only a presupposed idea from everyday observations.

- body's + movement + in + the + space (Korea)

As for the whole universe, there is two types of Movements.

1) - The first Movement where there is no variation of energy, whatever is it as internal or external of the body.

2) - The second Movements that need variation of energy types in the Whole universe, the variation of Potential versus Movement ones doing in the equilibrium of whole universe one according to the energy conservation principle.

a) - The first type is when a body is rotating on a given circular orbit. This trajectory is denoted as a given iso-potential of the universe circular struture. These movements are concerned for matter equilibrium in their space locations.

b) - The second type of Movement, is when a body trajectory is changing throughout different iso-potentials, in any trajectory direction.

And thus, material systems in the universe are formed by the Matter Condensed process as system of star globes. This means that in the universe space, matter is organized by independent systems structured with their energetical matter around their particular Zero energy or rest-point of the system. In this system, any body is free to displace anywhere but well ordered according to the structure its belongs to.
In each formed system, internal/external energy of any body can be changed for matter construction by multiple transformations.

- An + artificial + satellite + circles + the + Earth + in + a + circular + orbit + at + a + location + where + the + acceleration + due + to + gravity + is + 9.00 + m/s2. + Determine + the + orbital + period + of + the + satellite. (, Texas)

These problem statement is depending to the Newtonean Universal Gravitation of a Central Force. Where the more the force is proportonal the inverse distance of this object is near by the center of Mass attraction.

Howevever, when considering that the structure of space potential around a center Nil of potential then, an object falling towards a center Zero potential will see its kinetic energy growing directly proportional to the distance of falling toward the Center of nil potential.

for an object initialy belonging to the Earth system:

if the above satellite is rotating on its orbit as a true circle. Its total kinetic energy is then proportional to the square of its distance from the Earth center, whatever is its total mass.
The more this object is near the Earth center the lower is its total energy and inversely the more is its rotation altitude the more is its total energy hihgher.

This potential law of the centered space is then quite different and contradicts the newtonean Universal Gravitation Force.

This means that the Earth center is the coldest location on this planet. There is no planet magma at its center. Magma is only at the Earth surface region where the differential of Earth Rings displacements produce friction. The frictions can be located and distributed anywhere in the Earth surface zones, all along geological Time.

- During a race a runner runs at a speed of 6 nm/s. 2 seconds later she is runnings at a speed of 10 m/s. What is the runner's accerleration Show your work? (..)


I) - according to the Dynamics of Force calculations:

During the constant speed of 6 m/s and at the time (T1) if the runner is summitted to take the speed of 10 m/s then,

1) -
she has a sudden instanteneous acceleration of:
10 - 6 = 4 m/s2

At the condition that this acceleration is applied on the runner during wholy 1 second duration.
Because this acceleration (the gaining od speed) should be effective ONLY according to the time it is acting on her.

2) -
Now, if this acceleration remains applied on her as a constant one then she will gaining a growing speed of:

(+4m/s) ... as additive manner at each second under the acceleration application.

3) -
But if this acceleration at (T1) disappears after one second aplied to her then,
she runner will move latter only at a constant speed of 10 m/s.

II) - a According to the Dakhiometry of Space as Potential energy:

With the Dynamics the only potential energy comes from the Universal Attraction FOrce.
While in Dakhiometry the whole universe space is a structure of Potential energy. That is to say any object location in space is defined by a Location potential. This latter is not realtively to a Mass Attraction particularly the postulate that there is One Central Force in the universe. This postulate is not correct at first because the Dynamic force is dependent to a Mass. Thus, a Central Force should be defined ONLY if there is a such permanent Big Mass from there a such central Force should be validated. However this a theorical lack bacause a such necessary anterior Eternal Big Mass source of any Force in the universe is never defined by the newtonean Dynamics !
It is not sufficient to tell as the Big Bang does that at the beginning there was a Big Point of pressure ... because a big-Point-of-pressure is never a Big Mass or a Big-Boss. It is valid only during a nightmare...

Movement is necessary an Absolute phenomenon

- you + attempt + to + lift + a + feather + and + later + lift + a + heavy + suitcase

In fact, it is not the same muscle that was working.

Working sense of a body is done according to a central command. This means that the body is from mind central decision.

Before action there is at first a central evaluation of how to acte. En general, we are acting according to predetermined idea we will acted. This is usually done according to our memorized experiences.

But if we don't have some exact idea of what our action will be agreed to applied, we have the way of testing the necessary effeot to produce by test and errors.
So if the weight of the suit case has pretdetermined sense for us, we have to test it at first by one or more predetermined effort.

So, our action is correct only with a clear knowledge on the acting target. Without some experience on different objects, we have to test them for knowing their physical properties.

Generaly tell, it is the job of sciences to know ourself and our environment with accuracy for optimal transformation actions.

+how+did+the+same+muscle+accomplish+lifting+objects+that+are+so+different+in+weight - you attemp to lift a feather and later lift a heavy suitcase. How did the same muscle accomplish lifting two different objects that are so different in weight (, Texas)

You are stating there the most basic definition of the Movement-Problem.

From millenary, man's was worying with his "What is Movement". Until now there is not yet some true basic scientific definition of Movement. The Aristotle note that any linear Movement should come finally at rest by rotating. Da Vinci studying how an arrow may hit a target with an alive ot dead Force. The newtonean Movement was only an Acceleration... All these theory are simply differnt presuppositions on particular sensitivity on Movement.

The above questionning of "How may be performed a given movement" is a more scientific questionning that may finally drive to touch the true understanding on the Movement phenomena.

Foundamentally, because There is No-Existing-Predefined Movement.

According to that, all the Anciant definition of Movement are only simple presuppositions on the Movement phénomena. For example the First Dynamics Law is quite false presupposition according to that:

All the current statement on Movement phenomena rest on the stetement that:

It is Movement that creates Energy. Therefore, it is stating that the Movement that created the energy in the universe.
For example the Dynamic Work is posterior to the Movemenet (F). The Dynamic is founded on the Movement as a Force and after then, the Work of this Force will create the Energy of Movement as:
W = F.L

There in No Predefined Movement existing in the Universe. The universe did not need the Movement for existing by itself.

In fact any movement in the universe are the result from an Action Creating: Movement is the result of a Changing-Action. We have a more understanding when we tell that:

Fundamental Movement Definition:
A) - The Universe Space is originally a Whole of No-Form permanet globe with the Space structure of defined Potential. The universe was then a space of Distance and Direction.

B) - The Beginning of Formed-matter was done according to the formation of matter as the different parts in the whole. These changes are marked as phenomena of Distance Changing denoted as matter Movement phenomena.

C) - Changing od Distances in the space well defined as strutured by the Potential, will correspond to the Kinetic energy of any Movements.

This the basic definition of the universe Movement.

The consequence of any given Movement is then corresponding to the fact of a corresponding Energy Variation. That is to precisely tell that in the whole universe with its Space well structured by the Potentiel Energy, where there is no possible variation of the space distance, there is No possible Movement. Finally:

The Movement is directly an Energy equivalent by transformation from the Immutable Space of the universe Potential Globe.
It is to tell that:

Energy in the universe are not the result of Movement. While the reverse is the Truth:

AS LONG AS there is No variation of Distance-energy (The Potential), there is no Movement phenomenon.
It is the energy that allows a body to displace.
The fundamental basic obviousness is that Only from a given Distance of Potential can create and correponds to an energy of Movement.
An athlete tired out can no more produce a Movement. This corresponds to the statement that "with no more energy, there is no possibility to produce some mouving with one's body or no precise controled movement.
This is the fact that it is energy that can produce a movement. The horse pulling a load is not producing a work as energy for displacing the load. The truth is that the internal muscular energy expended by the horse that produce the Horse-Movement even without pulling a real load.
Thus, the Horse-power is from man's misunderstanding from bad knowledge on the Movement phenomenon.
The movement that produces an energy as a Work is an illusion from millenary misunderstanding on the Phenomenon of movement. Obviously the Work-concept is only an illusion from the usual man's ideology on any Working mechanism necessity. The Terme "WORK" and the Horse-Power are example of such confusion and missunderstanding on Movement.
There is an another obviousness:
a) - A car that can displace loads is not a Movement-as-energy-Working. But it is the oil energy that makes the car to be displaced and consequently from there, being used as a transport system.
b) - Without oil, there is no possible car-will or car-wishes for some displaceent energy.

In summary:

I) - What is the best greatest invention of Man?

Everybody will tell that it is the Wheel.

However this answer is no more than the proof that man ignore what is Movement!

Because the wheel is ONLY a Static-Dead-Movement

Take aside the ox or the horse and one can see that a Wheel is not a Movement system. It is only a dead static mechanism even if it is a driving-wheel.

II) - What is the top invention system fo generating the displaceent movement???

The top invention system fo generating the displaceent movement is the Universal Law invention of the Leg and the vertebral column.


1) - A neutral wheel and a driving-wheel has no capacity to develop the Differential-Distance of a potential and then to produce with this energy the Movement.

2) - While the natural laws had invented the optimal mechanism of producing Movement using a difference of Potential for transforming it into kinetic-energy as Movement.
In fact the Kinetic energy is only the statement invented by the Dynamics through the Work. Remind that Work means Dissipation and not Production.

Technique du Sprint accéléré Ignoring this universal law, man sprinter is a near paralytic runner.

This next figure shows how four-leg animals are using their optimal falling-body technique for fast running. Only the universal Law can invent the Leg as an optimal mechanism for the alive displacements.

It is also the case for snake cobra and viper that can attack in a flashing movement according the use of their falling body energy.

The global conclusion is that:

A) - Strictly, only a difference of potential energy can produce the Movement and secondary this movement may be vasted into energy. It is the case done by car brake. But the Movement by itself is not generating energy.

B) - Movement can never be a system of energy creation.
Failure of man inventing the machine for Perpetual transformation of Movement into Energy shows that Man's current Sciences is yet ignoring WHAT IS MOVEMENT!!!

From these Definition of Movement in the universe:
All the pass different scientifc Statements on Movement are quite false.

Now, you may noted that the Dakhiometry heavenly globe in Ring struture is the basic system that produces a continual variation of energy for complex constructions in the universe.
Only ring structure of heavenly bodies may create the continual energy variations for possible complex constructions... by Movement or kinetic energy !!!

A heavenly body Globe is a system formed for continual activity of interchanging Distance-energy into Movement energy for continuous Constructions. The heavenly globe structure is constituted by Three-States of Matter that are a large scale of interchanging energy Potential activity. The Globe structure is really a generator of Movement with its potential structure as the energy source.

This show that energy of Movement is strictly the consequences of the Space Distance transformation. Basically, without the Spatial Potential immutable struture in the universe there is No possible Movement. Movement is not the consequence of Kinetic Energy. This latter is simply a secondary form derived from the universe Immutable Potential that finally allows the Movement phenomena.

In fact the questionning as:

"How did the same muscle accomplish lifting two different objects that are so different in weight???"

is a starting point for:

A sprinting motion over the Distance that separate us from Movement Knowledge.

It is because there is a questionnig that is a true one concerning this konwledge problem. It is asking for:

What is the Energy that should be created for a given defined Movement???

Or practically:
For a given practical action what is needed to be abble to perform it successfully?

Here next are resumed the given factors to perform this action Movement. This Movement action will be successfully done with these next known factors:

1) - The needed energy that should be applyed.

2) - The spatial-form that should be consistent with the wanted result. Noted that:

a) - For the alive, a given action is known according to the memory of his past experiences. The alive proceed by ability. For a mechanism, a given action is successfully done by measurement of the corresponding needed-energy (generally by exhaustion, by trial and error. (Note that when we are accelearating our car, we are doing exhaustion until reaching a given point).

b) - For the alive, generally the alive should know the spatial behavior with his experience from his birth time. And for a mechanism, it may precisely measure the spatial forms with gauges to perform the exact displacement for the given movement needed.

Now for the above questionning as:
"How did the same muscle accomplish lifting two different objects that are so different in weight?"

We can performe so different form of motions also mainly by Exhaustion and by Try-and-error and by memory experiences. Because for lifting different unknown weight, we are using acceleration with successive different muscles of our body. Only the immediate optimal muscular effort is for a corresponding given repetitive movements.

For example what are we doing when we lift an empty tank when we believe that it is full of liquid... and also for the inverse case?

In Dakhiometry as the universe space is a permanent space of locations defined by the whole universe structure of Potential Locations, therefore,
Any Movement whatever it happens anywhere in the universe, is then defined as a change of location or changing of potential. This change of location is then concerning as a Movement energy fact because changing location is necessarilly a change of Potential !

Therefore, any displacement of material object is a Movement energy corresponding to a Distance of Potential Location. This to tell that Movement energy is a Distance corresponding to the Dififference of Potential corresponding of object displacement in space.

Movement as Distance of displacement in space need not to be done as a requisit displacement towards a Center (of Attraction type).

This was what Galileo tried to describe and next by Newton with his Mass Attraction. This gives right to the Movement Force as a Relativist phenomenon from where was stated the First Dynamics LAW:
The Dynamics Movement is only relative to a so-called NO-Movement or No-Force before The Creation. The Creator is then this mystic Force particularly the Big-Central-Force.

The fact is that displacement for changing location may be done in any direction. It needs not to be a "falling body" phenomenon.

For example, the displacement of a car on Earth needs not to be done towards the Earth center as a Falling-Body does it. This is because the oil used by this car, is simply a source of Potential !
Airplane and artificial satelites are done upward and not toward the Earth Center. They are also expensing Potential energy to transform them in any direction of Distance displacements. This is no more than Potential/Movement transforms.

In fact, a chemical product is no more obtained from energy transformation. Oil, muscular effort are also no more than the condensation of Potential energy.
We have to be aware that any condensed matter from sub-atomic and molecular, Solid, Liquid to Gas are different types of condensed Potential. An alive complex system is different arrangements of potential. It is why fission of matter of a supernova produces hugue amount of displacement distances or kinetic energy corresponding to the potential that was condensed to form this supernove star.

Fission of condensed potentilal is the release process of the initial distance before the condensation process. This is due to that the universe Absolute-Space should imply that distance between the absolute Locations is a basic meaning of matter during transformations.

The Dynamics is quite insufficient theory for giving somme basic deeper understanding on different matter of the universe construction. This give rise to the Movement phenomena. Therefore, the myterious Movement Phenomena that all along the millenary thinkers try uncessfully to define is simply the direct phenomena of the universe Absolute Space property !

The Dynamics Laws with equation (Movement=Force) is only the visible consequence simply defined as (Movement=Movement).
The Dynamics Force=Movement is only a tautology using different worlds to defined nothing. It fail to establish any basic definition of the millenary mysterious Movement phenomena.

The rational foundation of Movement done by the Dakhiometry

To get some understanding on the Movement Fact one have at first to define the Movement is the phenomena of Location-Changing.

Changing locations, is only possible if the universe Space is composed by Absolute Locations.
Because Movement as Change of Locations is possible when it is founded on an Absolute Space of discrete Locations. Because each distance is an absolute quantity of matter.

Understanding Movement in the universe is possible ONLY if it rest on the Space as a system of Absolute Locations. Movement is then completly defined if we can prove rationally that the Space is a sytem of absolute Discrete Locations.

Defining Movement should not to make discourses on Movement. The basic understanding of Movement should be to get some understanding on the foundation of the Universe Space property:
the universe Space is an Absolute being!

In Dakhiometry this is rationally proved by spatial construction, that:
Any-Given-Location in space is at the Shortest distance to another set of different Space Locations.

This the proof of relationship between any different discret locations in the Space. A such space condition explaing rationally the Movement Fact in the universe.

In opposition to the Infini-or-Nothingness where each space location is undefined by another possible locations according to the mystic Infinity or the modern Spatio-temporal odd thing.

With this spatio-temporal is no more than from the Newton First Dynamics Law where mystic-time is equivalent to the distance where Newton replace the space distance by the Time to express the formula of a straight Line uniform motion as "equal displacement = equal Time duration.". This so mystic that allows Einstein to state oddly that according to the Time deformation there is no possible Space-Form in the universe!

While according to the Dakhiometry:

Forms in the universe space is possible according to the absolute Space with its perfectly defined Locations. This means for the Movement phenomena that:
I) - Any particular location in the universe space is each Absolutly Defined and each of location is in mutually relationships expressed by defined Distances..

From there, the Movement is no more then the consequence Fact of the Absolute Discrete Matter.

From millenary, thinkers was questionning "What is Movement". Fact of Movement should be basically defined as:

Movement = Changing of Locations

1) - And changing of Locations need foundamentally that the action-of-Changing-Locations is possible.

2) - Then, necessary the possibility of the changing-of-Locations should the direct property of the universe Space being as the universe Space-Of-Defined-Locations.

This condition is then the Stumbling-block for man belief on a Universe-in-the-Nothingness. This is to tell that with a such millenary belief, the definition of Movement is an utopia for Sciences. A Nothingness is no more than the antinomy of Location and therefore, the Nothingness is no more than man's repudiation of Movement. It is why it is so difficult for Man to have some understanding on the Main property of Life: The Movement !

This man's lack of the capacity to have somme understanding on the Movement phenomena is clearly expressed by the Dynamics Laws.

1) - For the 2nd Law, Movement is an Acceleration defined by a Force.

2) - But how to justify such statement. It is done with the First Dynamics Law. Where the No-Movement is defined as a Non-Force phnomenon or a Non-Movement.

This first Law is no more than directly repudiating that an Uniform Motion is not a Change-of-Location because it is due to The Unfolding Time. A Time is not a definition of determined Locations of a determined Space of Locations. A Time is no more than the usual man's belief of a Continuum. The Continuum is the direct repudiation of the Space of Location. This is the Einstein definition of Continuum. His idea on the Continuum is simply the antithesis of Discrete Space with Defined Locations.

The acceleration "gama" by force is not a change of defined locations. An acceleration is not a precise displacement of Locations. Acceleration of a ball never allows a shooter to hit precisely a given target and never to aim straight a target as a defined location. Because Movement is mainly a well defined and precise change of locations. Modernn technology is possible according to precision of Movement.

In conslusion
The Dynamics that seems to be the Movement sciences is no more than from the misunderstanding of the universe Movement Phenomena.

Thus, in practical everyday event:

According to the Movement as an Absolute-phenomenon then,

runing athlete is no more than having an defined Internal Potential. And a running athlete is only using his Internal Potential. Thus a High potential athlete can then used his internal Potential to get a correspondent dipslacement toward any direction he wanted.

Therefore, it can be rationally explained why 100 m sprinter is necessary decelerated at the end of the 100 m distance. Obviously we tell that he is there tired. But rationally tell his previous effort had expended all of his internal-Potential-Distance thus, it remains to him a few potential capability for performing some more-distance of displacement speed!

He can spend it as he wants with the manner he wants with economy or drying it up at a glance until used up all his energy as like when he perform a 100 meter sprint achievement.

Finally the Earth globe is a permanent structure of potential with a central center. While the complex alives on Earth are systems that has each their Internal Potential Energy that allows each of them to have the capability of free Potential generator of producing Distances as Movement. This is according to that they are auto-processing biomechanical system.

Note that according to the space as struture of Potential, a changing of location is seen as a differential of potential. This is the true basic meaning of Movement as equivalent with Location Distances in space.


It is noted that the first job of the universe was to go starting with the Matter Condensation Process.

What does it means?

The basic way of the universe construction to condense Matter with the purpose to Condense the Space Potential into multiple condensed systems. This is the way for the possibility of forming the complex alive. Alives are systems with independent capability of being auto-moving system denoted to day as the Biological systems.

What are the atomic and molecular system, the mineral and the inorganic chemistries and then the biology ones? They are no more then Condensed Matter that are possible only if the heavenly bodies are formed.

i) - Then any construction in the universe is no more than founded on the universe basic Matter Condensation Process.

2) - Before the possibility of the Matter Condensation Process, the universe space should at first the property of being wholy active. The space had to get the capacity of being an Isotropric and Homegeneous one for possible construction actions.

3) - This is the Job of the Space to be abble having the capacity of being unified. Therefore, at the universe beginning in construction, to be unified for construction in Direction and in Distance the Space was inventing the Square Form from the Permanent unique isotropic Circular one !

This was the beginning action step done as the Squaring a Circle of the universe for starting in construction.

The Falling-Body in an Acceleration-Field. Acceleration-Field is not a one-to-one-points Force action but is a 3-D space of Potential Energy effect.

- what is accelaration of gravity for all objects near earth and why is it the "sme&qiot; for all objects in air, resistense can be ignored (, S. California)

Law of Falling body is the same for any body whatever is its particular mass.
An Acceleration-Field is an energtical Potential-Field.

The "Same-effect-of-Falling in an Acceleration field" is really a problem for most od us.
It is due to the usual Dynamics-Commandment of Force as:

F = Mass.(Acceleration)

So, in case of simultaneous falling for many objects with different Masses, we use to apply the Force formula as particular point-to-point action.

Thus calculating the falling object with the Force formula we are surprised that why with each different Force, all these falling bodies was not falling with a speed "proportional to their Force".

However the problem there is concerned by the Force formula. There is no force there. This formula should not be used here to define the falling-body effect !

the Field attraction is concerned ONLY with the DISTANCE-of-FAlling-displacement as a function of Time.
And Acceleration of (10m/s2), means that for each seconde a distance of 10m is ADDED to the current falling trajectory of any object whatever its particular Mass

An acceleration-Field is a
formula of adding Displacement-by-Unit-Time to ANY Mass, whatever the initial speed of each falling object... and also of importance, whatever their initial location. This is because the whole universe space is a structure of Potential defined by Rest Points.

The Newton's Central Force Attraction is only a presupposition stated by the formula:

F = k.(m.m') / R2

It is this formula that imply the confusion between an 3-D Attraction-Field of Falling-Body that is not phenomenon between two objects defined as Pounctual-mutual-action Force between objects as given in this formula by two ojects (m) and (m').

- Moeyusan (Egypt)

Any physic phenomenon should be measured by a unit of length.
A velicity needs not a "time" to expressed it in Physics. Thus, as this figure shows it, in one unit of length (for example 1 meter), there is two components of lengths. The horizontal speed is a length AB and the speed of the falling measuring by the vertical potential distance of falling, is represented by a speed length (BC). The falling trajectory is a constant addition to the initial zero fall by a successive same (BC) of the successive disapprearing potential in favor of the fall movement. The same (BC) is according to a same horizontal unit of motion (AB).

- a tennis ball is "shoy" vertivally upward from the surface of an atmosphere free planet with an initial speed of 20 (..)

After some latitude level this ball will necessary fall on this planet soil. This altitude is from a potential energy equal to kinetic energy that create this initial speed equal to 20.

This ball may be stay on some orbit above this planet soil if the initial kinetic energy is equal to a corresponding potential plus the kinetic energy of it orbital rotation. The total initial ball energy is then:
20 = vertical Altitude distance + Orbital rotation.

- Free + Falling + ball + Experiment (

For falling-body, there is no other factor from man's imaginaty. The Falling-body universal law should be expressed as the real Total Fall-Distance (the Potential) versus the Motion energy or inversely, the whole current Motion-energy created versus the Potential-Distance.

With the Galileo's old parabola from some experiement, was only from analogical assiciation with the theorical Parabola figure.

Mathematics should be from Physical science but never as Physic realities fugured from the old Mathematics Imaginary.
It can be noted that the Old Geometry figure are not the reality of the Space. This latter was simply conventional drawing figures as any Word of the writing language.

While the Dakhiometry Spatial Language, is THE TRUE PHYSICS OF THE UNIVERSE SPACE The Spatial Laguage rests on the Point, Lines, Curves as the PHYSICAL alphabet of the Real Space. Any of the Spatial Language figure is the real Figures of the Universe Real Space.

This means that figure constructed with the SPACE Alphabet are the direct Skeletton of the Univeral Physical Laws.
The experiement should not taken in account any analogical result with man's Imaginary as the old Parabola for example. Because really, the falling body measurements, should not produce really the exact Mathematics Parabola figure.

What may represent the real falling body in nature according to the Potential-field?

- galileo + trajectory (China)

in Anciant Time, one was used with reasonning by analogy.
Galileo was experimenting a ball rolling on an inclined plane while measuring in coarse manner the time of the rolling ball.

The results may represent a falling-curve. This latter appeared as "well" described similar to a parabola only known at this Time as a defined geometric curve. This seems correct as long as the experimental curve seems to be analogically equal to a Parabola.

However, if Not experimented in an inclined plane and if Galileo could experimented on a long distance of real-vertical-falling trajectory, this curve should not be similar to a (y=ax2).

The falling body should be described by the falling curve of a water-fall. The falling trajectory is proportional to a Potential Distance. And ONLY when traduced into Energy this should be expressed by quadratic curves. Because the Potential is describing ONLY the LOCATION of the falling Object.

Therefore, describing any Falling-body, is MAINLY TO DESCRIBE THE OBJECT, LOCATION-BY-LOCATION IN THE SPACE ! There is nothing to do, with the Time relatively to its parabolic energy!

One can see that scientifics was quite missing with their bad millenary nightmares !!!

Note that Catenaries are easily and precisely described with a catenary curve.
All types of catenary curves are precisely and easily well described by the Dakhiometry Spatial Language construction method.

The parabola is simply man eternally being slave to one's obscure principle....


In case of waterfall, the falling water should be a coherent water beam as shown in this next figure. It is because if water are under drop form then there is too much friction with the air.

Falling-body phenomena are well expressed by any WATERFALL and also but lesser by any Ice fall.
There the falling object will takes the true form of the falling as function of the potential distance and the initial horizontal speed of the falling object.

The waterfalls are never expressing the true Parabola law figure
but as catenary form.

This is due to the predominant Potential Energy acording to the LINEAR growing Potential-Distance of falling.

Falling body

Falling body Falling body

Falling body
- General structure of the space and the motion of a body (

- Generalstructureofthespaceandthemotionofabody (

- Kinetic + space + balls (

We can distinguish the True Falling-Body phenomenon that was an error to represent it erroneously by a Parabola trajectory.

1) - The parabola, represent a constant relationships between the energy and the constant uniform motion. Therefore, in long distance of falling, a parabola trajectory is rapidly taking away from the initial falling point.

2) - While in case of the falling Body, this relationships between lateral and vertical motions is not constant. Rather the Falling-curve is mainly and rapidly determined by the predominent of the vertical-Fall. This exact curve of the falling-body is of the Catenary form.

With a catenary we can explain why a Water-fall is rapidly with a perfect Vertical trajectory. There, we can see no more the Horizontal component. It is because the kinetic energy rapidly growing then the water-fall is fololowing directly the vertical direction. There is practically no more horizontal effect.

So, the Galileo was stating a tendencious statement and also with bad precision in mesurement of the falling Time, he stated a parabola as law for the falling body.
With an inclined Plane, the vetical falling-distance, is to short. So Galileo can't get a sufficient good observation to notice some discrepancy between a parabola and it difference between an anaother function. More, at this time Galileo had not any some idea on a Catenary function.

- General structure of the space and the motion of a body (

- galileo + falling + bodies + experiment

Error of Galileo was originated from man used to express the Distance of a trip, by define it by a Time Duration. A Same-Distance of displacement may be counted as a Time duration according to the capacity of a traveller to displace.
Thus for Galileo, as one can't get the possibility to measure a real duration of a falling object, one believed that it is convenient to slow down the direct Falling by replacing the object falling on an Inclined-Plane... From there with modern experiment one is still resting on the Galileo method of replacing Distance by Time measurements.

The error from Galileo is then a base where one is using for these experiments. It is why the falling body is always stated as from a Parabolic Galileo "Quadratic-function Law" ! The Erroneous concept is the same: Physicians and Mathematicians Are firmly prisonner from the Anciants' Time-believes.

It is as one is stating that MATTTER IS TIME !!!

The Modern X-Y Recorder where an axis represent an uniform motion for defining Equal-Length AS Equal Duration Time, are not really from the same error as Galileo had done on an Inclined-Plane. Because recorder X-axis used the "Time" Recorder-Axis, as generally used only for a best reading with an Y-signal pad out.

But the Galileo's Inclined Plane is really to replace True representaion of Distance by Incline-Plane as manipulation of the Time. This is really an error to replace Time as the Falling Distance. The error is as follow:
The Fatal Contradiction is that:

I) - A Length of the Universe Space, is AN ABSOLUTE Quantity of Matter governed by the MATTERE-CONSERVATION PRINCIPLE!

II) - While a Time is simply a Conventional Semantic-Symbol of Man's Talking-Language. Saint-Augustin Himself was telling that he cannot have some word for describing what is Time.

The Galileo' with his Inclined-Plane-Experiment is the origine from where until now Man's Sciences was still living in the Illusion and the Time Mirages Belief. Can one ever extend a length (L) quantity as:

L(5 km) = L(18 micro-m ) = L(135 km) = L(2.063 m) = ... ???

I) - The Galileo's Falling-Body as Parabola=f(Time) form is Quite a Real-Scientific-MIRAGE by bad interpretation of phenomena!

II) - While explaining it as a Parabolic-Trajectory of Force by Mass-Attractive-Function is Quite an ILLUSION from man's missunderstanding on Universal-Law-of-Movement.

III) - The Galileo's Inclined-Plane for falling-body is an illusion. It contributes to validate a Bad interpretation about The Falling-Body-Law.

This next diagram of pendulum shows why the Gelileo inclined-plane experiment is not the correct appropiate one for describing the Falling-Body phenomenon. Because there are too much lateral energy components that don't correspond to the simple Falling trajectory.

Length is not Time because Time is simply man's artificial convention.

This necessary invalid the Dynamics First Laws where the Uniform Motion-Distance is descrbed as Equal-Time Duaration-Displacements.

While Length is concrete immutable Matter from Principle of Discrete Matter Conservation.
This is from the concretness of the universe Spatial-Language.

The Galileo falling-Body Parabola is quite false.
The parabola as law for falling-body is quite false. Because with a parabola law many falling bodies with different masses should not fall at a same speed if they depend to a Dynamics Force according to that acceleration-force depends to the masses.

a) - On this next figure, the object energy for A-B-Distance is ONLY the arrow-[(AB)].

b) - The object energy for C-D-Distance is the arrow-[(AB)+(CD)+ (ball-Rotation-energy) + Friction + (Falling-energy used for lateral displacement)]

Therefore, the history of these two trajectories is quite Different.

This ignorance is from anybody the Fantasy due to the Time. Because Time is Not a Physical property but only from Man's ideological invention.

Ideology means idividual particular man's ideas build from pure personal imaginary that don't rests on any Universal-principle.

Trip thoughout the Time is only pleasant tales but Time is not from reality laws.

Time as Man's imaginary can Never Replace The ABSOLUTE LENGTH of THE ABSOLUTE UNIVERSE SPACE:

There is never:

the direct corresponding HOMOTHETIC-Relationship


TIME AS MAN Empirical invention is ONLY FROM A Man's MILENARY-BELIEF!

The Galileo Inclined Plane is the true bad effect of Belief on Man's confused between Belief-And-Rational-Scientific-Reason. This introduces a FATAL CONTRADICTION IN SCIENCE. As long as we are under the TIME-ERROR we are becoming quite sightless!

Galileo's inclined-Plane is not the correct experimental device for expressing the real Falling-Body. The error with the inclined-plane is that it is not the correct expression of the falling-body Law. It is because, falling law is a phenomena of Distance-Of-Falling but not the Speed of a rolling ball on an inclined-plane. This latter offers necessary a too low-distance-of-vertical-Falling. Therefore, errors from the Time measurements of a rolling ball on the inclined plane may hide the effect of the Vertical falling-Law expression. It is because in this sistuation there is no difference between a Parabol and a Catenary curves. More, at Galileo's Time one ignored what is an analytics Catenary function.
It is obvious from there that anybody and Galileo himself had obviously concluded the parabolic function for the Law of falling.

The Parabolic curve is stated from there for the Falling phenomena. Probably from there Newton was choosing to state His Universal Gravitation as Energy from Universal Attraction force. The falling energy of Force Working as indicate a Parabola with its quadratic function. This is also an error when concluding the Falling Body as energetical attraction.

Bacause the true Falling-Body is not really a Working processe. The object-falling by itself is not working! The TRUTH is that the falling object is not producing Energy!.
It seem so strange isn'it?

The truth is that:
IT IS THE POTENTIAL-of-falling-Distance that is transforming into the kinetic of the falling-object!!! There is no creation of Energy during the Body-falling ! There is a Pure transmutation of the Energy done in the perfect Conservation Principle.


A) - The Falling-Body as a Parabolic function contradicts the Energy Conservation Principle.

B) - The Newtonean Attraction created from a Central Force done all along the Time for creating working Energy, is quite in fatal contradiction with the Basic Universal Energy Conservation Principle!

In summary:
I) - The Falling-Body Law of any given object is phenomena that create No Energy. It is because a falling-body can produce no additive Work in the nature... it is not from the object by itself but it is directly FROM THE TRANSMUTTATION of the Potential Distance into the kinetic working energy. This distance may be done in any direction because the Space is by itself Pure-Potential. For exemple, if one is throwing a stone in any direction, this stone is initally quite moved by a potential. What is this potential? It is simply the internal-potential-supply-by-the-athlete that is transforming into the stone kinetic displacement.

II) - Now the Galileo's Parabolla of His Falling-Body, is then a statement that the Object falling, is a machine producing the Energy diecribed by a Parabola as energy-quadratic-function. A such definition is simply to state that any falling body is itself a supply of adding energy in the world. For example, an apple falling from the Apple-tree, is producing the motion of the whole Earth towards the falling-apple!

with only the phenomenon of a Falling-Object we can determine the error of the Entire Dynamics Theory. This latter is necessary born from the Galileo's Bad experience and bad conclusion on the Falling-Body analysis according to the Galileo's bad experiment device of A ball-rolling-on-the-inclined-Plane.

While the falling-body should obeys to a Catenary trajectory Law where falling speed do not depend to a (F = m.gama). Their speed obbey ONLY to the Potential Distance of Fall. With same falling distance, the different object speeds should be the same.

- gif + of + falling + bodies (

Falling-body Law is really described with Catenaries curves.
I will next give the proceed of forming Catenary trajectories. These curve are VERY-EASY to constructed by construction and are generated according to the Distances in Space Potential.
The Catenary for Big Bridges are also from these Potential Law where application for adjustments for Bridges construting are easy modeled to the particular case of construction.

The falling body is the phenomea expressed by the Space Potential/Movement energy. There is no Universal Attraction of a Central Force.

Like what is tell on the above figure on the discrete parabola, here after on this next figure, is shown how in Dakhiometry is analyzed a ball free falling. It is seen her what is the determination of the trajectory of a ball in free falling with an initial horizontal constant speed plus the vertical falling in a potential field.
The horizotal energy is (a) and the vertical one is (b). Theses two energies define the free falling trajectory of this ball.

In the case of a rising ball in opposite of a potential field, it is the same analysis. It consists to substract the initial vertival energy of the ball against the Potential Distance.
These analysis are not done with Forces that rest on Movement as a Time. Because the true is that there is no Time. this latter was an artificial définition about a millenary belief on Time.

Falling body

The above diagram may be correlated vith this next one. Weight of any mass as function of its situation on any globe is determined by these diagram. There is no newtonean Gravitational Force but only Potential Distance refered to a Zero Center. Different variation of "Gravity Force" measurements may be due to some particular situations of measurement device but it is not from the illusion of some Gravitation-Force from Mass.
So a given weight on any planet are different due only to the distance from the given planet center.
The weight of a spacelab landing on a given planet will be effectif at the moment where this spacelab is landing on this planet. It is because at this moment, this system energy will be determine according to the potential of the landed globe surface as shown on this next diagram energy.
Therefore, the weight of any object is not dependent to the Gravitational Mass of the given globe where it is landed but this weight depends directly to the distance from the given planet Center.

Here whith the Dakhiometry method, the energy terms are only as Distances of displacement [the (a) and the (b) factors]. One should understand energy as a Work and Work as energetical Movement and movement represented only by Distance. This diagram and the preceeding one, show that the falling trajectory is really a parabolic trajectory according to the Two-Dimensions space.

The newtonean postulate on Central Force is originated from man's millenary Belief

- If + rain + is + falling + vertically + at + 2m/s + velocity + would + a + typical + person + get + wetter + if + they + walk + slowly + or + faster + between + two + points + a + fixed + distance + apart (Italy)

No raincoat needed?...

- if + you + drop + an + object + its + acceleration + towards + the + ground + is + 10 + m/s + if + you + throw + it + down + instead + will + its + acceleration + after + leaving + your + hand + be + greater + than + 10 + m/s2 + ignore + air + resistance (

This is a complicate problem for understanding the natural Physics. The problem is due to the usual man that has no direct relationships with the nature from where he is born and where he should behave as being in everdydays practices.
From millenary in the belief of a universe in a "Big" Nothingness, man had invented artificial means to get some understanding with the nature from where he was born. Being proud of his mind capacity while behaving diectly with his natural genuineness he had invented multiple universes with his so-called sciences.

Being proud with his Number invention Man's use it to create his Big Dynamics, with multiple complex formula, particularly when he describes his Relativist Universe.

The present example on the falling body due to the newtonean Universal Gravitation displays how he had too much difficulty to have a simple understanding on the natural phenomena of the Natural Movement. Thus for a falling body phenomenon, what cumbersome complicated formula he had to struggle to flounder to splash againts them so that he lose one's head. The Gravitation or the magic Perpetual Motion (for example the First Dynamics Law) are examples of how man had invented his sciences from his immaginaries.

Now with this particular problem about the behavior of a falling body, every body is quite uspset. Nobody has no more a clear opinion about the multiple formula fo the Movement. One has no more clear opinion of acceleration (or the force of second Dynamics Law) and the motion deformed from the newtonean legendery Uniform Motion.

Now to answer this above interesting problem about this complicated problem where it is too difficult to have some clear understanding on the natural Movement. The GENERAL answer that one has to get a clear understanding on the so mystic Dynamics-Sciences is as follows:

I) - The so called Acceleration-or-Force of any object is due to CURRENT EXTERNAL interaction on to this given object. This means that this object Acceleration is from its CURRENT GAINING or LOOSING Energy due to the current Extermal Interaction.

II) - While the CURRENT motion of any object is Only its constant Internal energy. This object current motion energy is ALWAYS from inchanged anterior External Interaction. This constancy of internal object energy is from the universal Energy Conservation Principle.

Thus, applaying for an answer to the above questionning, we have:

1) - The acceleration of the given object is due to an external interaction on this object.

2) - The throwing of this object is an anterior events that gives a perticualr conservative internal current energy to this object.

In conclusion the answer of the question "will + its + acceleration + after + leaving + your + hand + be + greater + than + 10 + m/s2 ?" is:

There is no change to the acceleration action according to that:

there is not any relationship between any given anterior event interaction and any posterior one applyed on this given object.

The "after our hand" intercation has nothing to do with the hand or any other event" does have any influence with the "gravity" before or after the hand effect, particularly when this gravity is a so-called "Universal-Gravity".

Therefore, there is not any change from the anterior effect acting on the External effect of a succeeding given acceleration phenomenon.
In the case of a lauching hand its acceleration is concerning Only the lauching object. This hand acceleration is concerning only the interesting object. The hand acceleration is not added to the falling acceleration because only it is the final speed of the object when it leaves the hand that is added to the falling phenomenon. This speed is then seen as a constant initial speed where the falling acceleration will add its correponding instantaneous speed during the falling trajectory.
At the time of leaving the hand, the object movement will be ONLY governed by the Falling acceleration law.

Therefore, when falling the object knows only the Falling-Acceleration law. The initial hand action is only represented by the initial speed of the object but NEVER by the initial hand-acceleration.
This latter belong to the pass history of the object that may be a hand or any other system but all of them is only represent by the same object Constant Initial Speed.

This seem to be a complicated anwers
because it is necessary HERE to clariry the basic understanding on Motion.

This latter is still ignored according to the usual Dynamics Teaching.
With the complicated algebraic formula from the Dynamic Laws this latter can't give a such basic understanding on the Movement phenomenon.

To get a precise understanding on the Motion in the universe:
One have to clear his mind and washe up from the belief of the Dynamics Central Force

All the cumbersome questionning about acceleration-of-a-given-object is really from a big error due the newtonean "Central Force" Postulate.

Note that a Postulate is mainly born necessary from fantasy of man's. This happens when man have to invent explaination about his misunderstanding on natural phenomena. This was the case for Galileo and Newton's Falling Apple.

Actually, there is really a falling-object phenomenon on the Earth. The error, a big one, is to extrapolate it as from some ATTRACTION by Something else. Obviously it is real-life event that an object weight in one's hand seems to be pull by something toward the ground. And obviously on the Earth ground it is necessary from the Earth Center.

From there the "logic of a Round Earth" is to tell that this pulling Force is obviouly a Central One !!!

This so-called logics is then extended to the astronomy where any heavenly body is also a round one as like the Moon and the Sun. Now to make it as a Scientifc Law it "suffice" to concoct it with a Mess and a Speed to get a formula to define the Motion as a Force!
Yes, the universal Creation of Movement is described as a Force that give rise to the birth of Movement. The Central Force is the God that give rise to the So mysterious Movement, a phenomena that was never "rationally" explained by any fameous "Rational Formula".
Yes, really Movement is a creation of the Central God.

In the continuation From such Logics was born the Universal Central Force that give rise to the newtonean Attraction by The Universal Central Force.



From Fantasy was born only Fantasy.

Therefore, the consequence of the Central Force belief is as follow:

This give rises to the inavoidable newtonean conclusion that:

Attraction = Movement as Universal-Masses-Mutual-Attractions

With such postulate...: It is not astonnishing that one is scratching ones' head under doubt such as:

"if you drop an object its acceleration towards the ground is 10 m/s if you throw it down instead will its acceleration after leaving your hand be greater than 10 m/s2. Ignore air resistance?"

This is a real problem due to the Dynamic definition of Movement-from-Mother-Mass-Attraction

Because it is obvious that from a "mass-of-Hand-Acceleration why it is not added to the MAss-of-Earth-Attraction", according to rational vectors-addition ???

It is from a true rational-questioning for physicians even with the wellknown Dynamic formula given as:

object Displacement (e) = (hand-mass)0 + v0 + Gama.t2

Where: (e) is the object resulting displacement
(v0) is the hand-mass for initial-object-movement
(gama) is the object-Acceleration due to a Eart-mass-Mass-attraction
And (t) is the usual (Time). Obviously according to the Dynamics, Time is attached to Motion phenomena.

Bad definition of Force as Motion However the real odd thing is from:

"the Dynamics bad definition of Motion as:
the Motion or Force is-from-Mass-Attraction"

From where the Mathematician Newton fail to describe a system of more than two Masses attraction for example the Earth-Moon-Venus one.

It is not due to Mathematics lack of Methods but really due to irrelevent definition of motion-as-natural-phenomenon.

The next newtonean formula of Central Mass-Attraction is irrelevent:

F = k2.M1.M2 / R2

Even if so called experimental experiences was observed and "measured". For example the so-called Sun-Mass attraction that devated Ligth rays.

These are scientific tricks, recipes and illusion manipulations for validing ones personal theories.

The Universe expension Big Bang theory is only an artificial theory trying to maintaing the validity of one's theory the base of which rests on the newtonean Central Force consensus.
The scientific Big Bang is no more than telling that "There is a Universe-with-3-D according to some creative big exploding Favor done on a super densified Point of Matter !
Really, sciences can invent every magic things with their Nothingness belief.


What is the Truth on natural law reality?

Falling body trajectory to the star center rest-point Simply,
natural physic is that:

Any object location in the universe is defined by the Absolute space structure of Potential.
And any mono-object or system-of-objects,
is ordered in space as shown by this next shematic figure. Where any given object is defined by two different energy. These latter are the Potentiel relatively to the Center Rest Point and a movement energy that is its the orbital rotation energy for its rotation arround the Rest Point center. It is its orbital energy of location for maintaining it on a given potential location relative to a Rest Point center.

Because any unique object or any system of objects is necessary defined by its Center of object or its Center-of-system, by a POTENTIAL REST-POINT.

The uniqueness of object or of object-system is always defined by their Potential-Rest-Point Center!

This not the case with the irrelevent newtonean Universal Attraction Formula according to that this hypothesis is supposed that the universe is from quite random formation in The Nothingness. From there was postulated a universe resulting from The Big Bang.

It is why:

I) - Any unique object or any system of objects have necssarilly any of acceleration (or Motion) ONLY defined by its Potential-Center.

II) - The Rest-Point Center is simply difined by the Matter Condensation Process. This means that any Center of a system is formed by mutual intercations between elemental objects where the Center is simply the result of the whole initial objects arranged in final energy equilibrium.

II) - The newtonean Central Force Attraction is a big contradiction of the natural requisit equilibrium for any system of heavenly bodies.

It is why, there is no doubt about:

"If + you + drop + an + object + its + acceleration + towards + the + ground + is + 10 + m/s + if + you + throw + it + down + instead + will + its + acceleration + after + leaving + your + hand + be + greater + than + 10 + m/s2 + ignore + air + resistance"

According to the Dakhiometry Uniqueness-Principle:

There is NO ADDITION-OF-ACCELERATIONS between two different material-objects being parts of a given system.

For example the Hand and the given object are two independent objects that have a same Rest-point-center. Therefore, there is no difference of their falling-body-acceleration. For example, between different objects in an accelerating car there is no mutual objects differential relative acceleration (in frictionless cas).

Now applying this common field-acceleration of different objects:

It is quite an ignorance to tell that;

Ocean Tides on Earth is due to the Moon newtonean Attraction.

Because Ocean and the Earth are two objects in a SAME FIELD of space potential around the Solar Center Rest Point.

Example of usual man's scientific-postulates producing the misunderstanding on the natural phenomena

The next figure indicates the misunderstanding on the Space physic of the Dynamics theory:

The Dynamics was a conventional postulate on the Physics natural phenomena as soon as it dont propose a clear fundamental difference between,

a) - The Universal Gravitation explained by a Force as a punctual local effect. The newtonean Force should be defined as function of distance (R2) where should be found at least a given Mass (M1) relatively to any another Mass (Mx).
Because without no (R2) there should be no newtonean Attraction Force.

Here, one may be astonished that any distance (R) should be a basic defined physical factor prior to state the Dynamics Laws. However, it is never done.

Anciant talkative scientists used to replace the physical Distance by a conventional mystic and artificial term of their own invention. The Number as a mystic Universe Archetype is one most famous that drive to the modern mystic Algebraic Mathematics Techniques. Remind that the Irrational Number was invented according to the Mystic Algebraic Number. It is no more another thing for Newton when in attemp to invent teh Movement definition by stating his First Dynamics Law. Here, to be more mystic what was done is no more than to drepudiate the true real and concrete Space Distance. From there Newton replaced the Distance by a co-called TIME. This correspond to a Creator creating the universe as soon as the Movement was stated. This is the meaning of his First LAW when he try to define his Straight Line Uniform Motion by a Time!

He was no more than to invent the vicious circle where:

Man invent his Creator then in turn the Creator can invent thinker Man.

Sadly it was man's belives that was no more than the basic source of Modern Relativist Sciences!!!

From there one shouldn't be surprised that the Physics current theory is fully postulated the universe as a Big-Bang done no more than floating in a Nothingness!!!

Do you be in conscience that:

only Time is tight fit perfectly running along the Nothingness... and inversely?

This is the scientific meaning of the universe of some billions being getting old... measured by a Light Distance !

A clear real Upside Down by talkative man.

b) - While one should see that the root of Movement phenomena is due to a global volumic Field in the absolutely defined Potential-Space of the universe. This latter is perfectly defined in the absolute space by a Rest-Point center. The Movement is then the direct transformation from any differential of potential.

This next figure shows the Big misunderstanding of the Dynamics from there erroneous are done in the current scientific statements.

Irrelevent Mass-Attraction theory

Liquid statement:

Liquid Law is to place the maximum of its molecules of its system at the lowest pressure.
The maximum pressure of a liquid system is found at the so-called maximum attraction-force. According to Mewton, this latter depend inversely to the distance
and to the current opposing masses.

Tide motion is then ONLY the Earth Liquid Ring rotation energy under Earth-soil frictions.

With the Earth-Moon attraction why is there the Earth ocean taking an ovoid-Form? This next schematic is a simplified egg-out phenomenon. It is known that the egg shell became solid only when the egg is out from the hen when it is going in the air contact.

The basic foundation of the universe space-structure
is to be a Field-of-Potential-Energy.

According to the Dakhiometry,
The universe Space is a structure of Potential-Field. On such principe the Movement is the characteristic of the universe-in-constant-Construction acoording to the equivalence transformation between Potential and Movement in the Energy Conservation Principle.

The first consequence is that it determines the inconsistancy of the belief stating as:

The universe transformations are governed by a Ponctual Central Force.

There is a physically contradiction between:

1) - The universe Space-Fielf of Iso-Potential energy in the Three-Dimension Space,

2) - And a Punctual-Force denoted as the so-called Universal Gravitation or Force-of-Attraction.

Simply in summary:
The Dynamics that was created to define the Movement phenomena by a Force. But really the Movement is not a Force because a Movement is not only an Acceleration even if the first Dynamics Law was an attemp to put right this lack. This first Law is only an allusion on some Creator of the World It is not a rational scientific base.
However, even on this flow, the Force was inconsistently extended to define all the universe as being a Space of Random Interaction between objects in desorder. The Big Bang is an example.
A Big Central Force can't put right the weakness of the Dynamic foundation. A such Big Central Force can't unifyed a multitude of random interaction forces in the Space.

In conslusion,
I) - The space of the universe is not an uncordinated system that needs a Huge Force as a Big God to control it. A One Big punctual Force can never be the source of Complex construction for Life.

II) - The true Basic rational definition of the universe is that the universe is the precise Structure of Potential Energy as an Absolute Space defining Locations for possible unbounded complex constructions.

III) - More simply tell: The Universe is a whole Absolute structure defined by Field-of-Potetial from there Movement can be created for possible complex Constructions.

The Dynamics that rest on equation [Movement=Force] is a quite irrelevent scientific theory on Movement.

Here follows is explained how [Moon-Attraction equal Tides] is an illusion.

It is noted that without the wall reistance the egg inside and under pressure from the hen should be a sphere form being under the whole liquid pressure. The egg will only take the oval form as soon as it meets the wall resistance. From there it will take the dynamic oval form that will remain as the egg form memory with a solid shell in the free air.

Irrelevent Mass-Attraction theory We have to examine the Newton-FORCE of attraction and not only the so-called gravity (g). With the Force then one should distingish the Force depending to the Mass and the Distance of Attraction from the Attraction-Field effect as for example the (g=10/s2).

Comparing the egg ovoid form and if there was the nowtonean mass-attraction-Force then,

it is the whole Earth Solid that should hightly act on the ocean Liquid. Because it is due to all the solid mass of the Earth Solid that unders moon-attraction should flatten out the oceans as shown on this next figure. Because according to the newtonean theory where attraction is acting more strongly on bigger masse of the Earth solid. Therefore, what the ocean liquid has to do is to crash on the Earth ground at the moon side! In this situation, it is the Ocean that represents the Friction for the Earth solid displacement toward the Moon. This is due to the Expending property of Liquid where if liquid has high compression resistance however, its traction property is practically nil.

Due to the true Liquid law,
the ovoidal form of water drop is a current observed phenomenon...

water drop Oval form

An another practical example is seen in the following case:

If there is a an iron ball at the bottom of a pool of water. Then if a attraction field created by a magnet over the liquid is used to pull out the iron bowl from the water. It is not the water that will come first. But the liquid in the pool will rather created an counter-displacement resistance to the iron bowl. The case of the Erath Solid and the Ocean is similar to this experimental observation. The pulling out from the water is for the liquid system behavior no more than the situation diescribed as an explosion-center under-water.

Therefore, what liquid has to do is to occupy the maximal of its volume part in the region of lowest pressure situated at the opposite side of the Moon relatively to the Earth.

if there was Mass-Attraction then, the Earth ocean form should take the ovoidal one as an egg-out process. If the Mass-attraction is true then the Earth Tide will be done as this next figure shows it.

The corresponding explaination of egg-out form is as follows.

One is used to understand that a heavy rock is "pulling by a gravity towards the Earth center."

However, this is only a "conventional talking to mean the heaviness of burden" that one has to carry it.

But in the real physical case of liquid behavior, the co-called Moon attraction is not a burden for any object.

In rational scientific consideration, for a liquid system and also for any solid-mass, if there was a so-called Attraction,
on have only to consider
that each material-object is submitted ONLY to a DISPLACEMENT, for example a displacement in function of Time:

10 m/s2


a) - A displacement is not an attraction-FORCE !

b) - A field of Displacement is only a Potential or more explicitly: a Potential Energy !

If a gravitation field can create particular Force applyed on particular solid object system then,
On a Liquid system, particularly on water, the attraction field is concerning each particular liquid molecules

there is notany possible Force that can be applyed on a whole Liquid system as the EArth Ocean one!
One seems to ignore that a Liquid system has NO Mass Center. Probably it is the general Fact !

It is why one can state that the whole Earth Liquid behaves not as One coherent Solid Mass but, a liquid system behave under a co-called-Attraction field, Only according to its internal Liquid Law.


A) - The egg inside the Hen behaves as a liquid system in a liquid system.

B) - The whole Earth-ocean behave then a an Egg inside the hen.

C) - Applying the formula
F = k2.M1.M2 / R2
to the Tides is a illusionarry Joke of usual believing man. This is due to bad statement of the Dynamics Laws. From there, it drives to the usual man's universal Laws mistake.

Now we have to consider a whole liquid-system as the Earth-Ocean.
If there was a so-called moon-attraction then,
what does the liquid have to carry some WEIGHT ?
In such sistuation of Moon-attraction, the ocean Liquid system doesn't carry nothing !

But what does it result to the liquid system under a FIELD-OF-LIQUID-DISPLACEMENT?

In this case, the whole liquid don't carry any weight.

1) - But the whole liquid has no possibility of performing a free displacement of (10 m/s2). This means that all the liquid cann't fly as an angel towards the Moon.

2) - Therefore, where there is a limit of displacement, there is a jam due to a trafic block of liquid in the whole Earth ocean. We define this situation as a true catastrophic FLOOD!

3) - Now of if there was a liquid-block then, THERE WILL RESULT TO A ZONE OF GREATEST LIQUID PRESSURE in the whole ocean system!

In such situation we can describe this whole jam of ocean-Liquid situation as behaving according to the Liquid Law!

The explaination of this liquid situation is that:

When in the ocean system there is some liquid zone of blocking-displacement as for liquid in the depth of oceans
it should happens there the Growing of internal pressure.

In conclusion,
We have then to describe what is the consequences of a Local increse of pressure in a liquid system!
The whole Earth ocean is no more than being in the situation to be described as an INTERNAL EXPLOSION behavior!

Here the explosion is a constant pressure due to the so-called Moon-Attraction.

That is to tell,
Under a so-called Moon-Attractio, the abyssal zone of ocean pressure is located on the Earth at the Moon side and no more at the depth bottom of it.

Such situation of the Earth ocean is then described by the Forme taken by the whole Earth-ocean as it is done on the the above next figure with an oval EGG-OUT Form along the Earth/Moon Line.

It is understood that in the inside of the hen, against the closed door-out, the maximum pressure in the egg is at the round side and not at the accute one as it is shown on the next above figure.

Finally, it is to stated that:

If there was somme Moon-Attraction on the Earth then,
Necessarily, the ocean liquid will stay at any time as an escaping liquid system form positionned with an accute side pointing towards the opposit direction where is located the Moon!

However, one never observes the Tide phenomena where the highest Tide part seems to go in the opposite direction of the Moon attraction. Therefore, if there was never observed a such form of the ocean pointing in the opposit side of the Moon then, the newtonean Mass-attraction is an irrelevent scientific theory.

A such attraction mechanism of the ocean giving such ovoid-form is never observed in real situation. The conclusion is that Newton's Mass-Attraction is only the scientific-belief on Moon/Tides as a false association.

The Mass-Attraction theory is then both invalid in its basic statement associating Mass as Motion-Generation and also it is never observed as controling Earth Tides.

Finally, the reality is that:

Tide is strictly the natural phenomenon of Globe Structure as an assembly of different Ring Rotations.

In a same attraction Field of 10m/s2:

Let the whole Earth from a given initial motion V0 at a time T0
with a potential field equal to 10m/s2
the motion of all the Earth solid in any succesding time Tx is:

This is applyed to any mass part of the Earth!

Importance To be noted in Mind:
A Field is not a Force even if a Force formula use the acceleration as the effect of a Field.

1) - Field is Not-a-Force. In the Solar system, there is no Attraction between the different Solar globes.

2) - Fundemental Dakhiometry:

A potential Field is ONLY characteristized by the space Distance.

The Potential is the universe Space property and therefore a Potential is stricly a Form, generally this latter is a space Globe of Distances !

In such potential applied to the whole part of the Earth, is there somebody being abble to distinguish some differential motion between different parts in the Earth ???
This is with the condition that, if a so-called field acceleration was applyed to any material part of the Earth! The Solid and the Liquid parts are belonging to the whole Earth system.

THE EARTH SOIL AND THE OCEAN WATER SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY DIFFERENTIAL ACCELEARATION under a so-called Moon attraction... if there was any one!!!

Tides is not due to the Moon attraction !!!
According to what law??? Obviouly, according to the wellkown law of Falling-Body due to a Potential Field:

Where any falling body falls at a same speed independently from their particular mass!!!

Obviously, in a car, anybody is not "falling" at a same speed. But one should take in account of the frictions in the car that act differently on each object. But, if frictionless in a given potential field any object is moving at a same speed... because

In a same potential-field, each object is submited by a same acceleration that produces a Same-Displacement-Distance per Unit Time!

There is no need to wory and to prove why the falling body-Law is a "democratic displacement one for all" during any falling set of objects whatever are their appearence! This is valid in frictionless condition.

So the Ocean and all the Earth globe is in a same so-called "Moon-field", and the Earth at it whole is in the frictionless Space Void.

The Tides as Moon attraction is an another current scientifc lying Great-Certainty !!!

One have to let out the truth by telling that
The Dynamics theory of Mass-Force-as-Motion is man's huge multi-centuries duration Joke!
This Big-Bad theory on Movement is in continuity the generator of man's prolific scientist lying.


- l'attraction + universelle (Canada)

La Masse-Attraction degouline depuis des siècles sur la science. Sur cette Base, Einstein s'était consolidé en croyant se tenir sur SA Terre-Promise et de là Einstein, se forge son :
( E = m.c2 )
qui met sur l'autel le Veau d'Or Mass=attraction.

Il se tenait là sur du sable-mouvant ansi que toute les sciences modernes qui sont à son école. Einstein s'appuyait mot-à-mot sur l'example (Masse = Attraction) de Newton.

Dans l'univers l'Energy est strictement soit celle du Potentiel ou de sa transformé en Mouvement.

La Masse qui est la base de la Dynamique, n'est strictement que la quantité de Manière INERTE. Dans toute échanges d'énergie,
la Masse ou la quantité de la matière d'un objet ne joue que le rôle d'INERTIE controlant toutes les Transferts d'énergie dans les interactions.

1) - La Masse n'est strictement qu'un Facteur-de-Transfert d'Energie entre les objets.

2) - Il n'y a que Newton qui croiyait que l'Energie vient de la Matière par sa quantité Masse. Le fait que la Masse est dans la formule des Forces ne veut en aucune manière désigner que la Masse est la Source de l'Energie.

3) - Malheureusement, cette idée de Newton l'ammène jusqu'à poser que l'univers est gouverné par Le Force Centrale, celle de son Attraction-Universelle.

Cette erreur que nul ne peut le discerner, puisque la Théorie de Newton s'était imposé en premier comme le commencement d'une théorie mathématique scientifique. Elle conduit aux sciences modernes qui ne jurent que par le Veau-d'Or Masse=Energie. Einstein ne peut que suivre ce courant pour fabriquer notre univers selon une image cauchemardesque avec ses Relativités. Pire encore, avec Einstein, sa définition de la Masse est devenue le Top de l'imaginaire insolite. Car, la Masse d'Einstein est tout simplement de l'Energie-Pure !

Voyez-vous même car,:

( E = m.c2 )

Signifie bien que:

E = Masse;      ou;       Masse = E

Simplepent parce que son (c) qui est une constante, ne sert ici que de décors d'une gigantesque proportionnalité !!!
Avouez que cela soulève beaucoup de questionnements, si l'on donne brutalement l'Egalité:
E = Masse

Mais que : ( E = m.c2 )

Cela vous donne un chic à une formule de Savant...
Pour endormir ses dévots et endormir tout esprit-critique des uns et des autres!

Demandez à un passant dans la rue, la question:
Qui est- Einstein?

La fière réponse, sans laquelle on se sentait gêné, est sûrement:

"Bien sûr c'est:( E = m.c2 )"

Entre-nous, la célérité de la Lumière d'Einsetin, en supplément, n'est que de l'imaginaire pure: Car Einstein ne peut jamais savoir que la Lumière n'a pas de Vitesse, puisqu'elle a une propriété de Simultanéité. Cette dernière qu'Einstein avait pris le soins d'insister dans ses erreurs, en affirmant qu'il n'y a pas de Simultanéité... sur la simple "preuve de l'évidence" que l'information n'arrive jamais simultannément aux divers points!
L'évidense est-elle le Certainement Sans-aucun-Doute des Savants et de ses dévots?

Messieurs, Mesdames, il vous fallait admettre que:
Plus les théories viennent d'un Commandement Insolite de Savants,
Plus elle est d'une unanimité de certitude impérieuse, pour ses dévots...

Si l'on croit que évidemment, c'est moi le grand ignare,
alors examinez la formule de l'Attraction suivante de Newton:

[F = k.(M.M') / R2]

avec (k) = Constant, M et M' deux masses différentes,
et (R) la distance (MM')

Le (F) est ici la Force générant le mouvement, qui correspond à une energy-cinétique.
Le (R) est la distance entre les deux masses (M) et M').

La formulation de Newton sur l'Attraction des Masses signifie directement que l'on ne peut pas envoyer des satellites dans l'espace.

Ceci parce que:
dès lors qu'il y a Attraction, la Force va croitre nécessairement...
lorsque la distance (R) entre les deux Masses va diminuer.
Que pense-t-on si ces deux masses allaient au contact? C'est bien le cas de la formation des corps célestes par accrétion obéissant à l'Universelle attraction, selon la physique officielle:

a) - Au Contact, le (R) devient Zero.
b) - La Force va donc devenir INFINIE.
c) - Accélération (F) est donc une augmentation infinie d'Energie de Pression entre les deux masses!

Alors, suis-je toujours un super-imbécile, qui ne comprend rien à la Relativité spatio-temporel?

En Résumé:

La théorie de l'attraction des Masses est l'art suprême d'écraser le sens critique des scientifiques... depuis bien des lustres.
Car sa conséquence est le Super Big-Bang, un événement qui a eu raison de la Force Centrale.
En utilisant cette formule de Newton pour définir l'Attraction Universelle entre deux particules, si nous considérons que toute matière ne sont que des assemblées de particules,
Puisque le début d'un Big Bang ne se faisait, dit-on, qu'à partir d'un univers réuni en 1 seul particule,
un peit-Point-de-rien-du-tout, comme une poussière de poussière d'étoile,
c'est là que la Force-Centrale de Newton est plus Costaud que 10 milles Hercule réunis.

Dans ce cas,
La Force Centrale Attractive qui renie sa Mère Force-Centrale-Créatrice puisqu'elle se laissant terrasser par son contraire: un Big-Bang en Expansion,...

selon la formule de Newton:
La fusée réunie à la masse Terre dans sa rampe de lacement, devrait rester attaché à la Terre par une Force d'Attraction-Infinie!

Je vous laisse savourer cette Théorie de Science Moderne...
où tout est sens dessus-dessous, où la Mère Force d'Attraction se renie,... et que la Science Physique en cours, prône sur son Autel ou du moins s'en accomode selon un Consensus de Croyants.

Chapeau à la Science qui délire à tout Vent !

Oui, comme on le prophétisait, la Science est un Arbre sur lequel pousse des branches de nouvelles sciences qui ne dérangent pas son voisin... Quelle liberté, quel respect des autres? Plutôt, quelle complicité-de-corps d'un Arbre Corps-des-Sciences.
Or, une haute bâtisse ne s'écroule que par les défauts de sa base... et tombe de haut... qui détruira nécessairement Le Bon, La Brute et Le Truand sur Terre, sans distinction.


Let us consider a simple intuitive understanding on the co-called Moon-actraction:

If there was mutual attraction in the system Earths/Moon then,:

1) - Both Earth-Moon and also any system of Plante/Moons should not taking a movement such that each of them will move directly towards each other. In such case, there was a long time where they are necessary amalgamated into one system. Remind that the falling-body Law is a quadratic function where speed of displacement is growing in parabolic form. It is why necessesary, the more the duration of attraction the fastest speed they are attracted together.

2) - The case of a so-called attraction between two-masses, is not to unified them. Because the attraction-force is to add kinetic energy to both !

3) - It is why if there was a so-called different Masses-attraction the final result is not to unified the different interesting objects:
It is because :

a) - Mass-Attraction effect means to add energy to each particular-object.
b) - Adding energy to each object of a group has the final effect to launch each of them far from each other.

c) - If one is doubting about this statement,
one have only to consider the simple practical examples of a simple sling or the wellknow athletic hammer thrower technique.

So, it is very distressing considering man's history epoch where we are living a BIG-scientific ODD-Thing with the "Universal" Dynamics MASS-ATTRACTION Theory !!!

According to the Mass-Attraction,
The Big-Bang Theory is due directly to the effect of Mass-attraction. Thus, there should be a Big-Crunch and then a Big-Bang and then a...

Because the exploding universe theory is not from a PUSH by a Big-Pressure,
but according to the Dynamics where Attraction is to increas energy to every masses,
Therefore, the BIg-Bang is the effect of the initial incredibe PULLING by the Big-Attraction-of-Central-Force.

Thus, the Dynamics Central Force means:
Attraction between masses = Adding energy to any mass !!!

If such is the truth,

What about the Energy Conservation Principle when the univers is oscillating between Zero and Infinit-Mass-Attraction?

One may note that Einstein had from there the subtlety of having somme understanding of this Dynamics Law when he stated that:

Mass = Energy     (because Mass is attraction-source)

From such conclusion Einstein founded his welknown Formula:

E = m.c2

Really, from millenary the World is turning upside down when it is governed by the moto:

The (PUSH = PULL) Big-Bang,
Push-Pull as the modern formula for Action-Reaction,
The formula: (Mass = Energy) ... a Big closed vicious prison.

Note that the nuclear energy denoted as:

mass = equivalent to energy

was an abused formula originated from the Dynamics presupposition.
It may be from practical observations of solid cristalisation.

The atomic and nuclear energy is not from a vanishing of matter Mass.

It is due ONLY by:
the transformation of very high condensed matter corresponding to an equivalent space-of-potential form denoted as kinetic energy.

The consequences is that:
fissions and transformations of matter will appear under equivalent space volume with its kinetic energy effect but according to the Energy Conservation principle..


Actually. Tha The above analysis of a falling body explain it.
The free falling body is not depending neither to Force nor Energy.
Free falling body is phenomenon concerning only MOVEMENT. And movement means directly the Distance of object position changing.
This phenomenon is the expression of the space as Potential/Rest law for any object in the universe. It is because when an object exists according to matter construction, it is due to the space changing as defining by the Equivalent Transformation between Potential-position and Movement.
More than object, the falling is concerning any elemental matter. It is concerning only each dakhion even if the macro solid object is formed from many dakhions.
This falling of a macro object should be considered as falling of a dakhion that is under transformation of Potential energy to Movement energy. Therefore, any dakhion falling in the universe, depends universally to the distance of its initial space location and the distance it is dispalcing toward it Rest point. This is the unique law for the falling elemental matter, everywhere in the universe space.

This phenomenon should be described as follows:
In a same condensed matter system, A SAME DIFFERENTIAL DISTANCE OF a dakhion in this object chaging RELATIVELY TO ITS REST CENTER, corresponds to a same Movement as changing speed of the falling for all the dakhions of this condensed system.
This concerns internal law of a CONDENSED SYSTEM of matter. Therefore, we should understand that any different objects on the Earth surface, belong to A SAME OBJECT denoted as the EARTH.
Because an object that initially doesn't belong to the Earth system will never fall toward the Earth center as Newton tell it. But an artificial satelite of the Earth orbiting around the Earth will necessary fall on Earth. This is because of the progressive friction that its experience with the Earth high atmosphere even if this latter is of in very few density. It is this friction that playes the role of public-relationships to progressiveley welcome it as the Earth property.

Pracatical device for precisely characterizing an atmospheric Vortex

- rain + falling + at + an + angle + of + 15 + degrees + off + the + vertical. + The + velocity + of + the + wind + is + 12 + meters + per + second + horizontaly + What + is + the + speed + of + the + rain (, District of Columbia)

If friction for the drop is nil then, the speed of the rain depends to the height from where its is falling. This factor is smartly given here according to vertical 15° trajectory of the drop.

Let :
(g) the falling acceleration,
(t) the duration of falling),
(Vw) = 12m/s, the wind speed.
(vfal) the drop falling speed
(vd) the final total speed of the drop

Then the total speed/s of the drop is equal to the sum of the drop falling plus the wind blowing speed:

(vfal) = g.cos(15°))

The total drop speed is then,

(vd)2 = [g.cos(15°))2 + 122]

Or finally, as a function of the falling angle cos(x), the absolute speed (vd) of the rain drop is:

(vd) = square-root [(g. cos(x) )2 + 122]     m/s


With a practical one given device that measures:

1) - The cos(x) angle of a falling body relatively to a vertical.
2) - The horizontal wind speed.
3) - The volume of the falling rain during a given time,

One can then,:
A) - Know the force F of the rain acting on a given aera, therefore, its preasure on a given target.
B) - Know the Work energy of the rain or a wet atmosphere on this target.

This is very interesting for fully characterising a Tornade, a Cyclone/Typhoon, at any point of their whole moving body.

Consider + a + planet + where + the + acceleration + due + to + gravity + is + 20 + m/s2 + and + air + resistance + is + nil. If + a + rock + initially + at + rest + is + dropped + on + this + planet + how + fast + is + it + falling + after + 5s (, USA)

You may be astonished by the following answer.
This rock, in the same experimental conditions, will behave vertically as like it does on the Earth.
According to the space as forming by iso-potential energy, any heavenly material system in its final state, is formed as the one structured in energy arranged in axial circular iso-potentials. The gravity is due to that iso-potentials system exist only around its particular Zero energy Rest point. The central Force of any masses is irrelevent because it is not a physical statement. Mass, Lengths, Direction, are only factors to determine physical objects and are not the property of them. They are used to described the energetical relationships between different objects. Thus a Mass can't produce by itself the generation of energy as it is stated by Newton.

- theorems + of + 10 + class + in + India (Canada)

This theorem is a general one wealthy in consequences for the spatial language. All the proof exposed in this site, are the consequences of tis basic theorem. It is denoted as the Lam-Ca theorem.
Really, in spatial language no pithagorean theorem was used in Dakhiometry.

- use + of + condensed + language (UK)

- Moe + Yu + San + body + structure (Myanmar)

- Moe + Yu + public (Thailand)

- Moe + Yu + Sun (Hong Kong)

- Moehayko + body + structure (Myanmar)

- Myanmar + Moe +Yu + Sun (Mysanmar)

- moeyusan photo (

Class of surfaces 1) - In the spatial structure of any condensed heavenly body, a falling body obeys to the universal falling trajectory in the form of a parabolla, according to the transformation of potentail into the kinetic energy. The energy of the fall is a linear function with the distance done from the initial location toward the Rest point center. This is concerning the distance of the fall trajectory. On this figure, the distance is represented by the red square side while the energy is represented by the corresponding square aera or the one of the corresponding blue rectangle. This is the function describing a parabola of the falling body.

2) - The total energy is formed by this above distance-energy plus the one of the orbital of the object relatively to the rest center of this system. Because an iso-potential orbit is concerning the energy location relative to the Rest point of the system. But remind that any true heavenly body (not for the big asteorid stones in space) is always structured in their globe form as a set of axial ring energy ordered by both Potential and Kinetic energy. For example considering a falling body case on the Earth ground. We should observe not only the vertical falling energy as a parabola. But we are forgotten that it must be added to this result, the rotation kinetic energy to this pure vertical falling energy. Therefore, the falling law should considered the energy of the falling with both of this aspect: the vertical fall due to the potential, plus the orbital kinetic energy.

It is why the above rock falling in some planet, have to consider the energy of the object with an added funtion mainly due to its orbital altitude location where the orbital rotation is energeticaly different. This orbital kinetic rotation contributes mainly to the total falling energy, because the rotation energy is there transformed into the vertical falling one.
It is why a falling body should be differently observed on different planets with different globe diameters, even if on the view point only of the vertical fall, the experience appears to be simmilar. Their true total energy are different.
Thus, a falling of a same object on the Moon is not registered as the one done on the Earth. Any object on the Moon ground orbital kinetic energy are lower than for the same conditions, experimentaly done on the Earth ground. It is the same cas if experiences are done on Jupiter. But the newtonean Central Force is definitly irrelevent as universal law of Physics.

Application for a fiction
Now what is the behavior of a rock on the Earth ground if it could fall directly at the Earth Rest center?
Obviously, this exercie doesn't means that the Earth system disapears wholy. Then a rock falling until the Earth center, will stop there with a nil in energy. The conservation of energy states that this falling energy will be transfered to all the Earth system. This shows that the globe is a system dynamically in equilibrium. The Earth center region is very low or nil in energy. Remenber that the Earth center is rather an axis, the polar axis. The Trip towards the Earth center may begin in its first stage to go directly to one of the Earth Pole and then to go towards the second pole direction. However, this is a Trip of No Return. Because at the Earth center, we can't find no energy reserves to allows us for the sunny sweet home again. There is no possible logistic support, because any energy send to the Earth center with be transfered to the whole Earth system!

Dakhiometry Law on Falling Body

- A + person + is + initially + standing + inside + a + closed + box + that + is + resting + on + a + scale. + The + person + jumps + in + the + air. + Assume + the+ scale + can + adjust + instantaneously + to + any + change + in + applied + force. + While + the + person + is + jumping + off + the + scale, + does + the + scale... (BC Canada)

There is no defined law governing this problem. But in classical laws conditions while cancelling the inertia law: This problem is then free from inertia. Therefore, when the scale is cancelling from the person influence, its capacity to be intantaneously in equalibrium, should indicate that this person is by himself free from weight property and then his mass is Zero. The "reason" for concluding is then:
With Zero mass, this person can do nothing even to disturbe a scale behavior. Probably and surely this person is himself an Angel curiously prisoner and shut up in a Dark-Agelproof box.

- is + it + true + that + an + austronaut + is + able + to + jump + higher + on + the + moon + than + on + the + Earth + beacuse + on + the + moon, + reaction + force + is + greater + than + the + action + forec (Korea)

Yes it is true.
Something is true is the one of forces action and reaction are a fairy tale.

Anywhere a jumper needs to expend an amount of energy to be abble to perform a jump. It is not a reaction force but really an illusion of the Newton's force theory. Thus, if the jumpeur is jumping higher on the Moon it is because he has the ability to expense a same energy as he does on the Earth.
When representing a jumping force directed toward the Moon ground obviously, the reaction force is directe in the oposite direction, it is to tell upwards from the Moon ground. But it is only a conventional schematic.
Because in any case, the energy expensed to jump is not directed upwards but against the Moon mass.
As the Moon has nothing to do with is negligible jumper energy, then as this latter's energy has nothing to do with the Moon then, this energy will return to the jumper mass. This is the origin of this jumper flying higher according to that the counter-action of the Moon Pulling may be lower than on Earth.
Thus the so-called Newton's reaction-force is not directed upward but is the Moon Pulling and never a Pushing one. A pulling acttion - not reaction- of lesser rate than it happens on the Earth.

The newtonean force is a very confused convential theory.

- the blood sample in a centrifuge experiences a centripetal "acceleration" which is 6000 times larger than the acceleartion due to gravity (, Canada)

- if the suitcase moves at a constant speed in a straight line how much force must be pulling against the motion yahoo answers (, California, USA)

In fact, it is difficult for a flying mineral and neutral suitcase to go in a constant speed. A such object flying thing is undefined. Consequently the Dynamics can't build a discourse for such thing according to the Newton's First Law. In the continuation, his Third Law is there an impotent one. Because an uniform motion need no Force. Consequently, the 3th Dynamics Law is there irrelevent according to that With no Action force, there is no Reaction one. In conclusion, you need not trying to stop this suitcase because it is only an illusion.

However, in case of real life suitcase, be carrefull:

The force that you need to stop this flying thing,
is directly proportional to the terrific person with what yo went at it hammer and tongs and with what you really laid into each other.
I recommand you to dodge and not to use force to stop this unusual agressive suitcase. I hope you succeed it. In the contary case, let me hear from you.

- if + there + is + any + torque + in + the + body + when + the + body + moves + with + uniform + velocity + acording + to + physics (, Pakistan)

There are too much undefined things in the newtonean Dynamics Fist Law. Trying to define the "Before Universe Creation" the Dynamics theory is trying to define "what is this Before Creation".

Newton state that this Before-of-Eveything is only the Before-any-Movement phenomena.
However, how can we define "something" before Anything?

Thus, Newton should be himself the Creator of the World.
The First Dynamics Law is no more than this chimera of Nothing that only a Creator can imagine it.

Therefore, being the Creator then Newton can know this Nothing as a Non-Movement.

But what can we understand about a Thing as:

A No-Thing descried as an Object:

1) - This object should have no Movement described as a Torque (a FORM of a Torque) and also "a Form-before-the-Creation" well described as a Linear Straight Line movement.

2) - But even if there was No-Form and No-Movement, this Thing can also be precisely described as a Not-Yet-Known-as-Movement defined as a Same-Length In a Same Time duration,... The famous Modern Straight Line Uniform Motion!!!


The Dynamics foundation of Modern Science is a miracle from a Quick-witted Creator.
Only a such Creator can imagine what he likes to create it before practically get his Creation invented.

- diffrence + between + harmonic + motion + and + constant + velocity (Oman)

It is an intersting problem that is to be clarifyed.
a) - There is no constant motion that can be understood as Uniform Motion. On the Earth system, empirically or by observation and measurement, one can define a constant velocity by the Force as Newton stated it. But this newtonean force corresponds ALWAYS to its opposite Reaction one. Thus, on the Earth, there is no Uniform Motion according to which, there is not any force in action.

b) - It is the same case for harmonic motion. Newton stated that Motion is NECESSARY a FORCE. therefore, according to his belief, harmonic motion is also due to a system of action-reaction force. This the usually denoted as centripetal/centrifugal ones. Therefore, with the Newton theories, every thing that seems to move SHOULD be described by HIS force. This is from the usual Mechanics-Dynamics used in Physics science of the Newton's Time.

However, the Force is no more than a particular empirical interpretation. Man's empirism is the usual mode to theorize his science. By practical observations from there one INTERPRET phenomena according to ones capacity of understanding realities. As he is standing on the Earth ground necessary his empirical theory description is concerned only to what he can see in his environment. It is why as Newton had stated that "Motion Is Force" then, why did he not tempted to extend this statement to the Whole universe? It what Newton did it. He extended his own interpretation of Motion to the Whole heaveny bodies and to the whole universe. Therefore, Newton stated that the universe is ALSO governed by His Force theory. The Universal Gravitation was then monumentally erected. A Big theory of the so-called Mass Attraction, that governs the current Physics.

Unluckily, empircal observation can't never reach to the rational level of knowledge. All the Newton statements are only empirical belives and his Force can never describe really the universal Movement phenomena.

Now what about the difference between harmonic motion and the constant velocity of object one?

1) - There is No constant straight line motion. In the whole universe there are ONLY CONSTANT HARMONIC MOTION and stricly tell, there are no Straight line displacement of object.
2) - But there are Constant harmonic motions. These motion are not described by Force. Constant harmocis motion are phenomena of object displacing in their Constant Potential Space denoted as the iso-potential. There is no centripetal/centrifugal forces according to that the universe space is strictly a whole structure of iso-potential Globe without any straight line. The straight line that one can observed and measured on the Earth are only approximation and convenience of conventional talking discourses.

In summary
The newtonean theory is simply still from the state of the magic-science.

Objects in the universe change during mutual interactions. They donot depend to any external influence.

According to the Matter Conservation principle and the Absolute space property, any object is placed in equilibrium in space location depending to its own potential/kinetic energy.

1) - Objects in space are on locations defined strictly according to its own Potential/Kinecic energy.

2) - MOVEMENT as we know are phenomena due to each particular object in energy arrangement for location equilibrium.

3) - Construction on a heavenly body as for the Earth system is in a perpetuel or cyclic arrangement of Movement for the system eqilibrium

- learn + about + the + structure + of + tall + buildings + loi + supply (Vietnam)

Here is a simple schematic of a real falling body trajectory on the Earth ground. Let supposed that a rock is falling from 100 meter altitude. It can be verifyed approximatly that its falling trajectory is a function of time, fallowing a parabola. And the final impact on the ground is at the same vertical location on the ground.

Knowing that the Earth rotation of a point on the ground is about
Horizontal velocity of a point = 429 m/s

With a g=9.81m/s2, the time of falling from 100 m altitude is:

100 m falling time = 4.7 m/s

Therefore, after this total falling trajectory, IN THE ABSOLUTE SPACE, the rock hits the ground at a point relatively to the initial vertical position:

Impact point on the ground = 2011 m ...

... from the initial ABSOLUTE vertical position.

Note that the vertical position indicate the current direction of the famous newtonean "science" of Mass Central Force Law.

a) - The current usual belief of a parabola Time function in the falling body, is no more than the space length displacement of the Earth ground orbital movement. It is not an absolute Time but only in function of the orbital rotation of matter composing a whole heavenly body. At the center of any star, there is no movement. More, it can be noted that there is not any "vertical direction" of falling. It is because, any "falling" is no more than the curved movement of the universal Condensed Matter process.

b) - With the Newton's Central Force, the current Physics science ignores completly what is the Energy Conservation principle. According to Newton, the current sciences ignore what is a globe structure of any planet in the Basic Absolute Space of the universe. The Dynamics is an empirical realativist so-called science invented by a man standing on the Earth, knowing only things in his immadiat environment. From there he extends his usual empirical everyday opinion to the whole universe.

c) - The current Dynamics science and its modern derivative ones is no more than man's cults. The Central Force is a true man's belief. The Newton's Dynamics is false as well as in their theorical statements as well as in their practical applications. Until now, Man lives in Believes. He has not yet any true science. This can be rationaly proved at any view point. If man is clinging to his conservatism everything goes from bad to worse..

Law of Falling Body

This simple experience expresses the Dakhiometry Law of falling Body:

1) - Any object of condensed matter is location defined by an orbital kinetic energy, corresponding to a particular iso-potential in space.

2) - Energy of Falling Body is due to a decrement of its orbital energy.

3) - The inverse of the falling object is due to an increment of its orbital energy.

This is according to the universal absolute space strutured as iso-potential locations

- law + of + falling + bodies (USA)

Complete bases on "What is Movement" will be exposed latter.
It is the eternal questionning of Man: Why anithing is Moving or at Rest?

Until now there is no rational answer. The Newton's Force is not the true one for such basic question.
With his Force, Newton is telling:

"what is CHANGE OF MOVEMENT". Newton didn't descibe "What is the Movement"

Therfore, Newton stay in the Relativistic view point. A relativity is the usual means of everybody who needs to "compare" between two objects. From that comparison, one can empiricaly tell what is a given object. But it can be get ONLY an explaination relatively to an another one. Accuracy in science needs to expressed on ONE ABSOLUTE GIVEN OBJECT. That is to tell ACCURACY is an absolute need for knowledge.

Tempting to complete his Movement acceleration, Newton need to invent HIS First law of Uniform Motion where there is NO FORCE. This is not a physical postulate but a pure discourse production.

To have the true explaination of WHAT IS THE MOVEMENT PHENOMENON, one need:

1) - To realize what is the universe absolute space.

2) - Determine that this Space has two independent aspects as Circular and Linear ones.

3) - Then to determine that this Space unity can be done according to a constant of space transformation between the Circular and the Linear. This is done in Dakhiometry with the Squaring a Circle transformation.

4) - Then determine the fact that the Absolute Space is a structure of LOCATION energy in the Potential and Movement forms.

5) - All these basis of the Space give directly the answer of:
"What is the phenomenon of Movement":. This the question that was until now a millenary mystery for Thinkers.

Thus in summary, I give here the Movement definition:

In the universe Condensed Matter realm, each individual object is located in a given iso-potential around a given Rest point, according to its orbital-movement-energy.

a) - This explained that matter need orbital Movement to be localized in the Potential/Rest structure of space.
b) - There is a Non-Movement, as the Zero-Movement, to justified the Movement. In the chole universe there is Movement as Defined-Change-of-Location and also Movement with NOn-Defined-location. This letter is the case for the elemental matter the property of which is the Uiquity. Ubiquity as being anywhere-and-nowhere is also displacement in space but undefined in energy.

c) - There is a phenomenon of exo-transformation from the elemental activity in their ubiquity property that transforms it into the space structure of iso-Potential/Movement. This allows the possibility of the Condensed matter process where locations are there defined as equivalence between iso-Potential and the orbital Movement energy around the system Rest point.

A globe is a compact set of object structured by their iso-potential in the form of Ring-Structure.
This can be seen when objects are not enough compacted, they may stay in a separated Ring around the main compacted globe. It is the case seen in the Saturn condensed system.

- gravitational + attraction + and + friction + force + spiral + motion + satellite (Greece)

This next figure is supposed a falling body law without friction.
However a falling satellite also seem to follows a same type of trajectory according to the atmosphere friction. But the main basic falling body law, state a such spiral trajectory even without gas friction. This is universally seen according to the Matter Condensation process schown by a galaxy where the large space volume allows local star condensations and not as a one compact big galactic planet.

- spiral + trajectory + of + satellite (Pakistan)

- If + the + gravitational + force + on + an + object + is + directly + proportional + to + its + mass why + donot + objects + with + large + masses + fall + with + greater + "accelation" ++ than + small + ones (

This is a correct note. It should falsify the Newton's gravitation.
Hoppefully for this theory, it happens that his gravitation is stated as the pulling effect between two masses. Thus the formula is written as:

F = k.(M1.M2)/(R2)

M1 mass of the Earth
M2 for any object mass attracted by the Earth mass.
Therfore, the Earth is too big relatively to any object of a physical exprience. In such condition, this thoery can never be verifyed as wrong according to that any practical mass have no sensible influence on any measurement relatively to the Earth mass. The same falling body for any object of different masses is valid only according to the so-called relatively Negligible mass of object.
It is why the Newton's Universal Gravitation seems to be valid.

The Universal Gravitation is only from speculation and doesn't rest on any physical principle.

The true gravition is due to the phenomena of energy averaging in a set of matter in relationships. The result is that this cloud of objects is arranged in a structure of matter according to a volume structured in equilibrium between the Potential around a Rest point. There is a so-called attraction, because an object are chaning its potential energy. But it is done only if this particular object goes in interaction with another ones. In this case, it loss or gain some amount of Kinetic energy relatively to the system Rest point as the system referent point for location.

- falling + speed + animation (Philippines)

- 21 + cm + H + line + spiral + galaxy + arms + Rigid + body + roll + motion (Korea)

- intermediate + spaces + architectonics + at + Thessaloniki + airport (Spain)

- spiral + law (Croatia, Hrvatska)

- spiral + trajectory + of + a + bullet Croatia, Hrvatska)

A bullet shooting in high will fall on the ground according to a spiral trajectory according to its deacreasing of altitude potential and relatively to the ground. Relatively but NOT under the Earth rotation influence if it was neglected the atmospheric motion.

- post-collision + orbit + what + is + the + total + energy + of + the + asteroid + immediately + after + the + collision (Hong Kong)

We have to consider that any space is structured as spherical formed by axially circular iso-potential.
Let a planet and an asteroide in direct contact interaction in such planet space struture. The asteroide is in its particular initial given motion. Thus, this asteroide in necessary with an energy that doesn't belong to the planet iso-potential system.

1) - If this asteroide is directed toward the planet then, necessary its energy is higher than any other iso-potential of the planet system.

2) - In this case, the asteroid should finally lose some amount of its energy into the planet system. The problem is to consider this asteroide amount of losing energy.

a) - The total asteroid losing energy is not equal to all of it initial one before striking the planet. Thus, the asteroid will be bounced farway from the planet with the amount of its initail energy that was not gain by the planet with what it was striking.

b) - If the asteroid is not bouncing faraway from the planet, this means also that an amount of its initial energy was absorbed by the planet where it was falling on. In this case, the asteroide should remain relatively on the spot, on a given location of the ground of this planet. At this location, also some of its initial remaining energy is then equal to the iso-potential of this planet iso-potential location. For example, an asteroid is falling on the Earth and remains as a big stone in a big hole of the ground. Even if it seems to be at rest, its actual energy is this ground location in its potential form.

In conclusion
According to that in space an asteroid is striking a planet system only if it initial energy was higher than any part of this planet then,:

An asteroid striking a planet is always an addition of energy to the planet where it was striking, whatever will be its final form of its post-energy.

Such mechanism explain the Matter Condensed Process why there are always a star as center of a condensed system and why there is no more biger star than the supernova one.
1) - In a star system there is always a biggest "Sun" at the center. It is because matter from the inital cloud are with the most highest kinetic energy according to that in a cloud volume matter was traveling a long distance to atteint the cloud center. Thus energy supplying the futur star will form a big amount one that corresponds to the final big star of this cloud system. Concerning the planets of this central star there are generally no more matter to form some too big ionic gazeous planet.

2) - There are no more bigger supernova star because there are no more higher asteroid energy of this given cloud to hit and add more energy on this central condensation for bigger supernova star mass.

3) - This means that there is a maximal amount of any initial cloud of matter to form a star system. Therefore, any galactic volume is composed only by universal dimension of star systems and no other huge things else than a supernova norm produced by the Matter Condensed Process.

These are the universal rules characteristic of the Matter Condensed Process in the universe.

It can be stated that:

a) - Different asteroides that may fall on the Earth are the ones that are orbiting around the Sun in more greater orbit than the Earth one.

b) - Memory of asteorids that was striking on the Moon may belong to the Earth material at the end of the Earth condensation process.

c) - No asteroid material from Venus and Mercure will hits the Earth and its Moon. Mains of asteroides in space heating the system Earth-Moon are origined from orbits situated between Mars to Pluton.

- condensation process (, Korea)

1) - The condensation process is characterized by the initial volume of matter cloud.

2) - The numerous secondary local clouds that are forming during the different kinematics of local system formations.

3) - Gobally, there are always a first massive system with high internal kinetic energy due to the massive matter "rush" towards the center of the whole cloud. Then as the total cloud density was diminishing in the whole volume there will be local formation of secondary cloud to form local systems of condensation.

These steps are universal to any condensed process. There are a first energetic central condensed system. Then due to the new matter distribution in the cloud, local center of condensation will proceed to form secondary centers of condensation. These are the different steps of the universal matter condensation process as it can be observed for a Galaxy, a Star, a Planet and a Moon. Rings around planet and Asteroid are only from local minor remaining clouds of low portential and insufficient matter density to be proceeded in globe form.

Note that a planet globe is not a desordered heap of matter due to some illusionary Central Force. The formation of a globe need a sufficient volume of matter to be condensed and mainly a globe needs an ordered local and internal rearangement of rings to form the globe under a structure of its space as rings of iso-potentials. Rings around Saturn is yet a set of elementary iso-potentials structure. They are permanenty associated to the main whole Staturn globe if there will have no additive to them by external energy.

- i'm in an elevator that accelerates downward and someone cuts the rope. What are the similarities and differences between cette situation and that of an astronomer lost in space (, Canada)

There is no difference and these two phenomena are equivalent being under the same laws.

1) - In space of condensed matter there is no object in a fixe location. Because in any consensed matter space every object belong necessary to a Potential/Rest point system. It is the case of the Solar system where the Earth belong to.

2) - The person initially in an accelerator that disappears is in initial uniform motion then experiences an accelearted one due to his gravity fall (toward its system Rest-Point) when the accelerator is disappearing.

3) - The losing astronaute in space is similar to the first case. He is initially in a given orbital motion and then this situation is also disappearing.


a) - Any of these both situations are initially in orbital motion around the Earth or their corresponding Rest Point Center.
b) - Both are then in the falling-body law situation.


The only difference is that for the accelerator case, there is an initail "uniform motion" due to the accelerator displacement. This motion is then adding to the falling-Body one.


A) - Person initially in accelerator:
accelerator uniform motion + ORBITAL MOTION + FALLING BODY.

B) - Astronaut:

- falling + body (UK)

- motion + falling + body + you + tube + airport (Iraq)

- body + energy (El Savador)

- the + apparent + snapping + back + of + one's + head + when + the + body + is + hit + from + behind + is + a + consequence + of + newton's + third + law

It is not a good example for justifying Action-Reaction.

A physical phenomena should be defined ONLY by physical Mass-Energy descriptions.
Unhopely most of phenomena are from Anthropomorphic presupposition.
It is the case of justifying Action/Reaction through Alive action-Reaction Reflexes and clasified it for explaining univesal Law.

The snapping back of one's head is only from alive behavior for maintaining one's EQUILIBRIUM upset.

However this example, shows that Newton was presupposed his Third Law through his own and common behavior under perturbed action. Therefore, Newton was established his Dynamic Law from presupposed Man's behavior. Also the Force theory is from presupposition of man behavior where Domination in Life is possible if one disposed greater Force than his opponent.

Concerning Action-Reaction this next following figure shows that between material objects, there is ONLY FORCE ACTION BUT THERE IS NO REACTION COMPONENT... and also no possible presupposition influenced by physiological reflex reaction.

- if I shoot heavier object from a catapult will it go farther then a light "objeject" (

It is an interesting and realistic question the solution of that still remains unknown.

a) - There is the Action-Reaction law that tells:

[+Force (Catapult) = -Force (objeject)]

However this law is irrelevent and will be contradict by experimental measurements.

The true mechanical law defines that in object interaction, exchange of energy is a function of the inertia of each object in mutual contact. It concerns energy under its different forms.

3th Dynamics law irrelevent
The optimal exchange of energy is done in two conditions:

1) - The Inertia between two objects in contact should be the same.

2) - The masses of these two object should be equal.

Therefore, concerning a catapult and a lauching bullet:

The catapult carrousel and the bullet to be thrown should be of same matterial and same masses. These are the conditions of a complete energy transmission from the catapult to the bullet.

The next figure shows an optimal energy transfer between two same material objects where it can be observed not any simultaneous Action-Reaction Forces. In fact, there is only one initial Force and no creation of any Reaction.

- Moeyusan + beautiful + body (Myanmar)

- absolute + motion + of + mater (UK)

Dakhiometry Falling Body Law

Falling body energy in the Absolute space.
a) - Newtonean False Empirical relativist trajectory A to H'.
b) - Dakhiometry True Absolute Trajectory from A to H. It can be noted that the falling celerity, or the displacement length, is proportional to the corresponding orbital energy. Near point H or the sphere center, the orbital energy is the least. The total falling energy is composed with the orbital one plus the vertical potential component one.
This is the universal Condensed Matter process Characteristic.

Result: The two falling energy are there quite different.

Globe formed by falling bodies This basic falling body characteristics may be seen in the result of the final globe formation. This next figure shows how the falling mode of matter condensation constitutes the globe structure of matter rings. These latter are arranged by deposit according to their falling orbital energy. The globe part with the maximum energy are the lattest deposits formed at the highest altitude relatively to the polar axis where are constituted the former matter deposit with practicaly zero orbital energy.

- an + Earth + satellite + is + moving + round + the + earth + in + circular + orbit. + for + such + a + satellite + which + is + wrong.

(a) it + is + a + freely + falling + body.
(b) it + is + moving + with + constant + speed.
(c) its + aceleration + is + zero.(..)

Assume frictionless case, the answers are:

1) - Wrong: case (a), there was no "freely" Mass-Attraction

2) - Right: cases (b) and (c). But constant speed and acceleration are expressed by its trajectoris as circular or elliptic. Note that acceleration zero means that there is no Force (the centrpetal and the centrifugal ones). These definitions of circular motions are dummy ones. Therefore an orbital circular motion is a constant motion in energy equilibrium correponding to any circle of a given radius relative to a Rest point Center. For example, in case of a pendulum the energy of the pendulum at equilibrium correponds to a circle relively to a point on the symmetry axis relatively to the Rest Center of the initial pendulum system.

- how + many + degree + of + freedom + does + a + fixed + fulcrum + of + a + simple + pedulum + have (India)

The circular freedom degree.
A Circle multidirection with the fulcrum on it axis or rotation.

Equilibre d'une pendule Falling body trajectory to the star center rest-point

The diameter of this pendulum circle depends to the pendulum friction.
If there is no friction then at the final circle of equilibrium, the initial energy at Potential (P) is equal to the [(potential P') + (the pendulum rotation energy around it axis)].

It is why with a well defined optimal mechanical device, one can measure and define the rotational circular energy corresponding to its Potential P' of an iso-potential (P) will be the rest point of pendulum at its equelibrium position.

A such measurement can determine:

the parabolic-equilibrium-curve-in-the-Void indicated on this next above figure.

Thus different energy of this pendulum will give different center G' characterizing the iso-potential corresponding to it equilibrium energy. Note that thes iso-potential are the altitude relativeley to the system Rest-potential-center (of the Earth for example).

Therefore, such measurements allow to define the potential of a heavenly body (or a satelite) orbit corresponding to the Rotation energy of this object. Because more high Rotation energy correspond to more higher Potential of the system (The Earth system for example).

For such measurements, it will be a practical determination of the necessary total energy to communicate to the corresponding object for a given placement on orbit.

In summary
An object in a given zero potential system to stay in a given orbit, should have:

1) - The energy potential correspnding to a given determined circular potential of this system.

2) - Plus the Rotation energy necesary to be abble to describe this whole iso-potential.

3) - This orbital Rotation energy, may be the one that allows this object to describe in perfect circular manner the corresponding iso-potential or may be also in elliptic orbits. Any of these elliptic orbit areas should be equal to the one of the orbit that describe a perfect circle corresponding to this iso-potential.

4) - If there was no external intercation these circular or elliptic orbits are the fixed equalibrium position of this object in the space of a this given Potential system. This latter zero potential is a location position defined in space relatively to its surrounding.

One should note that Equilibrium of Energy in space is a multidirection configuration, the object orbital equilibrium is an example.

This is the most fundamental property that sciences should take in conscience.

While equilibrium of Forces is a linear one.
The centripetal and the centrifugal of Action-Reaction is a welknown Linear example.

To be more precisely tell,

I) - In case of frictionless, this satellite situation is exactly described as being unchanged because remaining in Energy-Equilibrium whatever it was being in circular or elliptic trajectory.

II) - In case with external friction, this satellite is necessary falling and accelerating along the Distance from the Earth center. Kinetic Acceleration is done according to the mutual equivalent exchange between Potential-Length and Kinetic energy.

One can explain the physical "falling" property of this satellite as following.
Because from a such satellite initial situation, means that it is maintained by two different energy:

A) - Its First energy is the potential energy that holds it at this current orbit altitude.
B) - Its Second current energy is that the satellite should have a rotation kinetic energy to be abble to move in its orbit-at-the correponding-potential.

But by friction the statellite is losing its kinetic rotation energy. Consequently, it can no more be maintained by a corresponding rotation, at the current potential trajectory.
Therefore, its Potential-situation (its altitude) will necessary be lower. That is the satellite will lower in altitude. In fact, its is performing a "falling" trajectory not by Mass-Attraction but because its rotation energy is no more sufficient to maintain it at the current altitude. The result is that these continual friction corresponds to the diminishing rotation that causes it to a continual lowering altitude where the zero one is at the Earth center).

Falling body trajectory to the star center rest-point The univers is composed by two type of matter:
The formeless matter and the Formed ones. Only these latter constitutes the definition of any experiemntal object.

Here next is the the shematic of the Dakhiometry Fundamental Base that express the law of condensed matter Objects for their Localisations in the Absolute Space.
Any object is necessary located by a system of Locations related to a Center of Rest-Energy.

For the interesting case of an oject as a satellite around the Earth:

I) - In Equilibrium of the satellite energy:
the location of the satellite is defined by one of the iso-potential circle centered at the Rest Point of the system. For example, on this next diagram the staellite (P) is on the iso-potential drawn in red line.
This correponding particular iso-potential is then defined by the current Kinetic energy of the satellite (its rotation one).

II) - In case of variation of the satellite Rotation Kinetic Energy where the statellite is gaining or losing its kinetic energy then,
this satellite Kinetic-Energy will follow necessary the plus or minus parabola trjectory thoughout this centered potential at (Zero) of the system. The parabolla is concerning the variation of the satellite Kinetic energy (the circular plus linear motion). These directions are here denoted in this next figure as the (Up) or the (Down) one. However in practice, the true trajectories-in-space relatively to the Zero Point Center should draw a spiral form that correpond to its continual changing energy as shown in the above preceeding diagram of "falling object".

Remind that the object displacement directions are not due to the newtonean neither from centrifugal-centripetal Forces nor from Force of Mass-Attraction theories. These latter are only from pure hypothetic.

In conclusion

These are simply the Universal Law of any condensed matter system for placing their different components in their energetical centered space. The Solar System is an example of this universal Law Constructions done by the global Condensed Matter Process to construct all along any Star system.
Artificial satellite placements should follow necessary to these universal laws.

Now, a little exercice to find the error about the Univesal Attraction Force

How to forget the famous Universal attraction of a Central Force and to have a true general understanding on object-localisation property:

A simple problem.

From rest position, why on the Earth, a free constrain stone at 1meter above the soil, is falling on the ground?

* Does this phenomenon be due to the Mass attraction of the Earth Ground?

* No assurredly,
It is because this stone have no Internal Energy to move horizontally (or to turn at the same speed of the Earth rotation).

To be "on the spot floating in the air at 1 meter above the soil" without falling on the ground, this stone need a horizontal movement energy to move it in a same direction at a speed equal to the Earth soil rotation. In this case, it can be seen as maintained at its initial position without falling.
In fact, free of constrain, to float at a same location in the air, a stone need to have the rotation motion energy to make it location equal to the Earth soil rotation one.
This is the condition to this stone to be maintained on the iso-potential circle passing on it initial rest point and centered at the Earth center!

Obviously, one can tell that everything standing on the soil, is displacing at the Earth speed but they obey the falling-body fact. It should be the case for this stone that however is always falling if there was no suport.

But this remark is not justifyed. Because if every thing on the Earth soil is also displacing at the Earth speed it is according to that they are carried by the soil. The energy of this displacement is not the internal energy of theses thing but furnished by friction of the Earth soil rotation itself.
For example, a traveller on a car, may be displaced at 100 mile /h. This displacement energy is not an internal on of the traveller but supplied by the car.

Therefore precisely, the condition fulfiled to be located at the iso-potential circle where the stone was floating in the air at (1m) above the soil, this stone necessary should contain internal to itself the correponding energy of rotation relativeley to the Center of the system.
This is according to that the are necessary two different energy (the rotation energy and the potential one) that a free-object should be defined as being well located in space.
In such condition, the stone will never know the falling-body phenomenon. This latter is only from the Dynamics' dogma. And precilsely, this is the case fulfiled by this stone like the above satellite example.

If Galileo and Newton had some correponding understanding on the physic of Object Location in the space, they had never invented his Universal Mass Attraction Force according to an inaccurate hypothesis.

- show + me + the + house + 52 + ular + akron + Ohio (USA)

- satellite + reduce + velocity + trajectory + spiral (Bulgaria)

- moeyusan (Egypt)

- the + golden + triangle + photography + examples (

Condensation process

This next figure shows a more general matter condesation process.
Matter condensation are done in spiral trajectory. The empirical interpretation on a man standing on the Earth ground is to invent HIS relativistic Vertical Falling body Law due to some Central Force.

Here is a thing that current Physical science IGNORES.

It concerns a jet launching vertically from a determined point on the ground.
Absolutly, this jet is not doing a vertical line as the newtonean Central Force teaches it. But the fact that any object goes far avays from the Earth ground, this object is really GROWING with Orbital energy that it has not at the ground level. The launching of a jet is really done according to a spiral trajectory towards high altitude.

There is a thing that current science has to learn, is that IN THE UNIVERSE OF CONDENSED MATTER, THERE IS NEVER A VERTICAL LINE! Or more precisely tell: the dogma of Central Force is a real empirical thing.

- what + is + the + highest + speed + of + falling + object + in + the + chi + minh + earth's + gravity (, USA)

There is not Vertical falling due to a Central Force. Thus, the "gravity" that is understood as the Central Force attraction is irrelevent in the absolute space as Potential/Rest-Point structure where object places itself in the iso-potential space.

There is no falling speed according to a parabola function where it can grow to infinity.

In the absolute-space ANY object energy is refered to. its particular Rest-Point.
a) - A given object with a mass can stay at its rest-point, if it has loosen all its knetic energy, the linear and the circular one.
b) - Thus, is a given object cannot reach to its Res-point location then, it has a certain amount of kinetic energy. This latter is only it orbital rotation around the Rest-Point. Exemple is the Moon arount the Earth.
c) - In the case of an initial object belonging to the Earth system, to stay to a given orbit around the Earth, its have an own initial energy its current orbital one. If this object is falling to the Earth ground, it is because in some manner, it has loosen this orbital energy.
d) - If this object is going directly toward the ground as falling object, it is because all its orbital energy was totaly lost. If this initial orbital energy was loosen not totaly then, this object will fall down until it remaining energy is sufficient to maintain it on an lower orbit around the Earth. It will occupy a lower iso-potential around the Earth center.

Note that according to this placement in the Absolute space, the atomic system can be explained as how electrons are orbiting around the atom core occupying the different discrete electronic layers. They may be formed according to the following formation rules:
1) - Matter should be condensed to be abble to form a given mass of the electron. When this electron has a sufficient mass, it can then occupy the corresponding orbit in accordence of its current kinetic energy. And this orbit need a correspondent amount of mass to fit with this orbital energy.
2) - Probably, the speed of most external electron layers and the posbility of an electron to have an amount of mass, determine whay the electron layers behavior form the electric conduction bands.
3) - May be the electron of the most internal band should have more matter density to be abble to stays at such internal orbits. This is because the internal electrons should have somme mass compensation relatively to low diameter of their orbits. Such differnce beween electrons of conduction band and the one nearer the atomic core, may explein why these latter can produce phenomena of electromagnetic energy. this latter may be due to the mass lost when they are ejected to a more externam band.

All these atomic and heavenly body phenomena are due to the space matter law of Potential/Rest-Point structure.
The newtonean Central Force cannot explain them. The Central Force is not a rational Physical law.

- lines of free falling bodies (Germany)

- movement of the universe (Niger)

- condensed matter universe ( USA)

- incline + plane (USA)

This a interesting scientific remark.
Thus, the PLANAR inclined surface is not a correct scientific experiment. This shows that Galileo had not the correct understanding of the Falling-Body law. What concened to him is "how a body is VERTICALY moving directly to the ground in the direction obviously toward the Earth Center. Because any experience observed anywhere on Earth seems to pointed the falling to the Earth center. But it was not Galileo's conclusion. Only the Central force is from Newton's assertion.

The exact eperimental reproduction of a falling-body law consist to make a CURVED-PLANE. But its curvatture should be in a spiral form. This spiral is show on this above diagram as the orbital trajectory of a falling-body.
However, the spiral obviousness in real experince is difficult to be observe. It is because it needs a very altitude difference of the falling trajectory to have some differential between a parabola and a spiral. In the case of experimental operation in such condition, one will note that a ball is falling according to this spiral trajectory but without remaining in friction contact with the correponding spiral plane on which it seems to be rolling. However, this spiral plane should be in absolute location.

Only a such experimental condition will expressed the true real Falling-Body law. But this experiment, can never be constructd because it needs to define the absolute placement of the curved plane. This above diagram for the falling phenomenon is concerning the Absolute space. But in empirical relativistic everyday observation, we will have the Central Force illusion as like for Galileo's and Newton's observations.

In conclusion
The Gallileo's and the Newton's falling-body are incorrect because their law is simply from the empirical obviousness of everyday observations. They created physical laws only according to their own interpretations on phenomena but with their obviosness on a VERTICAL falling.

Now, Does the Earth move towards any falling object initialy belonging to it?

As you know that the falling of body is due to an object decreasing its orbital potential, what about an apple falling while by newtonean action-reaction one believes that the Earth is going toward this falling apple?.

According to the space property to be in potential/kinetic-energy equiibrium:
the Energy conservation states that the apple losing energy is all going into the Earth. Therefore the Earth should be in continual motion in the same direction of the apple trajectory one. The conclusion is that the Earth motion is not going towards the apple as believed the ancients scientists.
However really, there is not any motion of the Earth due to the falling body. It is because the Earth is a whole system where the internal energy is constant. Anybody falling of any of its part doesn't affect its gravity center. The Earth system is not moving in its whole under any interal action because its whole energy is constant.

- the megere between drawing distance object and near object (, California, USA) - Newton nous a foutu dans la merde (Morocco)

C'est gentil à vous, de ne le dire que sous forme d'euphémisme. La réalité est que Newton et tous les homme-gosses de la "science" en cours, ne sont que des êtres toujours prêt à foncer pour fabriquer dans l'adoration, un de leurs dieux qui s'ammène comme "Zorro-sur-son-cheval-au-galop".

Il y a des certitudes qui nous tombent dessus, où l'on hésite de crier entre Eurêka et autre noms de Petits-Soiseaux. Mais c'est pourtant une certitude difficile à obtenir parce qu'elle est si évidente.
L'empirisme d'un homme est de ne voir le monde que comme l'environement autour de lui, soit de son village, soit de son quartier, soit de son Jardin de pommiers, soit de son amphithéâtre, soit de son laboratoire. Ça s'appelle "La Science de l'Observation" où le témoignage de ce que l'on voit, devient motif de "raison" pour faire théorie de son Monde.

Je précise ici, pourquoi la Relativité de points de vue est de l'empirisme virulent.
Quel est les signes manifestés de l'empirisme? Ils sont:

a) - Le Géocentrisme.
b) - La Référence Galiléenne.
c) - La pomme (ou la pierre) qui tombe.

Qu'est-ce qui les "unit" comme les doigts de la main, dans un une mélasse insipide (certainement, appelée merde)?
C'est que la relativité ne sait voir le monde que dans "l'assiette de son voisin" pour pouvoir savoir si la sienne est vide ou pleine. L'homme empirique ne sait comprendre que "le Plus-que ou le Moins-que". L'homme, c'est vite dit. C'est le savant, l'inventeur de la science empirique. Le savant ne peut voir les réalités du Monde que par COMPARAISON ENTRE DEUX OBJETS. Ce qui montre que le savant n'est que l'homme de tous les jours, la mégère qui ne vit que par comparaison avec son proche.

Mais que fait Galilée, et Newton et toute les myriades de savants depuis les millénaires que l'Histoire avaient créés, dans cette histoire de mégère???
1) - Le Géocentrisme n'existe que lorsque l'on ne voit les astres qu'en rapport avec la Terre-à-soi. Il y a donc Deux objets: l'assiette du Voisin plus la Sienne.
2) - La Référene Galiléenne permet de situer le Mouvement d'un objet par rapport à un point supposé quasi-immobile. Il y a donc Deux objets: l'assiette du Voisin plus la Sienne.
3) - Même chose pour la pomme-de-Newton qui marche avec la Référence Galiléenne. C'est-à-dire qu'il y a donc Deux objets: l'assiette du Voisin plus la Sienne qui sont la pomme et le sol de la Terre.

Jusqu'ici sans doute, vous ne comprenez pas encore ce que je raconte là. Alors, je vous donne un exemple concret : Pourquoi la Dakhiométrie peut résoudre La Quadrature du Cercle?

La quadrature du cercle avait été le mur de l'Impossible pour tous ces savants empiristes. Pourquoi se trouvent-ils dans de telle mélasse alors qu'il n'y a pas de quoi pour se plaire pour y barboter?

C'est que ces savants mathématiciens, anciens et modernes, se sont heurté le nez aux fontières de l'Impossible inhérentes à l'empirisme. Ils se sont mal pris, en comparant le Circulaire avec les Linéaire, le Cercle avec des Lignes droites. C'est-à-dire qu'il y a donc Deux objets: l'assiette du Voisin plus la Sienne, ce Pur et Parfait empirisme, THE méthode des Mathématiques.

Et pourquoi la Dakhiométrie a réussi, le doigt dans le nez, cette transformation Cercle/Carré?
Alors, il est nécessaire de constater que la comparaison relativiste y est absent. Il n'y a plus "l'assiette du Voisin à côté de la Sienne". Il n'y a que la STRUCTURE, la Vraie, l'Authentique, la Meilleure, la pas-cher. C'est que pour comprendre toute réalité de l'univers, il faut chercher la RAISON de son existence qui est issue d'une Structure universelle de l'Espace. Il n'y a plus l'existence de comparaison relatviste entre deux objets. Mais il y est nécessaire de voir que la naissance de toute réalité est issue d'une structure universelle à toutes les autres. On est né (nez-nez) que d'un ensemble complet de son environement. En bref et fondamentalement, toute Réalité du Monde n'existe que par les Raisons du même Espace Absolu de l'univers.

En conclusion
Il n'y a pas que Newton qui nous pousse dans la merde. C'est toute l'ambiance dogmatique qui suit l'homme, le pauvre hère, pendant les millénaires comme la lumière et son ombre. Ça fait des Galilée, des Newton puis des Einstein et des mistycismes modernes comme le Big Bang. Tous, des fervents adorateurs de la Mégère avec l'assiette du Voisin et la Sienne. En un mot l'Empirisme des Relativistes qui ne peuvent que se faire rencontrer des savants, dans des embouteillages monstre, à la Frontière de l'Empirisme qui ne va pas plus loin que le bout du nez.

- canon ball trajectory (, UK)

- a cannon ball catapulted with velocity of 40 meters per second at an angle of 37 degreees with respect to the horizontal and 7m above the ground. whats the maximum height it can reach (Canada)

This balistic problem with these given data can be completly and simply resolved. No need of mass. Energy can be supposed as concerning on one unity of mass.

Balistic Here following are the characteristics of the canon ball trajectory, assumed that frictions are neglected.

The canon ball is lauching at 144 km/h from point A to end on the ground at point C. The horizontal ground level is at A'C

1) - Height BB' = 23.386 + 7 = 30.388 m
Duration from A to B = 2.183 s
Length A'B' = 73.744 m
2) - Length A'C = 157.825 m
Duration A'C = 4.694 s
Impact celerity at C = 32.389 m/s or 116.6 km/h

The parabola vertical axis is BB'.

- a + leopard + swing + upward + at + a + 45 + angle + and + then + falls + back + to + ground . Does + the + leopard + at + any + point + on + its + trajectory + ever + have + a + speed + that + is + one + half + its + initial + value (Malaysia)

A leopard or any animal or any object perferming such jump does.
Let the jump inital energy as :
E0 = M.V2
For 45° trajectory, this initial (E) is divided in 2 half parts.

a) - The first-half is for the Vertical displacement component.
b) - The second-half is used for the Horizontal displacement.

Thus, considering that it concern any masse is valid, then one can consider only the speed representing the jumping phenomenon. If (VInitial) then two of its components can describe the jumping trajectory. They correspond to the vertical and the horizontal displacement by (Vv) and V(h).

Therefore, define (SQR) as the Square Root,
1) - The Horizontal speed is equal to V(h) = SQR [(V(initial)2/2]

2) - The Vertical speed is equal to a parabola ejected upwards at V(v) = SQR [(V(initial))2/2] up to it summit and then ending the falling in symmetric parabola property.

Considering that the total initial energy as spliting in two equal parts:

A) - The Horizontal displacement speed is constant.
B) - While the Vertical displacement, is done as a parabolic bouncing ball.

- trajetoria + parabolica (Brazil)

This current form of the universal Law is the nature visible expression however mainly ignore by most of us. This trajectory shows the basic nature as being ALWAYS in equuilibrium whatever in Motion or at Rest.

Parabolic bouncing dummy time

Note that it suffices to see that the total time of the body floating in the air is equal to the total one body in horizontal dispacement. Even if the parabola trajectory is done 2 times symmetrically. It is because the parabolic trajectory has to perform a retarded and then an accelerated trajectory. The result is that the parabolic displacement time is equal to the horizontal straight line one. Thus, due to the rest point at the parabola summit, one can consider that there is a dummy horizontal movement in a bouncing ball.

How the particularity of a 45° parabola trajectory can be find out only with the Dakhiometry spatial language

- A + body + is + so + projected + in + the + air + that + the + horizotal + range + covered + by + the + body + is + equal + to + the + vertical + height + attained + by + the + body. find + the + angle + of + projection (..)

Not by number calculation but by simple construction, for such condition,
high = distance
It is find for projection angle:

Projection angle = 75.964°

For a parabola y=x2,
It suffices for a given unit of figures Construction, to take: (y) scale = 1
And for x,
(x) scale = 1/4

- a + diagram + showing + vertical + and + horizontal + alignment + structures (, Guyana)

- how athlete maximise the distance when throw hammer involve projectile motion (Australia)

Throwing hammer need to be done also at 45° upwards.
Man's has many experimental method to have the good feeling of the 45° direction. However our exact feeling is too much frivolous one.
However the good feeling of the direction is a natural capacity of any of the alive.
One may observe that any animal proceed to jump exactly at this optimal angle of 45°. This may be probably the natural alive capacity to produce the most efficient action. There is a well known motto about this man's talent: "Minimal effort for Maximal efficiency".

- jump parabola (

This first next diagram expresss the Quantity of Motion (the Momentum) for the Polevault event according to the Physics universal Law.

Here next are analysis according to Physics universal Law on how the effort of an athlete's running-up may be expensed for:

1) - The PoleVolt Jump.

2) - The Long-Jump.

3) - The High-Jump.

- weitsprung + parabel (Germany)

Parabolic bouncing dummy time 45 degree Parabolic basic analysis The first-half effort part of athlete running-up is used to get the first height polevault jump effect.
And the second effort (drawn in fushia color) of the Running-up is memorized into the pole to bring the althlete to his maximum polevolting high. This latter - memorized in the pole elasticity - will bring up the athlète to the final level bar.
This mean theorically that, if the Long-Jump was used for a Heigh polevolting result then, the resulting long-jump length (L) is (15m) will correspondq to the total polevolt height as (7.5m), or (Height = L/2).

The second next diagram is the same effort for Long Jump.
Then, if the length is 15m then the high-jump correspondent is L/4 = 15/4 = 3.75m)

The second diagram is for Long-Jump:
Max Length = 15m
Apogee = 15/4 = 3.5m

Note on the different units used:
yard = 0.91 m

Let a jump length of 13m well done according to the théorical 45░ of take off.

Itis tell here concerning the Legs but it is concerning your mass center. Exemple, when you are standing, your leg is as a vertical stick... only to maintain your weight or your mass-center.
This jump can be done on the volley-ball aera with the total of 12m length. If it is done with 45░ take off then, the jump will be of 12m length. Therefore, the apogee of its trajectory is then (12/4 = 3).
But with a little more effort (jump length=13.5m), the jump may carry the jumper quite over (3.35m) of the volley-ball net !

This performance is at the reach of women, is she had the necessary talent (45░ take off).

It can be verifyed by experimenting a ball launching againts the 45░ block and measuring the different length results.

Note on how one does realize the contact with the solid block.
Let a block with the aera of 45░ relative to the horizontal ground. On this block-plane one have to put his feet after the runing up in such manner that the leg is perpendicular to it.

On the leg at Block Contact Time

The jumping on fixed-45░-Bloc needs high skill due to its technical nature to be done according to physical Law.!

The juste manner to go in contact with the bloc is that the legs are perpendicular to the 45░ Block-plane. This is only the position riquire to perform an optimal jump.

45 degree jump efficiency The bad position is that the legs is in plus or minus the require 45░.

a) - Let the Plus-45░ the leg position where they are more greater than the 45░ relatively to the horizontalplane.

b ) - And the Minus-45░, the leg position where they are least than the 45░ relatively to the horizontalplane.

Then, the problem is to get all the optimal running energy to be transformed into the Jump-trajectory.

1) - However, when jumping in situation of the minus-45░, the running-up energy is more dissipating in the two legs with higher intensity and obviously for diminishing the Length-jump. In this case, the energy into legs will be painful while the energy for a long trajectory will be lesser.

2) - In case of Plus-45░ of leg contact, the running transformed from running-up will be used to forward unbalance the jumper body so that the jumper will be plunged more or less toward the ground plane. And also, if there was somme possibility of making a jumping trajectory, this latter with be a bad test.
NOTE that to be in 45░ contact, the interval betwen the running up an the contact on the block, will be:
Done precisely ONLY during one step of sprinting. This is like for each step in hurdle-race.

* - More longer distance before the block, the Contact-Angle will be lesser than a 45░-contact.
* - But more shorter distance, the angle is greater than 45░ and the jumper will be diving on the ground!
(In such case, try to curl yourself up as round as possible!).

3) - Therefore, to be an optimal jump, the jumper legs should be in contact on the Block-Plane precisely at 45░. In this case the impact on the block is not done as a painful shock but for maximal transformation of all the running-up energy into length trajectory.

With some practice one can get quickly the sens of a good or a bad contact of his legs on the solid Block-Plane. Remind that a polevolt height of 7m corresponds to a difficult running-up with a sprint at least of 10s/100m !!!
However this speed may be achieved in Long-Jump free of the cumbersome polevolt.

This next diagram was spatially and precisely constructed. It show that there is introduced an invisible adding energy that one have to take in account: the (+g) falling-body one according to the parabola symmetric property. This allows the Vertical displacement being abble to adjust in time to the Horizontal one.


On this next figure, the Vertical trajectory (AB') is then precisely synchonous with the straight Horizontal line (AB) one.

Therfore, one can see that the curved trajectory (AB') is done with an average speed equal to the one done on the straight line (AB).

Parabola starting at 45° should be donne with a Vertical velocity equal to the Horizontal one. Even they differ during their particular trajectories. But these two velocities components must be equal at the Starting-Point and the Ending-Point.

This 45° Parabola is completly defined with the two classic formula based on the parabola property known as:
     V = g.t
     h = g.t2

     Where g is the gravity factor as: g=9.81 m/(s.s),
          V is the initial speed (Vo)
          h is the vertical (AC/2)

- devise + the + court + structure + of + Mauritius + in + a + diagram (Mauritius)

- long jump technique (Botswana)

- Sierra + Leona + sun + path + diagram (Spain)

- curvilinear + motion + long + jump (..)

It seams to tell paradoxically that according to natural laws a straight length for a long jump should not be done on a straight line but according to a curvilinear trajectory.

- meme + parabola (

- mathematics + of + optimum + parabolas (Mexico)

A parabola function can be ajusted to get any determined exact optimal given action.
Note that a parabola function for the spatial language method is more general than the usual numeric form as (y = a.xn) with its undetermined infinity.
Because the spatial language can define by construction a "parabola"function type that produce a close looped cyclic trajectory form. This latter is unknown by number method in Mathematics from millenary.
For example, the ellipse, the oval are also of parabola function type. But there are more unknown forme of closed loop also belonging to such type of spatial construction for example the spiral one is also from such type of spatial construction well defined.

- unknown + parabola + of + the + world (

- momentum + conservation (..)

Actually: mv = k. The speed (v) all along this trajectory is constant.

Momentum conservation for 45-parabola

All along the 45° paranola trajectory, there is (mv) momentum conservation.

Universal contancy of 45-parabola

With the artificial Pythagorean Number system and the empirism of Force belief, the current Mathematics remains in the ignorance of what is a PARABOLA.

Only the true Spatial Language of the Dakhiometry can follow strictly the universal laws logics concerning Movements at any universe Scale.

A Dakhiometry 45-parabola structured in a ractangle ABCD as twin-squares is not a fancy theory for LONG-JUMPING trajectories for the currently CONSERVATIVE Olympic Games.

Robotic-man needs more another many generations to clear the mind from millenary corrupt sciences under influence of Dogma!

This shows that for the athletic event of Long Jump, it SHOULD be done it with the Starting Point on a fixed 45°-Block to perform the maximal SAFETY and OPTIMAL distance for jumping. The current olympic Long Jump is using currently a conservative Bad jumping technic.

Accelerated and retared movement are doubling the parabolic time of the total displacement in case of 45 degree trajectory. Therefore, there is like a gain of energy for optimizing the horizontal displacement!

Due to that, the real speed of the leopard at any displacement location is not constant. It is equal to the summ of this two components (Vertical + Horizontal). It is no more than a vertical parabolic trajectory but optimized to a longuest Horizontal displacement, for a given initial energy.

There are two practical effects resulting from a jumping: The Distance and the Impact at the jump target point.

a) - Too much vertival energy jump part corresponds to worse horizontal Length and low Horizontal Impact (but high Vertical impact).

b) - While inversely two low vertical energy is also worse for Horizontal length but with Horizontal high impact.

The initial 45° jump corresponds only to the maxima conditions for a longest jump Horizontal-Distance... and lowest Horizontal-Impact!

These are the unavoidable property of natural Law. One can observe that in the current athletics events, the jump technics are not yet optimal. Generally, in triple jumps there are to much knee injuries due to excessive Horizontal-impacts because the vertical bouncing energy is too low. One badly believes that "low vertical Bouncing corresponds to Longest Length" acording to the false idea that one must expense it energy horizontally to go further.
Only animals are still so fantastically skilful for adjusting the necessary effect Length-versus-Impact for each of their jump. Animals know how to adjust the jump with a high impact effect when they prey on something and how to jump further hprizontally when they try to escape predators.

Generality on parabolic trajectories characteristics

- At + what + angle + should + a + projectile + be + projected + with + velocity + of + 22 +m/s + just + to + pass + over + an + obstacle + of + 14m + at + horizontal + distance + of + 30m + (g 10m/ss) (

Launching and Falling body in a gravitation flied is a more large problem than the ones interested for technology applications. It not only a problem for catapult and artillery.

In fact, trajectory of object in a gravitation field, is a very complex capacity for the alives. It is because the movement trajectory problem for any alive is to get the skill of moving. It is for any alive to master the necessary skill to create and perform any movement precisely from a given Initial Point towards a precise given Target. Because any alive SHOULD EXIST IN A GRAVIATIONAL FIELD OF A PLANET then, this movement trajectory is generally formed with a parabola trajectory form.

Thus, the above mechanism for the trajectory of a projectile, rather a simplistic one relatively to the complex one man and animal have to create. Because, the known Physics on the Kinematics and Dynamics are from so complicated sciences, the above trajectory of a projectile is not so easy to resolve. The parabola is there a law of the darkness.

This present projectile-trajectory problem should be considered under an another form, more generally but more technoloically difficult however, more easyer undestood by any alive.

This problem should be stated as follows/
"In any environment condition, one have to throw a stone to hit a penny placed at height 5m from any possibe distance".

a) - Why a such problem may be an impossible one for any hi-modern-robot. It is because current sciences can't formulate and resolve such general parabolic trajectory problem.

b) - Why a such job can be resolve by any man or any animal with some training delay to get the interested concerning skill? It is because the alive has the inherent property of creating the necesary skill tpo create and perform the specific needed movement. This means that the alive has some inherent capacity of complex Movement Knowledge.

This means that contrary to the usual believes the Mathematics and the Kinematics sciences on parabolic trajectory is not really the interested knowledge needed on Movement. Movement is no more from there than, quite illusions. Their descriptions on Movement are still superficial and empirical ones. Knowledge of Movement are there short of the truth.
It is time for the current sciences to stop catching at shadows.

Now the above problem can be resolved in Dakhiometry more simply and more sensitively but rationally, using the Spatial Language.

1) - It consists to construct spatialy the structure of a parabol with a given known Unit of the figure.

2) - From this standard precisely defined structure used as a general chart, il can be determine directly the physical conditions of an object trajectory according to the Initial departure towards a given target point.

3) - It suffices then to read directly on this structure, the needed values that determine the ideal precise trajectory and practically, as a function of the other experimental determined variables.

In conclusion

The main characteristic of the current Physics sciences is to be "Robotic sciences".

What does it means robotic-sciences?
Robotic sciences rest on the Anciants method of thinking according to observed formal mechanisms and described by the usual creation of talking language words. The invention of Numbers is the root from there are built the manner of sciences to describe the World according to analogy on observed mechanisms. From there, these sciences are growing according the analogical mechanism methods wellknown as the algorithm ones. The Platoo compas, the Euclidean exheustion are precisely mechanisms from algorythm principle.

More concerning, the science on Movement use also to describe Movement according to alalogical Mechanism of thinking. A Force was then defined according to analogy of everyday Relativistic experiences. More odd thing, a Force is then known relatively to a "Movement" of Not-a-Force. And in a fantastic mystic manner, the Not-a-Force is in "rationally manner" defined by a "Uniform Motion". We are there in a closed-loop definition where a Force is defined by a Not-a-Force Thing! This is from the skill of a Moebius-made closed-loop-curve.

According to the same empirical relativistic thinking, the Falling-body mechanism is stated Relatively between two bodies. From there, the parabolic trajectory of a falling body is for Gelileo a "Thing" that is necessary situated on a "parabola". Finally a parabola is no more than an algoritmic kinematic formalism, that seem to describe a Movement phenomenon.

However, this falling-body parabola, is no more than a perfect illusion for the current sciences because precisely of the present questioning:

"At what angle should a projectile be projected with velocity of 22m/s just to pass over an obstacle of 14m at horizontal distance of 30m, (g 10m/ss)"

This question in brief is stated in general form simply as follows:

In a gravitational field, how to create a precise movement, with a trajectory that should be situated between two given points?

The solution of this problem, is still a mystery for the current Kinematics and Dynamics sciences. It is why, the one possibility of such practicall solution, is ALSO TO CREATE AN ALGORITHMIC MECAHNISM OF EXHAUSTION METHOD. It is the robotic job of a rocket to destroy a target according to the millenary empirical algorithm used in Hi-modern-Technology using the trial-error exhaustion method.

Is this rocket method, the only way to perform such Movement job?

The response is stricly NO.

The Exheustion method is no more than from primitive man thinking.

Many practical examples prove that the current Kinematics and Dynamics are simplistic knowledge on Movement. More, the Movement phenomena is still from sciences ignorances.

For example, one can observe that any ALIVE can create a high precise movement between two points. It is the case for a high skill Archer, a dancer, a gymnast, a artisan in craft industries,...

The True Knowledge on Movement can be stated as follows:

Mastering Movement phenomena, rest on the basic knowledge on the capability of mastering a particular given Movement Energy.

The alive can perform precisely any Two-Points Movement because he has the internal capacity denoted as the skill, for controling the corresponding energy creation specific to the interesting moving action.

About the above problem:

"At what angle should a projectile be projected with velocity of 22m/s just to pass over an obstacle of 14m at horizontal distance of 30m, (g 10m/ss)"

The response is not concerning the algorithmic parabola curve [y=a.x2]. It is basically
to know this given movement-trajectory as a PARABOLIC CURVE OF MOVEMENT-ENERGY.

To have an intutive understanding of such so odd definition, one have only to send up a stone then, to catch its in one's hand. One is there experimenting HIS natural knowledge of a precise creation of HIS Movement energy.

And, a precise Creation of a given Movement-Energy is not a Linear mechanical algorithm from the Anciants' Linear knowledge. Because the Knowledge of Movement-Creation is necessary a Circular one. This is not a robotic process but the Movement creation is the complex capacity from the Alive knowledge drectly derived from universal laws.

- exercice + de + physique + mp + catapulte + sans + moment + d'inertie (, France)

Une catapulte qui se fait à l'aide d'un bras de levier pour lancer un poids, a toujours de un moment d'inertie après le lancer. C'est qui doit produire rapidement les ruines des catapultes des anciens temps, parce que les lourds leviers devraient faire des ravages à la longue, sur l'ensemble de ces machines.
Pour faire une catapulte sans moment d'inertie parasite, il faut non pas "lancer" les poids mais, taper dessus, comme on fait un carreau à la pétanque. Mais ce serait difficile et pratiquement impossible, selon la loi mécanique suivante. Pour qu'une boule de pétanque chasse une autre et prend sa place sans bouger, il faut qu'au moins les deux boules ont les même masses.
Vous imaginez, un catapulte avec un levier tapeut qui devrait avoir la même masse que la pierre à lancer... Ç ne va pas loin... sinon la vacarme que cela doit faire qui rend sourd comme le sont les artilleurs modernes. Laisser tomber votre catapulte sans moment d'inertie parasite qui alarme vos voisins et vivez en paix de la pêche au bords des ruisseaux.

- the + force + of + gravity + on + a + 2kg + rock + is + twice + as + great + as + that + on + a + 1kg + rock. + why + then + doen't + the + heavier + rock + fall + faster (, USA)

This a true question that one has to get some answer.
It is a misunderstood on phenomenon of falling body because of the learned Dynamics force. We use to seen that any action is dependnent to the force used. In the current language the words great, powerful, energy are significant only as Force.
In fact the Dynamics force was only invented by Newton as a mean to describe the movement. But a force is the definition for a partucular movement. Because The Dynamics force is a sight of phenomenon according to the human empirism view point on movement phenomena. At the Newton's epoch the realtivity of movement description is a real insolvent problem. It is why Newton can't but describe the movement as acceleartion" or change of movement. The first Newton's law is only an introduction to the Force law, as origin of acceleration notion signification. Because the uniform motion in straight line can't rest never on any physical reality.
For example a 2kg rock fall at the same speed as the 1kg one. the force as movement is then true for describing such experience on movement. It seems strange there because each of us has the usual understanding that the bigger an object is the bigger is its force.
However each of us is right to be astonished that there is equality in this falling phenomenon. There are many other case where a force notion is bad. For example, when two balls hit one another, the force is irrelevent to describe such interaction. Really it is the Dynamics that is wrong to use the Force definition as universal law. Unhappily, it is a current use in Physics to describe the universe phenomena with the view point of Force. Thus, we know the current theory that believes the universe as a set governed by the so-called 4-Fundamental-Forces.
There is an another physical concept that is more a universal date for matter interaction. It is the energy one. Therefore, the 2kg and the 1k rocks are not equaly defined in their free falling phenomena according to:

Work-2kg = L.(2/acceleration)
Work-1kg = L.(1/acceleration)

Theses two rock have really different behaviors of two time in energy difference.

- a + train + goes + forward + at + a + speed + of + 1m/s + for + 20 + seconds + then + it + stops + and + goes + backward + at + a + speed + of + 0.5m/s + for + 4 + seconds. After + both + movements + are ++ completed + how + far + is + the + train + located + from + its + starting + point. Note, we + are + asking + for + the + trains + final + location not + the + total + distance + that + it + traveled (, USA)

(20x1) ± (0.5x4) = (+18 m) or (-22 m) from starting ???...
Help !!!

- physics, + flies + due + east + from + San + Francisco + to + Washington + dc + displacement + of + then + he + flies + to + boston + displacment + of + at + east + of + north. ++ What + is + total + displacement (, Miami, USA)

May be, the total flies displacement is what you are telling it as San Francisco to Washington DC and finally to Boston in the Hampshire. The total distance of this flies trip is also the summation of all these distances.
Isn't it, help...

- Draw + a + picture + showing + Mary's displacement + due + to + rowing, + her + displacement + due + to + the + river's + motion,+ and + her + net + displacement. (Clemson University, South Carolina, USA)

- draw + a + picture + showing + her + displacement + due + to + rowing + her + displacement + due + to + the + river's + motion + and + her + net + displacement. (, South of California, USA)

Relative speed Mary is rowing in forward or backward direction of a river flowing strongly on Earth. We take a witness tree standing fixed on the riverside as a referent of measurement.
Relatively to the tree on the ground, the different speed of the river and the rower Mary is shown on this diagram in the two cases of forward and backward of Mary's displacement relatively to the tree reference are shown on this next diagram.
Now how are the Mary's displacement relatively to the ground depends on her speed relatively to the river one. On this diagram her speed is indicated in red arrow. For example, Mary is staying for ever on the spot if her rowing displacement is equal to the river one in the case of backward direction. This case is interesting for a pool where is flowing watter, this whole system placed in a simple little training room for rowers. :-). This is the case for runner jogging on a little running travelator.

-student + is + at + a + swimming + pool. + She + climbs + the + steps + to + the + diving + board + 3.0 m + above + the + water. + She + jumps + off + the + board + which + enables + her + to + rise + a + further + 0.7 m + before + she + begins + her + descent + into + the + pool. + At + what + speed + does + she + enter + the + water + You + may + assume + that + the + acceleration + due + to + gravity + g + is + 9.8 m/s. (, UK)

The total height of falling body (h) is then:
h = 3.0 + 0.7 = 3.7 m
In frictionless condition, her mass center, near the navel when this latter hits the water level, will take a maximum speed of 8.5 m/s.

- feather + floating + in + the + air + is + this + potential + and + kinetic (, Germany)

A feather falling in the air is no more than any object free falling body in the air medium.
It seems flying or floating sometime without falling downward. It is because of winds or little air displacement. This means that during this time the feather is pushing up by the air movement. however, this feather will necessary falling on the ground after some delay.
The feather is very light with some down that has the capacity to be retained by the air molecules frirtion. But it is also a weight always falling in a gravity potential. So it is under law of potential-rest gravity. What we denote it is that the energy transformed from the potential towards kinetic falling energy is very low in power. This falling appears as a floatation only by the air displacement. We can compare this falling of feather in the air as the one of a ball rolling on a very low angle inclined plane.
But in the high vacuum without the air molecule, this feather will fall as quick as any heavy bullet even if its falling energy is very tiny relatively to the bullet one. The height of its fall is completly transformed into and corresponds to the amount of its final kinetic energy.

- feather + floating + in + the + air + potential + and + kinetic (, West Texas Rural Telephone Inc, USA)

It may be add to the feather wandering in the air that may be, there are also electrostatic action between the different molecules and thus, there is also the Earth electromagnetic action on the feather direction of displacement.

- Does + a + feather + floating + in + the + air + have + potential + energy (, USA)

The law denoted as the Free-Falling Body tel that this body is free of constraint. In vacuum but under a given potential energy, the feather is free of constraint then, it shoud fall as quick as a heavy body toward some Rest point.

- The + acceleration + of + gravity + on + Earth + is + approximately + 10 + m + more + precisely + 9.8 + m. + If + you + drop + a + rock + from + a + tall + building + about + how + fast + will + it + be + falling + after + 3 + seconds (USA)

With a=9.8 m/s2, the acceleartion rate,
the Uniform Accelerating motion is given as displacement and the current speed as a function of time duration (t):
Displacement: d= (1/2).(a).(t)2
When initial speed is zero then the curent speed is:
v= (0)+(a).(t)

- For 3 seconds of falling duration:
v=(9.8).(3)= 29.4 m/s
d=(1/2).(9.8).(32)= 44.1 m

- For 10 s:
v=(9.8).(10)= 98 m/s
d=(1/2).(9.8).(102)= 490 m

- For 15 s:
v=(9.8).(15)= 147 m/s
d=(1/2).(9.8).(152)= 1102 m

This are theorical results without friction loss. But for these durations, the results give good approximations.

- the + phenomenon + that + affect + the + speed + of + an + object + when + drop + from + a + hight + Galileo (UK, London Queen Mary University of)

- if + you + drop + an + object + its + acceleration + toward + the + ground + is + 10 + m/s2. + If + you + throw + it + down + instead + would + its + accelration + after + throwing + be + greater + than + 10 + m/s2 (, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, USA)

You known well that if for an object, the falling law for the trajectory length is :
y = g.t2
Then if it is thrown initially in any direction with an initial displacement function of time, as:
d = v.t

Then, its total trajectory is described as:

y = g.t2 + vt


So, if vector (v) is a component in negative direction relatively to the falling acceleration vector then, its falling displacement is retarded. However the falling acceleration is always obeying only to the universal and constant falling gravity law.

- A + ball + is + thrown + up + and + then + caught + after + 2.00 + seconds, + what + is + the + inital + "velcoity" + of + the + ball (, MSN Microsoft Corp, USA)

A funny enigma with short data and therefore, no possible solution. With a given height of the trajectory, it will give some answer.

Formula introducing the quantity of matter {m} in an object

What is denoted as mass is as following :

The preceding relationship is obtained with one spatial point : 1 quantum of matter as in the array. Each location is significant and the fact of displacing from 1, 2, 3,... needs an introduction of an action as in the given formula. Now, if this concerns an object, it will interested with a number of the quanta of matter in this object. Therefore, the relationship is written with a factor {m} quantity of quanta as follows :

E = (1/2) . m . v2

This factor {m} is determined experimentally in physics as one knows.

- what + is + mean + tha + when + the + two + or + more + forces + are applied + to + an + object + simultanneously + the + object + is + "accelarated" (Philippines)

It is a view point of Forces.
But considering the movement as energy, an object is accelerated or retarded when it gains or loss a work. This latter is for the object as a gain or a loss of kinetic enegry during external interactions. In fact, when using Force, one has to consider only the resulting force before applying to the object movement relativeley to its initial situation. With force the resulting force, should be considered relatively to the object situation, before interaction. Thus, any of this numerous applied forces, should be considered relatively to the initial condition of the object one. It is to tell that all these forces should be defined in one common reference with the object.

With the Dynamics relativity, any obejct ignores any other objects in the universe, if they are in a same common condition of moving. For example, in the universe, if there was only one object (M) in a different mouving amongst all the others (M') that are in a same uniform or in uniformly accelerated motion then, this object (M) belives that it is alone in the universe with only one other different object (M')! The result is that for the Dynamics, there is only two objects [M and M'} in the whole universe! This means finally that the Newton Dynamics ignore completly the universe Conservation of Energy because the Newton laws is created with the Relativistic Illusion view point.

- when + is + angular + acceleartion + equal + to + zero + when + a + pendulum + is + in + motion (USA)

Only in uniform motion, acceleration is zero. More generally, acceleration is also zero when an object is at rest. This implies any possible motion the total resultant of wich the system is zero variation of motion or is in motion concervative.
Example of pendulum for examination of acceleration is not a good one. A pendulum is not a heavenly body, a true self-made object.
In a pendulum, there is no rest situation thus, there is always a central acceleration due to the axis reaction. Therefore, without friction, a pendulum motion is a uniform cyclic motion. Is there a contradiction to physic law ? No, because the pendulum belong to a more larger system that should be at rest in the universe space. In this system, the pendulum is an uniform cyclic motion interacting with its environment and thus do not produce a general change of the whole motion. Without reaction of support there is no pendulum. Therefore, there is no heavenly body that behaves as a pendulum. Consequently, the heavenly motions are really uniform motion at rest without acceleration even if they turn around some center. It is why, with the the gravitational central force hypothesis, there should not be possible the conservation of momentum. Science has to reconsider the harmfull universal gravity hypothesis that generates difficulties of contradictions.

- "discribe" + the + motion + of + an + object + for + which + the + change + in + velocity + is + zero

Really, there is no universe's object the motion of which doesn't change. The universe is round. Therefore, any object is at least in a rotation. Even if this motion is an uniform rotation and if there is no gravitation, the rotation is an equilibrium of kinetic energy around a center. For example, the Moon turn around the Earth not according to Gravitation, but it is in equilibrium with itself around a common center with the Earth. This is du only to consequences of an initial average of motion during the condensation first state. Then a dynamic analysis can be done with the classical machanics where an acceleration toward the center, can be considered as a change of motion.

- Will + a + man + of + 80kg + be + heavier + at + sea + level + or + on + the + top + of + a + mountain (Ireland, Marono Institute of Education)

There is differences between Newton Mass Attraction and the Dakhiometrie Potential law of space.
a) - For the Newton's Mass universal attraction, according to the inverse proportionallity of the attraction force to the distance between two objects, the 80kg is less on a mountain than on the sea level. That is to tell, to pull out this 80kg far from the Earth, the energy is least to do it at sea level. That is to tell on the top of a mountain, it is interesting to launch a jet in the extraterrestrial space because the Newton's weight conter action force is there less.
b) - But if an object in space is according to its Potential of distance from its own rest point. We have to understand that the Potential is as a cohesion between many objects. Then, its location energy -from its rest point- is more greater. Because this potential distance is proportional to a kinetic energy that trends to pull it towards the Earth according to its actual distance from its rest point. Therefore to launch a jet on a mountain one need to spend more energy to cancel the one that determine its rest point.

The results show the difference of space law.
1) - Launching an object from Earth according to Newton's law, is more and more easyer when its distance is longer from its initial planet. Consequently, it is easyer to launch a vessel from the Earth than to do it from the Moon according to the Newton's Universal Gravitation Law.
2) - While with the Space Potential law, a given launching energy should correspond to a given distance where it stays in motion on a particular determined orbit and don't go no more elsewhere further. Also it needs less energy to launch a vessel from the Moon than from the Earth. This not really the consequence of their masses but their distance (d) from the centre. Remind of main action of (d)2 is inverse. There is a more proof known by experience. On a vessel in space, any object can be dangerously loss when it is not well tied with its main vessel. This is because, THIS object Rest point, is even THIS vessel. That is because this object is relatively no more related to the Earth rest point. Therefore, it has least difficulty of energy to be lost in space far from the vessel and can go in any direction. It goes not necessarily toward the Earth if there is no friction with Earth gas that ends to localize it to this latter rest point.

- no + gravitation + altitude + end + atmosphere

Thank for your note.
That means a gravitation effect very reduced and may be quite nul out of the atmosphere interaction ?...

- in + the + circular + motion + what + is + the + action + when + the + balloon + stay + in + the + car + during + driving + time + in + the + closed + door

However, if there is one object that experiences no change of motion, it is the one that is standiing in its own system where exists an absolute Momentum Conservation. No object in the universe can stay in a such state. ONLY, The unique system that experiences a such equilibrium is the universe itself. Because the universe lives in the absolute matter conservation, we can say that there is ONE concrete point of matter that never has a change of motion : the universe center. Can we tell that it is the state of an Absolute Zero Temperature and therefore, a matter point that we never can have some experience about it but only by mean of logical reason ? However, we can take it as the concrete real fact of the matter conservation because no construction is possible without a such principe of conservation. This is the universe Permanence, the foundatuion of the human thinking.

Properties of a such point of unchanged motion :

We have there a concrete matter that the alive never directly knows. But from a unknown realty we can develop real mechanical consequences. Then :

1) - No matter can touch this point. That is to say, no line can goes through its location.
2) - Therefore, this point is never an Intersection point.
3) - Consequently, this point is a Absolute Departure Point of any Way toward the universe. It is mentionned that no material trajectory cans go through ist but also, no Thought can cross ther, according to the thought is variation of actions. In brief, this Point is the absolute reference point where anything found there the BIGINNING.

- if friction is neglected which of the following statements properly characterized the motion of a heavy object thrown violently downward from a tall building?

Always a parabolic one, with falling h(height)=f(t), as:
h = (1/2)(g.t2) + ho

With current falling velocity:

L = (g.t) + ho (initial constant distance from the current reference)

Or globaly:

h = (1/2)(g.t2) + (g.t) + ho

Initial dowward velocity is added as a background to the falling velocity. This for (h), a correct and classical parabolic time function for its trajectory.

- Neglecting + friction + which + of + the + following + statements + properly + characterizes + the + motion + of + a + heavy + object + thrown + violently + downward + from + a + tall + building: +
a) + uniform + speed +
b) + uniform + deceleration +
        c) + constant + acceleration +
d) + uniformly + increasing + acceleration + or +
e) + a + non-uniformly + changing + acceleration
(, Texas, USA)

The answer is case (c) as mentionned above.
If the initial starting is the reference origin and distance of falling is (h) then, the trajectory equation is:

h = (1/2)(g.t2) + (g.t)

Where the compoent (g.t) is due to the constant displacement added at any time by the initial throwing, to the one due to constant acceleration of (g). Globally, this falling is defined by answer case (c).

- momentum be conserved large apple-earth system system falling apple is equal and opposite to the momentum of the earth as it races up to meet the apple. What does this say about the upward speed of the earth (, California, USA)

This description of falling body is correct according to a theorical newtonean statement where it was supposed that there are some central force developped by any Mass.
However, this theorical statement is no more than quite false. It comes from empirical observation where any object on the Earth surface is always really falling in the Earth center point. This theory is false because it rests on theses empirical observation. that seem to validate this interpretation. and then, it is applied to the whole universe as formed by One Central Force. This point is extended as no more than the Big Bang initial point. In modern time of technology, there is no more observation than what we known on Earth. It is why the Central Force remain valid wothout no falsification possible with any contradictory observation. Therefore, all the celestial bodies are conceived and described as done and structured bay the newtonean Central Force. For example, for any heavenly body it is given their total mass according to the newtonean formula of the newtonean Universal Gravity.

However this Cental Force of masses is no more than a theorical dogma or an hypothesis that is due to the observation illusion.

If we consider that the universe is structured according to an Ansolute space, than it should be constructed according to the space property. These latter is basically described by the Energy in its two basic equivalent forms as the Potential and its equivalent the Kinetic one. A Potential is the characteristic of space Location. This latter is exactly defined by One or Two location energy. In the Case of One location energy, it is the absolute Rest point of location. It happens only in the universe state before any existent beginnig of construction in its perfect central symmetry. But when there was a starting of the universe construction, the universe space have no more ONE central symmetry. But it appears in multiple central symmetry of heavenly constructions. In this case, the Space Potential is caharcterized by two points that are the space iso-potential with a central symmetry point as the Rest Center of this particular system. It is the case of any heavenly body that we observe in the sky. The planet orbit is mainly an iso-potential location rotating about a center as its system Rest-point.

Now, in such system as condensed-matter with its location in space defined by its iso-potential characteristic relatively from its Rest point. In a such system of cendensed matter, there will be the possible Falling Body phenomena. The falling phenomena is no more that the tendency of any material object to go towards its Rest point because at the rest point any object is in full Rest state or in the minimal internal energy.

Now, we can do analysis of the Apple-falling-on-Earth plus the so-called Eart-falling-towards-the-apple.
1) - As we know that any object is falling because it has the tendency to minimize its internal energy than, the Appla falling towards the Earth is a true correct physical phenomenon. It is because tha Apple is going towards the Earth rest point to be in minimal energy.

2) - For the Eart falling towards the Apple, it is a contradiction to the Rest-point law. Because if the Earth is going up to ward the Apple, than it is going to experience its internal energy variation. That is to say it is going far from its Rest-point an therefore, does no more obey to the in space location law that is to stay always at the nearest possible to its initial defined rest point. Is there is no such law of space location, there is the chaos in a non structured universe and therefore, there is no possible formation of heavenly bodies.

In conclusion, it no matter to calculate somme motion characteristics of the Earth towards any falling body on its surface because avery body is falling towards the earth while the Earth is always staying at its initial Rest-Point center, formed by the initial Condensed Matter process from a cloud of elemental matter. The Earth is there at its Minimal energy location while any object on its surface is always has always the dreal to go at this same common rest-center of the syetem. These phenoemena are defined as the Falling law. The Falling Body is no more than belonging to the initial Condensed Matter Process remanence that hope to place any object to their absolute ONE UNIQUE REST-POINT!

Note that it is far from a Big-Crunch because this latter is to crunch the Universe into ONE point while the Falling Body is to place any object to their multiple placements to fill the space with their multiple different existences.

- Wave + interactions + Research + and + explain + A + scientist + strikes + a + long + metal + bar + with + a + hammer.
+ The + resultant + energy + passes + through + the + bar + and + through + the + air. + Explain + which + will + reach + the + end + of + the + bar + first. + Explain (, Philadelphia, USA)

According to that sound is due to molecular motion, probably phenomena are as follows described.
Energy waves bandwith may be situated between 0 and ultra-sound frequency.
a) - High frequency
Sound waves is best transmitted un solid matter where molecules are more coherently tied than in independent gas molecules. The result is that the hammer strike energy is transmitted faster in the metal bar than in the air, for high audio frequency.
b) - Infra-sound
For lower indra-sound frequency, the waves length are longer. Then a wave needs to produce the displacement of a whole of material masses. Their displacement speeds need to move more masse of the solid metal. Therefore, the ultra-sound energy may displace more faster in the air than in the solid. Also, because of the infra-sound work in the metal bar, its energy is rapidly dissipated in the long bar as heat energy. And then, it may not appear to observation at the bar end.

Finally, more precise experimental observations will define the results of the hammer energy real distribution in the bar.

- would momentum be conserved in the large apple-Earth system In this system can it be said that the momentum of the falling apple is equal and opposite to the momentum of the Earth as it races up to meet the apple What does this say about the upward speed of the Earth., New Jersey, USA)

This example shows an absuse in language expression.
There is not a system Earth-Appel This is a false problem definition created by the 17th century scientists.

1) - The true material system is only the Tree-Apple system.
Thus, when an apple is falling, may the tree be racing up? This concerns the true momentum conservation principle. However, if there is 100 apple falling, then there is 100 times the tree flying upward as an angel. This latter is also a misuse about physical conditions analysis.
2) - The true problem should be stated as:
Does a tree growing make the Earth moving backwards?
No. This is also a false problem due to misunderstanding of a momentum conservation principle.
3) - Therefore, the growing of a tree, is done by itself as according to the momentum conservation energy. The tree sap is rising to form the tree. the sap is rising according to liquid rising. When liquid is rising then the soil is drawing together. This is according to the momentum conservation principle. Finally of the tree is growing up and then the apple is falling it corresponds to the sap rising up from its roots. It is not the whole Earth that is moving.

In fact, in all these movements of a tree and its soil in vertical moving, it is according to the conservation of potential energy versus kinetic energy. It is to tell: "what is energy falling correspond directly to the expense or diminishing of potential energy" and inversely "what is rising up corespond to an expense or a diminishing of kinetic energy".

- examples of conservation of the quantity of motion (Italy)

... For the tree internal system.

- kinetic versus potential energy apple tree (, Tennessee, USA)

It is not due to Action-Reaction Forces as irrelevent definition of some Kinetic-versus-Kinetic energy.

The falling apple from the tree, is strictly an exchange of potential into its corresponding kinetic of falling. This is done from the corresponding falling altitude (a Constant AB difference defined as a constant length of the apple tree from the soil) transformed into the falling movement energy.

Note on a more general view point:

On the Earth an interaction between two objects, whatever are their direction (else than the vertical gravitation), is also explained as Potential/Kinetic Energy transform.
It si because the instantaneous impact point between these two objects, is valid as the Rest-center or "gravity-center" particular to this interested temporary impact behavior. Obviously this latter will be latter composed with the main Earth gravity to drawn the next different object trajectories. - apple + in + tree + is + gravitational + potential + energy (

This is concerned only for the system (apple object versus the vertical-distance). Are acting strictly there, the only internal energy system. This is done as equivalence of (falling = vertical-distance) energy. It is an absolute phenomenon independent from any other object as the Earth Soil and the Apple-tree motions. The Energy conservation is absolutly written as:

[Falling Appel motion Energy = Absolute Change of Potential situation] - "absoulet" + potential + energy

Actually this is the corresponding correct definition.

Potential energy = (LL')

And the old definition as (mv) should be:
Motion quantity = mass.(Length)

with Length = as Aera or Length

Internal motion The potential/Kinetic-energy equivalence is more general view point than the momentum (mv) conservation.
So the Apple-and-Earth motion is only an abused of the old scientists, to much proud of their new Dynamic theories.

The so-called "Apple & Earth" is no more than scientist's belief on that science are composed by unsual things. The belief consists in that the more strange are seen science phenomena the more is great their science.

This next figure tells how a falling apple is only internal motion of one tree system. The Earth associated with the apple, is only due to a lying false analysis. In fact, the falling apple motion corresponds to the potential elasticity shifting of the tree branch.

There is no "Apple-Earth" system. The falling apple is internal equilibrium phenomenon of the same system Apple-Tree.

- when + the + branch + of + a + tree + is + shaken + violently + the + leaves + fall. + this + happening + can + be + explained + by + Joules + 1st + low + of + motion (, India)

If the experience was concerning for an isolated apple tree than the incomming energy may be considered as concerning a Joule effect.

For the case of an apple falling from its tree, there is the so-called problem of the newtonean Action-Reaction with the apple tree as an object belonging to an another external whole system from where one is supposing that it may produce some Reaction against the apple-fruit system.

In this case, the experiment is rather simple.
It consists to consider aside the
A = [Apple fruit]
as one First system
and aside, a Second system composed by the
B = [Earth + apple-tree]

With such Two different opposite system (A) and 'B), we can perform measurement to verify if the Low Action/Reaction is valid for ONE APPLE FALLING.

Now, as the (B) is a one distinct system from an apple fruit (A), it suffces now to measure if an Reaction against the Action of (A) is valid.

Experimental device conssists then to:

Internal motion Measurement of reaction at the Earth opposite side.

If according to the Action/Reaction Low when an apple (A) on its own tree is Falling-down,

Do we will note that at vertically in the opposite Earth side:

An apple (A') may fly vertically upwards from its own tree. Obviously the upwards is relatively to the apple origin (A).

This is the challange for the famous scolastic Action/Reaction Law stating that:

"When an apple is falling on the soil, the Earth will flying-Up for wellcoming it".

When incidently two opposit apples was falling towards each other and considering that the Earth is the center of the experimental device then, there is obviously nothing for disturbing the Earth.

(+F)+(-F) = Earth as a Zero nothingness

1) - Even if there was some (A') symmetric to the (A),
There will be never some opposit object (A' = A) reacting by (-F)-falling against the (+F)-falling of the (A).

2) - It is because the First apple (A)-falling is only an internal event relatively to the system [(A) + Its tree] own mass center

- potentinal + vs + kinetic + energy (, South California)

If there was two center-symmetric apple falling. In such case, considering that spherical iso--potenials are centered to the Earth center, the two apples under oposite falling towards the Earth center will be done in perfact respect of energy conservation in the whole Earth. Therefore, these falling will indiuce elsewhere no other movement creation.

- differences of the external structure of apple and Earth (Philippin)

The basic difference of the external struture between an apple and the Earth, is seen as follows:

a) - An apple or any aobject on the Earth surface is far from their center of gravity which is the one of the Earth whole system included its atmosphere. Therefore any of object that doesn not stay at this center should try to goes to this common center, when it is possible, to be abble stay at their Rest point.
b) - While for the Earth, in fact, this whole system called Earth, is at this common Center as their initial Rest Point. Therefore, the Earth or this whole system, has no more the tendency to move towards any other location the trajectoty of which is an orbit around the Sun.

Now what is for the Moon about it, one tells that there are attraction between them so that the Earth tides are due to the Moon attraction?

About such belief of Masses Attraction, there is a fatal contradiction when astronomers tell that there is between the Earth and the Moon a point where this attraction is null because the pulling force of the Earth and the one of the Moon are equal. So let be this statement a true one.
Therefore, what can you conclude when there was a Zero force pulling between two objects???

The answers is that these astronomers are wrong and are not coherent with their Newton's law. Because if there was a Zero force between two objects then,:
There are necessary no Attraction between the Earth and the Moon !!!

1) - Or thes astronomers don't know what are the newtonean theory.
2) - If there was one point where the force is really null then, there is anywhere no pulling force between the Earth and the Moon. So, what about the Tides as the Moon attraction affect?

So what are about these co contardictory and confused scientific statements?

- if + gravity + is + the + same + force + that + pulls + an + apple + from + a + tree + and + keeps + the + moon + in + orbit + then + why + deosn't + the + moon + get + pulled + into + the + earth (, USA)

Force is incoherent The Dynamics are incoherent hypothesis.
Let us examine what is described the circular rotation using force. This next figure shows what are defined the Moon motion as equilibrium of tangential constant force while maintained in circular motion by a central attractive force.
1) - At figure position (a) is shown these applied forces Ft and Fi.
2) - Now If one tells that the Moon is maintained in orbit because of the equilibrium between the centrifugal Fi and the centripetal forces Fo. The figure (b) position illustrates the introduction of these latter.
3) - In such case where the centipetal force Fi is equal to the centrifugal one Fo, according to the 3thd Newton's law, then theses two forces are cancelled as null ones. Thus, the remaining force which is perpendicular to the two other for the Moon orbital rotation is only maintained by Ft force.

a) - As the rotation is approximatly an uniform displacement then the force Ft is false because it means that the Moon is always accelerating. Then, its trajectory will not be a circular one. The Moon energy will be perpetually increesed.
b) - The 3thd Newton law involves that there is neither a centripetal Fi nor a centripetal Fo forces because they are always mutually cancelled each other.

The Dynamics for description of heavenly body, is contradictory and paradoxical tools and can't be used to describe the kinematic of circular motion..

- calculating + how + far + would + a + 42kg + person + fall + in + four + seconds (, Dublin, Ireland)

You know it.
If (h) is the height of this falling without friction, then:
h = (9.8/2).42 = 78.4 meters
Speed at falling point is 39.2 m/s. With such values, the air friction doesn't modify them too much.
Whatever are the person weight these value are the same but if there are friction they depends not to the masses but to their surface of friction. - would + momentum + be + conserved + in + the + larger + apple-Earth + system + In + this + system + can + it + be + said + that + the + momentum + of + the + falling + apple + is + equal + and + opposite + to + the + momentum + of + the + Earth + as + it + races + up + to + meet + the + apple + What + does + this + say + about + the + upward + speed + of + the + Earth (, New Hampshire, USA)

This is the occurence for a good discussion.
It is true the statement as:
"Momentum + be + conserved + in + the + larger + apple-Earth + system"
On this basis we will show that what is telling as the development of such universal law is quite false because this law is misunderstood or because of the insincerity of the speech. This happens very frequently in the course of scientific events particularly in the first time of science establisment.
1) - Concervation of momentum means that for any independnent system their gravity center is at zero-motion. For the whole system, there is no momentum variation.
An apple is belonging to this whole system apple-Earth. Therefore, what happens to this apple, what ever its accelerates and goes in any direction, the Earth center is unmoved by this apple and by any other thing on the earth, even by elephant and any athlete jumping.
But with any object exterior and independently of the Earth system, it may happens between them any interaction. Then the Earth center will experience change of momentum. Also in the case of a jet leaving the Earth and then after being an independent object there may be a change of the earth momentum. It is not always a change of the Earth motion but a change of the total Earth energy not due to mometum but under different energy form as heat for example.
2) For the apple, it is an ignorance to tell that this apple is like an independnent object external to the Earth. Because a fruit is the result of a tree that is formed from the soil. Then the fruit in a tree is quite belonging to the soil. It is thus for any thing and alive on the Earth. Nothing can be considered as external to the Earth system. Thus an apple falling toward the soil, is equivalent to the soil falling to the soil. There is no new motion created in such matter tranformation.

3) - This above apple and Earth going to embrace together came from the Middle-Ages where so frquently scholasticism speeches was used for so unsual things about science.
But the earth going up toward the apple is an another sylogism to justify the Newton's Universal Gravity where it is tell that the falling apple-Earth is the proof of the masses mutual attraction. A sylogism play the role of mathematical proof when one have no more reason to assert.
The present sylogism is like as: "A cheap horse is rare..., what is rare is costly, therefore, a cheap horse is costly".

- does + a + feather + floating + in + the + air + have + potential + or + kinetic + energy (USA)

This problem is interesting and allows to search definitions of object position in space. Suppose that an object is an independent system.
1) - This object is defined by a potential to be located anywhere in space. Then this object location is defined as a potential relatively to a rest point. Potential plus rest point, is significant to a particular location in space. Then:
a) - When this object is at its rest point, it has no motion relative to this rest point location.
b) - When this object is not at its rest point, then it is moving relatively to this rest point. At any time in its trajectory, its total energy is the sum of the movement plus the potential energy. Provide that the most faraway location relatively to its rest point when the moving is null, is equal to its potential and also equal to its total energy.

2) - Any object is necessarily situated at a space location. Or it is at rest point without no motion and no energy. Or its internal energy is not null but then around its rest point location. Or an object can be locate not at a rest point but in a space volume around a rest point. All its possible motion in this volume is the complement of its potential energy.
3) - Without external interaction, it maximum potential is constant. But any object is always related to the external system with a potential of its rest point relative to an external system.

A feather in Earth atmosphere has the Earth center as rest point. It has the potentail of any object on the Earth surface. The feather is not independnent but is always in interaction with the air. Therefore, it can be conclude that the air energy prevals on the feather ones. It has the potential and the kinetic of the air.

Matter properties in the Globe structure

- "aplitudes" + flash + animation (Russian Federation)

- dimensional + analysis + simple + harmonic + motion + "Aplitudes" (USA)

... random interference harmonic phrase condition...

The Globe system is an equilibrium of matter in two extrema of energy, the lowest and the highest one. It has not common properties as human knows it in his condensed middle. Thes are :
- Confinement of motion scales in the equarorial sone where it allows life to develop.
- While in the central zone, motion is reduced in amplitude aplitude and in scales. The properties of which are still ignored because the Gravitation theory is in the mind of everybody. Also, because the physical situation of the human who never experiences the lower energy state of matter. This is because, in the solar or stellar system these zones are in the center of solid or gaseous globes. The lowest energy zones are only visible in the center of galaxies.

Then, in center of any galaxy, there is only elemental gazeous matter of the universe Breath. As such, it is a mistake to think that these zone can be considered as void. Because of the whole galactic system equilibrium this type of matter state is nearly an immutable one. That is :
This gaseous elemental low energy matter can be considered as the most solid state of matter that human can never imagine ! Rational tell, the property of solid is to remain as a high cohesive system. The gaseous elemental lowest energy matter is then the most solid according to that it is the result of the whole galaxy equilibrium. It cohesive force is then the one of the galaxy ! Face of this deduction results, we can not but aggree to the reason and not to our stereotype of usual thoughts.

May be, we can see verifications of this properties, in the fact that galactic centers are always recorded with high intense radiations due to this solid high property of radiation reflexion else than by emissions and refreaction of radiations. This reflexion is not seen in the nebula and supernova remanence centers where one can see the background sky.. The difference in nebula and supernova remanence is that these systems are not in steady globe structure.

Consequently, if two galaxies collide together the result is a violent impact rather than a cool smooth formation of stars mixtures. However, this a low probability that galaxies can be in collision. This is the result of the Matter Conservation Principle. According to that, the is never two condensed system in a same zone. They need each its own matter quantity. More, in the universe region in which these galaxies are formed, there is a commong average of the general displacement that is shared to all the spatial environment. Therefore, no galaxie is a particular engine to go in random direction manner. For galaxies collisions, one has to verify the certainty of astronomic apparatus and also of the observation interpretations where there are a lot of great imaginary of the Fantastic Riders in their cloak floating under Gravitation Storms...

It means that if any spatial vessel goes toward this point, it will be instantaneously teletransported to its initial point where it had gain the energy of this trip. Because, when it hit this Zero Point of the universe center it loss all his current energy according to that the point is an absolute ZERO ENERGY Point, it couldn't but be also a Zero energy state. Then, according to the Matter Conservation, this whole spatial vessel, should regain its initial energy that puts it to an equivalent initial energy, ANYWHERE in the universe globe structure... this is the rugged natural law of "putting someone in his place".

Fantastic reality of the universe law, isn't it ???!!!

However, there are some complex problems for the alive that can never go in the vivinity of the central region of the universe where there is only the dakhion elemental matter and no environment for condensed one. The more, this should be a region of matter fission if there is any lost condensed object. This latter should be only the product of the equatorial belt of the universe globe. But, what will be will be... in the futur, there is always handymen, an enthusiast do-it-yourself that offerts, with all expenses paid, an eventful expedition for any venturesome person...

Now, many of you may take this particularity as Black Holes...

But there is no possible comparison as following :
The Black Holes are supposed as at the dynamic highest energy level, the Gravitation one. While the above phenomenon is matter of le equilibrium lowest energy matter.

These lowest matter states are obviously, located also in the center of any galaxies according to the Globe Law that states that the lowest energy are located in the axis of globes systems.

Assuredly, the later couldn't not but receives energy from the high energy level matter. Thus, there is no ray emission from it owing to that we can do some observations. The result is that these matter of lowest energy regions remain invisible matter. In the more, because energy come only from condensed matter, ray emission can go through these regions in the transparency, in the condition that these rays can be perceived by human means. Because the lowest energy matter is matter state in the Globe Law equilibrium, there is no energy inflation of these region due to external radiation contribution. Probably, there may be also, some phenomena of the above described matter teleportation that happen for elemental matter and the velocity of which is instantaneous, only through this whole local galaxy.

- Atmosphere + of + the + earth + and + Penomena

Note :
Please, don't try to practise experiments on "Penomena". May be, they are some not yet known and unrecognized phenomena...

Displacements are phenomena of the Matter Conservation

- If + an + external + force + can + change + the + velocity + of + a + body + how + can + the + internal + force + of + the + brake + bring + a + car + to + rest (

This a joke.
You know that action of braking a car is an external one done by the road on the wheel. It is why indelicate baking can drive to a crash due to the road external action and not to internal rest.

The Falling Body is an enigma of the nature because only of the enigmatic Gravity Central Force. However, the Falling of things appears clearer if one understands it as a phenomenon of Matter Conservation.

The fact that any element of discrete matter has an absolute location in space that gives it an equilibrium of placement, implies that its displacement needs an action of displacement or an energy. This is according to the Conservation of Matter. And its balance is as follows :

1 - Either the object is in its equilibrium placement, then it needs an external action to balance with its change of place. This is observed as an accelerated motion of the object.

In this case, there is an action transfer in the body and consequently, there is Inertia of the body because it says : "Wait a moment, I will move as soon as I am full of motion". Therefore, At any Action on a body there is its Particular Reaction. The third Newton Law should be seen as Conservation of Matter or of energy but stating that "At ANY Action there is an equal Reaction" is untrue. This expression comes from current speaking where most people see in the word force the meaning of violence. This is not the rational force. A given Action can not impose on a body.
Do you want a concrete example ? A net can act to caught an object in its mesh but this object can not set an action on this net, whatever is its forces. One can concludes that the net does not have a Reaction.
In physical laws, an Action is only proportional to the acceptability of any body. Remind that physical laws of the universe concern constructions on Exchanges and not on Imposing of Forces..

2 - Either the object is not in its equilibrium place, the action of its displacement comes from its spatial Potential that is a phenomenon of the Matter Conservation. This latter balances the distance of the object from its equilibrium placement with a spatial Potential. And when this object is naturally moving, one denotes it as the Falling Body.

In this last case, the transformation of action from the potential is directly applied to any elements of matter. There is not an Inertia. The law of transformation potential-to-location is permanently inscribed in any element. It is why the speed of the Falling is equal for any object, provide that experiences are compared in the physical vacuum.

Example :
- "balourd + mécanique + equilibre"
equilibrium phenomenon in the mechanical unbalance of a wheel where some matter is out of its rest place. Therefore, an extra energy is necessarily to displace this matter toward its bad place in a wheel during any cyclic movement

Is there two different displacements? It does not have different displacements. But the Falling Body seems particular only for a precise reason. Human and the alive are born only on a heavenly body. What is a heavenly body ? They are huge matter condensations in globe forms. And as the condensation is a uniqueness process heavenly bodies are the locating of multiplicity of matter elements to ONE center. And any object born from a heavenly body is located at this precise center. Anything is standing on ONE Center. Therefore, human is the alive that is astonished by a Falling Body. A falling body is only a body that say "home sweet home" and is always tempting to return back to the center. Therefore, as there is only ONE center in the system, any movement toward this center is well characterized but it is not a different motion phenomenon. This is the consequences of the matter Space perfectly defined until the quantum fineness and any changes of place is done in the Conservation of the Whole.

The spatial Potential of an object will be studied with the laws of condensation mechanisms of a heavenly body.

Tempt to get a new Mass concept and more generally a new Inertia concept

In the preceding analysis, the surface are concerned spatial locations. What mean concerned locations ? The answer is the concerned locations belong to an object interested by an interaction. Because the whole universe is also spatial locations. That is when we talk about a particular interaction, there are objects that are concerned. Object or precisely, their concerned association of matter quanta around a defined center.

And when an exchange happens on a quantity of motion, or a momentum and energy, this quantity is concerned with only the concerned space of the object. Therefore, if there is no object or construction, there is no motion and energy and finally no mass or Inertia. This can be seen e.g. in the Fission phenomenon during supernova. Concerning the matter that disappears in the fission, there is no more masses because there is yet no more constructed matter. The quantity of quantum matter is there scattered to their initial volume. But there is no more mass, according to that the da-khi of the Breath are immutable and frictionless, they have no mass and inertia.

Therefore, if after a fission transforming the matter to its initial elemental state, one can say that there is no mass we can say that there is no more masses, because there is no more condensed matter !


In conclusion :
The notion of mass come from the condensed matter in an object. Not because there is more dense matter, but because there is INTERNAL organizations in the object. And the Inertia phenomenon is not from a virtual matter mass. The INERTIA is the consequence of a organized structure of a particular object where motion has to occupy or to fill it..

An example is given, that may astonish you. The light refraction is a phenomenon of inertia. The inertia coming from the internal structure of the object where the light has to go through.

Definition of the INERTIA

The inertia of an object is the phenomenon of the momentum filling up any matter elements composing the object structure.

There is no matter aspect called as mass. The simple image of inertia may be the ways that a liquid takes to fill a given sponge. The characteristics of this process depend on the liquid fluidity provide that a sponge made of lead material, if it has a same porosity, do not change the result.

- "Galieo" + Inertia
- "propriété + matière + condensée + contrainte"
- the property of condensed matter showing that non-homogeneous distribution of movement in the bulk of material. There is always stress and strain due to the environment movements as heat, pressures,...

It is because there is a filling up of momentum in the object that there is material rupture phenomena due to a non homogeneous filling up of energy in the object.

The filling is doing according to any existing quantum of matter in this system. This is the law. Do you imagine that when you are displacing, there is a lot of quantum of matter loss because of their delay... It is why the weight of an object and the factor of its accelerating motion has a same value of inertia.

Now let us back to the above array of natural numbers. You may understand that this array is counting quantum of matter...

- cylindre + roulant + sur + un + plan + incline + avec + poids + du + cylindre + et + reaction + du + plan (,USA)

Here is the layout of a such problem.
We denote as (C) the cylinder. Then:
a) - Let E the difference of potential from where the displacement energy of (C) is derived.
b) - Let EV the vertical displacement energy of (C).
c) - let ER the rolling energy of (C) according to its friction on the inclined plane.

The free falling body motion is known for the vertical displacement of (C). But for such motion the vertical falling of (C) is only determined by its capacity of rolling on the inclined plane. This latter is dependent of the angular inertia of (C) that determine it speed of rolling.

But the rolling inertia of (C) is also a function of the falling body law. Therefore, we can state that the speed of the (C) angular motion will take the ratio of a quadratic free falling body.
Consequently, we can observe that the vertical displacement of (C) will take a speed equal to a ratio of a true free falling body.
Using only the kinetic energy we can write:
E = EV + ER
The intantaneous speed of (C) angular motion VR is equal to the one of its contact on the plane if there is no gliding.
The vertical speed VV is:
VV = k.VR

As the recurrence of matter concerns a unit of phenomenon. This unit can be a Flow-of-Matter. In such a case, we have a recurrence that is the regular reproducibility of this Flow-of-Matter. And a flow of matter is what everybody knows as a flow of energy or a energy power that happens when a car is accelerating.

In brief, the recurrence is a property of matter to reproduce regularly a phenomenon. Reproducibility of the alive is also a recurrent phenomenon as well as the fruits on a tree are recurrent phenomena. This is the Change of matter.

Therefore, the trajectory distance {x} of an object in a straight line and in an accelerated or decelerated motion, is only the consequence of this matter recurrence of a unit-of-gain or a unit-of-loss of energy and can be directly written as:

x=k.n2(length unit) + n(length unit) + x0

Contradiction of relativity energy. This accelerated motion has nothing to do with the relativity even if you know what is an elevator or a train. The relativity is generated from a belief that the universe is in a nothingness, obviously infinite. And there, one never knows what is the speed of its displacement and this seems to be proven by the integral calculus formalism. Note the contradiction of the relativity : because the initial motion is never known, it is a contradiction to state a total energy in the kinetic form as the equivalence between the mass and the photon celerity. Provide that we suppose that all the mass can give this kinetic energy, but what about the unknown relative velocity that one can never known ?

Relativity is a only local view point and can not be applied as universal rules. Differently, in a Whole universe as founded in the Dakhiometry, the space is necessarily fixed and the motion is a defined quantity, even if we do not know yet how to localize the universe center.

- movement aceleartion ">accelaration" (Cambodia)

- if an object has greater speed does it necessarily have a greater acceleartion (, Philippines)

Education make we used of the Force notion. Parctically few of us, are in conscience that the newtonnian Dynamics are only relativistic theories obtained from empirical of everyday life in the shematic of a coalgulated world.
This great speed as function of accelearation is only a particular case for example when comparing sprinter on a same localisation refered to a conventional fixed point, for example the starting line.
1) - In general case, one first bowl in motion hits an another second one of same mass with zero initial motion. The first bowl remains intantaneously without motion after hitting the second one. What is then, the acceleration of the second?
One can't use the Newton's formula for an answer. Because the force is depending to the time of acceleartion. If the motion of the second bowl is immediat starting from rest, a such force derivative formula will give an infinite acceleration accelaration. Thus the force is there irrelevent.
2) - Now the so called light celerity of a photon, is supposed to have a greatest speed. As nothing can't be more rapid than it, this means that the photon is null in acceleartaion while being the greatest celerity.
3) - An another example of force inconsistency is that the Moon can be hitted by a great high speed meteorite. The Moon acceleration will have practically no acceleration. So the Moon while having a high speed on its orbit, will have a negligible acceleartion comparing to a sprinter starting a sprint. More exactly, the Moon get from there a null acceleartion. It is because a meteorite dont communicate any aceleration ration to the great planet where it is falling. These interaction type doesn't be concerned by displacement energy.

These inconsistancy of the Newton Dynamics Force is due to en empirical theory built from usual observations in everyday life. And basically, the empiricism of observation interpretations is characthérized by the relativity vision of the world.

- explain + the + role + of + inertia + in + the + slow + acceleretion + of + a + large + truck + compared + to + that + of + a + car (Saipan)

- change the motion of an object (Syria, Syrian Computer Society)

Your notes are an intersting issue.
We use to define action between two objects with Forces applyed to their centers. But this is only a shematic view point. Because energy are necessarily elemental vectors that go in any direction in the object according to its structure. Then, the gain or the loss of energy in an object may be seen more in details. There is at first one main vector resultant in one direction that is applied to the object center. The second is a remaining of vectors that are organized as a rotation around the object center. The third change of energy in an object is the rest of energy change that has no common directional organisation. This part of energy change is denoted as heat energy.
Any interaction between objects behaves according to these three manners of energy changes. And this behavior due to the structure of elemental matter, can be denoted as Inertia of any object. Inertia is a particular characteristic of a particular object structure.
Therefore, as the Mass is only a non-directional-value, the Inertia is not an intrinsic characteristic of Mass.
In conclusion
The Mass is not equivalent to the Inertia

- balloon Newton's 1st law (Canada)

Note that the next figure doesn't means that there is actually phenomenon of the Newton's First law. This latter is only a formalism that rest noton any experimental observation.
In this next figure is shown a real and usual phenomena of VELOCITY EQUALITY. Then, on two trains running at the same speed on two parallel rails, the passengers of each trains can shake hands each other without no problem. Equality of velocity can't ne a immutable and eternal matter postulate, particularly with the relativistic view point of the Dynamics.

- Newton's Third Law of Motion-animated (Calcasieu Parish Public Schools, Lake Charles, Louisiana)

The Newton's Third Law as there is always a Reaction against an Action is false as law because it is not a general rule. We can observe that a sprinter running action pushes his leg to displace forwards while the ground is reacting by going backward.

- pictures for concept of acceleration (Pakistan)

For Newton, Movement strictly is defined as Force, named as acceleration. However, in everyday, we can observe this following figure as phenomena of Movement, without any Force! The transfert happens as transfert of Uniform Motion. This happens with no acceleration and no deceleration!

The Newton Force Action-Reaction, is there not valid because this phenomenon is controled only by the momentum conservation:

m1.v = m2.v
or, if m1 = m2 then,
1.v = 1.v
or v = v

There is no change of velocity.

What it means?
It means that only Energy can describe wholy the Movement without no exception that can unvalid the universal law of Movement as for the Force. Heavenly bodies are always in orbital moving in equilibrium as coservation of energy, without neither any centrifugal nor centripetal Force of the incorrect newtonean Universal Gravitation Forces of Masses attraction.

3th Dynamics law false

There is an usual case in current day life that the Newton's 1st law contradicts directly his 3th Dynamics law. This next animation explains it. Because where there is a system at rest or with no movement - 1st Dynamics law -, there is no force in action. This is illustrated here with two material systems in interaction where there is impossibility of action following by a simultaneous reaction. It is the case of two elastic bowls of equal masses.
One can't tell here that the two bowls is in uniform motion. Therefore we are in the case of the 1st law where there is no force anywhere. But this is a false statement because an interaction is really existing here where there is movement variation in each bowl. And for the Dynamics, a movement variation means Force in action.
In conclusion:
This case of currently wellknow interaction, is the proof of the erroneous Dynamics statements that are only empirical ones. More basically, it is the false mode of human relativistic vision on phenomena. This case shows that any material system is an absolute object where relativistic explainations of movement by the Dynamics and other Relativistic theories, are not relevant. Only space as Potential Energy can precisely describe any interaction form in the universe because potential is the property of absolute space and not of any mass.
This above figure is explained with a general energy interaction law where we can observed for an unique universal law, the so many differents object behaviors.

- Newton's + law + of + motion + explain + a + person + stepping + off + a + boat + falls

Every thing where its seems to have some motion, everybody use to repeat the usual Dynamics laws for explaination.
In this case when on is walking on a light boat gliding on water or on frictionless ground, he will fall. Nothing justifyes there an action-reaction analysis. This person necessary falls because at this time he is unbalanced without no leg as vertical body support. It is the same case as one jump from a moving train. One is falling because he is getting out of his depth. If you suppress the leg of a chair this latter will fall, no need of Newton's laws.
It is why a sailor can walk on a boat even in rough sea, without falling as a biginner. This means that there is no law for such situation. May be, he don't need the bookish Dynamics.


a) - There is not really an exact interaction figure that may be represented as the 3rd Newton's law of Action-Reaction.
b) - According to this initial Newton's theory, Einstein had derived a false another theory when he stated that Mass and Inertie are equilvalent
c) - Action-Reaction forces and Mass-Inertia-Equivalence are only verifyed in a quite particular case where the object is under a transitory monoteneous field of force. But it is an illusion as for the First Newton's law of Uniform Motion.

- if + the + action + and + the + reaction + forces + are + equal + and + opposite + why + can + they + never + balance + or + cancel (Philippines)

This remark is justifyed because the Newton's third law is only an enigma.
It is an enigma for Newton himself. Because he had justly the imprssion of the energy conservation. However, as he wanted to built all his Dynamics based on the Force definition, he also created the energy conservation under the Force formalism. But telling no-energy-change can not be expressed by two opposite Forces. It is there an error to express the vector as an energy quantity.
Therefore, we must consider that the Action-reaction as only a symbolic expression that unhappily have nothing to do with a Force and also have to do nothing with an energy. In fact the 3trd Dynamics law is only a theorical embellishement that tempts to tell the energy conservation while not yet having the exact concept. It is why D'Alembert had considred the Virtual Work in Statics of object.
In consequence
Two opposite Forces are equal no-motion possibility when Force is the expression of a velocity change.
But considering motion as kinetic energy the Action-Reaction should be understood as object inertia phenomena where there is only equal velocity in only particular cases.

- equilibrium, as it affects inertia and elasticity (, Auburn University, USA)

In fact there is not really any static object. Only the unique matter point of the universe is at rest. It is the universe center. This point of matter in only in internal immutable activity as an elemental matter.
The object equilibrium defined as a force resultant equal to zero, is only a most simplistic shematic for the Dynamics mechanics.
Object equilibrium should be understood as a continual internal action according to the Conservation principle.
The inertia is the internal motion of equilibrium of energy arrangement in the object structure. Elasticity is a particular structure where the energy arrangement is turning around. This latter will be changed if this structure is no more prevailing in this object.
This global Equilibrium concept can be applied to solid liquid and gazeous matter states.

- architecture diagram motion (Berkeley.EDU, USA)

- Isaac + newton's + first + law + of + motion + a + car + is + hit + from + behind + inertia + head + stays + at + rest (, USA)

This is a false statement because:
1) - It is an incomplete description of phenomenon. Nobody can observe an object uniform motion as a so-called at rest. On Earth there is always friction and in the space void, a such object will go forward but will at the end return toward the Earth or remaining at an elliptic orbit around its initial system.
2) - One must be in conscience that the first Newton's law is stated with precise words. On should not add or substract from there any world or any other meaning that is not precisely stated there.
3) - Therefore, the first law define from nothing the existence of a pure uniform motion. There is no thing to hit it with an impulse for an initial kinetic energy. We should see there what Einstein rest to state his relationship as:
E = Eo + Emc2
where Eo is the Einstein belief on the unknown initial uniform motion of the universe.
All this comes from the Relativity motion as an ancient belief that constitutes nowadays the same for all mathematicians and physicians relativity theories.

- inertial here and now (, California, USA)

- simple scientific diagram of inertia (, South Africa)

Inertia can't be described only by the Momentum (m.v) mo more then, as Mass equivalent.
The true definition of inertia is as follows:

Inertia is the history of energy variation in a given object.
Therefore, inertia is concerned for any object, as a GAIN from EXTERNAL energy or a LOSS of INTERNAL one.

a) - The (m.v) is only a part of the final aspect.
b) - While the mass is only a matter quantity, that can be at rest and then, has no inertia because of the rest point zero energy.

Defining some parameters of a motorcycle crash


This may be a current practical situation that one have to resolve. It is a hard problem because one don't have enough parameters to solve it. So we should do some conjectural assumption for an approximative response.

a) - At first it needs to know the initial energy of the whole driver plus his motorcycle system. But it is only the final conclusion to get.
b) - The 27 meters and the total mass of 400kg are first known passive parameters. But it is useful only if and additional parameter like their motion speed or the energy of the crash.
c) - However, a real solution can be known if one can measure the friction force that happens when the motorcucle is gliding on the given ground, during 27 meters.

Without knowing the measured friction parameter, we will do here somme assumption about this negative acceleration applyed on the motor machine during its friction to caculate the initial speed of the moving system before the crash.

1) - It needs to calculate the work done by the motorcycle during the friction. We have the formula as:
WF = F(Friction) . 27
2) - It is supposed that there is a constant friction done against the motorcycle gliding on the road. We suppose that the measured friction force (F(Friction)) is equal to:
F(Friction) = 3 N
3) - Therefore, this négative acceleration is acting on the motorcycle a parabolic negative gravity against the direction of the crash until its motion is null. We know what a such parabolic behavior can produce on an object throwing up in the air during 27 meter height under such gravity of (3N). That is:

h = (F(Friction)/2) . t2
27 = (3/2) . t2

This give us the duration (t) of the motorcycle when gliding on the ground:
t = 4.24 secondes

With a such result, the initial speed (V) of the motorcycle before the crash, is given as:

V = 3 . t

V = 12.73 m/s
Or finally, the initial speed before crash is:

V = 45.8 km/h

This is the answer,
if the friction force on the gliding motorcysle was defined by measurements of friction.

The friction is depending to the total displacing masses.
While the distance of the gliding is independent to the masses but depends only to the initial speed before the crash.

- economic root technology inertia (Vietnam,

- motion diagram structure (Israel)

- diagram of Israel history (, USA)

- intersection of fundamental phenomenon of general vibration theory (Israel)

Inertia is defined by the history of matter ways to experience a kinetic energy variation. It is why the Newton's action-reaction is only a very simplified means for describing object interaction.
There are globally three space scales in any object where movement can be filled in or out the object:
1) - The whole object cohesion space.
2) - The granular cohesion space
3) - The atomic and molecular scale.
This means than according to each material properties, there are globally three capacity of matter to be moved in these three scales. Thus, there are corresponding globally three types of Potential behavior, the global potential, the vibration potential and the heat energy one knows as the object heat capacity.
Therefore, the newtonnian force is irrelevant to define correctly any object behaviors during their interactions. It is because Newton's and particularly the Lagrange's theories are concerned only by a belief of perfect coagulated geometric world where it is the unfolding Time that produces any relativistic motion.

- law + of + inertia + definition

- examples + of + inertia + for + kids

In summary,
a) - Each elemental matter, needs a given displacement energy to gain a minimal directed displacement.
b) - A set of elemental matter system needs , at least, (n) elemental directed displacement, to be moved in this given direction.

Below such minimal summation of elemental energy and common direction conditions, a whole system of matter can be move, event of its gain an amount of the minimal displacement but doing in any direction. The heat entering in an object is an exemple of gaining undericted displacement energy by an object. Note that in the case of heat, the gaining of displacement by an object, even it this dont move the whole object, there are resèulting also internal displacement on the object elements. One know that heat is internal elementen displacement for exemple the electronic one. But it may be note that the dilatation of the expansion of the object is also the consequence of the kinetic to potential energy transformation. This the heat is not only the electronic linear movement bit there are also the electronic orbital expansion. Under gain of heat, the object is gaining also internal potential.
Therefore, inertia of an object may be observed under two aspects:

1) - The object mass center displacement.
2) - The growing of internal potential.

The limit of a solid maximal gaining of internal potential enegy for solid is defined by the its solid melting point. This is the rupture of its elemental molecules cohesion. This is also the energy rate where a first micro fissuration takes place during any stress in normal room condition.

Such internal growing potential happens at any points of the object.

Therefore, according to this Dakhiometry potential-concept, we can state that the possibility of creating multiple micro points of local growing potential in solid matter, is the phenomena that characterizes effectively the welknown severe rupture of solid by FATIGUE.

Cyclic stress and internal potential of solid

This diagram is from wellknown ship that was sudenly and wholy cut by tear in two parts.

Note that concerning solid metal, fatigue sollicitation mecanism is due to low effort and low amplitude but long duration for cyclic stress introducing dangerous potential energy into Solid matter

The next text below about the ants that are all furnishing each minimal displacement enegy and doing it in a same direction, to be abble to displace the Big Leaf. The inertia is then concerning to displace a given object with the minimal energy to put into it with the condition to do it in one common given displacement direction by each input minimal energy.

- examples + of + inertia + for + kids (..)

Inertia can be easyly understood according to the following figure.

Let Quantity of Movement being compared as number of Ants. Thus,:

Quantity of Motion = Quantity of Ants

Let a big leaf used as food by these ants. Thes latter have to take this leaf into their anthill.
Each ant is too tiny to pull this leaf at home. Because the distance of its pulling motion is also too short or practically nil. It is to tell that the leaf inertia or the leaf movement, is too heavy for one ants capability.

It is a big problem for only one ant to do such displacement work.
How can ants resolve such problem?

Simply, they have to resolve the inertia of a whole big leaf. That is to tell, they have to communicate a minimal displacement to be abble to move the leaf.
At this time, a scientist ant that has some knowledge about the Movement-Resistance called as object Inertia, suggests to resolve the problem of overcoming the displacement-resistance of the big leaf, according to the following equation:

a) - Let one ant capability to displace a little leaf with a little Movement (B)

b) - Let the interesting Big Leaf displacement with necessary a whole big movement (A).

c) - Therefore, the scientist ant write his solution equation as:

Movement (A) = n.[movement (B)]

The scientist ant concludes that to displace the big leaf, it suffices to associate (n) number of individual ant-movement(B). From there, the scientist ant define the property of oject displacement fact and denoted it by inertia of any object mass.

The inertia is then understood as the minimal-of-movement that the external movement have to be put into any object mass to have the mass center of this latter being displaced. For the ant scientist, there are two possible solution for this job:

1) - Or at first ant should cut the Big leaf into many little parts of leaf. Then any one-ant can bring this little part to home.
2) - Or many total sufficient number of ants suffice to bring the whole leaf to home. This is the main powerful capacity of ant to be strong according to their being as numerous little insects.

It is why also,
man can built so Big Pyramides and so tall bulding!
This is also due to their capacity of distribution of efforts against matter inertia.
Thus for the futur space stars conquests, man will have to use their capcity of distribution effort against long displacement.

The typical example of inertia phenomena is the Heat-Flowing. Heat is no more than how necessary kinetic enegry is gaining by an object to be filled up with movement to start moving or to have its initial state being transformed.
Thus, the growing of temperature is no more than the duration of adding tiny movement ant number to input them into an object mass in such manner that one can measure it as a temperature state. This latter is no more than representing all of its atomic movement.

It is why:

a) - According to this growing temperature phenomena, the physical Inertia property shows that the Newton's Action-Reaction is a empirical fantasy that rest on somme particular everyday observations. A true Physcisal law should be universal.
b) - The Einstein's Mass-Inertia equivalence is one of a numerous enample of true Science belief. It is the usual science method to state that "What I tell is true until it will be fasified".

This is the usual science Try-Error method. It allows the blossoming of the last centuries modern sciences that beging from the Middle-Age. These science rest only from such artificial hypothesis that allows the where the epistemology to states that sciences are True until its are not falsified.
One should know that is is more difficult to falsify an Illusion than to to get the certainty on it. The Impossible Squaring a Circle is a fantastic example of such Mathematics "Do it yourself" sciencse when they are not founded on Reasons.

- eylemsizlik yasas%C4%B1 animasyonlar%C4%B1 (Turkey)

The real inertia concept concerns the one explained by simple diagram as follows.

Inertie phenomenon

1) - At first, inertia concerns change of motion in an object.
2) - Motion is a physical property that can be denoted as a momentum. Momentum is the quantity of a mass time the speed of this object.
3) - In discret matter concept, the mass is the summ of all discret elemental matters that compose this object.
Thus the momentum of an object is the product of all the elemental matters by the global speed of this object.

In the next figure, is shown an arrow representing the total momentum (MV). Now, how can an object experience a change of a such (MV)?
Thus with a total change of MV in a car or in a truck may be understand as follow.
A car is composed of (Ma)=10 elemental matters and a truck is composed with Mb=20 elemental elements of matter. These matter elements are denoted as the elemental masses.
A such change of MV in both the objects, is a physical state that can be described as:
MV = Ma.V1 = Mb.V2
This equality is what is shown on the figure.
that is the law of Momentum an also the law of Energy Conservation and more generally the Basic law of Elemental Matter Conservation.

We have now to understand what is Inertia concept. This latter is not "the tendency of resisting to any change". Physic matter has not conservatism dogma.

The real Inertia phenomenon is as follows:
When a whole object is moving, it is the phenomenon of the equality of moving for all the elemental matter in this object. Thus, if an object is going to move, it is because all its elemental matter is gained the same speed. There is an iso-speed in this object.
But always, we can note that there is a delay between an impulse contact and the moving of the object before it get the effective general moving. This delay is the phenomena of INERTIA.
The Inertia is not a resistence of the object to move. It is an old erroneous concept. There is no physical law that govern the dogma "Against Change".
The inertia is the phenomenon of the physical sharing of an external motion inside a system of elemental matters as represented by any object, in such delay that the sharing process produces equal changing momentum for each matter element of the system. On this figure, is represented how the MV quantity is divided into the (Ma.V) of 10 elemntal matters in a car and also how it is divided into (Mb.V) 20 elemnental matters in the truck.

- conservation Moment of momentum (Vietnam,

Inertie phenomenon
According to the postulate, any length is represented as a squared length. Thus a momentum can be represented by an energy. Then the interaction phenomena is concerning an energy correspondent to a change of momentum in an object. The gain of an energy into an object is a phenomena of fission of the total momentum for an optimisation of the momentum sharing in this object. A momentum arrow represented as the one originated from it center can not exactely represent the real basic phenomenon of the optimal equipartition of momentum in the bulk of the object.
In Dakhiométrie a better way to understand the change of momentum is represented here in this next figure, illustrating how a fission of the entering momentum can be done. There, a momentum AB, represented here as an energy, can be broken in fission to be able to share it in all the discrete matter of the object. Thus, the first step of AB is to decomposes into FB plus BE. After that these two latter goes in fission into another secondary ones. Successiveley the momentum can be in total fission to reach the elemental scale of matter. In this case, the AB length will occupy the two final curves denoted as C1 and C2. Obviouly, AB is not necessary a total fission. Different scales of fission can be only done for different case of impact. A total fission in curve C1 and C2 is then a total transformation of kinetic energy into radiation or into the state of elemental matter.
Now, From AB toward different steps of fission, there are necessarry different delays because motion are concerning. With these analysis, we can define the Inertia as the first maximum quantity of matter having gained an amount of equal momentum. At this time, the object is moving under the interaction event. All the other fine scale of momentum can be heat or producing atomic radiation effect and other chemical ones.
Therefore, the Inertia designates this threshold where sufficient matter has reach an equal motion vector to move the object. This figure represents the different step where inertia corresponds to the total mass of the object.

An object can't move in as a whole linearly, if there is any elemental part in his bulk that don't get a same motion change as the other ones. Only in rotation, there exists an axis where elements are at rest. This is the basic law of motion in an object that give rise to the LEVER PROPERTY. Because the rest axis of matter exist, it allows the condensation of matter to form heavenly Globe according to ring structure. The formation of these globes, with a rest axis, is the source of Potential law that governs activites in heavenly bodies.
Inertia is a more matter active law than a passive concept of mass. The rotation is an example of a particular sharing of momentum in the bulk of object. Sharing or dividing momentum, are the real job of the physical inertia that allows the presence of a rest zone amongst moving envirronnement to produce the Potential activity.

The above division is a physical progressive sharing of the total M.V where the trajectories towards each elemental localizations are different and thus, have different time for getting a general speed equality in the object.

In summary;
the inertia is the sharing of the total change momentum for a maximum of equality of momentum allowing the dispalecement of the whole object.

In the exemple of a truck and a car, the duration of sharing in a car with lesser number of elemental matters, is more quick than sharing a same momentum in a more higher quantity of elemental matter of a truck. It is used to tell that the inertia of the truck is higher than the one on the car.

Practically, we can distinguish the whole motion of an object from another motion that are entering in the object, without producing the equal motion like for the whole. It is for example, the vibration momentum, the heat momentum and the energy that produce internal micro-rupture in an object. Fundamentally:
Inertia and Mass are not equivalent.

For example let a same quantity of matter for a bal and for a thin rigid sheet of metal. In the vacuum, a same impact on the ball and on the sheet, will shows that the inertia of the sheet is greater than the one of the ball. It is because the trajectory if momentum in the sheet is greater than in a compact ball. In the case of a long elastic stick, it can not rotate in a whole around its middle without taking a curve form. It is because the momentum takes a long delay before filling and sharing motion everywher equal. In the opposite case, there is elastic object as a ball of glass, it seem having a few inertia because glass matter is highly elastic and motion entering in it goes quickly thoughout. That is the inertia phenomenon.
All thes experience prove that Inertia is not the Mass. No equivalence is possible between Mass and Inertia. as tell eronneously the Relativity Theory.

- an + apple + of + 0.5kg + is + dropped + from + a + tree + of + height + 3 + meters + where + the + local + gravity + is + 9.8m/s.s.+ on + the + way + down + it + loses + 3 + joules + of + energy + to + heating + the + air + in + its + path + what + is + its + velocity + just + before + it + hits + the + ground (, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

From your apple is perpetually raining money. No more need of oil worry.
A such apple should produce a total of measured falling energy equal to:
0.61 Joule

If for some chance it has loosing its falling energy to heat the air an amount of 3 Joule.This heat is done during:
0.78 s
Then it corresponds to a total falling energy of one apple of :
0.6112 + 3 = 3.6112 J

It is recommanded to the owner of this apple orchard to build an Apple power station advantageously replacing the dangerous nuclear power stations, where always apples is falling. With a billion of apples we will get a possible power of simply:
3 GJ *(1/0.78) = 3.8 GW of electrical power.

The only disadvantage is that:
1 billion of 0.5kg = 500.000 tons
and probably more, of simultanneously falling apples on the ground should produce a constant eartquake.

- 6.0-kg + object + initially + at + rest + in + free + space + explodes + into + three + segments + of + equal + mass. + Two + of + these + segments + are + observed + to + be + moving + with + equal + speeds + of + 20+m/s + with + an + angle + of + 60 ° + between + their + directions + yahoo answer (, New Zealand)

It is assumed that all the explode energy is found in the initial whole 6.0 kg object.

Then, according to the momentum conservation, as the 6.0 kg object is initialy at rest, its motion mass center is in Zero motion. Therefore, after exploding, the total 6.0kg assembly center of mass is also a zero motion.
So the third part of 2kg is going on the bissector of the two other part directions, but in the opposit one.
According to that the three equal parts trajectories are drawing an equilateral triangle, then the third part velocity is also a 20 m/s.
In conclusion
After the object exploding there are formed three equal parts of 2.0 kg. These latter are going with all three equal speed of 20 m/s and three equal kinetic energies of:
(m.v2= 2 x 400 = 800 J

So, the total exploding initial energy is at least:
800 x 3 = 2,400 J

However these results are false.
The basic solution rest on the Momentum Conservation in conjunction with the Energy Conservation.
All the three parts masses are M=2 kg. It is given the final energy of two part of 2 kg. They are each equal to:
(1/2) [(2) * (20)2] = 400 J
All the three part final momentum should be nul. Then the momentum of the third part is oposite and equal to the summation of the two other part ones. This means that the third part trajectory is on the bisector of the two other parts. A speed vector summation shows it.

Energy conservation

The speed vector summation gives the third part one as:

V3 = 2[(20).cos (30°)] = 34.61 m/s
E3 = (1/2)(2)(34.61)2 = 1197.85 J

Now condidering the energy aspect, we should have Etotal as the initial exploding energy:

Etotal = E3 + E1 + E2
Etotal = 800 + 1197.85 = 1997.85 J

a) - Momentum of objects as (mass.speed) are concerning their space structure in space
b) - Object energies are concerning interaction relationships between them
Therefore, changes depend to the whole space structure and energies allows to describe the corresponding transformation in space.

What does the 3rd Newton's Action-reacton force can do to the matter in hand?
If we supposoe that the V1, V2 V3 are also the acceleration then the figure represents also Forces. For example the action V1 has an opposite in V1'. This latter is replacing the vector summation of (V2+V3).
In this case, action-reaction can't precisely well describes the energy conservation of this interaction system.
Therefore, it is quite false as Lord kelvin tell it in his Principles of Mechanics and Dynamics (Dower edition 1962). The Newton's Action-Reaction is not equivalent to the Energy Conservation principle. Action-Reaction is only concerning force vector formalism.

- when + a + sprinter + uses + starting + blocks + to + enhance + running + performance + which + of + Newtons + laws + is + best + represented + by + the + interaction + of + the + sprinter + and + the + blocks (, Oklahoma State University, USA)

The Newton's force is a formalism to describe relative motion.
So let us consider the Energy Conservation principle. Whith the force, energy means Work.
1) - Action equal to reaction means that momentum are equally shared between the block and the sprinter. Thus with such law one should consider the displacement energy of the sprinter plus the one of the Earth is the total energy spend by the sprinter because energy is equal to the [l/2(mass.v2)]. Thus any displacement on the Earth surface need the consummation of the double measured energy. Therefore, the formula:
ETheory1 = [l/2(mass.v2)]
is a false one.
Because with action/reaction, any sprinter expense energy should be denoted as equal to
EReal1 = [2.(1/2)(mass.v2)]

Now, if the sprinter need to double his effort he should produce a measured energy as:
ETheory2 = 2.[l/2(mass.v2)]

However because of the Newton's action-reaction, the total energy that he should produce is:
EReal2 = 2.(ETheory2) = 2.2.(ETheory1)

This means that if he want to produce 2 time his energy, he should produce really produce (2.2) times the initial energy.
In recurence, if he want to produce n time his initial energy to sprint, he should produce [n.2] times the real expense of energy.

The Newton's Action-Reaction is really a sentenced to penal servitude. Isn't it?

- Human as Multiple Inertias (Pakistan)

- sprint technique arms (Turkey)

Actually alive systems are movement generator sytems.
For alive sprinters one should consider how a such system can do to generate motion. Therefore, as alive body is a multiple inertia system, the problem is not how to be dependent on the exterior of a body. It is a false view point to analyse alive motion according to placement of force vector and apply on it the Dynamics. This a dependence on the exterior. In fact if one consider the true of a such force technique, according to the muscle biology no alive can run so fast as we can observe really.
Alive optimal motion should be generated wholly according to a self-generator of its motion. Obviously, in the void, any body can't move by his own his center of mass. However, the aim of a "multiple inertia" structure is to allows a self-control motion. Why a bird fly in the air so easy while an airplane is a quite rigid and nearly uncontroled thing? It is because as you tell it, a bird is a Multiple Inertia system, fully controlled by the bird skill. We can see
According to these considerations, you are right to note why a sprinter should use his arms as inertia parts that allows to the jegs part to lean on this arm inertia part for running more freely. Any of animal can master perfectly all his inertia parts to do a specific efficient motion.

Concerning the Third postulate

Now, what is used in this text is the property of any number to be written as a square. And we have seen that from the Third Matter postulate, it was stated the Theorem of classes of Surface Equality.


- "difference + between + objects + and + classes"

Objects in the universe belong to the uniqueness. Any object is a real absolute unique. That is a unique object is unique in the whole universe and unique along any way of Evolution. For simplifying, we name this unique matter particularity as an object.

When more human take consciousness of this fundamental of uniqueness of Life, they no more have a segregation vision on nature that run counter the law and destroy themselves. It is then the time of great development of knowledge on the Earth. Therefore, it is time of wealthy development of the thought and structuring ideas. Then, the matter of the human thinker is the numerous precise articulations of concepts classes, of laws classes and of justly actions.

Here it concerns us to have some global concepts on the universal laws. And in the multiplicity of the uniqueness world, it is good to define globally matter properties as e.g., the classes of objects that can have a common quantity character as a surface equality.
An another way to simplify the reality, we denote class, a set of objects that have some common characters although they are unique. In example, all the objects of the universe of a same surface can form a class of objects defined simply with a common surface value. There is no contradiction to the uniqueness principle and defining a class or a world of a same surface allows us to do not forget that the matter laws concern the multiplicity.

For the sake of simplicity, we will denote this theorem as the Lam-ca Theorem. The word Lam-ca means "doing-anything" or the fait-tout theorem. It is a so powerful usefullness theorem that can be used in so many problem situations.

- Buddha Song From Myanmar By Soe Sandar Tun (Malaysia,

Lam-ca theorem

Lam-ca means "doing-anything"... that is needed.

It is not necessarily to prove that a such fait-tout is really universal... since the departure of the Evolution.

The Lam-ca-1 Theorem


The Lam-ca Theorem states the Classes of Surface Equality. It is directly generated from the third postulate of the matter.

Because anything in nature exists in an absolute defined quantum meaning of space, through a centered quantity of matter, and natural laws are only valid in a flat surface, the precise knowledge of surfaces is fundamental. A theorem that give a means of surface definitions is a most usefullness tools.

The Yin and Yang concept of the ubiquity of the complementary of Life. The beginning of the universe evolution with the squaring from a circle and is a great logic meaningful. It remains impressed in any matter event and particularly in the basics of knowledge. The circle-square system is the fundamental rational understanding of life as the Yin and the Yang. It can be expressed differently in any human knowledge source and today one must defined this basic knowledge of Life as a rational one. Because the circle-square spatial structure is the fact of that the matter constructs according to the complementary forms. The complementary is the being of the matter and appears in any phenomenon as a property of the symmetry of matter. The square is therefore the expression of the symmetry in the universe construction. Therefore, the most basic tools of the matter measurements is the spatial structure of the circle-square system. Thus, the Lam-ca theorem use this last system to define the classes of surface equalities. This theorem says that knowledge of any surface can be done through its relationship with a square owing to a circle and is written in the symmetry form as the following :

Class of equality      (1)

Where {S} is the surface of a square and {x} is the length of its side.

The "Lam-ca"-1 Theorem is resumed in these two following figure :

- làm y than... (Vietnam)

Make (y) ... than ... May be, to Perform Oneself

- lam y thân (Vietnam)

- lam y than (, USA)

- lam y than (, softbank BB, Japan)

May be, it means: làm ý thân = To build the Self or to build Himself? - lam y than (, China)

- lam y than 2010 (Vietnam,

- CLASS A Surface (, Japan, image_contents/business_modeling_0l.jpg) - schematic cdi xe ware (Vietnam, pd-technik/reparaturen/bilder/zuendbox/schematic-k.jpg)

- general + structur (Indonesia)

If there was structure in space then, this Lam-Ca theorem is the basic general structure of any form. It is like actually the Brick as unit in the universe construction.

Lam-ca theorem

Any square can be written as a product of two inverse numbers. Here on can construct the inverse with a circle-square system. The inverse number {k} can be obtained here as :
x=L/cos(a) and y=L.cos(a)
Therefore, any square surface represents a class of figures of the same surface.

- what + type + of + function + can + be + used + to + detrmine + the + side + length + of + a + square + if + the + independent + variable + is + the + squares + area (, Virginia, USA)

Lam-ca theorem

Inversely, one can defines at least from a circle or a rectangle, a square that represent its class of surface equality.

- kubas apskritimas trikampis staciakampis viename (Lithuania)

- relationships + of + rectangle + and + circle (Vietnam)

The simple determination of the length of the square side is sufficient to represent the rectangular surface. this next figure-2-1 show how to find this side length that is the mean proportional of all this class of surface.

Lam-ca theorem

The most current case is to represent the surface of a rectangle given with the two sides determining three points on a segment. Here we have PN1 and PN2 aligned on PN2. The Lam-ca theorem constructs the mean proportional of this two segment as above. But the simple construction is to draw a circle of diameter PN2. Draw the segment LL' perpendicular to PN1. It intersects the preceding circle. The PL or PL' is the square side length.
We used this construction in the next of this text.

- the perpendicular segment from a point to a plane is the shortest segment from the point to the plane (, USA)

This is proved simply in Dakhiometry on the Lam-Ca theorem basis.
It gives rise to a simple spatial - geometrical - and practical method of how to determine precisely and instaneously the shortest point to go towards a plane when one is located far from this plane as for example, when one is in an airplane and need to define the perpendicular to the ground. Therefore, a such point defined, the airplane can be taken as a reference center. Then, any point on the ground relatively to the airplane can be known what ever is its own motion. In brief, this is a device that allows the airplane to be a "Galileo" reference. Many applications can be get from a such precise and instanteneous spatial location determination device. For example a particular usefull one is as follows. Because, knowing instantaneously its location from the ground the airplane can be processed for automatic landing. Particularly, spatial control of probes trajectory for landing on a planet need a such system when the planet specific gravity is unknown.
This is an important practical equipment deduced from the Dakhiometry's knowledge on the real Space properties.

Practical use of the Lam-ca theorem

A square may represent any rectangle that have a same surface. This a general form. In a more particular phenomenon case, the spatial situation concern only a defined extend of surface. Therefore, when a maximal rectangular surfaces is defined, it can be represented with a great square with a known side length. Consequently, the problems is simplified and the Lam-ca theorem consists to seek a one to one side between a square and a rectangle.

- theorem complementary (USA Georgia)

The basic and important reason of the Lam-Ca theorem is as follows. When an object is known as composed of complementary parts then, it suffice to define it simply by only one part of this complementary system. This simple definition can give access to its whole part. It is the reason usually known in this following expression when we want to know somebody: "what company does he keep? or, who does he go around with?".
The anciant Geometry was not a science that rests on basic reasons for its development. Because Geometry was built only according to hazardous dicovery of remarkable figures. The very anciant so called Pythagoras' theorem is an illustrating example. It give a monolithic formula for practical uses but nobody don't know the how or the why of.
Therefore, because it rests on matter fundamental reason the Lamca theorem is a very fertile theorem as a whealthy source for spatial structure constructions and resolutions.

- theorems of one side (USA Georgia)

You define there a just concept of the Lamca theorem.

- "tha" lam

Hereafter, some intuitive consciousness of the property of the Lam-ca-1 theorem.

- education dissipation structure gif (China)

- blue + line + lamca (Argentina)

- A1g Belfast Victoria square (Universitas Scientarium Szegediensis, University of Szeged, Hungary)

- spatial structures (, Russian Federation,

- circle structures of sweden (, Estonia)

Class of surfaces

The Lam-ca-1 is founded only on the complementary spatial structure of the circle and the square.

Here is shown the use of the Lam-ca theorem of comparing One-to-One side length between a square and a rectangle.

Proof of segment perpendicular to a line is the shortest

- a + square, circle, triangle, and + a + rectangle + in + one + picture (, USA)

More, all belong to a same circle form.

- prove that short line is 90 degrees challenge (South Africa)

The above characteristic of the LamCa theorem drives straight to comparison between two segments. We need not the Hilbert topography definition. Space structure contains exhustively all the logic of localisations and quantities comparisons.

1) - Consider the sides lengths of the rectangular triangle. Comparison betwwen segments is difficult or as complex process. Thus the lamca theorem provides a method of comparison between them as the one between their lengths squared. Comparison proceed there as aeras comparison.
Thus, comparison any of the two rectangular sides with the hypothenus, show that it can be done as comparison between the whole square with one of it aera parts.

- model question of class11 Nepali (Nepal)

Thus it is expressed as:

Theorem The hypothenus of a rectangular triangle is always greater than any of its two other side.

Class of surfaces
With this theorem, it can be prooved that:
The segment of a perpendicular to a line or a curve is always the shortest length.

This next figure shows how from a point (P) a perpendicular (PN) to a line (MN), is the shortest length from any of secant (PM) according to that:

PN2 = S2
MN2 = S1

PM2 = S1 + S2

To give always the theorem as:
PN < PM or PN = PM

In conclusion:
Quantity comparison in spatial language needs no Algebraic topography convention.

The "Lam-ca"-2 Theorem

from the above figure-3, on can state a secondary theorem. According to an exhaustion path of scanning a surface. The path is variation of the surface from a length of quantum matter to the maximum quantity of the greatest blue square. This is directly the consequence of spatial construction. There is a second theorem that can be stated as :

- {z2} is the total surface revealed by the measurement, the great blue square of diameter of the circle as a side length,
- {x2>} , the surface of the blue variable rectangles, corresponding to the classes of surfaces MEASURED by the red squares
- {y2>} , the surface of the black variable and NOT-MEASURED rectangles,

The Lam-ca-2 theorem states the conservation of matter in the surface of a square :

x2 = z2 - y2

That can be stated as :

The Lam-ca-2 theorem :
Between the defined minimal and the maximal totality of a surface, the sum of the known and the unknown surface is equate to the total one.

This means that in the mature, what is unknown is in fact Not-Yet-Known. Everything is determined. This is the meaning of the rational matter.

Knowledge is rational because it concerns only quantity Basically and provide that matter is a quantity numbers and considering that the above formalism is only a simplified one, this means that between two numbers any numbers can be precisely and successively defined.

The rational circle. Consequently, the circle has a rational number as surface and this number is naturally composed with the new Pi value. This is because a circle is situated between two squares, the inscribed and circumscribed ones to the circle.

Knowledge is possible according to quantity that are defined property of the matter. This is the consequence of the quantity. Provide that any circle can be squared and that squares represent any matter in the universe, the Lam-ca-2 states that Changes in the universe are done according to the matter Conservation Quantity.

The lam-ca-2 is a method of defining successive numbers. The Lam-ca-2 theorem is a method of rational exhaustion. Provide that natural whole numbers can be spatial successive squares, the Lam-ca-2 is a means of scanning numbers between two integers.

Let us be more familiar with the Lam-ca theorems.

- what's the "excat" size of 1 square fit (India)

On can use this theorem for relationships between surfaces. According to the animated figure-3, one can see that a circle with a square of side length equal to the circle diameter can be used as a spatial structure where surfaces can be define and compute. For simplifying and clarifying figures, we can represent a variable square with only its side inscribe in the circle.

Use of the Lam-ca theorem

According to the Lam-ca-1 theorem, one can use only a side length of a square to represent rectangular surfaces because this length is a proportional mean of all the rectangles of a same surface.
On this figure-4, the different surfaces denoted from x1 to x4, are linked to the red segments of square side. This is perfectly defined by a circle, the diameter of that is equate to the square side length.

Note that the different red sides of squares on this figure, are necessarily attached to one of the two ends of the circle diameter. Only in this condition, this segment can represent e.g., the green surfaces x2 to the red segment-2.

This spatial construction of the Lam-ca theorem allows us to write a relationship that we will used further in this text. This the relation between the square of any red segment on this figure-4 and its abscissa {X} time the circle diameter {Y}. The red segment number {i} is denoted as e.g., {0,i}, then :

{0,i}2 = Y.Xi      (2)

This is only the stated as :

Any square of the red side on the figure-4 is equate to its correspondent rectangle of abscissa {xi].

The next figure-5 show it. the length of the sides of the two red squares can represent the total sum equate to the great square. And note that each vertex of the squares must be at an end of the circle diameter.

Motion average

In a particular case of dividing the total surface into two parts, the two corners of the square is used. Being at each corner of the circle diameter, the sum of the square surface is valid to be equate to the sum of the rectangle 1 and 2.

This rests on the reasons of the Lam-ca-1 theorem that states only circle and square relationships with rectangles. One should not confuse this particular case that only know the triangle rectangle, with the general possibility of the Lam-ca theorem that is founded on the structure of the circle-square system.
If one is still in the conservatism of the old rigid formalism, hereafter is what one miss. Please examine this figure and note that it is the representation of the complementary of natural laws. The complementary is the consequence of the symmetry of Matter. In this figure, the relationship is valid because in the greatest square there is a complementary as well as between the two little square.

- center "fo" the square coordinates (Switzerland, Zürich, ETH)

Let us continue on the easy free use of the Lam-ca theorem that no other method can do offer.

General object model

This figure shows how the Lam-ca theorem allows to determined surfaces and then displacing the center O of the circle C1 to replace the square S1, eg, for a more easy comparison.

- Moeyusanmodel (TW)

- Newton's model lift (Sierra Leone)

- Time delay from theorem of Pythagoras (Russian Federation)

- bird flying theorem (Korea)

- star wars Marchandises (Malaysia,

- bengali szeged (, Hungary)

- Oman filetype.gif (Oman)

- starwars (Indonesia, ;

- logovietnam (Vietnam,

- INDIVIDUALS + +- 419 +- scam (Hungary)

- myanmarbuddha (Singapore, michelbow/img-lib/spd_2007122404710_b.jpg)

- Moeyusanmodel (TW)

General object model

The Lam-ca theorem is a free user-friendly practical theorem. One can displace the center O at O1 or anywhere needed to draw the square or the corresponding rectangle. The fait-tout theorem is really a universal fait-tout tool for surface comparisons, measurements and more...

- làm y than... (Vietnam)

Make (ý) as ... thân ...

- Chinese proof of Pythagoras theorem (India)

In anciant time constructions need some rules for definition of forms. From there amongts others, there was a language term creation of Geometry that was how to measure aeras of lands. The relationship defined as the Pythagoras' one is the most remarkable. It may be known anywhere by anciant ingeneers. Particularly, the verification was invented also un India and in China and not only from the Babylonians. This latter origin is only tale invention of historians. It is like to tell that the round wheel had an unique origin of invention. Any human was born with the minimal quality of technique capacity.
Therefore, the so-called Pythagoras' theorem is rapidly understood anywhere on Earth by practical ingeneers, as how to fill exactly a square aera with rectangles and triangles ones. The Euclidean "proof" is no more than a such way of verification but with a more sophistic discourse to make science. But it don't tell what is the most basic: the reason of why or from where a such relationship come from.
Empirical view can't never go more deeper than verification that is a linear arangement as like for the cause-effect. Only knowledge use the deduction that use an arborescence view from root of universal laws. Then, a real science should understand this relatinship as somewhere a particular branch of arborescent basic reason of the universe.

Successive of the proportional mean with the Lam-ca theorem

General object model


- moe + yu + san + Body (

- Moeyusanmodel (TW)

- Moeyusan + body + photo (Myanmar)

- Moeyusan (..)

- Moehayko + photo (Taiwan)

- Myanmar + model + news (..) - Moe + Yu + San (Thailand)

- Moe + Yu + San + body (Myanmar)

- Moe yu San (Russian Federation)

- Moe + Yu + San + moten

- Myanmar cute (Myanmar)

- Myanmar + model + Moe + Yu + San

- Best Regards.gif (Philippines, vCourse/PayAProfessional/images/regards.gif)

- space and form in Singapore city (Singapore, deployedfiles/Internet/Processed%2520Images/Suntec-City,-Singapore.jpg - Myanmar model (Malaysia, _jq9nqNqtOSU/SQxo1X5jOJI/AAAAAAAAAds/yy54q2bNXjc/s800/ www.myanmar-model.com_moe-yu-san-close-up-cute-002.jpg)

- Yatanarpon city+myanmar (Singapore, C6-6HtsGnu6qV-nY08DhMtFmlCqascnEyWMT1r*hs27Ck2YAe*8gMDJBFXHcEFv9OAQioMidz* Vh9Pa66k5q5aSHBSsye*ct/MyanmarFlag.gif)

- Myanmar model (Malaysia, SQxo10gIj5I/AAAAAAAAAd0/)

- liberty mohawk Indonesia (Indonesai,

- logovietnam (Vietnam,

- foto model indonesia (Indonesia,


- model Indonesia (Korea,

- dence model (Indonesia,

- star wars Marchandises (Malaysia,

- free maths secondary school problems for vertical/lateral thinking (, University of Botswana, Botswana)

- working model for limits of functions in maths for class11 (India)

- working model of a theorem (Qatar)

A first surface {S1} is determined with the Lam-ca theorem and give the ON1 square side. In next, one can divide {S1} with an other side ON2 or with a perpendicular L1 as on the figure. Does one know the corresponding division on the square surface {S2} ? The answer is YES.
Because the Lam-ca theorem states that the two secondary divided surfaces have their side length inverted with a same factor, the angle {alpha}, as in the first division.

Therefore, a second division in the surface {S1] is reported directly in the surface {S2}. In consequence, a first division of surface can be reported in a series of the same division ratio, until it reach a minimal quantum surface.

- tatami space division methods (Sri Lanka)

Actually. This figure proves that spatial sconstruction can perform dividion operation with any quantity.
However, there is a general method for spatial precise dividion that can be applied simply for space transformations as addition, substraction, multiplication and division.

- tatami abstraction (Czech Republic)

Assuredly, there are beatiful falls on a judo tatami even if the Judo technique is concerned only on the how to get a steady standing posture.

- pictures + of + human-environment + interaction + in + the + Czech + Republic (, USA)

I have seen on tv a such interesting report about human action on environment in Czech Republic.

- geometry tatami (, Japan)

- tatami layout (, Coláiste na hOllscolle Corcaigh, Ireland)

The tatami is derived from human measurement. It is why the tatami geometry is a human's one.

- obstruction of freedom of Bengali nation

- What the freedom look like in geometry (, UK)

Understanding the space structure allows to resolve many basic impossible questionning and to get rationally wealthy developments of their consequences.

- high jump Approach GEOMETRY (, Hugary)

- the structure of n-space-euclidean (, PALtel National Telecom, Palestine)

This following space structure allows to understand how in a largest space scale heavenly bodies are formed according to the Potential/Movement universal energie transformation. The spiral trajectories of the matter condensation process in large space scale, follow necessarily in spiral forms. It is why the condensation history of formed galaxy systems are seen to be drawn in nice spiral trails.

- umjetnost, geometrija i kompozicija (, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina)

- gas separation animation process flow (Malaysia,

- rational mean (, Taiwan)

- kinetic energy for state of matter%-animation (Malaysia,

- squeeze theorem (Saudi Arabia)

- on principle divisions. The square is not a random division (, Palestine)

- construction of clothes for different types of posture (Ukraine)

- surface details of Camp Nou stadium (Vietnam,

- animated 36th Ulster divisions (, UK)

- rational numbers chart (Qatar)

- spatial construct (Romania)

- moe + yu + san + moten

- KINETIC + ENERGY + animation (UK)

This next shematic can represent the space Potential by the rectangular aeras that are transformed into Kinetic Energy during the Matter Condensation Process.
Therefore, the result of a Condensation Process is to form a globe at a given fixed center. This latter is then a structure around a center where condensed Kinetic energy is organized as Rings of Movement.

From Asristotle saying that any Movement should be ended at rest (of displacement) by rotation around a rest point, is not exact but this have something like an intuition on the Condensation Process. The Displacement of object is not only a temporal event as like the Aristotle telling. Because the Condensation Process is really a process that forms a permanent structure of Movement Organization. This allows to produce heavenly Bodies with their Globe Permanent Rotation. It is why Constructions in the universe may be extended to unbounded hightly complexity ones according to organization of Kinetic Enegry into the Globe Structure.

General object model

From an initial surface {S1}, one can have a spatial construction of a series of divisions of this surface, with a same ratio. This figure shows this construction.

According to the Lam-ca-2 theorem, stating the conservation of matter, on can concluded that this series of divisions are a scanning of rational numbers within 1 dakhion to the maximal surface {S1}. Therefore, the convergence of this division series is 1 dakhion. This is valid to any ratio of division. On can see that this division of surfaces concerns circles, square and rectangles.

Note that this spiral is generated with a same angle {alpha] as indicated in the figure-8.

- tatami: architecture (Mexico)

Actually. Surface occupied as architecture unit.

- chinese remainder theorem (Vietnam,

The Inverse of Surface and Distance
The Surface Relationship between systems of point and circle

For the sake of proving the theorem on Matter Structure of a Construction, it is going hereafter to establish a proof of a constant surface relationship between a fixed point and two points of a given circle. The three points are aligned. To do not have a too long text, we will reduced to what is a necessarily proof that will be used latter. One may think that this problem concerns some known one. But you will see that it concerns only new light owing to the Lam-ca theorem.

Thus, it will be prove that a system of a point exterior to a circle and this latter has a relationship of constant surface.


- grasshopper structure architecture (Indonesia,

- théorème de big bend (Canada)

- height of point above datum in Malaysia (Malaysia,

- Moeyusanmodel (TW)

- Moeyusan + photo (India)


General object model

As on the figure-8 above, on can use the Lam-ca theorem with the system of a circle and a square to search surface relationship. On the figure-8, it is used a mean proportional or the length of the side of a little square to divide the great square into rectangular parts.
Differently, on this figure-9-1, we use a little square as a constant surface {S} and this square is rotating around point P. from this a new construction of dividing surfaces that are equate to {S} can be done. On this figure-9-1, one can see two example of this constructions. This process of the Lam-ca theorem allows to define a new class of dividing the great square. This property is used in the next figure.

- geometry in circle square (, MLL Micro Leads Limited, Bangladesh)

- Mongolia class system (Mongolia)

- Square Miles Pennsylvania (USA fcasd edu)

- hyperbolic structures in the Philippines (Philippines)

- plans free drawing of the motor boat class1 (Russian Federation, = sites/1000/images/product_images/Large/7411.jpg)

- Moeyusanmodel (TW)

General object model

In this figure-9-2 one see the circle-square basic structure with a great square of PN' = y. At the vertex P of this square is a little square of constant surface {S}. The Lam-ca is used here in a different manner. That is : with the constancy of the square {S} rotating around P, what are the class of rectangles of a same surface one can obtain ?

With the Lam-ca determinations, one obtain a series of rectangle, that form with their sides, the coordinates of an inverse function of the form z = k/x. This figure show this results.

In consequences, if we draw concentric circles that have the ray of these coordinates, on obtain successively two circles that vary in inverse manner, e.g., each from 1, 2 and 3 positions, in opposite senses.

This means that any ray y = PN' is cut by these concentric circles, in lengths of inverse ratio. And for the same reason, any circle Cp may be also cut by a secant from P, in an inverse manner. The necessarily condition is that any of this circle Cp must intersect the red circle {O} according to a symmetric manner. because the side of the square {O} is a mean of the lengths determined by the circle on a secant. Precisely for the needed symmetry, the circle Cp must be orthogonal to the circle {O}.

The conditions that the circle Cp divide a secant from a point P in inverse lengths are :

1) - For a given proportional mean or a given surface.
The condition is that the proportional mean circle and the Cp circle are orthogonal.

2) - For a given point P on the circle Cp plane, any secants divided by the circle Cp are always the inverse lengths of a same surface equal to the square of the tangent length from P.

Class of surfaces

The tangent from point P to the circle Cp is basically due to the proportional mean of the secant where the two variables must converge symmetrically, both on the Secant-AND-Circle. Only a tangent fulfill these conditions. Application of the Pythagoras' theorem to the tangent is only a verification and non a proof. This figure-9-3 shows the reason with the inverse variation of the intersection points of a secant PN'. The red circle is the locus of constant mean where the inverse numbers converge necessarily in symmetric manner.

Proof 1 : the tangent length is the common mean for any secant from point P

This is proven with the Lam-ca theorem, that ANY SECANT from a fixed point to a given circle, has a relationship of constant surface with the intersecting points, according to inverse lengths.
The secant is intersecting with two points of the circle. But in fact, with the proportional mean, there is a third point M, of the mean, that is situated on the secant and necessarily between the two points on the circle. In the variations, when theses 3 points must rejoin necessarily at a same point : the two points on the circle and the point M of the mean on the secant. And when a point on a segment, rejoins a point on a circle, how can they do ? They are necessarily in the situation of a segment tangent to a circle.

Therefore, the tangent point is only the possible location where 3 particular points can rejoin : the two variable points and the mean point that is necessarily situated between them and is situated necassarily on the secant.
This is the proof of the constant surface relationship between a point and a circle. In brief, The basic proof of this tangent is only according to the necessarily and sufficient condition of a proportional mean determined by two points of the circle and its proportional mean point that is situated separately on the secant. A mean is due to the symmetry between two values on the circle, therefore, the mean is necessarily on this circle and a tangent is situated when the three values are equal. And the tangent point of two circle is only a symmetric situation need for two inverse values that can converge symmetrically to their equality.

Proof 2 : a common proportional mean between two intersecting circles

Extending proof to if any other different circle {Cp1}. Theses circles must fulfill the condition of being orthogonal to the circle {O}. Their common axis with Cp is then intersecting to point P. In these conditions these circles have a same proportional mean.

Proof 3 constant proportional mean between two concentric circles

Considering a rotation of the figure-9-2 around the center of Cp. Then on can conclude that any point P of a concentric circle has necessarily the same property as point P, relative to the circle Cp. That is to say that two concentric circles has the product PN.PN'=constant.

These are proofs of the inverse of surfaces and distances. In these particular cases its appears as a constant surface relationship, through a secant intersecting a circle from a point, will be used in the following.

The General form of objects for the Surface Exchanges in interactions

from the Unit Principle, constructions in the universe are done according to particular object in the uniqueness. In consequences, any object may be considered as an Integer or a particular Whole. each object has a center and a quantity of matter in the form of an assembly of quantum spatial locations in that motion is organized around the center. This whole is conserved at rest state.

A such system should be described with at least a minimal spatial structure. And a such system is composed with a circle, a square in the spatial structure of that can be organized motions.

Therefore, the Dakhiometry uses an object description method using a system composed of a triangle defined with a circle and a square. Only the triangle represents the particular object because the circle and the square stay in background as matter basics.

- two cp trains collide in Minnesota (Royal Bank of Canada)

- conservation of matter (Washington, Everett, Mukilteo School District N°6)

From the conservation of matter is originated the Energy Conservation. It is why, this next theorem on the Triangular Structure allows to define energetically with precision any interaction behavior between objets, for example between to elestic balls. - Judo + motion ++ mechanism + toy (Japan)

It is interesting to alaborate a robot mechanism being abble to act according to the Judo principle.

However, the Judo practice needs a too complex behavior because it is an alive complex moving property. This latter is to produce a maximal efficiency plus an another complex one. This latter is to perform the Minimal effort principe according to Jiro Kano statement.

The Maximal/Minimal efficiency is to perfectly live the Complex machine lever principle behavior at any time. This is only due to huamn's capacity of skill from knowledge. The muscular force has nothing to do with such thoughful behavior. It is why it is wellknown that Judo is for high sensitive person.

Even if Judo was originated from Martial Arts and like for most of martial Arts, their practice is concerning an intersting way for oneself education.

General object model

A centered object constructed with space and motion should be at least represented with a triangle associated with a circle. A triangle can represent motions and surfaces with the two lengths of their sides and the third side length can represent the conservation of matter.

On this figure-10 there is two triangles, that are two objects. This is only for simplifying figures. We consider only one of the two triangles, e.g., the ABC triangle. Thus, in this triangle, we will hereafter establish the relationship between the three sides of this triangle.

If this work is successful, than the relationship can represent any object, as a simple model. And one can used this relationship for rationally analysis of objects in interaction.

- mechanisms of sliding of triangular object on its two sides (, Ingegneria Strutturale, Département de Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

This figure is the basic structure of energy conservation describing how two objects are associated together during interaction for exchanging their potential/Kinetic energy. It result in a global memory of history of each object interaction.
A such struture shows that matter condensation is not due to hazard and from the beginning to the end a condensation process is really a defined universal law. From there, the final state of matter condensation is seen always as it is observed on non-monotoneous heavenly bodies under the forms of so wealthy energetically globe structures for matter construction.

A such law is an universal one because it is valid in any scale of space.

Proof of the theorem on
the general representation of objects

We are going to determined the relationship between the three lengths of sides of the triangle ABC. For this purpose, all the preceding analysis and proofs will be used. As all the necessarily reasons and proofs are done above, it is only referred to it.

Let us examine this following figure-11. Remind that the surfaces are the main data to get, therefore, any of segment that is referred to represent a mean proportional or a side length of a square.

- law of conservation of matter (USA TimeWarner telecom)

This theorem is really used for defining any intercation of bodies where their motions in aplitude and in direction, before and after collison, are perfectly known according to the basic Matter Conservation principle.


- Proposition 12 Proof euclidean Geometry (, Universiy of Connecticut, USA)

- mirror images based on a plane symmetry recovering (, Brazil)

- state any theorems or relationships used in your proof (..)

It is here the main difference between Mathematics and Dakhiometry.
One uses in Mathematics to apply theorem as rule for particular problem resolution. While the Dakhiometry is searching for defining space structures. It is the case for example when one have to build a house. The Mathematics is applying there for how to use bricks and cement, how to place a windows and all what a house is needed for a particular family. The Dakhiometry is only searching to define the space structures that are absolutly universal constancy from where it can be rest any of construction. Searching for space structure need at first to know the foundation of space from where one can found any general relationship for particular practical application. This structure is an universal one and don't indicate any particular use.
It is why for the Dakhiometry, the main basic understanding should rest only on the most basic reason known from the space properties. It is why, this present Triangular Space Strusture seems to have no application object as one usually found in Mathematics theorem. This Triangular Struture rest on the most basic Lam-Ca theorem that also seems to do not have some application.
In brief, the Dakhiometry tempts to define only the steady universal framework of any construction. From where a thinking deduction method can go into any practical application. The difference is that a theorem is concerned for some limited applications while from a basic unique reason, the deduction allows to see multiplicity of applications. The Lam-Ca theorem is really a most basic reason telling that space access is whealthy seen as aeras or as squared quantity. From there we should have an optimal approach of the physic with the Energy as the main tool for matter description. The Refraction of light is an example of the basic Lam-Ca structure. It is why the basic Lam-Ca reason is friendly named as the "Do Everything"

Precisely this present Triangular Structure is the result of deduction from the Lam-Ca base. So I can give to you not in a coagulated form as theorem but as an application as one of its consequence.

From this next figure,
Let (BP) and (PC) as sides of two squares representing an energy quantities. Therefore, (BP) and (PC) is directly representing the velocity vectors of two distintive and independent balls. These latter are a unit mass and is perfectly elastic. Therefore the two corresponding squares are data representing these balls particular energies.

Application example of the Triangular structure:

Thus, this Triangular Space Structure, can directly be use as describing the energy interaction between two independent balls as two matter elements in the initial states before a collision.
You can try to resolve a such defined problem. It is difficult because you are formated in use of the current Mathematics habits. It is only an exercise to have a beginning feeling of how the Dakhiometry cannot be compared as Mathematics.
Note that according to the energy conservation principle and with other space properties, the behavior of the two elemental balls impact is wholy resolved in Dakhiometry with whealthy consequences. What is not the case for the Dynamics method view point where are concerning two balls impacts.

This following definition of triangular structure is only for its general immutable rational relationships lightening. It is only a tool for deduction method and is not obviously representative for any particular application.

- áo dài drawing (Vietnam,


- wallpaper Palestine (Indonesia, stories/photonews/Support-Gazza/wallpaper%2520gazzah%2520n2.jpg)

- wallpaper Palestina (Indonesia, iluvislamdesign/p-a-l-e-s-t-i-n-2copy-1.jpg)

- Computer graphics Design Palestina (Thailand, wp-content/uploads/2010/02/palestina.jpg)

- wallpaper palestina (Indonesia, 2009/ 01/jhdposter11.jpg)

- wallpaper Palestine (Indonesia, 2010/03/WALLPAPER-PALESTINE.jpg)

- children Palestina (Indonesia, 2009/01/child_palestine_02.jpg)

- Palestin wallpaper (Russian Federation, download/109266194/Palestine_Wallpaper_by_AJ4IQ.jpg)

- wallpaper of wall reed and bamboo (Russian Federation, Handcraft-Bamboo-Wallpaper-WALLPAPER-B-.jpg)

- lions of cadency standing on two feet in the opposite direction (, USA)

- Palestine + victory + forever + background (

- animasi + Palestina

- Palestina + draw (Spain)

- background Palestina (Indonesia)

- Palestine + victory + forever (

- photo + of + suva + nababarsha (

Proof a general relationship for triangle

Draw the two circles of ray BA and CA. Draw their common axis L that are perpendicular to BC.

1) - Measuring BC2, that is the great square of side BC.
- Refer analysis to the Successive proportional mean at figure-8
Then, {BA2 + AC2} is equate to the surface of the square colored in cyan.

2) - Measuring the yellow surface of the great square of side BC.
- Refer to the proof of Surface Relation between Points and Circle at figure-9-2.
On the construction, one can notice that in the triangles PCN' and PBN are right angle at N and N'. That is to say : PN and PN' are tangent to the circle of ray BA and CA.
Considering that the axis L is formed by the intersections of the two circles of rays BA and CA, this means that PA.PA' = PN2 or PA.PA' = PN'2.

Therefore, the yellow surface in the great square is determined. Then, the relationship defining the triangle ABC is as follows :

BC2 = AB2 + AC2 + 2.PN2     (3)

The relationship (3) concerning the triangle ABC is completely determined when circle of diameter BC is constant and when the surface {2.PN2} is constant. This is a fact when the locus of the vertex A remains on a concentric fixed circle CA as shown on figure 10. Then, (3) is written as :

BC2 = AB2 + AC2 + constant     (4)

And what for the triangle ABC drawn as on the next figure-12.

No matter for the different triangle forms. The reasons are the same. Thus, consider this next figure-12.

- uniqueness + of + the + fine + structure + constant (, New York city, USA)

You are quite right to be interested by this structure. This is a basic one concerning the matter exchange of their energy. This structure can describe wholy all the consequences of objects placements in space according to the energy conservation principle. However it needs for its understanding to overcome the usual Force analysis in linear mode where Force is an artificial means that can't allow the true space properties understanding.

- pythagoras rock band (Indonesia, 30068cf00bf82078427a7901a371bfbc.jpg)

- Intel in structure of the Hanoi University of Technology (Vietnam)

- Hanoi + sun + path + diagram (, USA)

Proof of the matter structure in an object

The triangles AOC and A'OC' are similar because they have a same angle between two equal side lengths. Then Ac is equal to A'C'. It is the same for AB and A'B'. This means that the second member of the equation (4) do not change. Only the third side length change that is to say the first members of (4) is not the great square of side B'C' but a square of side BC on this figure-12. It is why in the first case, the constant in (5) is SUBSTRACRED from BC2 when the angle A is obtuse and in this second case, it is ADDED to BC2 when angle A is acute.

The relationship (4) is always valid as long as they are defined by two any constant circles.


When a theorem proof is done according only to a read of the space, the direct and the inverse of the proof are straightforward.

This is here the case and the reciprocal is naturally done. Examine the figure-11 and wa are considering the circle Cx of center C. The reciprocal is as follows:

1) - from a square of side BC and a circle of diameter BC, trace an vertical axis {L} of the square. {L} intersect the circle of diameter BC at point P.

2) - Any share of the square surface can determine a circle Cx. The condition is that the circle Cx is either tangent either that has a ray of length lesser or equal to CP. This is for this case of figure. In the general case, the ray CP can be any length situated between the minimal distance C to the {L} axis, to an unlimited maximal length. Only the constant algebraic sign changes in the relationship (4).

3) - The triangle ABC is determined with the two circles of centers B and C.

The theorem on
the general structure of matter in any object

It can be state as :

Let x, y and z the lengths of sides of any triangle. Let the third side length {z} and a given ray centered at its middle and intersecting the opposite vertex. Any triangle can be defined as :

Surfaces equality      [5]

Using this triangle definition, any material object can be described with its particular characteristics. And a vast field of applications is opened with this law. In example, it can be used to described interaction between perfect rigid particles as for the dakhions. Also, at large scale, it can be used to explain justly matter condensation, the weight, and the inverse of condensation, e.g., the supernova phenomenon.

Remind that this are simplified forms of writing. In education, it is better to explain that the background of this formulation rests on Third postulate on the matter.

And relationship (5) may use only if one reminds that it should be understood in this following form :

Surface exhanges      [6]


This relationship is valid for any triangle. The proof seems a bit too long because of some preambles to get familiar with the new Lam-ca theorem and to make acquaintance with a new surface vision of the matter. This is necessarily for someone who know only the Line methods of the Geometry. But as soon as one is familiar with the surface manipulations the analysis of the nature don't need a multiplicity of laws and theorems that may seem a real spider web for trapping flies.

In fact this equation is the most simple. You will see its efficiency in some applications for interaction analysis. Remind : see and defining the nature through 2D surface data. Nothing is more simple.

- law + of + cosine + (history)

Consequence of the General Triangular Structure theorem

- how + fast + "te" + balls + hit + each + other + and + have + the + same + kinetic + energy + solution + to + the + problem (

It is precisely this above the General Triangular Structure theorem. It can give directly solution for such problem. One can easily and precisely give the exact solution for ideal frictionless and elastic balls. The solution is get from spatial construction easily as it is the case with the refraction Law for example. The resolution is valid for any space directions of balls. Only the basic energy data are used here. With the Dynamic Force it is difficult to have immediatly a sigth in the solution.
1) - The balls should have both a same initial kinetic energy.
2) - Both should have a same mass if their celerity is only considered.
3) - The two balls initial trajectories should be symmetric relative to an axis. Their final trajectories is also symmetric to this same axis. Thus, their final and initial trajectories have an orthogonal referent axis system the origin of which is their impact point.

Using the classical analysis with momentum an kinetic energy we get only:
v(initial) = v(final)
v2(initial) = v2(final)

This forms an uncomplete system for the problem resolution.

Life Meaning of this triangle definition

The Dakhiometry tempts to have a rational knowledge on the universe Breath, an immutable elemental gas of matter denoted as the da-khi. It fills the whole universe and this matter fineness is active to condense and construct objects. Each of us is built with numerous condensation of this indestructible and invisible elemental matter. Life is then the result of these matter organizations. Therefore, any of these granular matter is a meaning of Life. And any object is a natural perfectly determined quantity of quantum matter, even if we are not conscience of it.

The above defined triangle is a simple means for us to have some knowledge on the accuracy of matter laws. One knows the usefullness of the energy. So each quantum matter is the first count of this energy that maintains us in Life. And the above triangle proves that for each particular object construction, everything is rationally determined, in first, because there is a law of matter conservation in the Whole, in second, because constructions of complex life are done according to precise matter processes.

Owing to a successful determination of the triangle relationships, the properties of life construction can be seen through this law. Remind of the square in the figure-11 that was use to compute the surfaces that represent the quantity of quantum matter. We can see there, two types of vertical surfaces divided in two parts, with an axis as a mirror symmetry one. This is the particular typical property of matter to build object in the uniqueness principle. The two parts of these surfaces are a constant feature that a triangle shows as a constant of the nature to build the Life in the complementary. On can say that the concept of the Yin and the Yang in the universe is a rational knowledge of the Life. This is the logic of matter to appears in Evolution, starting first to reveal in the space, the square structure that wears the mirror symmetry of Life.

Hereafter, are examples from the triangle relationships that shows as diagrams some forms of complementary that may constitute each particular triangle form. As each triangle is unique, we can say that each triangle can represent an object of the universe that may existed, or existing or will exist. This figure represent only some examples and any representation can never be exhaustive because a unique is unique in the whole universe ubiquity and also in any way of evolution !

The complementary of Life

Law on triangle shows that matter in any object is shared in two separated however harmonized parts. Any different triangle has a different ratio of the Yin and the Yang complementary. Here on this figure, are only some few examples, where the complementary is denoted by cyan and magenta colors the square represent the conservation of matter. Note the vertical axis as an mirror symmetry axis not for this figure but for the quantities.

- animada de "yin yan" globe (Perou)

- buddha yin and yan (, New York, USA)

- breath of universe (USA)

- Vietnamese Yin Yang (USA Texas)

- yin + und + yang + gif (, Germany)

- deduction of yin yang (, Hong Kong)

- ying yang meaning (Singapore,

The Yin Yang logo was really originated from rationnal though.

- animated yin yang.gif (Indonesia, t_24/101x80/040107_yin_yang.gif)

- yin yang logo (Vietnam, 2008/09/yin_yang.gif)

- yin and yang and architecture (Malaysia, 2548/3957590627_3a9c7e4b93.jpg)

Actually, it is really a rational architectural universe mode of construction reproduced in each heavenly body formation.

- logo phong thuy (Vietnam,

- feng shui para el amor (Ecuador)

- logo phong thuy (Vietnam)

Actually, "Thuy" as Liquid.

- vietnamese + symbol + for + breathe (

- feng+ shui + logo (Venezuella)

- FENG SHUI (Indonesia)

- Elemental + Yin + Yang + Symbol (China)

The Yin and Yang of the universe Breath

- akis + trikampyje + simbolis (Norway)

- vietnamese symbols (Horizon Restoration Inc,, Denver, Colorado, USA)

- ying yang definition (USA)

- yin and yang glass (USA, Philadelphia)

- Monglia National Symbol (Australia)

The universe Breath is a perfect gas of the immutable elemental fineness of matter. It may have a globe movement as shown on this figure. The universe globe is represented in a transversal section of its polar axis. These patterns are results of computation according to the globe equation. However, one can see in the Ancient's traditional Yin Yang representations, a such similarity of forms. Where come from the knowledge of the Whole, that exists since a long time? All representations of the Whole may be read also in the various forms of Cross. They wear a same diagram meaning the rotation of the Whole around a center.
This figure of the universe motion was used by the Taoism to represent a knowledge on the Yin and Yang characterizing the Life in the universe.
On this figure, the region of the circle border is the equatorial ring of the universe where activities of motion are high. Therefore, in this region the Life may be elaborated. Condensation of matter may be produced there all the galaxies in the universe. Elsewhere in the universe, there is nothing, only deserts full of the gas dakhi, but in their elemental state.
We are there, somewhere in the equatorial belt of the universe globe. The universe does not expand because in dakhiometry, the matter is absolute fixed space. But in the equatorial belt, the relative matter currents are such that observations may see a dummy expansion of the spatial volume. Similarly, it is what it seems to somebody sitting in a little boat, at the water surface level of a river. There, he will see the currents on the water surface always expanding.

Calculations using circles

- "difine + corolaries" (Nigeria)

- formula for circle calculations (Canada)

- aera two circles calculator (Vietnam)

Here is how to calculate with circle aeras.

These methods are corollaries of the Lam-Ca theorem and also to the most basic space structure that is the Squaring a Circle. So they need not any another proofs. These are rich fertile corollaries corollaries corolaries.

Circles calculations This next figure shows.

According to the LamCa theorem any aera of circle, e.g. S1 and S2, can be known according to a reference known circle aera (So).

The formula is as follows:

S1 = (So).(AM1/AB)
S2 = (So).(BM2/AB)
and also,
S1 + S2 = (So).[(AM1+BM2)/(AB)]

A simple example:
Application is how to construct a circle with aera (So) having a ratio AM1/AB, with a given circle aera (S1.
This figure gives the process of how to do. It consists to construct a segment AB that intersects the circle S1 in the given ratio AM/AB. We know how to determine a length ratio. Thus AB is the seeking circle aera (S0).
Therefore, the usefullness of this construction is to allow determining ratios of squared numbers versus the ratios of linear ones. Here for circles, aera ratios are function of diameters ratios. It can be extended to any surfaces versus their reference representative length.

- Pythagorus + Theorem + proof + with + circles (Australia New South Wales)

- Reference planes for human movement (Hong Kong)

- why + did + prove + cyclic + quadrilaterals + that + the + oposite + angles + addition+are + 180 + degree (India)

Any rectangular-triangle can be divided into two parts around the CM axis with any angle between (0-90°) to form a circular quadrilateral. The aeras (S0, S1, S2) around point M and their parts are conserved.

Circles calculations

This next figure show.
If the above ratio in formula are such that their sum is equel equal to 1, then the figure formed by the different circle diameters, is a rectangle. Thus the summation of S1 and S2 is equal to the aera (So). This is the base structure that allows the Ancients to discover the Pythagoras' property, applied to squares. Here, it is only applyed for circle aeras.

- "equel" spaced 10 holes (Australia)
- analysis form structure of Phoenix Stadium (Vietnam)

- elf Sand Structure (South Africa)

- "WordPress/4.2.5;"

There is another usefull figure structure for this case shown at the right of this figure.
The two part S1 and S2 of the aera (So) is defined by two rectangular axis that determine on the circle (So) the diameter of S1 and S2. With this structure, we can displace the rectangular axis the intersection of which stays in the disk (So). Then, any two by two intersections of these axis with the circle perimeter, divide the circle (So) in two parts.

Circles calculations Out of the rectangular form particular case, this next figure shows the general structure for calculation of circular aeras. We have no need to prove it because it is the direct transformation of the General Triangular Structure Theorem, exposed previously in this text. This transformation is according to the Space Constant.
The formula is the same and written here as follows:

So = S1 + S2 + Constant

(So) is here the circle aera of diameter (AB).

This is also a highly fertile space structure for defining matter laws.
For example the General Triangular Structure theorem gives rise directely the complete Law of impacts behavior between two elastic balls. The consequences of which can be stated the different laws of the matter Condensation Process. That is to tell, these laws can explain how heavenly bodies get their locations and their energy and motion.

- circle + formula + general + form (Singapore)

General calculations on circle forms are done in the same method as for the square ones as indicated above on the Fig-11.

Surfaces of crescents

Aeras des Crescents

Aeras of any crescent can be determined if one knows the measurements of the circles composing it.
This figure shows that circular crescents can be decomposed in circular sectors. The aera of the cressent is then given by composing these sectors.
On can see here that it is necessarry to know how to calculate any figure of sectors.

- You + have + two + forces, force 1 is 150N and is 45 degrees of the x axis. The two forces add so that the resultant force is 150 N directed at 90 degrees from the x axis, +what + is + force + 2 (India)

The question is well defined.
If one uses force vectors the answer is: the resultant vertical force is the vector summation of the force1+force2.

There is an another way of understanding phenomena through energy. Energy or more basically the action. This latter is simply the produc of two lengths or in more condensed form, action is a length squared.

Thus, resolving this above question is to use a length of 150, proportional to the given unit. We will then use the action equation as follow:

L12 + L22 = L(Resultant)2

We konw how to calculate from there the action:

L22 = L(Resultant)2 - L12

It can be given from a spatial figure structure in a plane. This structure defines necessarrily their relative angles. No need to know what are their angle from any referent axis.
Therefore: L2 = L1

We have not to be bothered by force that necessary need the necessity of an absolute reference to be precise. This shows how energy analysis of physic phenomena is more simple and precise with object action in Dakhiometry.

Some remarks and questions visiting this Evolution site.

If you come a first time to this site, do not make too attention to words. In general, they have always a senses given in a good mood context. Despite its incognito, these expressions have a real presence. These are friendly bond marks addressing to all. And I can insure you that they come from any corners of the world, corners that the most learned do not predict. It is truly each that addresses and receives the world of each...

- how + can + i + tell + if + a + trajectory + intersects + with + a + triangle + in + 2d + space ?

In a any 2D space, there are only objects in rest state or in uniform motion accelerated or not. As soon as an object is interacting with any other object that is in an another 2D space direction, then at this contact an exchange happens. During this exchange physical laws unfold in a new plane that will be the new plane determined according to the characteristics of this contact. Thus, one may consider that 2D planes are memory and change of plane directions are constructions by interaction. Then, physical laws are in the universe memory of multiple 2D spaces and never in some nD space. Basically, in nD space motion is impossible while in 2D space, isotropy and homogeneity is allowed for motion. It is why the circle is a most basic space structure of forms and particularly of a 3D sphere. The Earth latitudes and longitudes are examples of 2D planes that can define a sphere because a sphere can not be determined without the knowledge of a plane reference. Remind that the trigonometry is based on 2D plane figures.

- is + the + world + irrational

The nature of the world is not irrational. The proof is that the knowledge of the world is there in everywhere of the human's legends. This is also a fact of the rational memory of matter. This knowledge is in fact a knowledge belonging to the whole universe and was built in the Life existing somewhere, since the beginning of evolution. Human knowledge comes from this memory reading even if it is done in inexpressible manner.

Therefore, it is a fact on the Earth, that we are living on the just knowledge acquired by the most advanced Life existing in the universe. And thus, as long as one pleases in the sufficiency of one's force, one is only living in the dependence of the life conquiring by the other parts of the alive whole world. Doing like this, one is filling up the universe memory of irrationalily of darkness that blurred the Life capital of everybody in the whole. And happily, this Life power of the others exists really, otherwise how can we praise to live again ?

Human is not nothing else than human and he could not load on animals all the millstones around his neck. That means, he is his own responsible for his acts and his blackness. A man is Man as soon as he gets consciousness that a such self-importance is criminal against the particular and the whole universe Life.

Each, liberated from meshes of the politico rhetoric, millennial automaton methods that transform and maintain him in slavery, will find his authentic quality of life construction with the just knowledge. This necessity is vital. This enlighten the real and terrific necessarily natural law of democracy. from now, one could not say : I don't know. This is the next step of human evolution before being enough lucid for going further.

- human + heart

It is interesting to know the mysteries of the human heart, agitated by the Recurrence of the Nature ?... I don't know the origin of this symbol. May be, it is latter than the Zeno Arrow... :-) and probaly, these arrows are the ones lost by the Middle-Ages troubadours ?

Blood circulation - heart + structur + of + humen + youtube (

The Heart as the core of blood circulation in an alive body, is an exemple of liquid soupleness for complex application.

The heart is not playing contradictory the role of a pump as one use to believe it. Heart is not a mechanism to pulse the volume of blood. Such mechaninical system is a dangerous device.

The heart is a natural sublime construction that use ONLY the Liquid Law property to distribute a sufficient micro energy to produce transformations in the blood cells for supplying life to all the body volume.
These micro-energy distributed to all the hugue aera that our body is really constituted. This distribution thoughout the body is done by cyclic heart pressions according to the Liquid property to INSTANTANEOUSLY transport these micro pressures to all the body volume. Note that are only PRESSURE TRANSPORT-by-a-close-liquid-circuit and not as a pump to pulse about 3 liters volume of liquid troughout the body length.
From the Heart pulse, the energy distribution is possible using the liquid water in the blood to share each heart pulse immediatly to any part of the body. This is why a heart is not a hugue powerfull pump that pulse a volume of blood about (3 or 4 liters) as a conon bullet like a dangerous jet.

As using the liquid property, therefore the the blood circuit should be closed to work efficiently. Thus, when being wounded and then bleeding, the heart don't no more being sufficiently efficient to supplying the necesary energy to all the body.

Also, it is why on an unconscious person one try to help or to replace the heart pulsation by pressing on his chest. Note that is only efficient if the person is not bleeding. In this case, the blood circuit should be at first closed.

- universe + is + round

- pourquoi + est + ce + que + les + planetes + tournent

Why do the heavenly bodies are rotating ?
Actually, heavenly bodies are always more or less rotating. There is no particular rule for this rotation. In general, any free body has a movement energy distributed between two movement forms: a linear straight line and a rotation around its center. During the condensation of the elemental matter that will form it, there is finally and average of all the interactions happen from the beginning, there is an average of the movement that will be transformed into the total potential of this heavenly body and the remaining of the energy is in the form of rotation of the system. Therefore there is an amplitude distribution of this rotation average that may differs for different bodies.

- Paul + Gauguin : + Where + Do + We + Come + "fromm" + Where + Are + We + Where + Are + We + Going

Famous and well-known sentence owing to the great painter Paul Gauguin. This come from the legends and saying of local customs of Tahiti in the Polynesia, situated in the South Pacific Ocean, on the spatial Vessel TIERRA...

- l'unicité + d'une + langue + unique
- Lao + Tseu + sage + tourbillons

- pi + used + in + current + mathematics
- displacment + simple + engine + diagrams
Soap Bubble


Ok. Here is the Video of Soap Bubble Process Box Prototype.

... Good for from two months to 150 years greens...


- full + soapbox + model
Soapbox Unbalance design
There is a full and complete Soapbox last update Mach3001 Unbalance Design...

- Dynamique + Swastika
- what + does + it + mean + to + square + a + circle
- How + can + earthquakes + distroy ++ a + mountain

Rupture of materials are due to Inertia phenomena. That is, rupture is the consequences of non homogeneous distribution of motion in the entire of an object. The Inertia is then the internal object capacity to have a particular distribution of kinetic energy variations.

- if + the + marble + rolls + without + slipping + what + path + does + the + marble + trace + out ?

- tension + "pluse" + speed + experiment + spring (Hongkong)

- magnatic "pluse" (Australia)

- Is + the + development + of + human + thinking + a + structured + process? (USA)

Your definition is quite accurate.
Starting on the principle that mater is space and movement law structure, from that everything is built from a starting process defined as the squaring of circle. Knowing that the basic structure from there are refered for any measurment in the universe, i.e. the triangular structure, alive constructions as the human one cannot but be structured on this model. This is because, nature in what we are looking at, can be understood by human, we cannot understand nothing if our thought is not of an equivalent structure. In example, we cannot detect the Infra Red light if we do not use a captor with sensibility particularly matched to IR wawelength. Thus, we know and understand nature laws because our thought is structured like nature. The problem of questionning that, may be, we are only made in only particular sensibility and cannot see other things in the universe. It is only a dummy and also a false questionning. Because there is the Matter Conservation Principle that forbid dichotomic and quite separated worlds mixed together in a multiple universe. A Conservation principle necessarily means ONE universe. That is to say a Whole.
Thus, we can now tell that you are right when telling that our thought works as a structured process. It is why, human can acquire the skill of deduction. Deductive thinking is the proof that our thought is a strutured process. The more we use to know how to practise and get the skill of deduction the more we can go deep inside natural law and consequently the more we can create our just technologies needed. Nowaday Nowadays, we are rather dominated by our different technologies.
And another important and useful remark, is that, we human, dispite a great amount of thinkers, are far from knowing what is deductive thinking. This is a friendly note to all human as a given information for awakening and not a criticism.

- physics of ergonomics people in houses (, JMU Liverpool John Moores University, UK)

- standard dimension in relation to human body in architecture (Philippines)

Ideal everyday life home architectural space should fit to one's feeling of freedom. Therefore, the living room space should at least be adjust to the ideal space that an alive body need and can occupy. The human architectural dimensions should fit at least the whole minimal motion that is allowed for an ideal human body.

- spatial relationships and ergonomics (South Africa)

- how + to + take + corect + measurments + of + the + body (Malta)

May be you have your own definitions about this problem.
For ergonimics needs, these are complex problems. Human body and generally for alives dimensions measurents are not simple.
We have the bones as quantities for measurements. However not only for achitecture, ergonomics is interested by any particular alvive situations. Therefore, correct body measurements must be done with dynamic human body structure. In this case, the complexitie remains. Because ergonomis for a dancer is more large than for specific worker sit before his computer keyboard.
Thus measurement of an arm bones does not the just ones for determining the capacity of an arm gesture possibilities.

The just measurements of body for architecture fine construction should be the space that a good dancer can occupy with his body in free gestures.

- path + of + the + center + of + gravity + in + 100m + sprint

The ideal trajectory of the center of a sprinter should be a perfect straight line from the the departure to the end ! Or it must be closest to the row line. This is the optimal trajectory the least waste in the total sptint time. Thus, positions on departure are important. The greatest the champion, the straight is his trajectory. A cheetah and any animal are the greatest champions in their displacements. It is why all of them, champion and animals in motion are in whole one's beauty of universal law expression.


- acceleration progression sprinting (, Iowa State University, USA)
Actually. It is why there is a technique for starting in acceleration and another one to move forwards rapidly with a maximal efficiency of energy expense.

- sprint biomechanic muscle (Thaoland,

- galactic coordinate velocity (Korea)

- velocity Singapore (Singapore, wp-content/uploads/Velocity-098.jpg)

- asian muscle boy by video4viet (Vietnam,


- how to calculate hip angular velocity in sprint (Singapore)

In fact, in high speed motion, the more an object is heavy, the less it is moving. It is the case for gestures of our body. Only the ends of our limbs can reach a very high speed of displacement. What are closed and attached to the body trunk use muscles as quick contraction mode. For example all the abdomen muscles where our center of the body force is located, should be rapidly strengthen to be abble to thrown and communicate a high speed motion to our hands or our feet. This is not really a hip or a shoulder motion because this center of body sthrengthening is only a cohesive instanteneous posture as source of the body power.
It is why in sprinting, the motion of hips and shoulder is difficult to be seen. From the body center, all muscles should be work sychroneously in high cycle contractions to be abble having a maximal high speed in hands and in feet. There, contraction and relaxation of muscle cycles are the condition of succeeding the flying-technique for maximal sprinting as we can observe optimized by animal running talent.
It is why characteristic of good sprinter is to have fine arms and legs as we can see it for a gazele and a cheetech for axemples. They have also a spinal column very supple and flexible. These latter qualities is characteristic of muscle capacity to have hidh frequency in contraction and relaxation.

- interaction + between + step + length + and + step + rate + in + sprint + running (Indonesia)

It is an important factor for fast running that you tell there.
Because of changing from left to right of the body, the effort is heavily loaded by hight inertia due to a long stepping gestures. Thus there is an optimal step for a greater speed belonging to each sprinter.

- sprint hurdle phase (Taiwan)

For each athlete there is a determined number of cycles between hurdle. Difficulty is to maintain a such frequency after each hurdle.


Actually it is the real case. In motion a human body is not a whole solid system. Optimal body movement for action and displacement are done by using the different parts in a whole structure. It is why the alive center of gravity is not a fixed determined point. There is only a dynamic body center according to the will. During sleeping, there is no will. Therefore, there is not really a gravity center for a sleeping body. For example, the purpose of the Anciant sculptors in Greece is how to resolve the just posture of a body. Their aim is to produce a just body center feeling when they realized an athlete in action or a dead warior or a sleeping goddess.

- Sprinting + near + the + end + of + a + race + a + runner + with + a + mass + of + 60 + kg + accelerates + from + a + speed + of + 6 + m/s + to + a + speed + of + 7 + m/s + in + 2 + s. a) + What + is + the + runner's + average + acceleration + during + this + time? + +
b) + To + gain + the + speed + the + runner + produces + a + backward + force + on + the + ground + so + that + the + ground + pushes + the + runner + forward + providing + the + force + necessary + for + acceleration.+ Calculate + this + average + force. (USA)

a) Average acceleration is (6-7)/2 = 0.5 m/s2
b) - For the case (b), the legs backward pushing force is not achievable with such displacement speed at 7 m/s. Because human and most alive movement can't be performed with a higher speed. Therefore, the pushing bacward leg, will be ineffective. To be a powerful pushing force for "accelarating" from 6 to 7 m/s, the leg must be moved faster at least than 10 m/s. A man can do one time a such movement speed but in running, he must be abble to have the two leg pushing frequency at least of 10 hertz. Try to do it only with your hand. You wil observe that human motion can't do better than 2 or 3 hertz. With the heavy legs, it is an impossible movement frequency for human muscles.

Consequently, running is a technique for accelerating motion that should use the law of falling body and never the pushing force of the legs that is only valid for slow walking.

Assume that a cheetah can run at 100 km/h. This means 27 m/s. Do you imagine its legs pushing forces being abble to move faster than 27 m/s???

Thus, at sprinting speed, human must use the leg as pivots while using the falling body law to produce accelerated forward motion.

- Psycology + raises + issues + that + touch + vertically + parts + of + our + life (Nigeria)

Consequently, we have to understand there that our mind is the basic vertical squeleton on that our life strengthens.

- mind + and + body + space + and + motion (USA)

- linear + motion + of + a + sprinter + experiment (Australia)

Parabolic motion happens only during a short time particularly for most of human. Probably, only some champions can perform it at the end distance of the 100m sprint. This may happens on some 20m length. Human is psychologically feeble to be able to maintain his mind free of desires and physical performances depend strongly to psychology. Animal parabolic motion can be more observed because they can go faster in longer distances.

- Body + Structure + of + a + Cheetah + cheetah + diagram

- chutes + horizontales + avec + vitesse + initiale
(horizontal falling body with initial speed)

- sprint* + start + technique + 100 + metre + anatomy (Canada)

Right question.

First, any best sprinter and generally, any alive being has his own good feeling to do the best action with his body. The how a feeling produce an optimal gesture can not be explained with world of language. It is why we call it as a feeling. The just gesture or the bad one need a global though that can not be understood with physical and mathematical logic even if a physical law is known we cannot produce a good gesture with these learnings.

However, even with a good feeling of the how a sprinter start, there is somme basis to be clear in the thinking to stay steady in the will of the gesture and for the constant reproducing of it.

Thus, physically the starting of a sprinter should be donne with this physical law in mind.
The starting should be done as a jump from the starting block. We are use to understand a jump as a vertical one and also as a long jump. So the starting jump of a sprinter must be done as a long jump doing in static position.

The physical law that nobody can't escape from is as next:
A best Long jump, is as a launching from a catapulte.

Thus it obeys to a balistic cinematic law wher two forces should be composed in a precise ration. The two forces are the gravity of falling body plus the leg impulses of the sprinter that do the inverse of the falling law.
These two forces must compose in such manner that the resultant force is directed in an optimal direction where the the jumping energy plus the falling energy maintain for a longest time the athlete flying in the air. In these conditions, the jumping from the starting bloc for a sprinter, is optimal ang bring this athlete the fastes and the longest forward first step of this sprint.

So there is a optimal launching force that can realize this aim. It is that the athlete must give a jump with his leg and all his body part, to move up and forward in a force direction of 45° above the horizontal plane. We can have this feeling gesture in thinking of doing a long jump at this time, directed to a 45° direction up. But the thinking must be immediately changed into an immage of running for the next steps of the sprint, pointed toward the arrival.

In summary, from the starting block,
1) - In a flash, jumping at 45° up.
2) - In continuation, without any gap in the thought, thinking straight to the arrival point.
These best thinking actions are formed during training by how to get the feeling of the 45° direction and how to connect it with the sprint goal .

- athletic + trainers + why + they + need + to + know + the + basics + of + body + machanics (USA)

Inversely, why physicians need to know how physical laws can be applied through the whole body.

How to get an optimal sprint by running according to a parabolic trajectory

- "perfact" + body (Canada)

- "magnatic" animation (Qatar)

- human cannonball (Canada)

- breast stroke animation (USA)

- sprinting technique (Netherlands)

- thinker animated (Argentina)

- animated space gif

- anatomy figure style (Bangladesh)

- strange animations (Canada)

- animated Buddha (UK)

- mouvement + du + "corp" (Belgium)

- les + "septes" + "mervailles" + du + monde (Morocco)

- dispositif non stop charrue (France)

- body gif animation (UK)

- what + is + a + sprinter + body + structure + for + a + human (USA)

- sprint humain (Switzerland)

- Dances animation (Russian Federation)

Here is how to apply justly the natural law for optimal action. Man is geting blind since his brain is full of most false ideas on physic particularly the idea of Force applyed to annything. For example, the human sprinting is not due to the pushing backward of his legs. In the contrary, persisting during training to get muscle of the legs is a tendency to limit the speed of sprint.

Here is a knowledge gift to you all. How human must run according to universal physical laws. This technique is the just one and described THE UNIQUE IDEAL CHARACTERISTIC OF HUMAN MOVING TECHNIQUE. How to move with maximal efficiency.

Look at this animation and try to get its intuition of a global body action the best one for any human whatever he stays on the Earth. The analytical discourses should kill this capacity of each to get quickly the understanding of natural law.

Remind that pushing leg backward is a bad method. The same as to run after the Zeno's Tortoise...

- Newton's + second + law + of + motion + "foe" + volleyball (Canada)

- To + gain + speed + the + runner + produces + a + backward + force + on + the + ground, + so + that + the + ground + pushes + the + runner + forward + providing + the + force + necessary + for + acceleration. + Calculate + this + average + force. (USA)

Sory, to tell that is an usual physical analysis that is prescribed by the Newton's Dynamics theory.

This analysis for fast running is false. It may be used foe for slow displacement.

Thus the problem is as follows:
First it mus be measured the average of a maximal movement speed that a man can do. For example the maximum speed that a leg can push backward.
I suppose that this human muscle speed is no more than 3m/s. This may too much. However, it corresponds to a maximum running speed of about 11 km/h. This maximum speed of this leg pushing is only sufficient to get a 33 s/100m sprint.

Therefore, even if a man of 80 kg can have the capacity of great force, he cannot use no more than 240 Newton for his fastest running speed.

So, in a 10 s/100m sprint, a man must used 800x2=1600 Newton to be able producing a speed of 10 m/s. Because he has to overcome the speed of a ground going backward at 10 m/s plus his own speed of 10 m/s, relative to the ground going in the opposite direction. Note that he must produce a powerfull 1600 N during less than one second and must be done continually during 10 seconds of the 100m sprint! This is really too much even for Titan and Hercules...

Thus, where come from the mystery of a 10 s/100m sprint? This speed is three time the possibility of a human leg pushing backward.

- why + are + athleties + bones + stronger + aand + more + dence + than + non + athletes (UK)

You are right.
Our body is a whole to be constructed all along the life. Its construction is done by oneself. Body activities is a means for this construction. Body well maintained in activities allows a constant improvement of the health all along the life.

- the + human + vertebral + "comumn" (USA)

- pivot body mechanic (Malaysia)

It is right. The main source of any alive body with skeleton structured, is situated et generated from the vertebral column comumn. Note that this latter is the main structure that allows mechanical bases of energy generation. The colum must not remain passive and undego displacements due to movements from the preripheral members. It is important to educate and to learn how to move any body part with their space ideas refered to this main framing. Intuitively speaking, we have to see our space from the vertebral columm and not from our fingers or our hands and feets.

- run gif animated (Peru)

- the end moving animations (Saint Helena)

- blade runner animated (Spain)

- water wheel animated (USA)

- the "huamn" body (Canada)


- Vietnam style (Thailand)

- life + meanning (Taiwan)

- moving animations of energy (UK)

- Paul + Gauguin + "hight" + definition (Italy)

- animated running weight loss gif (UK)

A good feeling for a well easy understanding of this running technique. Because, the runner is always keeping a just little loss of equilibrium. This allows to maintain a dynamic forwards equilibrium for running.

- animation for thinking (India)

An animated equation for athletics stride...

- tongue animations (Philippines)

Actually, he is in an intense chat...But I don't know neither why nor what he is telling. May be: Freedom, freedom,...

- all Moving Horizontally kinetic energy (Turkey)

Yes. It is precisely tell: the moving horizontally.

Because for any alive, the moving horizontally is to maintain his equilibrium while falling vertically. Thus the four-legs animal is an optimal structure to fall easily while their four legs is the best mean to maintain horizontally the equilibrium, during the fall.


- image Lithuania animation (BR>
- step by step sport "streching" (Malaysia)

- belly dancing animations (UK)

- the 100m sprint perfect model (UK)

- "mucle" humain du bassin (Canada)

- school animation gif -USA)

- tai chi fan (Venezuala)

- energy animated (Bahrain)

- we are moving animation (Malaysia)

- minimum force animation gif (India)

- animated ill man (UK)
- Animated Gif Kung Fu (UK)

- stupid faces animated gif(BR>
- earthquake animation gif

- friction vectors animation (Canada)

- physic lab thermometer animation picture (Malaysia)

- animation physic(work,energy,power) (Malaysia)

- animation basic race (Japan)
Therefore the basic human will is:
The real idea of this running technique is THINKING GOING FORWARD, using his arms and legs strokes in front of displacement.

Note that pushing backward his leg is to THINK BACKWARD.

- one + head + two + shoulders (Poland)

- animated unbalanced (USA)

- the last blade animation (Mexico)

- moving "machanical" art (UK)

- animation run human "phisic" (Russian Federation)

- animated gift run (UK)

- moving lightning gif animation with black background (UK)

- animated moving pictures of Mexico (USA)

- animated lab (US Oregon)

- bad running technique (Ireland)

- animations of science in head in working conditions (USA)

- animated Jamaica pictures

- gift animation "whith" black background (Peru)
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- BEARING animation gif (Columbia)

- Animated Bilder (Germany)

- 50m sprint record (Canada)

- patterning human body structure toward clothes (Bahamas)

- how to put animation on Bbackground Bbackground in animation (USA)

- "phisic" animation (Indonesia)

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- Water Symbol (background black) (USA)

- body drawing (HongKong)

- flamingo kids drawings (Belgium)

- Art of Drawing the Human Body (Dominican Republic) - moving animations (Ghana)

- Bangladesh animation (Bangladesh)

- black animated gif background (UK)

- animated India gif (New Zealand)

- Proper Sprint Mechanics (USA)

- cool moving animations (USA)


- Ghana animations (UK)

You are right.
If one observes the animals running, they also obey to the cool manner of moving. A cool manner of moving is the one of le Least Action law where the energy expense is minimal but optimal.

- animated tiger moving (Iceland)

- text animated gif (USA)

- dance animated filetype:gif (Belgium)

- JAPAN gif animé (France)

- proper sprinting technique (USA fl)

- gif animated Japan (Lithuania)

- child overarm throw (UK)

- arm drive in sprinting (UK)

- runner animation (Venezuela)
- universal space animation.gif (Pakistan)

- Dominican art (USA Floride)

- Jamaica drawing (USA)

- running animated and moving in Turkey (UK)

- on the marks position 100 meters sprint (UK)

Take care. Are you ready?...

- Togo gifs (Germany)

- what + is + a + riddle + and + motion (Australia)

- animated images of Pakistan (Pakistan)

- French moving animations (UK)


- Ghana animation (Uk)

- "perfact" art (Maldive)

- parabolic motion animated gif (Peru)

- running man animated (Netherlands)

- sprint 10m (Yugoslavia)

May be, starting from a block test?

- animated talking gif (USA Tennessea)

- 100m running techniques (South Africa)

- gif animate ARGENTINA (Italy)

- kill you animated gif

- ASCII art moving (Netherlands)

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- animation gif (Myanmar)

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- animated walking men (Ukraine)

- South Asia Art (Thailand)

- 100m sprints training (New Zealand)

- group of friends animation gif (UK)


- animated gif (Bangladesh)

Actually. To perform optimal action, a person must be united in both the body and the mind. - destroy animated gif (Canada Winipeg)

- "huamn" + body + structure + and + parts (Indonesia telkom)

- Russian gif animated (USA)

- linear motion sprint (UK Belfast Inst. ac)

- respect the law in animation (USA Virginia henrico k12)

Concerning representations, realities are likely only when space laws are well defined in drawing.

- art in Peru (Honduras)

- draws made in Honduras (USA Georgia)

- running speed dependence of velocity and angular acceleration (Belgium)

Its is an exact physical definition of fast running. All the alive running uses these law conditions to produce a high speed. It is the case e.g. of an elephant, a kangoroo, a rabbit and also a crocodile where the angular acceleration rate is highest for so short legs pushing force. - gift animated (Fidji Suva u)

- volleyball animations (Macedonia)

- animated freedom (USA Florida)

- floating hands animated gif (USA Washington)

Actually. Action is to throw a first arms forwards while pulling the second one backwards. No waste of energy in arms muscle contraction.

- Korea Animated Gif (Indonesia)


- pivot animated gifs (USA Nevada Coral Academy)

- Physics sprinting (Australia New castle edu)

- human "mucle" (USA BankOfAmerica)

- funny animated gif (Australia Queensland gov)

- animated First aid (Mauritius)

- funny animated (USA Connecticut MontvilleSchools)

- Running lateral mechanics with Ball (UK Parliament)

- California animated gif (USA Duncan Pubblic Schools)

- usa gifs (USA Georgia)

- yin yang filetype:gif (Italy)

- Animated Places in Florida (USA)

- Animation GIF The way life should be (USA Illinois)

- OK animated clipart (USA Virginia gov)

- body + levers + used + in + a + 100m + sprint (New Zealand)

- ankle structure (UK Enorf ac)

- fundamental movements skills sprint running (Australia

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- Bewegende gifs (Netherlands)

- animated space people (UK Southampton gov)

- Indonesia visit year.gif (Indonesia)

- complex animated gif (Japan Tokyo)

Because this figure is a specific description of an alive body composed of multiple joints that may attivated in a whole dynamic equilibrium.

- animated muscles (USA Berkeley k12)

- Korean people, clip art (USA)

- Animations of Florida (USA)

- animated China (USA Amazon)

- bolivia - y - paraguay - preparados (Paraguay)

- increasing sprinting stride frequency + accleration phase of sprinting(USA)

This is the characteristic of this sprinting technique. Because the two arm inertia are used for accelerating action while the two legs are only useful in high speed when they are only support for the body. Therefore, whithout no pushing force for forwards running, the two legs can be more souple for higher frequency strides.

- running animated gif (Portugal

- repeated sprint ability (Italy)

- Macedonia animation (Norway)

- correct arms during running (USA Colorado)

In high speed, Pushing his leg is no more afficient. Therefore, this arm movement is the one that allows to create a real acceleration at each stride.

- olympic + 100m + sprinters + body + structure (Australia Schools) - animated destruction gif (Australia New South Wales)

- health care animated gif (Saudi Arabia)

- be yourself animated gif (UK)

- questions animated clipart (USA Virginia gov)

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- funny animate gif (Canada Vancouver)

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- gif animated (Uruguay)

- Minnesota animated

- running animated gif (Latvia Myschools)

- running animated gif (Finland Nokia)

- box hand animated gif (Antigua and Barbuda)

- First Nations feather (Canada British Columbia gov)
In such case athletics meeting will be great human festivities.

- keep walking gif animated (Brazil usp univ)

- how + to + make + motion + video + angel + wings + grow + from + the + body (South Africa)

- animated pic target as (Nepal)

- FREEDOM ARM STRETCH (United Arab Emirates)

... the secret of a record.

- jogging animation gif (Tutkey mtu edu)

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What he must not do is to do not be as a tank.
Sprinter on the ground should use the principle of water falling. His body should be smooth as water do and he should run as water is pooring as a torrent. This is mainly quite a matter of mind.

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Water flows smoothly to move powerfully and changes things.

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Actually, it is the main point of this technique.
In a system -the body- when a kinetic energy is developped, it tries to take a direction where the most part of motion can flow the most easily. It is then, why throwing arms forwards and also the corresponding leg, is a means of adding motion forward for running. This can be done without too much muscle contraction.

- animation big step gif (Ho-Chi-Minh Ville, VietNam)

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- discover + the + diffrence + between + human + body + and + the + solar + system (Upper Grand District School Board, Guelph, Ontarion, Canada)

There is really a fundamental difference between the alive body and the mineral or inorganic one.
1) - For mineral, there is only central symmetry structure.
2) - For the alive body that is distinguished by the capability of self-motion, its structure is necessarry built on mirror symmetry.
Mineral is composed of atomic elements the behavior of wich is centered.
For the alive, even a mono-cell is not a centered system when it has to move.

This is a most basic characteristic of the univers laws. And the Squaring a Circle illustrates it if one notes that a circle can't indicate no direction, considering externally out of its system. While drawing a square needs first, before the form of a square, to define perpendicular direction. That is to tell: moving is a characteristic of space direction and a mirror symmetry is in fact a defined direction along the mirror plan. This is the signification of the squaring a circle, the beginning of the universe construction event, a basic root of our thinking.

- animated gif (Universitatia Technica Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

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Undoubtedly. Antique Greek statuary is the most successful sculpture art on the human attitude in motion. Out of stylized figures, these artists expressed the reality of human as motion, even if scuptures are fixed solids. After these Greek period, imitations elsewhere are only conventional literary images of human body.

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Actually, our body has a main basic vertical axis, source of movement. Human health rests on how we know to generate movement from the vertebral column.

- finnish sprint athletes (Post Production House, Czech Republic)

- ultimate muscle animate gif (Italy)

This is a fine analytical concept of body movement.
Basic of a body is to be centered. Mechanical law of movement is to share a given energy between two inertia part of masses. A movement happens always between an initial state towards an end state of the body. Therefore, any optimal movement of a body is to use the maximum of the given energy shared between the two parts of the body masses to concentrated it at an end point, for example a hand smashing in volleyball. That consists of how to use a series of different muscle actions to end it to the ultimate muscle of the hand. The result of this muscle action series is the summation of a series of energy concentrating at the ultimate hand point.
This optimal action should use ALL THE BODY MUSCLEs starting from the gravity center to lean on the inertia of the leg and bouncing from there to go to the upper part of the body and flowing toward the hand, with a maximum speed. Exactly, it like to crack one's whip the end of which is here the ultimate mass of the hand.
It is why, optimal movement need soupleness and not contraction to produce force. The "ultimate muscle" as you tell it for this sprint technique, is to use the upper part of the body from the bust to the hand to bounce this energy toward the lower part of the body toward the ultimate summation muscle ending at the foot, for a highest maximum speed.
This maximum speed of the foot is not for to use action-reaction of force on the ground. But the high speed of the foot is only to get the maximum speed of the foot relatively to the backward displacement of the ground. In sprint if one don't have the feet with a higher speed relatively to the ground then there is no acceleration and the sprint stay to a limited speed level.
With these analysis you can now have a more exact sight on the animal running. For example a cheetah can't go so fast, if it has not the skill of being in constant soupleness to have this same speed of the backward-displacement of the ground. With a cheetah speed no alive body can't never use action-reaction force on the ground. A car can run with a speed up to 300 km/h because its wheel can rotate at the speed limit of -300 km/h, of the backward-displacement of the road.

Big contradiction of the Dynamics
About action-reaction you may understand it as [action-reaction = Noforce]. This [F-F=zero] was the first idea of the energy conservation. However, if the Conservation of Energy is not a contradictory statement, the "Conservation of Force" is really a false one. Because energy conservation means that the whole energy is constant or no variation in the whole reality of energy. While the action-conservation of Force or preciely tell, the Conservation of Force, means that there is No-Force or Zero Force in the universe! This a pure language confusion in imprecise science. Therefore, if there is action-reaction it means that you can't spend any force for running acceleration. So, you are staying in uniform motion, precisely tell, you are standing on the spot for ever because no Force is possible when there is a Reaction immediatly cancelling it! Therefore, the first Newton's law and also the d'Alembert principle of virtual force, go really in catradiction with the two other laws of the Dynamics.

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100 m sprinting inflation...

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Actually. In any meaning of the world Wall...

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He practises running himself as a biomachanics property.

- animated gif (, The University of Okalhoma, USA)

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- deep water running for sprinting

This a good training technique to get a powerful vertical rotation of the body. It is also useful while running in deep watter to have a horizontal pole tied to his shoulders as a funambulist use it for equilibrium.

- highway animation gif (, Albania)

- Scala animated gif (Italy)

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- what s + happens + to + a + runner + with + a + strong + lower + body + but + a + weak + upper + bofy (, Canada)

A such body of a runner half-bofy is like the Zeno's half-runner that never catch a champion. Because with a half-body is a disadvantage of the powerful body rotation around his gravity center. So he will be heavily retarded by ineffective legs muscles.

- animated medical pictures and gifs (Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi, Turkey)

- body + motion + Saipan (China)

- martial arts universal laws (, Netherlands)

Actually. Real Martial Art is the application of universal mechanical laws for optimal motion that alive body can perform. It is really experimentations of universal laws knowledge done with the human body.

- gif animation medical symbol (, Maleysia)

Posology: everyday relax until total body mind and muscles liberated from contraction.

- Animated gifs medicine (Lithuania)

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- what "muscels" do you need for 100m sprints (South Africa)

There is some strong chance that I have some muscels in my text. However, athlete need fine linen muscles to be abble to perform more high speed agility gesture than to get static muscle force.

- what muscles movements are involved with 100m sprinting (, USA)

To move rapidly the body movement should be quicky done. And a moving fast need to be done according to the material system to have a center. The body center is necessarily a center of symmetry for any motion.
Then, when a right hip and leg is mouving strongly backward, there should be a left hip and leg that move forward. This a vertiacl axis symmetry. But our body is a central centered. This hip and legs motion should be prepared from its high body symmetric part as the shoulders and the arms of the upper body part. This is the basic law of the angular momentum conservation in a central symmetry. Therefore, when pushing leg backward there should be a posterior action from the two shoulders and arms and the left hip and leg to play all in unity a role of a mass support to be abble to move strongly and rapidly the right foot on the ground.
In brief
All the muscles of the body is sychroneously in action to result in one precise action of the one right foot on the ground. It must be rapidly done in sprint. Therefore, muscle contractions is a bad method resulting only slow motion.

- gif animé Berlin (Germany)

- muscle contraction animation (Malaysia)

Muscle contraction is really the result of man as intellectual behavior. Contraction of muscle come from the false idea that it is the sign of high force but it is a bad ineficient use of muscle.
We can note that NO ANIMAL, use their muscles as contraction mechanisms. Therefore, they can be very strong as well as having capability of producing repid motion.

- "Mdical" and human animated images (Sri Lanka)

- MEDICAL SYMBOL ANIMATED (, Universidad Yacambú, Venezuela)

- internal medicine education animation (, Universitas Indonesia, veritas, probitas, justicia, Indonesia)

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- free animated medicine pictures (Vietnam) - medicina FILETYPE:GIF (perou)

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- amonth ayear 2008 (

- which + is + faster + an + athlete + an + ostrich + or + a + greyhound

There is a great chance that ahead is the ostrich, then the athlete and after them, is the grayhound. Why is it so?
May be, the man is riding the ostrich while his dog is following behind him.


- The human heart diagram-Australia (Australia)

- Humans body Filetype:gif (Sri Lanka)

- Ho-Chi-Minh stadium (Indonesia,

- a guy flying (Malaysia,

- man run gif animado (Dominican Republic)

- biomechanics and sprinting (Malta)

- man walking to sea animation.gif (Pakistan)

Right. This above animation shows a such similar effort for good running. Training in water walking give a good feeling for such technique.

- japanese Beijing sprinters (Singapore,

- ideal human is not human (Portugal)

- true human (Indonesia, blogimages/no_war.jpg)

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- Illinois agility run layout (, New York, USA)

- sprint technique (Vietnam,

- menu1 (Gordon's Healing Ministries Inc, Florida, Daytona Beach,

- Illinois + agility + run (USA)

- Illinois + agility + gif

Effectively, this technique try to gain speed as liquid flowing. This sprinting technique need a high capacity of agility. On may note that a cheetah sprinting rest also on its high agility and not with muscular force seen as necessary doing in jerky manner.
Note that buffalo also uses a running with agility. Even with high muscular force their movement are done rather as liquid flowing.

- straight + leg + Jamaica + sprint a cheetah.

The usual ma's sprint is to use muscle forces to sprint. It is why we observe sprinter bending legs to be abble to push by hip and leg muscles. This next animation is tempting to express a sprint according to KCKing. This not an optimal technique because extension of muscles is not enough fast for high speed running.

There is a most optimal technique for man to sprint with a maximal speed. It consist for man to do successiveley the "kicking technique: " of his limbs: forwars right Arm plus left leg while backwards extending right-leg, as shown on anmiation. The right leg in extension is used as a straight lever with the fulcrum on right foot for the falling of the body. This is the most fastest technique when doing extension of one's limbs.

1) - Note on this next animation, the extensions of left-Arm relative to the right-legs is the fastest movement that man can do. A such extension should be done like to crack one's whip !

2) - Thus, this extension technique on the right leg, can then be used with the Law of one's Falling-Body. It is because during the Falling-body trajectory, the whole body weight is leanning on the backwards right straight leg. At this time the beginning of the falling-acceleration is enough "short" (less about 0.2 second) to be abble to use the falling acceleration on the right-leg extension.

This technique of quick-memebers-extensions is the optimal one to get Man's fastest sprint. Probably a performance of 100m/(7-8/s) is possible. However, it is hard to master such technique. One needs to do it in soupleness... during a 100m time. But this technique needs some duration on training to overcome ones' bad habits of sprinting. With some talent on such technique man may achieve some like "cheetah-performnce".
The only difficulty is to take his time to learn how to perform it. Because we all have a bad understanding on how to run very fast.

One may observe four legs animals (the cheetah for example). They dont never use muscles to push themselve forwards. Even with horse, they don't use muscle force. They are all, using the Falling-body technique with high suppleness of limbs extension. This body-falling technique is optimal in the position of Four-Legs running. Apes can run fast in four-legs posture. Man's anatomy can't do as like it. But he may get an equivalent performance with a better high science on his anatomy for sprinting!

How are used the ARMS? Arms are used as Masses to balance the opposits legs when changing left/right steps. Therefore, only masses of arms is used as counter-inertia for corresponding opposit leg.
These are done without using muscles contractions. Because contraction of arm muscles is of low motion. We need only using Arm-MASSES as counter-actions of legs.
Arms are thowing only by shoulder muscles. Thus, arms are considering as one is throwing rods horizontally forwards. Note taht legs are also Rods that one have to throw its back an forwards.

The only muscles that have to work are the mains muscle attached to the spinal column.
In summary Arms and Legs are moved mainly by the trunk muscles. Thus,
A high speed running should use only with the trunk muscles and high suppleness are for Arms and Legs. Therefore, MAINLY, Shoulders and the Hips are the energy supply for maximal sprinting.

Really, this running technique is a true new one. So one should get a new quite different sight about sprint and forget the ofd mode of sprinting. A highspeed Sprinter silhouette is rather like a greyhound than a mastiff.

- the + main + effort + of + running + is + the + work + done + by + the + muscles + to + accelerate + and + decelerate + the + legs. + when + a + foot + strikes

It is the true description of how one concerives how to displace forward on our legs. The concept of running is usually understood as:

. "to go forward on should push backwards on one leg and so on alternatively".

It is a natural idea of walking an running for everybody. Thus, when at first step on have to push the left-leg by strike it back on the ground one believe that the forwards right-leg should be decelerated for being ready to push back at the second step.

It the usual technique of runing that everybody knows by himself when practising and learning how to get his equilibrium for walking and then trying to walk more quickly. However it is only an empirical technique from trial-error for kids. This technique is sufficient for the need of everybody. But really it is not a methodic and rational form of walking and running.
It is noticezd that this manner of running is the same for most of Sprintig Champions.

The True is that this manner of running is not an efficient mode for fast running. Annimal running technique is really the optimal method. It is because to be alived they had the examples correct examples of their Mother and Father optimal technique themselves inherited from their more Anciants examples of optimal-running for being safe and sound.

The optimal high speed running, should be done as?...

1) - Not as successively "alternatively pushing on one leg while pulling backward the forwards opposite leg"!

2) - Sorry, it is the usual formalisme from Newton Action-Reaction. This an artificial "recommandation". More it is from quite artificial irrational immaginary-method& technique of anti-correctly-run-mode.

So what is the correct idea of Fast-running technique?

Simply tell:
the True natural optimal fast-running technique, is seen in the schematic example of the THREE-JUMP. I) - In the Three-Jump every effort of the body have only to be directed Fordwards. When one perform the First-Jump there is NO "+ decelerate + the + legs". Becaus the concept of THREE-JUMP is Every things are THROWING FORDWARD. No forsaken Thing behind!.

II) - It is why the CORRECT OPTIMAL SPRINTING TECNIQUE should be conceived as: EACH STEP IS A JUMP! No-Part-of-the-Body abandonned in the Pass. Optimal sprint is to let bygones be bygones ! Sprinting optimal technique is to let the Pass-Died-in-obscurity!

III) - Therefore, the high method of High-Speed Sprinting is exactly a MULTY-JUMP-TECHNIQUE ! The spirit of Fast-Sprinting is ONLY "The Futur Life to come! This is for the Gazel-Spirit when a cheetah is Somewhere behind it!

There should be not any "part of his body being decelerating".
For Man and Woman GAZEL-Sprinter Spirit, the aim to get for Each-Step is:
Life-to catch is: From-the-Beyond-Here-And-Now !
... a real Trip in the Futur!

In fact, there is no drawingback of any part of the sprinter body.

The drawing back of a leg is only a mirage. Because it is really the whole body momentum that is moving forwards and the drawing back of a leg is simply done with a decelerated motion without spending energy. In fact this leg is alway moving forwards. If moving back this leg should be moved back with a speed faster than (Minus 10s/100!) in case of a sprint with (+10s/100m).

Sprint technique

Man do not know yet how to run!
From the baby state what he is doing is to Walk. He walks slowly or quickly but don't know how to run!
This above picture shows the true human running: the basic technique of man FLYING without wings but by using his different body inertia!
This sprinting is not a "manner for a nice drawing". But it is the correct technique for two-leg-and-two-arms mouving.

High Sprinting technique:

Here next a figure explains how are composed the different energy that can be used to get a high speed sprinting for "Twoo Legs".

the usual man Running is no more than the child that know haw to walk rapidly, while pushing on his back leg:
But running straight forwards as a continual Long-Jumping, doing as a multi triple-jumps...
is concerning in this next pragraph.

- General structure of the space and the motion of a body (

- Forces + and + Speed +-+ friction?

Here next for optimal sprinting technique, how to evaluate and maintain the balance between Force-Speed-Friction.

- different + movements + of + hands (Philippines)

All the energy for sprinting fast should be originated from the energy center of our body, that is situated at our center of mass. It is about a litle lower than our narvel.
Thus high speed of expending our energy from our center is then to leave relaxed all of our peripheral muscles.
Our limbs as arms and legs are relaxed in its maximal state. The end of legs and arms should be only used as Masses for equilibrium. So it can be tell that feet and Arms are masses that we throw out in the sprinting direction:
FORWARD for the arms and BACKWARD for the feet.
So, for high speed sprinting, our legs should be used as a WIP as we crack the leg like we crack a whip.
With our arm our hand should be used as the extremum of a whip in its very high speed.

These are good image for describe the use of Arms and Legs where the Feet and the Hand are only quite relax as hand and feet are only masses hanging at theit extremities.
We have not to use neither our arms nor our feet muscle. Feet and hand are most useful only as masses. In case of Masses at the extremities of our body can then be useful in their most highest inertia aspects.

This the main aspects for a maximal sprinting speed. Hands and feet should not be never with muscle contracted.

The hands that are shown on this next figure is simply the free extremity of a whip during its highest speed.

Here is an image for a better understanding these descriptions: <
There is a housefly before you on the table.
You want to catch it with your hand.
At least, a such achievement can be done only if your hand is free of muscle tensions. While the maxximum effort should be exploded only from your abdomen.
Please, for experience try it for free.

This is also the necessary proceed when performing body high speed motion.
Here next figure the Leg should be a whip cracking in the direction of the Blue Arrow. While the hand is only a mass that we thow it horizontally towards the arrival Point. Therfore, with the natural falling-body force of the green-arrow, the fushia-arrow will be at its maximal sprinting Output.

Sprint technique For human there are two main energy that compose the sprinting.
On the figure the arrows indicate the Three energy directions that one should use and compose for a maximum speed:

1) - The green-arrow of Falling-body energy.

2) - The blue arrow composed by the body whole muscles and the different mass of the body limbs.

3) - The fushia arrow of movement energy that is produced by the two upper ones for performing the maximal sprinting.
Note that these arrows represent speeds and accelerations are considering as constants during a step and all any sprinting step. This is when considering that any friction is also a constant. Thus, according to the Priciple of Energy Conservation. The three energy arrows components of the sprinting may be considered as constant during the current sprint.

Physical Law of Sprinting should be happened as follows:

A) - Each sprinting step should be done as during a LONG-JUMP. This short jump is then done according to a 45░-parabola.

B) - The parabola-jumping action is not used to pull up the runner. However, the jumping trajectory during a sprint-step is very short. The parabola is not done effectively upwards. But, the jumping energy (Blue-arrow) is sufficient to maintain the Body floating a short time in the air all along this running step. It is then sufficient to cancel the muscles effort to carry the body weight at each step of the sprint. Therefore, the result is that the sprinting speed (the fushia arrow) is directly due to the falling body energy. Thus, we can see that the running speed is directly from the falling-body work transformation! All other usual muscle efforts may be cancelled. The sprinter has not to waste the usual muscle efforts done during the classical sprinting techniques.

C) - This jumping parabola-effect is only used to make the body FLOATTING IN THE AIR during this step while the sprinting is maintained in the horizontal trajectory. At this duration time, the sprinter is like flying as a bird. Thus this technique of sprinting is done with a short time without no muscular effort while the displacement speed reamins the same. It is noted that in the usual current sprinting, during a step, the sprinter is using all of his muscle efforts to maintain [His body mass + his running effort] on the running trajectory!
Legs are used as body supple stays to maintain the body in a horizontal line of running. No body weight to carry without no bouncing muscles !

This new sprinting technique described above need ONLY to use the effort for changing his body posture (left/right). Whyle its advantage is to use wholy the natural supplement of falling-body energy FOR SPRINTING. Therefore, the new sprinting technique need SMOOTH TRANSITION of the body positions and hight swiftness of the athlete for his body internal motions.

With the usual classical Sprinting technique, the Blue-Arrow is not existing. Thus, the sprinter has to use all of his muscle effort to maintain his weight plus the effort of running !!!

If the sprinting is optimaly done and if friction is negligible then these three arrow remain constant in length and in direction.

If the athlete has the skill in sprinting, his speed is not only done with his own muscles efforts but he can use the natural energy of the Falling body as an natural gratuitous additional energy to get the maximum sprinting speed.

The is only effort to furnishe is to move his limbs and his body is such manner that don't affect the green-arrow of the natural Folling-Body law.
This is the only skill to get in such manner that one haven't to do not contradic the Constant Green-arrow of the falling body.

This is to get the skill of the soupleness and a constant swiftness of the body muscles.

In conclusion
The only Main Action of the sprinter is
to maintain the Blue-Arrow in a constant direction at above (45░) relativeley to the horizontal.
Soupleness is highly riquired.

One may noted that the (45░) Bleue-Arrow is a constant in physical Law of Motion!

This means that each step of sprinting is a Long-Jump (on the behind leg).
Sprinting is ALSO JUMPING!!!

It consists when a Right-leg-mass is thowing Backwards, this action needs to lean on the mass of the oposit Left-part. The left part should be composed of the Left-(Shoulder+Arm).
This is the same but reverse case when the Left-Leg is throwing back.

This equilibrium technique is used when one have to pack a good Right-punch. In this case one have to leans his action on the opposit left-pelvis+leg-masses.

Thus, for fast sprinting one have to THROW backwards his leg as punching on the soil (and not by pushing his leg because it is inefficent with too slow muscle action)!!!

One may finely observe the cheetah, the gazel,... and horses sprinting: all of their Four-Legs is not Pushing... but PUNCHING on the Ground !!!

Observe now, man sprinting... the difference is: struggle and working hard for sorowfully tempting to PUSH the soil backward!

High-science of running belongs to all animal species !!!
Or probably, high science of moving is from animal invention!

The newtonian Dynamics Force can't describe a such physical possibility. Becaue with ONLY ACTION-REACTION of Passive-Forces
it can't be get the understanding about
the fundamental need of Energy-Power for Moving!

Fast Sprinting NEEDS HIGH-POWER getting from,
SUPPLENESS leads on Muscle FORCE !

- Bhutan + the + winner + of + the + 260 + km + Tour + of + the + Dragon + cycling + c (, Bhutan)

The secret of the running-fast concept

The basic of a body powerful action rest on the main property of an alive vertebral column.

How to take example given by a Fish.
The power secret of any alive body

How fishes swim - diagramme + fast + montre (

In a directional pressure of water and to displace against it,
fishes use to compose with this pressure to get a force component to displace against the water current, particularly to swim up a water-fall.
The water pressure (Po') is used to produce a counter-moment P1 around the fishe center to compose with the (Po). The resultant is to produce the fish forward dispalacement (F).
This is done alternatly by left-right cycles. The frequency left-right is a function of the speed of the water current.
The fish body trajectory follows a sinusoidal form wich obeys to the least effort displacement rule.
A snake displacement on the sand is done with the same manner. These are done according to the optimal least-effort action.
The Least-Effort is siginificative to the respect and the knowledge on the natural Laws of Life.

Here next is a diagram that show the natural universal law acting in a vertebral column.

The power secret of any alive body Animals are masters of controling their body for powerful actions.
Here is described the mervellous property of universal law in a vertebral column.
From there is why a BROWN TROUT among other fishes, is in capacity to SWIM AGAINST POWERFUL CURRENT in a WATTER FALL!

It is equivalent, with-a-very-high-cyclic-vertebral-column, no more than to do:

a) - A FLYING ACTION in some high dense atmosphere.

b) - And to perform Levitation in the Earth atmosphere. Hummingbird may be the concrete example. They have little wing-aera however their frequancy is higher than a sparrow one.

c) - And for walking on the water surface. A dolphin dancing on the water surface is an example

With such rational capacity of natural law property, it can explain why the famous champion Usain Bolt is a so great sprinter. As his also his famous coach tell it:

"The talent of Usain Bolt sprinting is to maintain a vertical posture of his column vertebral And to shift HIGH his knees during each step of the sprint". More particularly, regularly doing it during the final sprint.
Note that "shifting high the knee", is the apparent form of a large angle between the two legs for a high powerfull inertial-torque around the vertical axis.

These descripions are the rational main factors for using the optimal SYMMETRIC INERTIA of the column vertebral for the alternative legs and arms high speed movements.

If Usain Bolt was a fish, he can obviously swim against the powerful current of a water fall... or a mascarena tide! :-)

- "" (

Technique du Sprint accéléré
Technique du Sprint accéléré

- importance of biomachanics to the coach (Zimbabwe)

The mains knowledge of a coach is to know what is an alive being! This not a gift.

- sitting ergonomic human parameters (Lithuania)

- RUNING HUMAN BABY (Hong Kong, img/baby-feeding-bottle.jpg)

The secret of the running fast concept

Really, human currently knows how to put his weight successiveley on one leg, as he had studied it during his baby time. Thus generally, man knows only how to walk more or less rapidly.
Animals khow different techniques of displacing. They know how:
1) - to walk
2) - to trot
3) - how to run fast.

For man's techniques, he can walk, walk as jogging and walk fast as sprinting. That is to tell: man don't know how to sprint with a maximaum speed. It is because they understand the running-fast as the possibility of muscle force. This is a bad concept for sprinting because the sprint is like a flying technique where the bird wings that act on the air should be replaced with the two leg-wings acting smoothly on the ground surface. The bird wings is not acting as force against force of the air -the famous action-reaction-. But the bird wings really are done as "gliding". Therefore, man sprinting should be understood as the feet gliding on the soil surface. It is done rather as pulling than pushing. This is done for example by big cats and by the cheetah with their claws pulling on the soil. So, to sprint with a maximal speed man should fly with their feet pulling the soil to run forwards. He should not use muscles to push the soil.
Note that the most astonishing speed is performed by the end of a wip. This is the same for the cat with his claws. It is also the case for man movement where he can do with his limb ends as fingers and toes. So the secret of man fast sprinting should rest on this peripheral speed property of his limbs ends as actions similar to the brid flying. In highest speed a cheetah is flying because in such condition, it is not possible to push on the gound with his four legs.

- move fast gif animated (, Ukraine)

Actually. Running fast is a technique quite different to the walking and the jogging.
The canoe rowing can give a just example of leg action when sprinting. Thus, when one rows slowly the oar is pushing or pulling deep in the water. But when the canoe goes fast the action of the oar is quite different from the pushing or pulling in the water. To be abble to raw fast one need to put the oar very far ahead and then to put it very far back. However, if the canoe is going too fast the rowing is no more efficient because the arms movement is in its maximum possibility of speed.
So, the rowing technique should be different. Here is a schematic description of such fast rowing technique:
One have "to take" some water volume in front ahead then to throw it with a maximum speed backwards.
This is the schematic of the rowing fast technique.

This technique consist of using the jet technique. It is to throw some water mass backward when one need to go forward with a maximum speed. Note that backwards means relatively to the river dispalcement. Because when one throws a littel mass of water, the speed of this latter is more high. This is like the propulsion jet used for airplane. Then, when rowing in a canoe with a maximum speed, one have to throw continually water behind and to work as an airplane jet.
However, it is difficult to take a little water volume with the oar. So, it is more realistic to strike quickly the water surface with the oar end. Truly, this is observed curently in championship practice where rowing is done as striking water surface with the oar.

Now, for man running fast, his leg technique should throw alternatly a little quantity of the soil -or grass- mass backwards. This means that he don't PUSH backwards with muscle force. The Newton's action-reaction has nothing to do here else than for movement retardation.
One should learn such technique when observing the cheetah sprinting! The cheetah is using its graws to grasp the soil and then, to thow them backwards while its body is floating in the air. Animals are not pushing their legs on the ground but is glawing on the soil to sprint.
It is more visible when a cat or a leopard is climbing on a tree.

- Claw Back Running Technique (Australia)

So, you agree with such diagram notation for the athletes' spirit of sprinting!
Therefore, there will be a new expression to tell that athlete should sprint to his toenails tips... The current sprint shoes are correponding to such technique.

- action-reaction force in medicine (Thailand, wp-content/uploads/2009/07/fotolia_14860451_xs.jpg)

The usual expression action-reaction in medicine is only an incorrect one when applied on the body to test the body activity.
Action-reaction applied in sport training is thus a false concept for alive motion. This comes from the usual newtonnian laws where any motion is supposed as being described by the Newton's Dynamics Force. This theory is no more than a dogma well engraved by education in most of man mind to automatically interpret any thing in nature by force combinations.
For the medicine testing the body by the so called action-reaction on the knee, it is an incorrect description that show how man is automatically reasonning by the Dynamic dogma influence.
A kick in the knee seems to produce a muscle reaction against the kick force, is not a reaction to an action as described by the Newton's 3th law. A kick on the knee produce an information signal to a body nerve center that finally interpret this shock to maintain the leg equilibrium. Thus, this body motion is not an opposit force againts the shock action force by itself as tell by Newton. So testing the "reaction" of a body is only a test of the capacity of the body nerve centers that doesn't depend to the initial shock.
So, a such blind application of the Dynamic Force for training in athletism is from an erroneous concept on the body capacity of moving. For example in sport on use to develop muscles because one believes that "against friction Force opposition, on must have the most greatest muscle Forces". For example, one use for sprinting an elastic rope as friction force simulation. This practice can develop big leg muscles but never be useful for developing the skill for a high speed sprint.
Note that high speed sprinting is concerned truly by the capacity of healthy nerve centers of the body. It is why high body performances are always attached with the athlete's high spirit capacity.

- common + moment + of + inertia + about + human's + center + of + gravity (, Western Oregon University, USA)

All complexe alive has a center of symmetry for the capability of moving in 3-dimensions space as linear and curvilinear displacements where moment of ineria is needed.

- would + accelration + be + faster + in + the + beginning + or + end + of + a + sprint (, s.o. California, USA)

In high competition, the faster acceleration is done un the fist 50 meters and the rest of the sprint is done as maintening the speed. Because a high speed limit it is difficult to accelerate more. Usualy we observe that some sprint is accelerating at the end of the distance. However it is due to the retardation of the other sprinters due to the tiredness of their sprint effort relatively to the winner.

- Base sprinting and running motions (, Sweden)

a) - It can be defined "sprinting" as the first steps of starting from the block where one spring up to get amaximal speed.
b) - Then when reaching the cruising speed the distance to reach the arrival should be a regular best running. This may happens at more than during the first 30m.
c) - Obviously, during the last meters from the arrival, one tempts to do a maximal muscle effort when the regular running equilibrium is not necessary. However, if a good equilibrium for a regular running is fine the best tactics is to maintain this uniform state until the arrival. We can observed it for the 200m events.

- pictures of sprint techniques (Malaysia,

- Ho-Chi-Minh city wind diagram (, Vietnam)

- judo Indonesia (Indonesia)

- vector clipart Saint Petersburg city (, Russian Federation)

- optimal capital structure (, Vietnam)

- Hô Chí Minh city-University in Vietnam drawings (India)

- 2010 Judo Mongolia 60kg (China)

- drawing + structure + Judo + stadium + standard (, Ho-chi-Minh City, Vietnam)

- université + Afrique + du + Sud ++ science + du + mouvement + du + corp + humain (Canada)

- JUDO + The + rotational + axis + is + through + point + O. ++ The + gravitational + axis + F + on + him + effectively + acts + at + his + center + of + mass + which + is + a + horizontal + distance (USA)

- angular kinetic mechanics in sports (, Venezuala)

- attempt use spiral spring physic (, Indonesia)

This is quite a justly understanding of the physical law from where an optimal running technique should rest. It is precisely the human body structure characteristic as possibility with logitudinal axis for rotation. The basic universal law is that any material system is determined by a Potential-Rest point. From there potential energy can be transformed into movement one and inversely.
The notation as spiral sprinting is simply like the typhoon phenomenon when it is seen from satellite. The top view of a syphon is a spiral pattern traducing a central moving of cloud far from the center. The quantity of water moving is there a hugue one. But this typhoon spiral is not producing displacement of the whole. It is because these movements are in a central symmetry.

Flying sprint Technique While for a human runner, he has also a great inertia quantity in all his limbs with which he can act as for the typhoon spiral of water cloud. But the human advantage is that when acting in such spiral motion, he can do it not in central action but in one directed vertical plane where stay his center G. His motion can be there created in the direction of this plane. It is the case for the runner that acts a first forward spiral with his left arm while doing a same one for equilibrium with his rigth leg. The two spiral motions as extention energies, can then be use for high speed "flying" technique when he has the necessary agility skill to run nearly as an everydays horse.
Note that the arm and the opposite leg is not really a spiral as for the typhoon. But it is truly a spiral because of the vertical body rotation where there are a shoulder and a hip moments. This latter happens in a vertical plane where the leg can move while for the shoulder its moment is rather in a horizontal plane of the shoulders.
You have there the basic of the Flying-without-wings technique for man fast running. So have a good practise of the human universal specific capability.

- mv + flying + whithout + wings (Thailand)

We can consider that most of animal as for example the cheetah, is not running while pushing his legs on the ground. They use the technique such that all of their body inertia can produce forward movement energy while leaning on the gravity one. On the above animation, we should understand that the back leg is not pushing but as pointing on the ground for short friction while the front right leg and the front left arm is "throwing" their masses forward. A long training allows athlete to abandon the habit of using pushing muscle force and to be agile body.

- measurement of "aN" HIGH JUMP BAR (Jamaica)

- Usain + Bolt ++ maximum + stride + length +3m (, EUnet NajBoje Interneta, Beograd, Serbia)

If this 3m/stride is a good indication than we can do from there some prediction on an ideal man sprinting speed.
For example if an athlete as Usain Bolt can perform a regular 9.7s/100m then, his duration for a stride is a 0.291s. A such duration for a full effort stride may be the limit for a human biological possibility and it is difficult to go further this limit.
Now, let be supposed that with a best technique of flying-sprint, a man can perform a srtide of 4 meters length. This is a possible human performance because it can be observe that in triple jump, an athlete can do a 8m length for his two final jumps of the triple-jump.
Let then an hypothesis that a man can do a such stride of 4m. Thus, with a stride of 4m at duration of 0.291s, an athlete sprint can be done with a duration of 7.275s/100m or a speed of running of about 50 km/h. This shows that a man can run as fast as any simple horse with the "flying-technique" to sprint. This is an ideal rate but it can be predict that with a good technique for sprinting an athlete can perform an average of 8s/100m.

- action reaction sprinting,

- we will first see how far the bodily structure of man shows traces, more or less, of his descent from some lower form (, The University of Arizona, Tucson, USA)

- importance + of + sports + biomachanics + to + the + coach (South Africa)

Possibility of the human body is more than what we can see until now even if there are so many great athletic records.
It is the prrof that there is no more any real alive science. True Science of body is in fact the science of living. It is because the how and the why each of us can act for moving is the reality of living exercices. Science Dogma formalisms is not concerned on the art of living but only used for technology.
There is a great example that shows how man is missing. Man gat the possibilility of walking from the first chilhood. However, he is yet in ignorance of why and how is done the walking. From this obviuousness and thoughtlessness of the how-to-walk man don't know the how-to-run. In fact, athletic sprinter is only the how to walk rapidly. You may observed that walking technique is apply to the marathon where man is walking more rapidly. The long-distance race events are the how to walk more rapidly. And finally the sprinting is how to walk with a maximum speed.
With unprejudiced mind about animals, one can note that their tecnnique of how to run is quite différent from the how they walk. From there, modern man will be in conscience that he don't know how to run. This is one of the proof that man as line of descent from ape is no more than one of so many science tales. Because as any animal, an ape knows how to sprint very fast. Therefore, else than the how to walk rapidly, knowing the how of sprinting will be no more than a real basic stride of the human evolution. This latter is the one for his mind and also for his body living liberty.

- law action reaction of Newton and the heart (, Florida, USA)

This a nice paradoxe for the Action-Reaction statement.
Because we can consider that the blood flow is a closed loop in constant motion. It means that the heart produces no work. In this case, there is no force as action thus, there is no reaction.
The paradoxe, is that:
a) - While the heart is working hard however it produces no energy... because its produced force has no reaction.
b) - Or, the heart is producing a high force rate to pulse blood at one side but we can't observe no reaction in its other oposite side, as it should be for a jet with an airplane or as an octopus for moving in water. It is because the pressure is maximal in arteries while in the vena cava side there is no more this corresponding heart initial pressure.
What a marvellous biosystem.

- 30 meter flying sprint diagram (, UK)

We can observed that until now, man sprinting technique is only the how to walk rapidly. This is fact that one can see in all the video of sprinters. Rapidly or slowly in wandering, man know only what he had succeeded to walk from his baby state.
He never know how to run quickly. Because running need a quite different technique than the one of walking. Running is really a FLYING technique even if man is not winged.
I can give you an example of the flying technique precisely used in athletics. The Flying is done in triple jump. Obviously sprint flying is not succesive jump upward. But the flying technique is characterized by the particular action of the upper limbs in conjunction with the lower ones as it is done in the triple jump. This is really show in this next diagram of sprinting as successive horizontal flying.
However, there is too much time to spend before to get in acquaintance with this new view point of man running. Man should first be in conscience that he don't know how to run! This is not a magic thing. Because it is always the current technique perfectly known and used by any animals!

- triple jumper ricochet (UK)

Really, triple jumps should be renamed as Ricochet Events!
Also, sprinters have to sprint as using ricochet technique that need skil more than muscle pushing force.

- how to put human body parts together (, Utah, USA)

Actually. This is the main problem for getting optimum from our body: "how to put our body parts together"

- clipart + une + flambeau + entre + les + mains + des + femmes (, USA)

- clipart + une + flambeau + allumée, + accompager + des + femmes (, USA)

- 100m sprint release phase, 100m sprint driving phase (, Australia)

Actually. To run fast, it should not be donne according to muscle contraction. Because inertia of muscle contraction is to slow to be relaxed during each step. Thus, the residual contraction remain all along the sprint and body movements slow down.
Therefore, maximal efficiency of a sprint is to be abble to relax at the short time where the left stride change to the right one. That is during the body flying in the air without touching the ground. After that, the muscles can explode to stretch forward in the next stride when one of his foot touch the ground.
We can observe such sprinting process done by any animal sprinting. Animal never use their muscles in maximal contraction state. When they have to displace heavy load they use their skeleton structure with their muscles only for equilibrium actions.

- left-right brain exercise animation (, Thailand)

Actually. If we observe sprinters, most of them runs only on one side as right-handed or left-handed users. Maximal use of body gestures should be proceeded consciously as muscles in left-part as well as the one in right-part. Thus, man will less suffer with hemiplagia.

- flying animated filetype:gif (, Baptist Health System, San Antonio, Texas, USA)

Really, running is defined as action of flying diffrent to the walking. This latter is succesive standing a foot on the ground while running is successive flying without any ground contact.
Then, human fast running is no more than a fledgling tempting to take off in the air. Therefore, the cheetah and the gazelle should be defined as birds. It is practically flying without wings and not pushing on its legs to run. A duck is doing so before taking off with its wings.
It is why the optimal fast running is the how to fly with his legs and his arms as wings of inertia.

- newton's + third + law + sprinting (, USA)

Here is a serious problem when explaining the running as due to action-reaction.
For a first step, let a runner pushing back his leg on a fixed ground with a maximum force of 200 N to produce a forward speed of 20 km/h.
After this action, we can considered that the runner is the origin of fixed refence. Then, the ground is now displacing backward with a speed of 20 km/h. In this situation, the question is:
As 200N is his maximum force, what can he do in the next step to run at the same forward speed of 20 km/h when the ground is displacing backward at this same amount of speed?
The answer is:
For the second step, to produce the preceeding speed of 20 km/h relatively to the ground, the runner should act on the ground a force of 200 N. He should push his leg on the ground with a bacward speed of 20 km/h. But, the ground speed backward is already at 20 km/h. That is to say:
Backward speed of the ground = backward speed of the leg.
The result is zero pushing force on the ground. Therefore, he can't never run regularly with a speed of 20 km/h.

It is the case when we can't push on a running car in the same direction of its displacement the speed of which is greater than our pushing movement.
In conclusion
We can't explain the alive running mechanism with the Newton's Dynamics of Force and his Third law or the Action-Reaction one.

- animated Vietnam (Vietnam, 41415883.Z200AnimatedVietnamDragon.jpg)

Inconsistency of Force This diagram explain why the Dynamics Force is inconsistent to explain why an alive can run very fast. The ground is here representing by a wall and the foot of a sprinter is free of the ground represented here by a round. What is given is that the round foot can move at 36 km/h. It is a man running at 10 s/100m.
Now if the ground is displacing in the same direction of the sprinter's foot with a speed of 36 km/h, so, what happens? Does the foot hits the wall with an impact force to be abble to do his 10 s/100m? What is your answer?

In the case of a car uniformly running, the motor is alway working in producing a force on the road. It is because to run uniformely at its maximal speed, a car has to spend energy against different frictions.
If one consider this problem in the view point of the Newton's Dynamics then, for the case of a human runner, his maximal speed is the limit of how his leg muscles can produce a backward pushing speed greater or equal to the ground backward speed. Because of this condition, the Newton's Dynamics is irrelevant. Newton's Force is the product of the empirical Relativity of though. Force is undefined in absolute world

- what + is + diffrence + between + place + of + articulation + and + manner + of + articulation (

Actually, there is a great difference.
Place of articulation is a view of dead mineral anatomy mechanic. While manner of articulation is the long unbounded history of the alive behavior.

- animasiones + de + la + inflasion (Mexico)

The two most biggest bloody stupidities that man had invented are the millénarry Relativity and the modern Money. From there, the whole world is animated along day life.

- congratulation animated (VietNam)

- human pulse gif animated (, Venezuala)

- lunar new year buffalo gif (, Spain)

- war gif animation (Japan)

- animation solar energy (VietNam)

- animated clipart time is brain (Western Australia Gov.)

- illustrate + the + fundamental + position + of + arm + and + hips + in + folk + dance (Philippines)

You are right to underline this folk dances characteristics.
Folk dances are the a form of education from the Anciants' inheritance. An education according to the how just body behaviors maintains the health in a group or in society. Moving members and any part body of his body -fingers, eye, ears, hairs, etc...-, is to cultivate the well-being of life for everybody en consequently the whole society one.

- animated moving towards goal (Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle Washington, USA)

Actually, any healthy consciousness of movement includes a goal as the main part. It is why we can tell an expression as thinking-action.

- A + slow-moving + elephant + can + have + more + kinetic + energy + than + a + fast-moving + cheetah (USA, The University of Georgia)

You are right. This is very interesting. An elephant of 5 tons running at 60 km/h produces more than 20 times the kinetic energy of a cheetah of 80 kg running at speed 100 km/h.

- 100m training program in sprinting (Malaysia, Sha Alam, Selangor, Universiti Telnologi MARA)

- animated icon taichi (Germany)

- Animated gif martial arts (Finland, Elisa-Laajakaista)

The basic lesson of martial figures is to illustrate how to think space as a whole. As the thinking is a clear and precise vison of any postures then the practising is like the whole space itself. It is the fundamental martial art lesson for understanding human health where our being body-thinking is equivalent to the fullness of space structure.
There is no difference between martial art and Art of Dance. However, Art of Dance expresses only attitude figures with postures and motion while martial art training learns the possibility of putting maximal energy to each posture and motion in space.

- human being animated (Malaysia)

- gif animations mental health (Columbia)

Actually. It is the reality of any being.
Any being is not a spirit plus a body made of matter. A being is a mental. A mental is the reality of a being. That is to say a mental is exactly equivalent to a body structure and inversely. Health is a mental or a body structure the behavior of which is the nearest consistent with universal laws.
It is why the optimal action of a being should be the law expressions. That is to say a person should have an action with its understanding as an energy action in a whole but precise space structure. In sport, what is denoted as a mental is this quiet capacity to be receptive to a such intuitive vision. Ir is the case for any athlete before tempting an attempt. He tries to get a true whole and precise vision of the wanted action.

- 100m + sprint + biomechanics + physics (Australia)

This the basic view point. It is why considering Force for human movement, is not the just manner for understanding the alive motion.
The Dynamics may be a means for explaining a mechanism. With fuel a car can run well. But for human sometime even with much muscle, he can't do some work that he currently can produce. Because muscle is not a mechanism to do a work at any time. Human needs a particular mind to be abble to do a particular movement. The bimechanism is not to burn fuel to transform it into movement. The alive needs to master his thinking to realise a complex physical sensitive structure of any given movement to get a particular action according to his precise will.

- animated first law of motion (USA, New York, City University)

Obviously, any runner reach a level of speed where his motion is uniform while there is a continous expense of energy to maintain this uniform motion. That is to tell that there is not the famous first law of motion.

- optimisation + of + distance + for + maximum + force + production + in + striking + karate

Acrually. This the general rule for any alive body.
In movies fiction we use to see fighting actions, with very great motion. A blow should begin wery far backwoed to go towards its target very far ahead. This is valid for sword and also for bare hand fighting. But we should ne conscious that movies belong to thiatrical art where it consists to explain to spectators, as a scene language, what happens on the screen. This is only necessary theatical langages where for understanding a story nothing should not be suddenly happens.

But to use body movement with a maximal efficiency of his own maximal energy, the amplitude of movement range is whery short an very economic in displacement.

It is sue to that a maximal expense of the alive body should be explode from the body center. This latter is for man, situated near by the narvel. Thus a high power of any exploding engery, rest necessary on the body structure. Particularly, the body rotation around his spinal column axis. It is valid for the arms and also for the legs.

It is why high skill in bare hand fighting should be practice around a narrow space volume around one's body. if it is needed to displace oneself from his initial situation, but when apply a maximal energy for strike, the distance is applyed to a very short target position. This is the optimal condition for applying his maximal energy in action.
Note that, the example in sport of a maximal energy action is seen in the Weight Lifting sport where one found in application the minimal body movement in a most shortest time of his body to lift a maximal weight.

Lifting heavy Weight

For lifting heavy weight its should be use of muscle but the problem of succeeding in lifting a maximum of weight is at first the body equilibrium. It need the accuaracy of the equilibrium feeling when one is vertically on his two feet standing.
The heavy weight should be manipulated only along a perfect vertical trajectory. Itis this precise vertical trajectory that the athlete has to accomodate all his movement.
There is for example, two stage in this weight trajectory where the human body have to perfectly adjust.
1) - The first step of lifting is lift it from the ground up to the althlete dimension of a steady sitting capable of maintening the weight at rest on his upper chest at his shoulder level.
2) - From this first position, he must be abble to lift in a second step this weight in a perfect vertical trajectory to a height of a standing position where the weight should be carried in his hands by his two arms vertically stretched. This the second point where the weight must be steady at rest.

There is two steps of the weight where the muscle force are expending the maximum of the athlete's energy. It is the lifting from the ground to the the height of shoulder for the human body siting position. The second expense of the muscle is when the weight must be lift up to the most body heigh position.
All the body muscles are in contribution in moving during these two steps. But the result of such actions needs a high quality of the athlete to be very precise when communicating the motion to the weight. That is in fact and must be two balistic motion of the weight. Balistic motion means that the weight should be considered as shot of bullet. The balistic shot means that the trajectory can't be controled after the shoot. Thus, for the two steps of weight lifting the athlete has to address the weight at the precise vertical point at his shoulder and also toe the hight precise point up at hist stectching arm. This is the two goal of sooting the heavy weight for the athlete.
What he can do during this two trajectory steps, is to hace the skill od placing himself, perfectly under the two defined goal where the weight must be stay. This the most difficulty of the lifting weight. The sucess of an athlete is to be enough relaxe to place himself rapidly and precisely under this tow predefined point of the weight.

In brief
The weight lidting is composed of two step of force lifting to displace in balistic manner the weight. During each of this weight trajectory, he had to place himselt under this weight to be in position of carrying this weight at rest at its parabola high zero point. The high skill of the athlete is needed to be abble of feeling the just position under the gravity force of the weight when this weight is still moving upward and before it fall downwards again.
The weight lifting champion is not only muscle very strong but his first quality is to have a great skill of knowing his position relativeley to the weight location.
Note that during this above two steps of the weight shooting upwards, their movement time duration in moving upwards is no more longer than 0.3 second! This time is the more shorter the more the athlete is little. Therefore, a weight lifting champion is really of very high skill in precision of placement.

- animation muscles contraction (Brazil)

Here is really some secret on alive knowledge.
There is something on muscle contraction that one have to be in conscience.
Obviuously, any moving use muscles to produce forces. But the problem is how to use them.
1) - Most use of muscles is to produce force rigidity and not to produce displacement. Because using muscle is thinking as follows: contraction, contraction, contraction,... until rigidity.
2) - The true use of muscle for moving is to produce movement energy. That is to say; a bounce is a such precise energy to produce.

What is the great difference?
Producing Force is necessarily to block movement. While knowing how to produce energy is to perform displacement. For example, in weightlifting if one is thinking to lift weight up with his force, he will be inefficient. While the one that succeeds to lift a weight is the one that thinks on how he has to move the weight on a given height. Therefore, he has to know precisely where the weight will be at the final position before trying to lift it. It is not what a one that think to his muscle forces to lift anywhere the weight. Because of this unlocalized anywhere, he fails to the lifting.
In sprint, the difference between a cheetah and an athlete that belives to his leg force, is that at each step, the cheetah use the just command to his body muscles to produce the just energy for a given step at a given speed. It is why animals have much skill to be in equilibrium in any situation.

This is because thinking a command to muscle with an artificial concept as the Force one, make the body to fall in a rigid dead end of the force thinking image. Because there, an intellectual-comand of action do not obey to the whole rythm of the body when this latter has to change its position. While the cheetah system of thinking action is in a whole harmony of its body.
These deep understanding of the alive motion is very difficult to be understood by scientifics in quite devoutness for the old Dynamics.
But this knowledge is clear for high level Martial Arts... This a true human Art, beyond science.

- muscle energy tecnique (Korea)

Actually. May be, you have some knowledge on it.
Analytical view point, a Force is the symbole (F). That is nothing for the alive feeling than a blind effort. While displacement with energy is a sensitive meaning for the thinking of an alive because, displacement is:
a) - Distance, the ones of the whole body squeleton space.
b) - The energetical mass of the body that one want to give in these displacements. Energy of these thinking contains the time of this displacement.
For example to do precisely a caress. In the other side, to put precisely at a given location all the possible energy with all the body mass.

In fact, a displacement is a real precise conscience system of internal science for any alive he has to get in more accuracy.

- rigid muscle gif (Brazil)

Observing video of human sprinting and comparing it with a cheeteah running, we will note that the human behavior is quite rigid while a cheetah is "waving" in suppleness. The human limit of sprinting is the consequence of mind formatting in thinking with the Dynamics' Force.

- man's arm clip art (USA Tennessee)

- flying objects (Dominican Republic)

- harmonic oscillations animated gif (Brazil)

Running fast technique may be understood as harmonic oscillations. Oscillation source comes from the shoulder and arms system with few force and suppleness to be of a highest frequency (however in infrason one). Constant resonnance is then done on the current speed of foot steps. Therefore, there is addition of body action on each step. This produces and maintains a constant few acceleration.
This is what any animal uses as technique to be abble running the fastest they can do. The shoulder plus the arms are really the source system of moving and legs are only for maintaining horizontal trajectory. The current 100m sprinting is the inefficient one because it does not uses the arms and the legs stretching forward but only for pushing them backwards with muscle force. You may observe the animal running where any of them always strechts their two front legs when floatting in the air. This is precisely their shoulder-forelegs system acceleration action while leaning on their back legs. This is what is shown on this next figure.

One may see the great difference between the classical sprinting technique and the one described on this figure:
1) - Movement of the classical technique are the resultant of pushing effort on legs.
2) - What is trying to shown on these figures are how the runner is activing his action with the upper members to create the sprinting energy. He is using the optimal moving of the alive.

- "humen" + parts + of + body (Nepal)

One should consider that the body is composed of many parts.
Because optimal moving is due to the multipart composition of body structure. Animals run fast according to that their body is at any time assembly of their body parts. Usual technique of athlete sprinting is a bad application of Dynamics Force due to physician's belief on the Dynamics. Thus the runner body is a one-bloc like a statue and running is focused only on the leg-pushing muscles.
Therefore, for one that can understand how an animal applies true mechanical laws for running, he can then perform a 100m sprint shorter than a 9s/100m duration. This true body behavior is very difficult because of the human mind inertia of technical science belief.

- animated people of Syria (Philippines)

- two thumbs up gif animated (HongKong)

- energy conservation animated images (Philippines)

Really a good sprinting is mainly how to conserve the previous energy. Little acceleration is maintained according to the arms and legs strechtching and whle energy is growing with a higher cadency of left-right alternance stretching.

- 100m sprinting injuries (South Africa)

Injuries are currently found in sprinting.
The main reason is that sprint training is done under the optic of Force mechanics. It is believed that running faster is to push strongly with the legs. Using muscle force is to tense and to contract muscles. This is the main point of injury sources.
For the alive, running fast is the contrary of to contract muscles. Fast sprint is the contrary of weightlifting. Even in weightlifting, a height performance is also to be abble of fast moving!
Animal are the fastest in moving. It is not because they have four legs and are obviously stupid. In the contrary, animals obey to natural laws even if they are very strong, much more than human.
Human must understand one day that the main quality of running fast is the suppleness! Being supple is to be abble to produce high frequency motion therefore, it means to be abble to perform a fast sprint.
Note that using muscle force is not only source of injuries but also, is to use false Dynamics mechanical analysis.

We can observed that the record level of 100m sprint is stagnating to day. It is due to force sprinting technique but also, there is an another basic underground cause. To be relaxed during sprinting needs to a have a spirit of non-profit winner. It is due also to the athlete mental to much focused to the avidity of a title interest. It is most interesting to be a winner however there is a great difference between acting with a will for optimal effect and acting for a high avidity purpose.

- While + running + a + person + dissipates + about + 0.6 + J + of + mechanical + energy + per + step + per + kilogram + of + body + mass. + If + a + 60kg + person + develops + a + power + of + 70W + during + a + race + how + fast + is + the + person + running + Assume + a + running + step + is + 1.5 + m + long.+ solution (Novartis, Switzerland)

If an kinetic energy is given, then the runner's speed is known.
Then, with a given 60kg/70W the speed is equal to [sqr(70/60)].
His speed is then equal to
sqr(70/60) = 1.08 m/s.
With a such speed, a man can't do a step of 1.5 meter without floating in the air during 1.5 s. Assuming that this runner is doing a high bounce of 0.1 m to do a step of 1.5m then, he needs only to float during less than (0.2x2) second for this bouncing up and down step.
Practically, this runner can do a sprint of 108s/100m. He does a 100 in the duration of 1mn:32s. That is to say, this runner is walking.

For comparison
A 60 kg runner doing a 10s/100m or a speed of 10 m/s, is developping an energy of E=(1/2).mv2. In a second his power is
60.102 = 6,000 Watt or 6 kW

It is strange than a man can develop a horse-power of
6000/736 = 8.2 ch
Note that a horse of 400kg running at 60 km/h or 16.7 m/s develops a power of:
E = 400.16.72 = 111,111 Watt or 111 kW
This horse is more powerful about 13 times than the man runner's one.

- Conserving momentum in the 100m sprint (Australia Myschools)

The main energy expense for a sprinter, is to maintain his speed constant after approximatly 50 meters. In this case it effective speed is only an uniform motion. The difficulty is to be abble to maintain his rythm of alternative left-right running without disturbing his current uniform speed. The main expense of energy is produced for this regular cadence and not by the backward pushing force of leg for displacing. Being regularly supple in this uniform motion, the sprinter can produce a final sprint with his memaining energy reserve.
Note that if really an action-reaction force is used for a sprint, the total energy calculated as a summation of each step of pushing force, is too high for a man possibility. Thus the running can't be explained by a Newton's force. Terefore, all the alive displacement on ground should be stated as displacement according to the falling body law.

- Beijing judo animation gif (Australia)

- give me the standard diameter and measurements for judo (Niger)

No problem if you are a champion. However, for standard beginners, it is the unit of tatamis measurement for a futur champion.

- judo muscle arm (Japan)

Judo competition particularly need strong arms. But for a high level judo it needs soupleness. It is very difficult to be at the same time both strong and souple. Generaly it belongs really to the japaneese judokas champion qualities.

- Walsall + sports + academy + judo (UK)

Hello the Walsall academy judo!

- human's + dimension + of + both + women + and + men + in + Saudi + Arabia (Saudi Arabia)

- gif animé always believe in yourself (France Lyon)

- silent man (UK)

Luckily... This gif pic is not an audio video.

- Parabolas in Africa (USA Houston)

- animated gif globe and man (Canada Manitoba u)

- Korean Home animated (Taiwan)

- sprinter practice shoes (Korea)

- respect animated gif (Croatia)

Respect is required in sport events relativeliy to his opponents. Before shouting his "conquest" everyone should reveal respect to others oponents. This a basic behavior to enhence general human respect and to elevate olympiad mind.

It is a hope, probably for most of us, that during the medal awards, to have in backwards of the podium, the presence of all the athletes participating to this event. In this case, it will be the real overworld human athletics meeting fair. This meeting is not only a winning ceremonial. It should represent the summation of all the best human efforts to enhance himself. - self-control gif (Portugal)

- respect animated

- respect for others animations (Australia)

- gifs attitudes (France Dijon)

- respect animated gif (Croatia)

- correct gif (Morocco)

- Uzbekistan animated history (Canada Toronto)

- first + moment + aera + theorem + beam (Oman)

- animation "whith" (Vietnam)

- Vietnam shoulder (HongKong)

- stride Vietnam (China)

This drawing is a great stride. It is plastic means to underline an effect of expressing a maximum stretchching action. Because the exact proportions of a photo can't tell a will.

- healthy man animation (Lithuania)

- bad animated (Greece)

- 30 metres sprint test (UK)

- angel gif animation (Lithuania)

With or without wings?

- monkeys gifs (China)

May be, the method of gif animated can't be used for a best definition of monkey movements. Monkeys are to rapid and also too wealthy in gestures. There is wellknown the marvellous art of miming shown by the Beijing Opera that reproduce what are the characteristic of Tê Thiên Dai Thánh, the legendary Monkey, the celestial Holy of Holies...

- run walk gif animation flash (Jordan)

- fastest 100m sprint (Canada)

- Powerful accelerating run-up volleyball (Canada)

It is true. In somme steps running-up for volleyball where the use of his arms and his hands are needed, they can be used for a powerfull acceleration.

- if + a + sprinter + off + balance + when + running + the + curve + in + 22m + event + the + coach + should + change + the + arm + action + to + the + left + arm + and + left + leg + forward + together right + leg + and + right + arn + forward + together (Bahamas)

It is very fun to do like this in a beach game. The time for doing a 22m event, may be more than some minutes. Only very slowly walk can be done with this technique. However its is very funny.


This is a most fundamental action that human can do to change the Earth Planet heating. Earth heating is seen in different phenomena as, earthquakes, vulcanic, cyclonic phenomena.

According to the Dakhiometry globe theory any heavenly body has a more or less rotation energy around a polar axis. This energy is the result of an equilibrium of energy during the condensation process from where any heavenly body has two kinds of movement: the one that make it follow an orbit and the one that make it rotation around and internal axis.

If the internal rotating energy is to high, according to the initial motion equilibrium and also according to its mass, the heavenly body will appears in form as the Moon, the Earth or as the huge gaseous planets like Jupiter. More huge, a heavenly body appears as a shinning star.

What is concerned with human is only to have a just necessary Earth rotation energy to not fall in death like the Moon and not to burn like a gaseous planet.

Therefore, the action of maintaining a just equilibrium of energy for live, is of two ways:
1) - To accelerate the Earth rotation when the Earth climate is too cool.
2) - To reduce the rotation speed when there is to much volcanos, earthquakes and cyclones in action.

How can we do to control these Earth rotation speed?

It is a simple process but a more complex one when all human on Earth need to be in agreement for an internatinal project.

The technique for accelerating or for slow down the Earth internal motion, is simply what you is telling with your remark!

All human, we have just to "MOVE PEOPLE AROUND THE GLOBE" simultaneously as a whole! To Crawl on all fours, Swimming, Walking, Running, Riding horse, Driving cars, Navigating and with all techniques of moving on the ground.

We have to do this during some time internationnaly defined and in the same direction to accelerate or to brake the Earth rotation. These human displacement is done obviously toward the Sunrise or the Sunset, that is to say toward the East for slow down or toward West direction to accelerate the Earth rotation. We have to do it simultaneously during a determined delay. This need not a whole internationnal simultaneous action but any separated group have to do it simultaneously in the whole group. Then after performing this work, everybody have to move as he want, randomly in every direction. Only the simultaneous moving of a group is effective while moving of everybody in different directions don't cancel this group work effect.

Obviously, human are as microbe and the Earth as Geant. Thus, we have to do this moving work during a calculated time to obtain some wanted result of interaction with the Earth. However, this project of controling the Earth climate by human is a rationnal method.
This need only the whole agreement and understanding between human.

Really, this human action is not a joke!

- fundamental of folk dance with arms drawing style (Philippines)

Actually, dance is done generally on a small aera and even doing on the spot. Therefore, to create movement, the "running up" for a dancer is done according to the inertia of his stretching arms, of his head and also of his stretching legs.

- step by step overarm throwing (USA)

The throwing action of the arms and also the legs, allows to put a maximal body weight far forward. Consequently, it creates a high action of rotation due to the gravity. This movement is then naturally transformed into a forward acceleration. - animated man pushing a rock (USA)

This a just idea of the running phase shown here. The pushing amplitude should be the highest while its duration is the shortest for a high speed of displacement. So the pushing action is an impulse.

- proper body mechanics one leg on front of other (Canada)

- Silent Walking techniques (USA)

This is the case if one uses the weight of his arms to be unbalanced forward and then, to move with all the body soupleness.

- Diagrams of body parts that works like levers (Jamaica)

This not only the just physical description but laso the excat exact idea that a walker or runner should have in concret consciouness to get an optimal moving.

More, there is a very important phenomenon. When one thowns powerfully his arm or his leg forward, most of his center of gravity is at this time located at his hand or at his feet. At this time on can tell that his potential and kinetic energy is directed toward the direction of his blow. This is why one can produce an acceleration to move.

- animation gif history sport (Poland)

- only pencil made animation gif (India)

- "machanical" art (UK)

- we are in the moving animations (Australia)

- criminal animated gif (USA) - stupid animated gif (USA)

- physic reading (Australia)

- "difine" + motion + and + force (Philippines)

These diagrams show why the "four legs" are the best skeleton constitution for a fast running.
The human two-legs technique should be optimized by throwing the mass of his arm-and-leg powerfully forward to optimize the waterwheel mecanism.
We can see that the usual technique is a bad one. Because the sprinter is in uselessly rowing with his arms while pushing backward with force on his leg.
In brief
In running, the sprinter should maintain continually his body in a free falling body mechanism to be abble to get acceleration. This a new feeling to get and learn in training if he can overcome the old bad habit of his running technique using FORCE.

- diagrams of stretches for before sprinting (UK)

One of exercices before action is also to relaxe muscles with stretching most of any body articulations.

With this sprinting technique, the body stretches are needed.

Practical example of the acceleration technique
For a more good feeling of this technique one can copare it with the hurdle race. Hurdle races are more slow than a straight sprinting. But it is only because of the hurdles distances. Every runner must adjust his steps to be able to fit them with the jump over the hurdle.
But you may note that when overcoming a hurdle, the athlète behaves like this above acceleration technique. It can be note also that at this moment, there is an acceleration. Because the runner is powerfully lauching his arm and leg straight forward while overcoming the hurdle. This acceleration happens when he is up in the air and not when he is pushing on his leg.

- "copare" representational art with design (Niger)

- In + the + high + jump + the + kinetic + energy + of + an + athlete + is + transformed + into + gravitational + potential + energy + without + the + aid + of + a + pole (USA)

It is really the case.
But in simple high jump without pole, the running up energy is not optimal because the human heel don't allows an impact in high speed. Thus, athlete must use his muscles for jumping. While with a pole one can use a most fastest running up energy and athlete need not use his muscle for jumping from his legs. That is to say, in a pole vault the athlete leg is the pole! And the pole has not a delicate heel...

- With + what + minimum + speed + must + the + athlete + leave + the + ground + in + order + to + lift + his + center + of + mass + ++ and + cross + the + bar + with + a + speed + of/ (USA)

If the bar level is less than the height of his leg, an athlete can run with his maximum speed without jumping.
But in the case of a high jump, the maximum speed before leaving the ground depends on his leg capability to support his horizontal running up energy to deviate it upward. In this situation, it is not his leg capacity the ultimate limit of force. But the force limit is due to his ankle that cannot support to much strain when some angle of his feet is to great relative to the shinbone.

- sprint ankle injuries (Bahrain)

It happens when the runner use his leg to push backward. The consequence is that he must do a long stride to be abble to fully push backward. In this case his before leg ankle may be heavily loaded in bad position.

Acceleration technique consequences

When understanding and well feeling this techique for accelerating, one can apply it very usefully in many cases.
1) - For jumpers in long jump, high jump, pole-vault, one need to get a slow run-up to be abble to adjust the good step distance for the jump. This a very difficult necessity to fit for a most highest speed jumping energy. Therefore, this previous accelerating technique is a precious means to get quickly a high speed needed before jumping during the last steps of running-up.

2) - For the pole-vault: here is the "Tsunami Technique" for a high speed of running up.
Understanding this technique allows the jumper to use the falling energy of the pole to get an powerfull acceleration during the last steps of running-up. Even if the pole weight is low we can use its length to have a very hight kinetic momentum for a powerfull acceleration during a short time. Remember that a kinetic momentum is the force time the length.

- physics energy transfer and transformation (Australia)

- how to increase your acceleration in sprinting (USA)

The "tsunami technique" for ultimate fast acceleration of running-up using the pole lever.

- pole vault (Cyprus)

- pole vaulting pole structur (Canada)

Actually. Use the pole length as a scale beam to unbalance the athlete and force him to run faster forward without effort of pushing backward his legs to run faster.

- levers and moments of force (UK)

- free solved samples about angular velocity and angular acceleration (USA)
- free exercises about conservation of momentum of inertia (USA)

The pole momentum of inertia is en energy that is transformed into the linear kinetic energy to get an ultimate powerfull acceleration. This latter is then transformed into a potential energy of the jump.

- kinetic energy in a pole vault (China)

- pole and vault (Iran)

Until the anciant time and recently, one does a high jump using a long stick to be abble to get a vault trajectory over the obstacle.
In modern time with technological material with high elesticity property, one may tell that a pole vault is no more a vault but a perfect hyperbolic take off toward the sky... - pole vault men (Ecuador)

- Come to Pole Vault Practice Video (Qatar)


- Pole VAulter (USA VA)

- pole vaulting physics (USA)

There is a more greater technique for polevault.
It is to use the current polevault technique but adding to that a solid springboard as it is shown for the high and long jump.
With this new system and with a speed of 10 s/100m, an athlete can polevault over about until a 10m high.
There is no difficulty to install this new polevault system. It consist to:
a) - Install a movable spring board from the bar at the length of the pole used.
b) - Install cushion plane for falling absorption at a higher altitude of 5 meters height for example. Security of absorption is extended for possible missing try jumps.

Note that the speed of 10 s/100m is the speed of the jumper at the time of his take off. This speed can be reach when using the pole lever as shown next for the ultimate acceleration running up.

This polevault system is quite a natural athetics event system.

- conservation + of + energy + pole + vault + solution (France, Grenoble I.M.A.G.)

- perfect form pole vault (Brazil pe gov)

- conservation of energy physics animation (Yugoslavia prvabeogim edu)

- elastic pole (Israel)

A high pole vault performance need a such high technology material for a pole.

- angel wing diagram (USA)

- spirit pole vault pole (Croatia)

- pole vault (Taiwan Nt edu)

- polevault physic (USA Kentucky edu)
- pole vault (South Africa puk ac)

- broken pole vault (USA Texas GVTC)

A composite synthetic material may be of high elastic rigidity while doen't be enough flexible when the jumper momentum energy is too high during the take off. - Russian pole vaulter (UK)

- vault structure (Costa Rica)

- pole vaulter paradox (USA, MIT edu)

Until now, the pole is used as a passive hindered thing. To be an active tool more useful for the jumper it is intersting to put a weight at the end of the pole. This allows to use the benefit of this weight as an effective moment when the pole if dropped before being locked for the jump. This mass (m) may be about 1 kg. The moment of inertie (M) will be proportionnal to (M=m.length2). This moment inertia will accelerates the running up at the ultimate time when doing it as on this next figure with the arm as a lever fulcrum.

- The + fastest + that + a + person + has + run + is + 12 + meters + per + second. ++ If + a + pole + vaulter + was + to + run + this + fast + and + convert + all + his + energy + to + kenetic + energy + how + high + would + he + go (USA, North Carolina)

If {t)=12s is the speed of an athlete expressed as a time performance in a 100m sprint e.g, 12s/100m, then the formula gives the high [h} of the pole vault as following :
with a given t in seconds,
h = (100/t)2/(10)
h=1000/(t)2     (01)

With 12.5s/100m the level of the centre of gravity of the athlete is up to 6.4 m high,

With 12.3 s/100m the high can be 6.6 m,
with 12.0s/100m the theorical result will be 6.9 m!
This is valid at the Earth zero altitude and if the champion has all the necessarily skill to be able to sprint with a pole in his hands. Therefore, with a time of 12.3s/100m, he will beats the current pole vault record...

- The fastest that a human has run is about 12 m/s.(a) If a pole vaulter could run this fast and convert all of his or her kinetic energy into gravitational potential energy how high would he or she go (LITHUANIA)

For a mechanical objet with a speed of 12 m/s, the theorical answer is:
Converted to potential height = 8.53 m

But for a pole vaulter, it should be substracted from this value:
a) - The imperfect elasticical efficiency of the pole.
b) - The losses in friction energy of the corresponding pole vaulter technique due to his unity with the pole.
c) - The impossibility to run at 12 m/s with a long pole in his hands.

However, in the pole vault, the athlete can add to his initial running energy, his own body streching energy for body tilting over at the highest pole extend. Probably, this tilting motion can add about a height situated between 0.6-0.8 meter more to the initial running up speed energy.

Finally, when supposing that the pole vaulter's technique is a perfect one then,

1) - With an initial speed of 12 m/s, a pole volter can clear a height, with an optimistic 20% of friction loss, that may be 6.8 m.
2) - Adding to this initial running energy the final tilting effort can produce maximum height that can be situated between:
7.4 m and 7.6 m
, when initial running rate is 12 m/s

This 12 m/s is only a dream because the usual maximum running up with a pole in his hand, can be no more than maxima situated between 7.7 m/s to 9.0 m/s.
It is because maximum performance of sprinting need the use of the hip-leg with the shoulder-arms system, necessary as a mechanical inertia in central symmetry, to produce human optimal efficiency in running.

- what + kind + of + jump + is + pole + vauting + included. + eg + horizontal + vertical + diagonal (Niger)

It is an interesting conscience.
A pole vaulting technique is the same as the high jump one, using a rigid block as described in this present text. It is because the pole is used as a long leg blocking on a rigid support for transforming horizontal energy into high length of potential one. Obviously, the jumper have to top some level indicated by a barrier by doing a short horizontal trajectory. But the main effort of pole vaulting is to go directly from horizontal to the vertical. It is there a High jump type.

- A + pole + vaulter + wishes + to + clear + a + 4 m + bar. + How + fast + must + she + run (, New York Country, USA)

If we take in account an approximation of 20% of the total energy lost, the jumper should have the skill to run with at least (14.11 s/100m). It is not so obvious to run at this speed with a pole in his hands.

- robotic arms gif animation (, India)

- minimize robot arm moment inertia (, The University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

The following figure is how to enhence the inertia moment of the pole to produce an acceleration for the athlete.
But for a robot, it is the case to minimize the arm moment of inertia. A walking robot on two legs, will be unbalanced at any of its arm movement particularly when it needs to produce an effort. It is why most of actuating robots are built fixed on the ground.

The only solution for such difficulties of standing on two legs robot is to be abble to have an internal calculator, that measures the change of its gravity center and then to control its weight in the gravity direction or to control its legs to always support its weight.
This is possible only when mathematics know how to determine theorically a center of gravity.

Here following is an enhancement of pole vaulting when using the pole as a lever moment of inertia for the ultimate running up acceleration. Polevualt ultimate

- moment of inertia hammer (, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Yes. This figure mechanism is similar when a hammer or a woodman's hatchet produces a moment of inertia in reverse reaction that produces a return choc on one's hand.

- inside of a pole vault pole (Northern Michigan University, USA)

Inside as material elaboration and practically, inside a pole as physical lever inertia law.

- pole vault motion (USA, Fresno California State University)

- pole vaulting (Spain, el Banco Santander)

- pole vault drawing (USA Oregon u)

- Stanford women's pole vaulter (USA)

- Stanford pole vaulter (USA Florida)

- Minnesota pole vaulting (USA Minosota)

- pole vaulting joke (USA Stanford edu)

- Wisconsin pole vaulting high school (USA) - Philippines pole vault (USA ca)

- giraffe leg physics (Korea)

- the levers gravity center (USA)

Using the pole lever for an ultimate acceleration is like a gazelle getting the giraffe long neck to escape from a cheetah urgent flirt.

- Animations giraffe (Japan)

- maximum "hight" of stadiums (Egypt)

Thus, starting with the pole in vertical position, the jumper don't remain passive when it falls toward horizontal position before jumping. One may use this falling pole as his arm tied up to his shoulder. This is done by straightening his two arms perpendicularly to the pole, during its falling trajectory. In brief, the jumper should straighten his arms to the pole when he lets it fall toward the horizontal position. Actually, the jump begin there. The difficulty is that the athlete should have the skill to run faster in supleness to be abble to remain in equilibrium because this action of the pole produce a very fast acceleration. It is why this method is denotted as the Tsunami Technique because in Dakhiometry, there is a correspondent theorical mechanical law describing how a liquid wave is transformed into a tsunami phenomenon.
When mastering this technique, the jumper can hope to a running-up speed before jumping, at about 13 s/100m. This allows a pole-vault jump of more than 6.3 meters probably for woman as for man.

- end of takeoff in pole vault (USA)

Until now the end of takeoff un standard pole-vault technique is a passive step. Thus, it can be performed a best jump if one use the possibility of the pole long lever mechanism to produce a powerfull acceleration before the takeoff step. The kinetic momentum of the falling pole can produce this acceleration. The how maintening the pole lever in his hands and arms to optimize the lever action is the important point of this phase.

- free + download + of ++ animation + for + Newton's + law + of + gravitation (India)

I suppose that this remark is fot the human running.
About the human and alos for any alive being running the technique doesn't concern nor the Dynamics Force neither the Attraction of the Earth mass.
a) For human, assume that the most quick movement that he can do to displace his hand at the end of his arm is 1.5 metres/seconde. Let now assume that a robot machine tries to displace forward using two pistons for pusching backward. With this given speed of its pistons, the maximal frequency that it can produce the pushing action is about 0.5 cycle/s or 0.5 Hertz. The result is that with any force a machine can move its pistons, a such system can never displace with a speed faster than 1.5 m/s or 5.4 km/h.

Thus a human can do better than a such powerful robot. His sprint record can't be better than the 5.4 km/h or about asprint of 66 seconds per 100 meters. He is sprinting as fast as he walks in a hurry.

An another remark on running. Until now, human remains obcessed by his own stating laws that must govern the nature. The Universal Gravitation and the Force are two personnal human laws that govern his physical realm. It is why he ignores that he is running faster that he can push his legs backward on the ground.

Thus, if he can't run faster than his heavy legs can't push backward because the ground is running faster backward a some five times quicker. No matter for his understanding. Because his second universal law of Gravitation is there to explain this running phenomenon.

Here it is more difficult to tell that the Universal Gravitation is a dummy human invention, during his dream or his nigthmare.

For the reality of the movement in the universe, there is one Unique Universal Law. It is the Potential of space. In brief: What is concerning the Rest or the Movement phenomena, are the consequence of the Potential. Because the Potential is the unique physical law controlling the energy and the placements of objects during the universe construction.

In the generalized running technique, any alive body use naturally a transformation of his natural falling movement for downward kinetic energy to deviate it toward the one allowing his horizontal displacement.

Therefore, the energy of the running is here produce by the potential one that try to displace any object on the Earth surface toward its Center. This is the horizontal component of the running that can produce an acceleration for displacement. And nature had construced four legs animals to maximize its speed capacity of acceleration in running. Therefore, the four legs is not a result of hazardeous construction as like it or a construction default of the nature. It is rather a optimization of a machanical enhancement allowing a better speed for animals. The conclusion is now to tell that a four legs animal can't become a two legs as a human because this operation is a natural deterioration. That is to say a such downgrading of alive is a real contradictory backward-evolution. - "potentiel" "og" "kinetisk energi" (Denmark)
- "potentiel" "og" "kinetisk energi" (Denmark)

And also, its reciprocal: - "kinetisk energi" "og" "potentiel" (Denmark)

Because the real immutable Law is so that there is no movement alone on itself. Any motion happens only toward an equilibrium of a potential and really because any motion is produced from a potential. This is the space location property. Thus, an object in straight line uniform motion is only a incomplete dummy formalism.

- tai chi animation gif (China)

- kinetic energy animated gif (Sri Lanka)

- 100m + sprint + vs + cheetah + video (Australia)

The time of this challenge is too short for registrering some images with a classical gif-camera.
At the departure, the cheetah and the sprinter is ready on their starting bloc. At the starting signal, may be, at least than one meter the cheetah is beyond the sprinter until the end of the 100 meters.
Unluckily, four-legs animals is not only running faster but also jumping at starting faster than human two-legs.

- non uniform motion (India)

It is why with this technique of running, one should be souple and very fast in alternately moving his legs. Because at a certain threshold of speed, one runs a risk of falling down. It is the phenomenon of a person that jump from a running car, he necessarry can't run faster then the car and thus he lose one's balance.

- "humen" anatomy (Mongolia)

- body + motion + Saipan (Japan)

- animated images of unity (India)

Only a unity behavior of the body can feel and performs a such idea of motion.

- beauty body movement ratio (United Arab Emirates)

- angular acceleration in relation to movement of body (India)

Actually, the body weight is acting verticaly for a forward horizontal force component. It is like mechanic for watermill.

This is a figure of a free man, free in movements, free in attitudes and consequently, free in his thinking. This the traditional Kung-Fu learning to get health in physic and mental.
The runner is here in clothes. It is only a means to better represent how motion is done.
All the gestures are exactly described in this animation. In the current sprinting technique, the vertical arms rotations are, expense of ystrike>energie and are usefullness for enhancing the sprint.
All gestures must be supple. Arms and legs must be "thrown" forward as you do it with strokes throwing them forwards directed to the point faraways on the horizon. Thes arms and legs gestures are the ENGINE OF THE RUNNING and more generally for any human moving even in swimming. These limbs gestures must start from the body center through the rotation of the system shoulder/pelvis.

The legs are used only as support or as pivot for the body. No force of pushing for dispalcement can be efficient in high speed. It is the same case when you jump from a running car.
It seems that some Web Navigator is not enough quick to reproduce the animation speed. You may try it with specific graphic animation to set the corect speed of the real running.

For the athletism, the runner must be rather slight with muscles for quick and powerful motion. Too much muscles increase the weight of arms and legs and thus, make them slow in cyclic motion. Note that to get a high speed and to be in the parabolic motion, one must be abble to perform an alternate leg motion of about two cycles per second. With a such capacity on may reach a 7 s/100m!

- What + is + "principle" + of + Displacement (Australia)

- parts of the starting block (Canada)

- Bounce Shoes, Moon Jumper (Brazil)

- diving off a starting block (USA)

- sprinter starting techniques (UK)

- sprint start (USA)

- sprint impulse start (UK)

Starting with a jump is really an impulse quite different to the usual gradual beginning-of-running technique.

- diving from swimming starting blocks (Australia)

- sprinter in the set position in the blocks (UK)

- directions to do 100m sprints (New Zealand)

It consists to throw alternately one's fingers and feet toward the arrival point. - sprint block (Greece)

- 100m + sprint + how + to + make + a + perfect + start (USA Pennsylvania)

The use of this starting technique for a sprint need some training for an optimal jumping for developping a maximal kinetic energy. Thus, when on the starting-block before moving, one should imagine something up before him, at 45°. For example, one may imagine that he is jumping for a smash as in vollayball volleyball one does it. He should imagine jumping over a volleyball net or a basket of the basketball.

- Athlete starting the 100metre sprint diagram (Australia Myschools)

- 100m block start (Australia, Sidney University of Technology)

- Parabolic curve biomechanics (USA, Ohio, Defiance College)

- athletics running forces diagram (Israel)

The usual athletic analysis using the Dynamics Force is quite a false method. Here is simply what a force give error for a sprinter that performs a 10 s/100m. We suppose that his speed is unifromely 10 m/s at the end.
A such uniform displacement means that the sprinter produces this uniform motion with an energy of action against and equal to the resistense of all the friction. That is like a car that can't run no more than its maximal speed where all the expense of the fuel are only used against the mechanical friction energy.

Therefore, we can calculate the force and the energy produce by the 80kg sprinter to maintain his uniform speed of 10 m/s.
This speed is actually the acceleration force (a) against the friction. Our calculation should find the force that can produce an acceleration a=10 m/s.s for a mass of 80 kg. According to the Dynamics definition of a Force, the force (F) produces by the sprinter at this time is then:

F = (80).(a) = (80).(10) = 800 N

The Joule energy (W) of displacement (L) for a 80kg along a 10m is then:

W = (F).(L) = (800).(10) = 8000 joule

According to the Dynamics, because the duration of this displacement of 10 m, is of 1 seconde then, the energy (E) produces by the sprinter is:

E = 8000 watt        or 8 kW

Do you imagine what a such human power is?
With a such energy, this sprinter is like an engine of:

Power in Ch = (8000)/(736) = 1.9 cv (horse power)

Please, note that this Dynamics analysis is quite correct, according to the official definitions of Force, Work and energy-Power in SI unit system with:
a) - 1 newton (N) produces to 1 kg an acceleration of 1 m/s
b) - Work 1 joule (J) produces by a force of 1 N in a displacement of 1 m
c) - Power of 1 watt (W) is an amount work of 1 J during 1 s

- a + leopard + springs + upward + at ++ 45 + degrees + angle (, Arizona, USA)

- sprint start position blocks (UK, Thames Valley University)

- standing + broad + jump + why + 45 + degrees + edu + takeoff (Singapore, Republic Polytechnic edu)

This a real interesting question to be enlighted.
On a planet any displacement on its surface is generally a nearly horizontal one. That is displacement nead a given energy to perform it. But everything don't need to run continually on the ground as a wheel. The real horizontal displacement is generally composed of successive horizontal jumps. This latter is a displacement that need the summation of two energy types:
a) - The energy for a pure horizontal distance displacement.
b) - Plus the energy for vertical displacement to be abble to hang in the air during the jump. This vertical energy is use to counteract the gravity one to allows the body to temporally fly during the jump.

For example, when we walk, we are flying at each step...   :-)

This is the phenomenon interested by the 45° problem.
Any jump on Earth need to spend a vertical energy of jumping that can produce a work against the gravity one. The theorical law of a such displacement trajectory is known as the Free Falling Body one. This trajectory describes a parabola with a vertical axis.
We denote the horizontal by the (x) axis and the vertical axis as the (y) one. Any jump can be described with a such form.
A jump from the ground, begins from any point (A) of this parabola. Then after flying as a bird, one must necessary fall on the ground at a point B.
The present particular problem is:
From a given initial energy for example (E), from the running up or from the standing position, how one can get the maximum length AB, with a such initial vertical energy?

We know that the falling body trajectory is a parabola. Then, the question is from an initial given energy and from what point (A) of this parabola, can we fall at a final point (B), symmetrical to (A) from the parabola axis, when AB must be a maximum length?

With a given initial energy, we have to expend it in two way. The first is to work against the gravity. The second is to displace horizontally the body.
We know that a parabola is a continous function where there is a tangent at any point. Then, there is a law charecteristic of a parabola, spatialy proved by the Dakhiometry, that state as:
For a given initial energy, the maximum length between two symetrical point A and B of the falling body parabola is defined by the point A where its tangent is at 45°

Note that the Dakhiometry law is a general determination for "Any initial energy to reach any AB of this parabola"!

This law is valid for any falling body law particularly for the standing broad jump. It is concerning also for this next starting technique for sprinting. Because the starting aim of sprinting is to go further and quickly.
The block is a most necessary tool for the characteristic very specific to human ankle.

Dakhiometry theorem of parabolic longest distance

- a leopard swings upward at a 45° angle and then falls back to the ground. Does the leopard at any point on its trajectory ever have a speed that is one-half it initial value. Give your reasoning (Malaysia)

This question is not really precise. You know that an object speed is generaly composed as the result of another composent speeds.
For example in this case, there is a horizontal plus a vertical one that compose the leopard global speed. We now that at the parabola summit, the vertical speed is null. So its speed generally is not constant.

However, if the question concerns the only horizontal-speed then, the ansewer is YES. What is the reason?
When the parabola trajectory is symmetric, for example in the case of a 45° upwards jump then a constant horizontal speed is fulfiled. Amongst all of the symmetric trajectories, there is a unique case where the constant horizontal-speed is accomplished.
It is when the initial energy of the jump, is shared in two half as follows:

1) - A half of initial energy is used to overcome the Earth gravity.
2) - The other half remaining energy, is naturally used to maintain the horizontal-speed constancy.

a) - The energy spend to overcomes the gravity, is spent for a given duration of floating in the air where it is supposed with a zero friction.
b) - This delay of flying in the air is then used for horizontally flying component consummation.
In such conditions, it happens that when the jump is done on an horizontal plane, the total length of the jump is maximal, for a given initial energy!
Obviously, when the fall is on a lower point than the jump plane, the total distance is more longuer until the parabola "infinity". So if you want to do a trip to Andromedes galaxy it suffices to jump in the extraterrestrial void and fall out of the Earth... towards Andromedes with some initial energy. Inversely if the the trajectory end point is on a higher altitude than the jump point then the total length is shorter. Note that for a high jump the highest jump is to chose a maximum of a quasi vertical parabola. That is to spend all the initial energy for the upwards vertical displacement.

Dakiometry theorem

1) - For any object in a given determined potential field, the distance done on a line perpendicular to the field direction with a constant component speed, is the longest.

2) - Corollary
The object trajectory in such condition is parabolic.
For a given initial kinetic energy,
it correponds to the unique symmetric parabola sector determined at their starting and ending points, the tangents to the parabola angles of 45° refered to this maximum distance line.


In flying as sprinting, one have to know the omptimal use of every part of one's body for displacement. While un walking, most of the gestures are done only for vertical equilibrium or as usual automatic manerism.

- 30m flying sprint (UK)

The flying technique for sprinting is a true one.
One should observed that human is not yet being abble to sprint with a high speed of flying. Until know what sprinters are doing is to walk-rapidly. From their baby state, woman and man know only how to walk. But they never learn how to sprint. Because sprinting is nearly a flying technique. The flying technique can give to sprinter the approximative time of 7s/100m or nearly as rapidly as a horse do. The above animated.gif is this flying sprint illustration. One should observed the difference between this body animation and the video of sprinters. All of these latter is applying the high speed of walking! The difference between walking and true running, is not as to have at any time one foot touching the ground. The true difference is that in walking stride everyone uses his forward foot as support point for his weight. Therefore, a walking stride consists of only use a passive forward leg as support. While in flying technique that is pactised by all the animal, the forward feet and arms are used as inertial sources of motion!

Now, there is a time to understand what is flying. Also, there is a time for how to learn what is the flying sensation. It is why the fist flying technique may be done with 30m or 50m trials. Probably, the flying technique may be operational for the 2012 Olympiad if one can be in conscience of it and training as such from now. Thus, a sprinter can then perform an average time of 8 s/100m.

Important fondamental characteristic of the alive

- Flying 30m test (Mexico)

A flying technique for sprinting deosn't need neither heavy muscles nor tall body physic. We can observed it in any annimal running.
This technique is rationnally explained as a function of mechanism equilibrium arrangement for complex system. Bird flying should be seen as running in the air! Car, airplanes flying and ships displacements are only gliding mecanisms. Therefore, any complex alive being has the flying property. All mechanisms built by man can do only the crawling and gliding.
Why is it so? Because as it is the case for heavenly bodies,
Complex alive beings are universally constructed as complex systems with dynamic equilibrium-capacity. While any mechanism invented by man is really simplistic systems conceived with the Force definition and motion is there designed as action-reaction events. It is clearly the case for any jet mechanism.
It seems strange, isn't it? But we can see there that man is formated by what he believes according to his current knowledge level.

- The Biomechanics of angle starting 100m (Indonesia)

- standing broad jump (Indonesia,

- cameras angles for 100m sprint (, UK)

- 100m running action (Singapore,

- 100m athletics the block starting (Portugal)

- Singapore mrt carriage standing positions (Singapore,

- british trials athletics 100m (, UK)

- centre of mass and base of support in sprint start (UK)

The starting position is a maximal unsteady equilibrium, ready to be unbalanced in the forward or backward direction.
Thi usual starting position is an unwell too much forward-unbalanced. It creats a lack of the athlete concentration. It is why the starting time of the sprinting is always a hazardeous of try-error time.
Thus starting position should be only a maxima of equilibrium but a rest position for an exploding force capacity. Therefore, all the athlete weight should stays on the heel. There,
the capacity for exploding energy rests on the uper part of the leg force
and not on the weak toes and fingers as it is done on the usual sprinter's starting system.
One may observe and learn how a little or big cat, stays in its steady equilibrium position before bouncing with a maximal speed.
The classical staring-block for athletes, IS AN AUTHENTIC MODERN TRUE TORTURE MACHINE, not confrormed for the peace in mind - probably also concerning with the human right-.

- salsa + on + 2 + mouvements + pieds + schema (Vietnam)

- papeis + de + parede + nokia + c2 + gifts + animados (Brazil)

- body + building + diagrams (

- Volleyball + Positions + Diagram (, Alabama)

What is done more quickly in displacement doing as lightning when using this technique of acceleration... particularly in volley-ball and generally in most of ball-sports where one need a quick short changing of his location!
For example starting at 3 meters line from the net to take a short but quick running-up and then jump for smashing the ball. Also it is the efficient usefulness concerning the volley-ball defense where one has to be quickly at multi-direction displacements..

- volleyball + positions

For volley-ball particularly and for most of situation where one needs to displace promptly, one have to be in relaxed standing. Then for displašing one have only to let one's body falling, the support leg have to be placed in the oposite direction of the wanted didplacement. This will created a quick acceleration in the choosing direction.

- bodybuilding + positions (

- law + of + inertia + blocking + a + ball (

Because a ball can't get blocking or smashing a player. This is due to the inertia property of matter. inertia is the speed capacity of a given whole mass to gain or to lose an amount of energy.

- volleyball +starting + positions (

According to the inertia of obe body, one have to use the aid of the falling-body law to increase the speed of our sudden displacement. This needs mainly our suppleness for changing our body posture while we float in the air for getting the needed falling energy. Then, to trasforme it into a given desired direction of acceleration. - bodybuilder + diagram (, New York)

- volleyball + 6-2 + formation (Tennessee)

- standing + sprint + start + technique

May be it can be the how for &quor;starting-in-a-flash".

- UK + landscapes

- body + building + diagram (Malaysia)

Starting sprint

- 100m + block + start + 100m + mechanical + advantage (Vietnam)

Concerning the 100m sprint-starting block as shown on this next above figure, there is a big disadvantage for the sprinter.

It is because the athlete have to carry up his weight from the Low Crouching posture and then to stand up at the Hight Standing position for sprinting. This is irrational contrarily done for a maximal action efficiency.

This is an artificial gratuitous starting effort and also a gratuitous expanxed of energy. It is only a technique that is nice for a so called "Dynamic-athlete-Photo". This crunching-from-standing effort doesn't belong to the efficiency for high speed displacement.

While for a rational time enhencement for 100m sprint, the optimal technique is to use his falling body (up-to-down)
One should use the light-speed Falling-Body as shown in these next figures.

It is the case for Horses, when breaking-into-galop as a flash, they using their falling-body energy.
All along the time it is the optimal method for any animal. It is because they have no CAMERA for a nice recollection photo... of a horse as the winner. Because animal has to be optimal with natural Laws to preserve them being in Life as long as possible.

These next diagrams for optimal speed in action are the natural law method for man's high speed "breaking-into-galop" !!!


Therefore, in some situation,
human athlete may be faster than a horse,
if they are sprinting around a CIRCUALR-TRAJECTORY of less than 60m-diameter !
________ according to Inertia, man weight is there an advantage! May be, in such condition, man can also beat a nice cheetah.

This the technique used by gazel when a cheetah is too near by it !!!
One may note that animals are well in good acquaintance with the natural Physics Laws.

Thus, I strongly recommanded to anybody:

if a Lion is runing after you, you have only to be Round-shouldered and to run away it,... in Round.
However, be carreful. Bacause, the more the Round is narrow, the more you are in situation of running after the Lion!!!
However be carreful: there, man can't show ones's Lion-teeth...

This is the proof due to that according to the universal Spatial Language, every direct-action can be done Reciprocally... But,.. some reciprocal effect are not recommanded for anybody... neither woman nor man.

Starting sprint Starting sprint

- can + you + interpret + in + Philippin + + There + are + no + strangers + here Only + friends + we + haven't + met + in + Philippin

A very nice and wealthy human spirit!

- Pushing + Positions + Diagram (Philipinnes)

It is a well enlightening image !

- begining + volley + ball + eureka + springs + ar (Canada)

- starting + position + sheets + volleyball (Georgia)

The most light brisk technique of starting in motion! Particularly in volleyball sport where in an narrow aera changing displacement in any directions is an advantage.

- bodybuilding + diagram (, New Jersey)

- volleyball positions (Azerbeidjan)


The current running technique is using the arms as like this next shematic.
Itis because one is using the muscle of "leg-pushing" as pushing effort for running.

Using pushing-legs need a couter inertia by using the shoulder and the arms as counter inertia to be abble to get a maximal pushing legs.

However, muscle pushing is very limited in speed.

The ideal optimal fast running is to use the falling-law acceleration.
For this purpose, one may use the moment of the arm and leg throwing forwards for the arm and backward for the oposite leg. It is done as shown on the above animation of a sprinter. Speed is there maximal because the runner should do his movement in quite suppleness.

- potential + to + kinetic + energy + in + sprinting (Michigan)

Optimal displacement of any alive body, for example in case of human running, consists to use the body falling in the tempo of the vertical body left/right rotation steps.
It should be avoid in fast running to use leg muscles. Because effort pushing back a leg is done in too long duration relativeley to the short falling phase of the body.
Note that human legs are generaly not for optimal fast running. It must be compare witth the animal four leg when their feet are the most longest and lightest one for fast postion changing in running. Observes the horse example.

The optimal property of a sprinter is to have legs formed as whips to be abble to crack them at the speed of sound to perform a 100m at Mach-1 rate.

The current science belief from empirical observation
One should be on conscience that
Moving of Alives in a heavenly-body is not done
according to somme Action for creating a Reaction
that provide a displacement

- heavenly + body + science (Philippines)

- sprint running technique biomechanical image cliparts (India)

- column + stadium + structure (, Cambodia)

- Northern + Michigan + university + new + science + bulding + construction (

- a + concept + map + of + speed + velocity + acceleration + force + dirction + and + motion (

- create + a + concept + map + with + motion + speed + velocity (myvzw.col)

- action + force + science (Australia)

- behind body moving MoeYuSan (Myanmar)

Starting sprint

To move a man or an animal is not performing an energetical shot on the ground to expect and trust that the ground will produce an opposite launching effect for their displacement.

The Dakhiometry Basic correct displacement Theory

According to the universal potential structure of the universe Absolute Space, object changing of locations are phenomena of a particular defined system refered to its own mass center of minimal energy.

1) - An airplane with jet technology can be displaced while his mass is separated into Two Parts. This is done not as Action-Reaction but according to its initial center of mass of this whole system. For example, the first part as backward ejection of gas allows the second part renaining mass of the aiplane to be displaced. The whole displacements of these two parts of this initial system are done only relatively to their initial common fixed center.
There, the airplane can be dispalced only relatively to its volume of ejected gas.
One have not to understand that it happens as Action-Reaction.
But one should see there that the airplane and its ejected gas can seem to displace ONLY relatively to each other of these two Parts. While their total mass center is remaining fixed... without no displacement from its initial location before ejecting a given mass of gas!

In summary
Any displacement technique is no more than a more-or-less explosion-phenomenon. This latter is from a given defined whole system that seems to be moved in its whole. But in fact, it is doing without having its initial mass-center being diplaced bu as an exploding system wich its volume expending in space... in two parts!
A gun shooting is not according to action-reaction law but as a system on the spot but exploding in two separated parts. Globally, there is no dispacement of this initial system center.

2) - What to describe for any alive moving on the Erath or on any heavenly body system?

We have to understand that any of the alive motion is done as a given part that can ONLY BE DONE relatively to the Earth Mass Center.

However, their displacement is not done against the Earth soil by Action/Reaction.
The alive motion is possible only according to the Earth as a whole system refered to the Earth mass Center as the Rest Point of the Earth spheric potential structure. This is the Main basic foundation of the alive capacity of moving.

Obviouly, one can strike powefully with his hand or his foot to displace object or himself. However, this alive have to use his muscle force of his own particular system relativeley to his own particular body center of mass. However, using muscle force needs to expense one internal energy that is rapidly exhausted.

It is why the optimal moving action of the alive is to act for moving himself not as a particular independent system but by to move as a Part independent to the Earth and therefore, to use moving technique as a Part-Of-The-Earth system.

In this case, an alive can get an optimal action for moving when he energeticaly acts as a Part of the Erath Mass Center. In such case the alive will use the Earth as a system of potential energy structured around its energy Rest Point center.

In this case, the optimal moving is done according to the universal Falling Body Law... and not only by expensing his own muscle forces.

In summary One may noted that it is the case for any system in the void of the space.
Because a planet is not orbiting around a Sun by using its own energy but as a quite Rest motion doing in equilibrium. One may understand that a planet orbiting around a Star is only as a rest position done in whole equilibrium.

Thus, any alive running will be done with best performence when he can done as orbiting around the Earth Center as in perpetual falling equilibrium circle around the Earth center.

- sprinting + body + position + acceleration (

The acceleartion is naturally produced at each step by the falling body position according to the leg used as a lever, but not by the corresponding pushing leg effort:.
The main sprinter energy should be used only for his body Left/Right rotation when Changing at each step.
Note that animal high speed displacement don't use the leg-pushing but only uses their running energy for the necessity of the changing step position of their whole body.

- hit + a + continous + serving + motion (Pakistan)

In succession to the leg as lever for falling-body acceleration, this duration of acceleration during the one steps of left-or-right lever, may be contineously linked by the succesiveley need of permutation between the left and the right legs. This intermediary step where the body have to use the body internal motion of rotation. This latter should be done with soupleness and lightly to be abble to do it with a minimal duration and minimal effort with low spending energy. Thus, the energy of the running displacement is then done with the maximal falling-body energy.
In summary:

a) - Sprinting distance = use of external energy of falling-body.

b) - Spending energy for sprinting body positions = use capacity of internal body energy.

It is why fast sprinting should be used a maximal energy produced by the falling law and a minimal internal effort for left/right body rotation. However, the energy for changing body positions is the main factor that limits the possibility of long distance sprinting. The cheetah or the panther maximal distance for high speed sprinting is the example of such limit of possibility for body to alternatively do permutations of their body positions. For man this possibility may be a limit with a 400m event.

How to sprint Experimental:
Here next figure, is "How to make a rigid one-monoleg stick performing One step of sprint acceleration".
This is to explain experimentally what is the optimal technique of the universal sprinting method for man and any alive being.
Note that for man a step using the whole leg as a lever with the falling body mass center, can be done with about 50-60° angle. While for Big and little Cats, their acceleration is fantastic because with four-legs the leg lever angle can be done until a 35° angle. This produce a terrific acceleration at starting and also at each step of running! This is the cheetah physic of high speed secret.

Falling body for rocking

- Bangali + suva + nabarsha (India)

- Newton's + laws + of + motion + yin. + bangla (, Bangladesh)

Swinging, swaying, rocking, walking and sprinting should be done efficiently by falling-body energy technique!!! The next diagram shows the secret mechanism of how to proceed when one is "meditating" while laying in a hammock.

- inertia + kinetic + sculpture (Turkey)

- sprint + technique (..)

- sprinting + technique (Philipines)

Any alive being has the capacity to displace and changin of locations.

There is an universal law about the energy necessary for their displacements:
It is to use the Space property to be structured as Potential energy. According to such base,

the Displacement energy is then done according to the different potential of the different locations in space

There is no exception to such foundation of universal Law.

Man was till ignoring such property of Displacement capacity. This due to the MAN'S IGNORANCE ABOUT THE MOVEMENT PHENOMENON. current Mechanic sciences was badly built on This Ignorance of Movement phenomena.
The Force to describe Movement is a cumbersome dogma that lead to the belief that of a definition that Movement can be described by a Force. And thus, for the usual Dynamics three Law, movement is only the contrary of Non-Movement. This is the millenary man's Ignorance where he believes that Reality may be accessed from the Nothingness or the Infinity. Their knowledges are built only from the Relativity between Opposition of Contraries.

Concerning energy for displacement, there are only two amin aspects:

1) - The internal energy of the alive body, to change his body postures. They are:
a) - The body symmetry property, as left or right and the another central symmetry concerning for example, the four-legs, as a horse, a dog or a worm.

b) - The proper energy for the whole body displacement should be used with the Space property of being structured by Potential locations. For example, human is a vertical body. Thus he best use of the potential energy is to apply the energy of the Vertical Falling-Body law.

One may note also, the corresponding technique of an elephent to displace heavy load. Elephant uses his own body weight. That is to tell, when steady standing in its squeleton, the elephant use with best efficiency, the falling-body law energy.

This is shown hereafter in the animated method of carying and displacing with a heavy load. Here next animated figure, how a woman displaces a heavy load, by standing on her squeleton and only use the load falling body Law to get the displacement energy.

- stride joints mobility action (Russian Federation)

- minimal + effort + maximal + effect + wallpaper (Czech Republic)

- don + ganh (ViêtNam)

Which is the adaptation of one intelligence to conform one body to the natural laws.

- best regards gif animated (Russian Federation)

- grim + reaper (Philadelphia)

It is a correct observation.
When one is doing conscienciously an action then, one appears with the will of doing it carrefully until the end of this action.

It may be the case for a scientist during it search when he is thinking on some problem and when he was deciding to resolve it.

This next animated figure shows the fundamental understanding of the "Maximal effect for a Minimal effort". le Ganh au Viêtnam It is the case of walking under load. Displacement is done there by using the load falling law of the total system mass. The fulcrum is there on right foot.
This technique for displacing a load, is to produce a minimal effort for only changing the left/right body positions. While the enegry for the whole system displacement by itself is to used the load cyclic falling motion energy.
The pole for carying the load has there the same elastic utility as used in the wellknown polevault event.

This means that if one or many men want to push or to pull a big locomotive or big truck, paradoxically, it suffices to do it while carying a heavy load!!!

- tripadvisor + beach + near + from + a + big + stone (..)

This below technique is no more than the welknown "gives me a fulcrum then the Earth will be lifted". The schematic of the lever is illutrated by the right team where the fulcrum is at the rope level and the lever length is formed with the teaaam meeember riding his frieeend !

- Pulling event
Practical example of applying universal law:
Figure next show the competition between Series And Parallele Devices. Try and answer.

This is done according to this next below diagram of lever/mass-center mechanism law.

Techniwue of falling to run Practice:
This next figure of a deformed sprinter allows to underline the technique of using the falling-body energy of each running step to produce running acceleration.

This corresponds to the next above experimental figure of a falling stick.
The falling energy consists to use at each step one body as a falling lever. The mass center of the sprinter should be dynamically forwards thrown to be concentrated at one end of this lever while its fulcrum is at the end of the other side.

This technique need spinter's skill, flexibility, souppleness, body quickness and few tensing muscles because one need to be abble to change his body left-right at each step. This allow to use continually the falling-body energy all along the sprint. The running energy of sprinting is strictly from the falling-body law. While the main expending of energy during the running is only due to the alternative step changing position.

One may observed that it are the Cheetah and all of the animal efficient running technique. According to its four-leeg, the cheetah or the panther can perform a very high lever length at each step than a two-legs man can do it. It is why at each step their acceleration is very of high rate. Therefore, their running is of great speed. Note that while man achieves 100m in 10 seconds in the same duration the cheetah perform some 222m.

One may hope that using the falling-body technique for sprinting allows for man to achieve some 8 seconds or less in 100m sprint.

- Olympic + runner + the + goal animated + gif (Maxico)

- sprint start technique (, Missouri, USA)

- sprinting + standing + position + cartoon + diagram (, UK)

Here next, how to get immediat maximum acceleration for the standing in case of starting position even for sprinting event.
At first, stand cool with the highest gravity center altitude to get the maximal falling-body energy aid for a tiger-acceleration or of a cat one. Good training time.

- 100m + sprinting + technique + diagram (, Germany)

- animation + exercise + runninggif (, USA)

- To + maintain + balance + when + still, + the + athlete's + centre + of + gravity + must + remain + over + the + base + of + support (, UK)

- linear motion sprinter (Australia)

If we assume that the sprinter is not tired out then, his sprint will be a linear uniform motion. It is because this uniform sprint is due to:

a) - The equilibrium between the dowards falling effect of his body pulling him forward at a same horizontal level.
b) - And his possibility of velocity to position his body (left-right positions) at this equilibrium point where he should maintain the falling force equal to the vertical posture for instantaneously cancelling the falling effect.

In brief
Optimal Walking and Running for a two-legs-man is successiveley [falling/(cancelling-the-fall)], [falling/(cancelling-the-fall)],... at each step. This is also for all the four-legs with a body gravity center high above the ground. For snakes it is different, their displacements are rather successiveley jumping. It is also for fishes and man swimming. Because gliding in water is like ship propeller that is done as successively jumping. Note that birds displacements are done also glinding by successive wing jumping. A car is also a mechanical jumping. Its instanteneous jump is due to its instanteneous exploding cylinder engine. One may note that a jet is also a successive jumping. However its jumps is so contineously done by molecular chemical activity.
The only displacement in the nature that is not jumping is the Falling Body phenomenon. It is because the falling body is done ONLY IN ONE STEP. This latter is the "Always Toward the Rest Point".
Why is-it so? Where is the truth?
1) - It is because motion in the universe is due to an expense of a given energy. The man sprinter should expense at each step a part of his energy. The car also does it.
2) - While the Falling body is a natural universal law of any body placement in the space. It is to tell EACH BODY, by natural construction, is naturally placed in a given space location according to the equilibrium between its actual location and its Rest point in space. It is to tell that any body on Earth has the tendency to always falling towards his common Rest Point at the Earth center.

In conclusion
Each alive and each object on Earth or on another planet, need to expance their own internal energy to create a movement for exchanging it into a given change of their location in their particular system.
While when they are in movement of falling toward the Earth center, each of them doesn't to expance any of their internal energy. In the contrary, their internal energy are GAINING proportional to an amount of this falling movement of falling displacement. The Falling body phenomenon is the only phenomenon for any object to gain energy. One may note that it is a natural universal law. We can't not create this physical property as a tool in technology. Man needs expanse work energy for creating movement... even if we are easily in any occurence to fall.

Negatively, it is why when a glass falls on the ground, it goes exploding.
But positively, with this natural falling free energy a sprinter or a jogger or a walker, have to use in addition of his own internal body energy. He can use in addition the falling of his own body for optimal performance in their hroizontal displacements.
Observe a cheeteh running. The cheetah and any another animal, have the mastering of using their falling body effect in soupleness.

There is a black hole on something not resolved. I don't know how physically a dragon or an angel does for their displacement.

- A + sprinter + explodes + out + of + the + starting + block + with + an + acceleration + of + 3.4 + m/s2 (, USA)

It is an intersting information.
May be, it concernes practically for a athlete jump up rather than a forwards jumping. Because for a purely vertical standing jump with a best height of 0.65 m, the acceleration is 3.57 m/s2.
A best optimal acceleration for sprinting may be done more horizontally than vertically. In this case, the jump energy is oriented as acceleration horizontally directed forwards in the main sprinting direction. If the forward unbalanced is pronounced the acceleration can grow more smoothly in the first 10 meters.
Because with a practivally vertical starting from the block the athlete has to accelerate again in a second step after the initial starting. This produces a global bad starting retardement and limits the sprinting performence.


- body + configuration + standing + broad + jump (Singapore)

The block starting is really a standing broad jump. The difference is that finishing the jump is acting as a sprinting equilibrium.
So if assume that the broad jump is about 2.5 meters. Then, when starting for a sprint, the practical duration of a sprinter at his first 2.5 m will be done in about 0.7s of duration. Next with the sprinting effort added to this jump, the athlete can reach the acceleartion rate of 10m/s/s at a duration of less than 1.5 s. This is really a human exploding start for a sprint!

- analysis of a sprinter off the blocks (Canada)

We should note when observing animals fully in their effort, is very beautiful in their behavior. This due to their capacity to do a maximum effort while in capacity to be justly relaxe when necessary.
It is not because they want to be good-looking. But the beauty is mainly the consequence of behavior in accordance of natural law, as an optimal efficiency behavior.
So if the athlete is abble to adjust his behavior according to the precise natural needed law then, he can get the optimal efficiency of what he is doing. There, he can be a mixed maximum energy while being capable to be immediatly relaxed. A such sprint is very beautiful to look at.

- do a brief analysis of the sprint starts tell muscle action (Jamaica)

From quiet initial relaxing position:
1) - Exploding energy from the abdomen center muscles at position (1). The purpose is to rapidly extend all the body at 45 degrres up and forwards direction.
2) - It consist to act the body as a bow at the time where the arrow is shooting. The bow strectching is the body extending. So energy from the abdomen consists to extend all the body like when one is jumping vertically as in basketball or volleyball games. But here the direction is as above mentionned. The result are that from the hands to the heels the extension is done with a maximal speed. All these movement are done quickly to get the positions (1-2-3) shown on this next figure.
3) - Then, immediatly after the position 3, all the body will be relaxed. It allows all the muscles to be free of jumping contraction and to dispose of one's maximal agility for keeping enough equilibrium. Because at this time the body is in high unbalancing position of falling forwards. This is the unbalancing time situation where a maximal acceleration of sprinting can be performed.

With a such exploding starting for sprinting, the sprinter art is to have enough skill to maintain his equilibrium during the first 10 meter. His spirit shoul be free from the fear or the avidity of winning or losing.

The muscles used at starting are the ones for a standing body vertical jump. But it should be done with a low tarnsition time between the maximal muscle action and to trigger them off immediate for relaxation of agility. This the quality of high champion.

- starting + blocks + stop + motion (Toronto, Canada)

An efficient starting block should be a binary Rest/Sprint, as a Yes/No logic, without no intermediary position!

- exploding out of the starting blocks tech (, Michigan, USA)

- Usain Bolt starting blocks (Malaysia,

- fundamental position of arms and feet folk dance (Philippines)

- Example + of + how + to + calculate + acceleration + of + a + 100m + sprinter + using + displacement + of + 10m (, New Zealand)

- 10 and 20 meter linear sprint test (, Liverpool John Moores University, UK)

These short disatance tests allows to see how a starting system and athlete posture are efficient. A maximum acceleration for a maximum velocity below 10 meters distance is possible with a best technique. This need a leaving block acceleration of at least about 3.5 m/s/s. Human muscles can't do better. Only the falling body law allows to have an enhanced better result. Because starting at rest with an acceleration of 9.8 m/s/s, a 10m displacement for a free falling body need a duration of 1.43 seconds. Therefore theorically, muscle acelearation plus the falling body one can produce 13.3 m/s/s to perform a starting 10 meters sprint in a duration of 1.25 s. This is only as theorical considerations for a maximum to be adjusted in practices.

- starting position 30m sprint test (Malaysia)

- ergonomics lie start (Taiwan)

- maximum power in the drive phase for sprinting (,, USA)

- sprint starting block foot position diagram (, pennsylvania, USA)

At starting block, the maximum of leg jumping should be done with the heel and not as one observed it currently, on the toes of the foot as for example, a fault of the classical starting block. The end of the foot is used only in high speed running. This is the fawn technique and for any animal, where they use only their claws in high speed.

- bullet start for sprinting blocks (Singapore)

- phase or 100m sprint (, Brunei Darussalam)

- ergonomics of starting blocks (, Australia)


- 100m. bullet ++ start ++ body + position + in + starting + block + and + biomechanical + principals + with + picture (, India)

Actually, with a good training its produces a canon ball effect.

- sprinters at the starting block at the time of starting shot (India)

- 30m sprint test flying start (, UK)

Exactly. From a such starting system, the runner doesn't think running forward towards a target nor upward jumping. But he just think in a flash "flying toward the top of a mountain". - projectile + motion + in + conjunction + standing + broad + jump (, Singapore)

- starting sprint (, Taiwan)

- When + a + sprinter + uses + starting + blocks + to + enhance + running + performance + which + of + Newton's + laws + is + best + represented + by + the + interaction + of + the + sprinter + and + the + blocks (, Borth Dakota, USA)

My answer is a question.
"which of Newton's laws is best represented by the interaction" between two mass equal bowl when the moving fist hits the second at rest without motion. One can observe that the first stands on the spot while the second immediatly goes moving with the same motion of the first before this interaction?
Newton's Action-Reaction can't be applied there because after the impact, there is no Force in the first while there is one in the second... This means that the Dynamics although is until now universally used but can't never clearly explains what is motion.

- diagrams of sports movements in relation to line of gravity and base of support (UK)

- standing broad jump diagram; 30 metres sprint diagram (Hampshire Country Council, England)

Standing beoad jumps is similar to this next diagram description. This starting for 30 m sprint is the fastest.

- free-body diagram sprinter (Universitetet i Oslo, Norway)

- 100m sprinter (University of Ulster, UK)

- biomechanics of the sprint (Jamaica)

- 100m sprint time line (UK, Huddersfliefd, The university of Huddersfield)

- diagram of a international volleyball (Canada, Ontario, City of Oshawa)

- an athletes line of gravity when starting a sprint (UK, Birmingham, Newman University College)

- ATHLETE pulse AMPLITUDE (Greece, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

- acceleration sprinting phase (Australia, Queensland, University of Sun Shine Coast)

- pic of big 100m sprinters (South Africa, Cape Peninsula University of Technology)

- sprinting starting blocks history (UK, University of Lincoln)

- prove + 45 degree + trajectory + goes + furthest (Canada, University of Victoria)

There is a real rational proof of this fact for a given kinetic energy. There is nothing to do with the classical Least Action law but only with spatial figure. I will expose it one day when many other basic laws are known.

- animation constant velocity (New Zealand, Wellington, Whitireia Community Polytechnic)

- correct technique for 100m sprint (Australia, Queensland)

- athletic 100m Beijing analysis results (USA, Washington)

- athletic 100m Beijing analysis results (Spain, rima-tde)

In brief analysis, there is a great difference between Usain Bolt's running technique and the rest-of-the-world one. It can be resumed as follows:
1) - Technique of the rest-of-the-world running is the Force-technique.
2) - The Usain Bolt's one is a free natural running behavior that have nothing to do with the leg-pushing-muscle Force given as reference of training by scientifics.

In fact the new world record at Beijing 2008 is possible with a running technique nearest as described here by the sprinting gif animation.
This means that a time lower than 8s/100m is possible if sprinters are familar with the technique described here.
For example, if the sprinter can have a more vertical and symmetrical gestures -the left-right movements- and if he can start on a block like this above diagram. And finally a too much training with weight for developping muscles is rather a harmfull method for high speed running. During training, the coach should not format runners with the false idea of Force application during running.

- repeated sprint ability (Malaysia)

Actually. This concern the symmetrical motion of the human body left and right parts. And running concerns the ability of the alternate left and right movements. We can note that the runners of long distance have rather smooth and beautiful motion while using leg-force sprinters are stiff and take to much pains to move. Note also that animal runnings are done also with smooth and beautiful movement. Animals are not mechanic machine systems but alives that have the capacity to act according to universal laws the notion of that scientists name it as the least action rule.

- pelvic thrust animated gif (Canada, Alberta Edmonton)

Precisely. The difference between the bad Force running concept and the just one is founded there!
1) - Bad Force concept is to use the pelvic thrust. It is because the running force is produce by the leg muscle force.
2) - The just running energy concept of sprinting is ONLY the shoulder thrust action.
Because of the our automaton behavior based on Force education, it is very difficult to see that the latter is described on the above animated gif. The true running technique for human -and also for animals- is the shoulder thrust action. The most efficient is when there are symmetrical left-right actions. This need a vertical but free body.
The classic usual arm motions that we can see done by any sprinter, are inefficient automaton movements comming from the Force produced by legs.

- sprinting arm action (Australia, News South Wales)

Origin of any motion is there... Note that it is not so easy to understand it when one observes any animal running eg. a horse or a dog and particularly a kangaroo that seems to donot have arms... but a whole body as a biger arms used according a skilful tail.
Secret of running fast is not a secret but a secret as difficulty to understand true mechanics.

- angels and symmetry maths (UK)

Also a most important point to get a high running speed. In animal observations, we may note that they have a least or no problem about left or right-handed one...

- images of standing long jump center of mass gravity (USA)

Initial center of gavity rests on the heels near the middle of the feet. The pushing starts on the heel and in continuation, only ends on the toes.

- Starting sprint pic (USA, Ohio csuohio edu)

Mechanical difference view point of classical and this digram starting techniques is as follows:
a) - Classical starting with one foot before the second one, is that the classical method is to prepare a "how to put a First Running Step forward".
b) - The technique shown here is a mechanism of "how to get a maximal body acceleration". Therefore, whatever is the first step, the aim is to get a maximal speed for displacement.
A maximal speed need a maximal energy. It is why energy of starting on one leg is necessarrily least than doing it with two legs at the same time.

- position + of ++ departure + on + the + starting + block + in + 100m + sprint-athletics (South Africa, Johannesburg uj ac)

The usual starting of sprint spends most of time duration. A more efficient start should use all the energy of the standing jump on simultanneous two legs.

- position + of + departure + on + the + starting + block + in + 100m + sprint-athletics (South Africa, University of Johannesburg)

Staring such as shown on this figure, allows to jump upward and also forward. The two legs are on a same front line to be abble to use both legs energy. A leg back and a leg before, is an inefficient use of the jumping energy. It is why a such departure spend too much delay to be abble only to stand up and not to accelerate forward with a maximal jumping action.

It is possible for any sprinter to be regular in this true sprinting technique even before year 2012!

- standing long jump animations (South Africa)

Jump up and forward 45° not for landing but for running in the continuation.

- Diagram of starting posistion for 100mtr sprint
- Diagram of running angles for 100mtr sprint (Austalia Myschools)

- Kung Lao (Argentina)

- bullet block sprinting (Australia)

A canon ball...

- starting blocks take off sprint (Australia)

- sepatu sprint (Indonesia)

- kung lao (Jamaica)

- kung lao (Colombia)

- drawings of Kung Lao (New Zealand)

- new balance trail shoe (Taiwan)

- Kung Lao throwing his hat (UK)

- new balance shoes 100m (Portugal)

Do you a 100m sprint invent an interesting new shoes?

- mouvement parabolique (France lyc. Claude-de-France Romorantin ac-Orleans-Tours)

- block start 100m (Greece)

- sprinting stride takeoff (USA)

- start 100m sprint athletics (Netherlands)

- sprint technique blocks (Malta)

- on your marks 100m sprint (Malta)


An impulse for jumping at 45° upwards. Then, short and high frequency step running to be able to maintain the body equilibrium. Because at this time of forwards jumping, the runner is rather a very fast free falling body. This is the reason inducing a powerful starting acceleration.

- sprinting from the blocks movement analysis

- 100m sprint off the blocks (Australia)

- at + wich + point + did + the + runner + have + the + lest + "velcoity" + in + a + 100m + sprint (Autralia)

This figure show the optimal block form and block layout for a 100m sprint where the body spring energy is used for the fastest starting.

The trajectoy of the gravity center shows a change of direction. At this point of change there is a rapid incrise of the runner velocity. Finally this shows an acceleration peak between the time of jumping from the starting bloc and the begining of running.

- anatomy of a starting block (Canada)

The two starting planes of the two feet should be at the same level relative to the departure line. You have to compare this sprint starting technique with the one of a swimmer at the departure of the swimming pool. With some test between a swimmer and a sprinter I think that the swimmer start is quicker then the one of a sprinter!
After jumping upwards at 45 degrees and during the first durations of the running, les members gestures must be shortest but with high frequency.

- runners in starting block in the steady position (UK)

The steady position on the starting block should be invented by every one. Because the classical starting block doesn't fit for a 45° upward jumping. May be the steady position must be a half standing one. But the two feet should be at the same level on the edge of a solid block as for a swimmer starting for a race in the pool.

- physics + A + sprinter + explodes + out + of + the + starting + block + with + an + acceleration+ (Ireland)

We suppose that the sprinter can have a vertical jump with a height of 0.5 meters. Thus his speed when leaving the ground is about 3.1 m/s.

If he jump from the starting block at a 45° upward then, his speed is about 4.4 m/s in this direction. We can tell that approximatly, his acceleration is about 4.4 m/s2. This speed is an enough high value for a starting for a spinter time of 10 m/s. The time for the starting process to reach 10 m/s can be about less than 1 s. May be, the maximum possible starting duration needed is 0.7 s to get 10 m/s from 4.4 m/s of the starting action. This is too much in practice however a good training may allow to approach this maximum value.

- A + sprinter + has + a + mass + of + 80 + kg + and + a + kinetic + energy + of + 4,000 J. + What + is + the + sprinter's + speed (USA Alabama)

With all units in (J, m, s, m/s):
He is running at speed v of
v=SqareRoot(4000.2/80)=10.00 m/s
and performing a 100 meters sprint duration in
100/v=100/10=10 s.

This next figure show the diagram of the above runner at top view.

The displacement according to the Scale Beam Equilibrium Technique.

The Newton's Third Principe statement is FALSE.

- sprint motion (HongKong)

This running motion produce an displacement acceleration at each stride. This is done using the arm and the leg in opposite body sides. They are thrown or better tell, they are moved as to knock them against a mountain! On the figures, the little red sqares give the top of this knock events. Therefore, this NATURAL technique of running is not and must not explained as action-reaction force. This latter principe is here impossible to perform because the body displacement speed is more faster than any human member knock backward. It is why until now, the 100m sprint remains at a limit of about 9 s/100m as like in a hyperbolic curve. There, the more a body-building is practised the more slow are the moving of one members. All animals use naturally with high skill the parabolic displacement, particularly the four legs ones.

Here is the most basic mechanical for displacement of the Scale Beam Equilibrium Technique. Its reason is a disavowal of the Newton's third principle..

- What + is + "principle" + of + Displacement (Australia)

- lever lock animations (USA)

This next figure show the diagram of the above runner at top view.
False Action-reaction, un faux principe Number one is his left arm and the 2 represents his right leg. The two latter are strocking forward in the animation marked by the little squares.
These strokes produce two equal forces that produce equal kinetic momentum relative to the center gravity (G) of the body.

These actions 1 and 2 are equal between them because the body remains in equilibrium. We can conclude that these two actions of equal magnitudes are not opposite but acting in the same direction. Therefore, these two actions that are at the same time a reaction for each other, exists and does not obey to the Newton's Third principe. While the body staying on the spot according to the Newton's law, these two kinetic momentum produce rather a resultant force forward for working as body displacement.

We may compare these action as the two actions of two weights on the plate of a scale that give a total of two weights rather than a zero weight as tell the Newton's Third principle.

Most of physicians can tell the formalism that consists of drawing a reaction backward to the resultant and so validate the third principle. But there is an another unknown law according to usual Physics that governs the collison between two bodies. According to that, the automatism of formalism for introducing the reaction tells that the above scale balance is in contact with an another system that is the ground for example. In this case the two system scale and the ground, must obey to the impulse interaction law. This law states that:
The energy exchange between two bodies in collision depends on the initial energy direction exchange of each. In the case of the scale staying on the ground, this latter energy is relatively null. That is to say the only action in this system is only the one of the scale. There is no action of the ground as denoted by a reaction one.
While for the above runner, the action of the arm plus the leg has to compose with the action of the whole body. This later is displacing in the same direction as the arm plus leg one. Therefore, there is rather an addition of energy and not and opposition for diminishing the total displacement. In the space vacuum, a such mechanical system may works for displacement when the whole equilibrium is precisely conceived to do not going around in rotation on the spot.

For a best understanding on this technique you may observe how a pigeon or a hen throw their head forward before making a step. They are also two-legged but without arms. Thus instead of swinging their arms they swing their head on a long neck to produce an acceleration for a step of displacement. Also the heavy and tall girafe uses his head on a powerful neck to displace quickly. This above technique is really an application of a universal mechanical law.

This is the mechanical reason of how most of the alive can use acceleration for their displacements to produce high speed running. The Newton's action-reaction is not a gereral true law. As a principle this third law is quite false.

These are brief explainations on the basic of parabolic running that one can observe for most of animal particularly easy to observe for the four legs ones. These general used technique in nature of acceleration displacement repudiates the particular formalism of the Newton's Third Law.

So is the basic universal reason of the Scale Beam Equilibrium Technique for a high efficiency human sprinting.

In brief, the basic for geting this technique skill
When you are training for running and walking, the most global intuitive idea for mastering this technique is as follows:

You must feel sensorially that at one side your arm and the other side, yout your leg, both are pulling you forward when you knock them ahead as to divide the sea into parts.

In water, for any swimming technique, it remains to us as pulling engine, one head, one shoulder and one arm. For the butterfly stoke, we have one head, two shoulders and two arms. Thus take care to use them as an airplane blade propeller acting in the air above the water level.

- free "yout" spirit (USA)

- "huamn" +++body (USA)

- opposite rotate part (USA)

The two opposite parts of rotation are the powerful energy source of motion. Particularly here, the shoulders and the pelvis allows to produce two opposite kinetic momentums relatively to the body center of gravity with a whole system equiliibrium.

- ostrich + versus + sprinter + run (Italia)

The current technique for sprinting is not producing accelerated motion. But with this above new one when one is familar with it he can get accelerated motion sprinting. Thus, a man can probably challange most of current animals which speed level standing around the 50 km/h.

The millwheel technique of displacement

- "forwaed" + motion (Canada)

- cheetahs' + jump + "hight" (USA)

- animal + parabolic + motion

- transfer + of + angular + momentum + in + pole + vault

...and also in parabolic motion.

- Physics + horizontales + constant + acceleration (Honduras)

- Physics in Sprinting (Virginia, USA)

- INDUSTRIE DE MOULINS Electriques (United Arab Emirates)

- proper sprint technique (, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

- kids at North Aiken Elementary School of Aiken South Carolina (, USA)

- gambar motor sprint test (Malaysia,
- technic in elementary school (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

- relaxation technic (Malaysia,

- gambar motor spring test (Malaysia, gambar_motor_ducati_848_09.jpg)

- Bosnia Herzegovina cool wallpaper (Sweden)

- motor spring test (Malaysia, _nTLNiTcK-SI/SHcq-seAbmI/AAAAAAAAADQ/5yZVdqdxorc/ s400/Jentera%2Bsm%2Bracing.jpg)

- Bosnia Herzegovina war (Bosnia Herzegovina)

- schematic Hien thi motor bycicle (Vietnam, albums/kk105/GiaoMa/DIPSW.jpg)


- jogging technique (Vietnam)

- analysis + of + movement + of + sprinter (Singapore)

- sprinting vs jogging technique (, Vancouver, Canada)

Actually, there is a great difference between the sprinting and running technique. The running technique is the one done in long running with time or distance challanges. While sprinting technique is the maximal expense of energy in the shortest time.
The jogging is also a long running and this technique is done with successive bounces where the body weigth is at each time falling on one leg as support and pushing action. For the sprinting the optimal performance is to get the body gliding in the air with a less bounces that are doing only at the starting steps. The sprinting technique should be done as a flying technique. One should observe any animal sprinting and notes that they are gliding where the four leg are acting as a smooth continual wheel action.
So the most efficient sprinting technique for human body is to act with his four limbs acting with an equilibrium of wheel rotating. The rotation is specific to human vertical structure. It is done with the hips and the shoulders horizontal alternate rotations. This is the main difference with any animal body configuration. Any apes is sprinting with the four legs technique. There is no apes species that can sprinting with the hip and shoulder rotation as can be done by the human body. Man can't sprint as an ape because his legs are too long and his arms are too short and also his neck is not like the ostrich or the giraffe ones! Note that the giraffe has more longer "arms" like the apes ones.

All these differences amongst the living possibilities are due to the wealthy of universal mechanical configuration that leads to so different body structures. It is not the species Evolution according to hazard that can invent the mechanical possibilities. Because if there was exhaustion for the most efficient, the most powerful, the most strong, the winner only, then there will be only tendency of Monotony and no Multiplicity wealth in the universe. And really, observations shows that on Earth, species multiplicity are still inexhaustible.

- sprinting technique (, Aiken County Government, South Carolina, USA)

The optimal use of horizontal acceleration for displacement is shown on this above figure. Then, for a same weight (P) and a same forwaed forwards acceleration displacement (A), the most waste energy is seen in the case (1) of the figure. The optimal effort used for acceleration and for energy economical is the use of effort as in the case (2). Considering that (F) is the effort of the sprinter, in case (1) this force is only used to lift the body up and not for horizontal displacement. In the case (2), the movement are smooth an continuous as water pouring out on the millwheel.

And why can one pour out as water ? You know the millwheel, thus, kinetic momentum of a wheel that don't spend effort is used to exploit the weight (P). This wheel is centered at the foot contact on the ground and should have all the leg bones as the ray length (L). Thus, a rotation (alpha) is possible. Therefore, a rotation is allowed to use the falling body energy for an acceleretion (A). This latter should be a rotation vector tangent to the wheel circonference (C). What is the difference between walking and running ? It is simple. The millwheel is rotating in different speeds. That is the ray (L) goes in different tempo in lef(L) to right(L)...

For animal it is easier to get high speed because it does not need left-right positions. Thus, animals use their forlegs entirely as a wheel, the wheelbarrow, you now ? A cheetah running is a magic fairy coach wheelbarrow... Now, you may observe animal running whith with in mind seeing their chest rolling on ballbearings. Then you will see their technique revealed in clear. Therefore, if man sprinters run with their chest lean on ballbearings or system like the wheelbarrow one then the 100m sprint will be a flash of lightning. One needs two hundred meters to see them decelerated. It is hope that one does not use trusses of straw at the end of the 100m to stop them... All stadium need to be remade. Fortunatly, there are airport landing strips in the meantime... In consequence, the fact of using the wheelbarrow technique for running, give to human an advantage on animals. Strange is-it ? But nothing is odd because our left-right of legs are of higher rhythm according to that the inertia of moving them forward-backward is less in half inertia. While for animals, they have to move simultaneously their two legs forwards-backwards fardward-backward. This need to use the inertia of their pelvis in contribution to be able to move their backside. Therefore the running rate is reduced with a higher inertia. The squeletton is a marvellous thing, isn't it ?

- what + name + is + given + to + a + word + which + reads + the + same + backwards + as + fardwards (, New Zealand)

Probably, amongts any of the words it may be the Undefined Ward.

- Paul + Gauguin + "wher" + do + we + come + from, + comment (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

There is unlimited space structure forming alive being because the precise space is necessarry laws to construct any thing. This structure is the Premanent one. Therefore, it need not an apriori model of construction to start any of the being in the universe. For example, before that any heavenly exists there is no example of a galaxy to be reproduced and more, any model to enhance or modify a heavenly body. Any alive being and any heavenly body are quite differents between them because the matter principle is the uniqueness construction. The hazard can't obey to the Uniqueness. Because we can observe it, hazard is a process to converge toward a monotony. Thus:
a) - Where does human come from? The unique answers is :
Human comes from human.
b) - Where are we going? As any matter construction, human are human structure. This latter is such to form the unlimited wealthy of the human structure type.
c) - Where are we? We are standing on the spot because we are quite allergic to any knowledge change...

- Bosnia paradox (Netherlands)

Yes, actually, we can denoted "standing on the pot" as Bosnia Conjecture Proposal :-)

- "abble" + space + telescope (Italy)

The ability of the Hubble telescope...

- detailed + analysis + and + report + on + all + aspects + of + a + wheelbarrow + stresses + and + strains + in + all + of + the + member + that + compose + the + wheelbarrow (Trinidad and Tobago)

Undoubtedly, for a wheelbarrow with two legs there may be an everyday lot of stress and strain to oil...

You can verify this mechanic analysis by comparing it to your observations of animal running, e.g., horses races. You will see that animal run in using this method. They use the forelegs as a wheel discribed above. In conclusion for how to use your wheight, sprinting and also jogging or going shopping, don't mimic the cheetah rolling, however you should done smoothly as a dancer do it, to do not waste energy and also the health.

Here is the everyday life wheelbarrow technique analysis, the animal parabolic running acceleration secret according to forlegs millwheel method :

- asian buffalo animation (Laos)

Our faithful companions in rice fields

- drawings of animals black background (UK)

- drawings of animals (Cyngor Gwynedd Council, UK)

- animals in motion (, Portugal)

Wheelbarrow technique

This is only no more than a South Africa cheetah everyday jogging exercise...

- a cheetah the fastest of all land animals over a short distance accelerates from rest to 20m/s. Assuming that the acceleration is constant find the average speed of the cheetach (, USA)

This a rational experimental problem. Therefore, the answer is direct.
In a short distance of a cheetah in its maximum acceleration, the speed is 26m/s. It can be considered that its acceleartion is also 26 m/s2

Or 26(3600/1000) = 93.6 km/h

This measurement of a cheetah speed is realistic. It is difficult to perform beyond this rate. It can be considered that the produced energy for running is proportinal to the square of the speed. We have e=mv2). However the difficulty is not to slowly produce this energy. It is to quickly furnish the energy in short delay as a power. That is to say the power defines the limit of how an alive muscle can produce a fastest movement.

- formula, + A + cheetah + can + maintain + its + maximum + speed + of + 100 + km/hr + for + 30.0+seconds.
What + minimum + distance + must + a + gazelle + running + 80.0 + km/hr + be + ahead + of + the + cheetah + to + escape (, USA)

It is interisting to analyse this situation. Here is one proposition.
Data are simple. We consider the relative speed:
100 - 80 = 20 km/h or
20 000 / 3600 = 5.6 m for 1 seconde
to separate the cheetah from the gazelle.
Basic problem for the gazelle is to know what duration of time should it has a chance to escape from the cheetah catching.
Therefore, the gazelle should be aware to be abble having the ability to escape from the cheetah action. The necessary time to escape corresponds to the distance from where the gazelle is far from the cheetah. Here is some example, according to the above theorical value of their speed difference. Let A et B denote successively the Cheetah and the gazelle.
With 5.6m, B have 5.6/5.6=1s to slip away from A.
With 10m, B have 10/5.6=1.8s to slip away from A.
With 30m, B have 30/5.6=3.6s to get panicky.
With 50m, B have 50/5.6=8.9s to hope some chance.
With 70m, B have 70/5.6=12.5s to hope some chance for a longer freedom.
With 100m, B have 100/5.6=17.9s to graze in peace and worrying for the futur field drought.

Note that a minimal distance between these two companions may be the gazelle skill of how to produce the cheetah acceleration while simultaneously it slips away from the running trajectory. It is why most of big cat choose ill preys to havn't a chance of playing a such game.

- Calculate + the + hang + time + of + an + athlete + who + jumps + a + "verticle" + distance + of + 0.75m (, USA)

The formula used for this purpose is an usual one.
If there is negligible friction in the air and it is the case for a volleyer then, time corresponding to such hanging in the air of a jump is as follows:
0.75 m - 0.405 s
0.70 m - 0.378 s
0.60 m - 0.349 s
0.55 m - 0.335 s
0.50 m - 0.319 s

Inversely for a given vertical jump hang duration (t) in second, the corresponding vertical height (h), are:
h (in meter) = [t2.4.905] second

- cheetah muscle structure (USA Iowa telecom)

- vertical + speed + of + 30 + m/s + and ++ "horozontal" + speed + of + 10 + m/s (USA)

May be these are measurements happen during an earthquake where sense of direction is no meaning and where every thing is up side down...

- animated + yawn ++ gif (China)


- Motion + occurring + on + the + different + planes + of + the + body

Walking, running, any displacement are the occurences of experiences for taking conscience of natural law motion. For example, the above sprint is an art of how to use the weight (P) to compose with efficiency to the forward speed (Fv) for running. One have to agree to a horizontal "horozontal" falling body law. Requisite qualities are supleness, litheness, high speed in tension and relaxation of muscles. Human has to learn about the tension et relaxation rate of muscles in looking to the animal behavior mastering. Physiologically they are not so different from our's ones. Only there are difference in the usual feeling in mind where human has lost in a social life. The muscle force is there a limitation in speed of motion that need only low energy expense. In a displacement, it is mainly the change of the body positions that need much energy. Therefore, in the sprint, it is these changes of position from left-to-right and inversely that are tiring. But the displacement speed need only suppleness and high speed change in the muscle states. It is so for the animals running. They can have a high speed dispalcement because they are supple. But they are also tired because they need also to the left-right changing positions. However, they have a high displacement speed because they have in their mind the falling body law feeling and obviously, it is the horizontal falling body phenomenon. Looking to the great human nowadays champions, one can predict that the 100m sprint time can be more lower in the futur. It is according to the natural observation where the cheetah seems to be very thin comparing to tiger, the lions and the panthers.. Forces of displacing heavy body have limits, it remains now to develop the mind capable of feeling the horizontal falling body law...

Yawn - yawn animated gif (Aristotle University of Thessanoliki, Greece)

- star + wars + dark + saber (, Illinois)

- yawn + animated + gif (Canada)

- suva nababarsha animated pictures (India)

- el cheeta animado (, Colombia)

- cheetah + photo

- images of South Africa's cheetah

- acceleration + calculation + of + a + cheetah (South Africa)

No. it is not what you think about.
A cheetah can't roar. Rather, it may bark. In any case it can yawn one's head off. So is an equarorial daily life...

- what + is + the + maximum + speed + of + a + dog (USA)

Always too quick, when it runs after us...

- foot + trajectory + cheetah (Korea)

An observation that gives full meaning.
The above animated diagram show only one side of feet, In real case, animal use the left feet alternately with the right ones. The purpose is to use discret feet as continually as possible like a wheelbarrow... More than two side, the left and the right or out of a mirror symmetry, a body construction may be quite inpracticable ! Fundamentally, a body make of mirror symmetry is the optimal construction for nimated system. This principe is well universally observed even for unicellular amiba and octopus.
The foot trajectory of a running cheetah should be in a straight line. In the maximum accelerating phase the trail of a cheetah must be a straight line. However, in any case of displacement, an animal know how to go forward in straight line, even if they are displacing slowly. And also, animal know how to stay fixed on the spot without movement. Trails of most human walking are as a random line trajectory like brownian one. Most of people don't know how to remain without movement. The first meaning of these observations, is that animal know how are natural laws of displacement while the humain ignore all these odd things. Displacement is soupleness fitting to laws and not force against friction.


- does + an + object + weigh + more + on + top + of + a + mountain + or + at + sea + "leval"

In a "leval system", you must visit exhaustively all the Nasa's sites and ask there if there are some recent new unknown planet discoveries. ;-)

In the meantime we can examine it concerning the Earth system. First law : a energy displacement of a same weight do not depend on its location. That is to say, object inertia (its weight) depend only on each object. That is the answer.

Now, one considers the energy of object displacement, in the oposite direction of the system Pull. Then raising up an object at sea level needs lesser energy than raising up this same object at heigher higher altitude.

That is to say, in the Earth center, the Pull is null while it need the maximum energy to throw this object out of the Earth system. This is its condensed potential. During these operations, the object weight remains the same. You may note that these results are quite different consequences from the ones of universal gravitation law.

- ANALYSIS gymnastic skill (Bahrain)

- polevault + statistic (Slovak Republic)

- Pole Vault statistic how much force (USA)

I don't know current data on these statistics. So, suppose an athlete with 90kg weight and a sprint of 12s/100m, the total energy at the time of jumping is about 6200/2 (J). It means that he has to handle a some 620/2=310 (kgf) in one's arm during the rapid impact of the horizontal deceleration and immediatly next, during a more smooth acceleration of the vertical elastic energy release of the pole. This is the result of a coarse approximation. Is it a realistic statistic for a champion ? In fact it is more easy to consider the problem as a falling body because there, the weight factor is cancelled. We get a simple practical formula for the prediction of a possible champion.

The principle is to tell that there is approximately, an energy conservation. Thus, if you let fall a marble to the ground from a certain known height, it will have a speed at the contact of the ground. Conversely, if this marble leaves from the ground with the same speed upwards, then, it will arrive to the same initial height. This is independent of its weight. For the champion, the ability that he will have to acquire a speed when he take a run will allow him necessarily a jump of a corresponding height.

If (t) is the speed of an athlete expressed as a time performance in a 100m sprint e.g, 12s/100m, then this formula gives the high [h} of the pole vault as following :
h = (100/t)2/(10) or h=1000/(t)2     (01)
With 12.5s/100m the level of the centre of gravity of the athlete is up to 6.4 m high,
With 12.3 s/100m the high can be 6.6 m,
and with 12.0s/100m the result will be at 6.9 m !
This is valid at the Earth zero altitude and if the champion has all the necessarily skill to be able to sprint with a pole in his hands. Therefore, with a time of 12.3s/100m, he will beats the current pole vault record...

- pole-vault + height + calculations + with + speed + 10ms + with + elastic + potential + energy (Australia Brisbane)

So, if everything is smooth and free to displace without no energy lost then a running up in pole-vault with 10m/s, will bring the jumper to 10 meters high. He needs no wing.

However, it is so difficult to sprint with arms and legs free at 10ms. What can we do with a so awkward long pole when running?

May be with a new technique using a solid box as described for the long jump, a height of 8 meters can be reach. This technique needs high skill.

- write + the + energy + transformation + equation + for + a + pole + vault

For a given mass {m}, in a local reference, let E0 the kinetic energy, E1 the equivalent kinetic energy of the total friction and Eeff the remaining actual work. Then energy conservation is written as:

Eeff = E0 - E1

In this kinetic energy equation, the mass can be cancelled, therefore, only the speed is considered as :

(veff)2 = (v0)2 - (v1)2

Now the above practical formula (01) is obtained considering that the free falling body law is an equivalence between distance and speed. For the pole vault, it remains to the athlete to gain his vertical distance {h} in exchange with his running speed as follows :

h = (1/2).(veff).t2
Where the velocity veff can be included in a unit of a well-known 100m sprint. An average of total energy loss E1 can be obtained with the relationship between the jump high and the sprint performance. It is the job of the coach !

- Pole vault (Germany, Rheinish-Westfäliesch Technische Hochschule Aachen)


It is why a such contnuity of a pole vault champion motion is beautiful because all thing seems easy and smooth. The motion at this time is optimal when fitting to natural laws.

- multiple + energy + transformation + used + to + do + a + pole + vault (USA)

1) Great mind concentration (Electric) + Calorific + Perspiration; 2) Kinetic; 3) Elastic; 4) Potential; 5) Chemical spectator energy.

- pole + vault + angular + momentum + and + conservation + of + energy (Australia)

- physic and energy, work and energy (Myanmar) (Burma)

- middle finger in gif animations (USA)

- ASCII Middle Finger (Intel)

- perche en bambou (France, lyc Voltaire-Orleans ac-Orleans-Tours)

Certain le faisait dans le temps. Mais, les performances sont nécessairement plus faibles à cause de la rigidité trop pronocée du bambou. Maintenant, on sait faire des perches en matériaux de synthèse, très solide et beaucoup élastique. Parce que la perche joue mieux le rôle de magasin d'énergie. Il s'agit pour le sauteur de négocier la course horizontale pour la transposer en celle vertical, sans trop de rigidité. Cette courbe de transition doit être idéalement, celle d'une hyperbole. Cette dernière est représentative d'un enmagasinement d'énergie horizontale-verticale, sans perte. Les matériaux composites, sont les mieux adaptées, sans se casser dans le pliage pour cela.

- pole vaulting injuries (Penn Argyl High School, Pennsylvania, USA)

- University of Delaware pole vault (Mohawk Regional Information Center, New York, USA)

- christian pole vault (, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, USA)

- Missouri pole vault (, Missouri, USA)
- conservation of health in Algeria

- Yelena Gadzhievna Isinbayeva (, Austin, Texas, USA)

- pole vaulting with a USC spirit (, University of Southern California, USA)

- Texas pacific and FPT (Vietnam,

- Oklahoma Baptist University pole vault (, Oklahoma, USA)

- graphique of culture of Kano, nigeria (Canada)

- Los Angeles city section pole vault (California, _aCdd0xuADtU/SbYETNKShbI/AAAAAAAAADk/wAu8JNdxbQE/s400/)

- technic pole vault Yelena Isinbayeva (Malaysia, 2008/08/yelena-isinbayeva2.jpg)

- Isinbayeva + hips (Japan)

- pole + vault + technique (Jordan)

- Jordan + athletics + pole + vault (

Pole-vault energy

Actually, as for a cyclone, transformations are done according to conservation of action. The pole-vault is only the reciprocal of a mini cyclone when considering its horizontal plane. The athlete plane is only a vertical one. The cyclone eye is here the athlete running at the maximum wind of a hurricane. The cyclone pressure is the athlete action when he lock the pole. The cyclone wind is then progressively diminishing when the athlete wind is blowing far away from the cyclone eye center.

A look inside the polevaulting mechanism

- what + height + could + this + athlete + pole + vault + to + the + nearest + tenth + of + a + meter + if + v + m/s + and + h=1m (, Tampabay, Florida, USA)

It is supposed that h is the height of this athlete.

Then he can transform his velocity to go up at:
Running up bar height = 5.1 m
Adding to this his arms and body force to lift his own weight up:
Lift Body energy = 1.4 m
Finaly he could clear a theorical bar height of about:
Total bar height (1.0m body height) = 5.1 + 1.4 = 6.5 m

Comparison with an athlete body height equal to 1.8m, the total bar height will be:
Total bar height (1.8m body height) = 5.1 + 2.5 = 7.6 m

The body energy is the capability of anybody to be abble to lift up on vertical strechtches arms, a weight equal to his own body weight or also to walk on his hands up side down.
These values are only theorical maxima for a capacity te sprint so fast as 10 m/s/s.
The pole vault events is in favor to high body athlete.
This proves also that in horizontal broad jump the athlete stoutness has no influence. Only the running speed is an important factor.

- A + pole-vaulter + is + running + at + a + speed + of + 7.5+m/s + when + he + starts + his + jump. + a)+ If + all + his + kinetic + energy + is + converted + into + gravitational + potential + energy + how + high + will + the + pole + take + him (

His gravity center will be at a maximum of 2.86 high.
However, this theorical value has nothing to do with a pole-vault. Because, in practise we need to know the capacity of the jumper to shift up upside-down at the gymnastic horizontal bar using his all body force. This allows to gain a height of nearly 2 meters. Then with an initial speed of 7.5 m/s the pole vaulter can goes at a maximum height of 4.86 m. Pole-vaulting is the how to add two independent energy:

1) - The body upside-down action
2) - The energy of running up.

- swing up invert pole vault dimensions (, Educational Service Unit 2, Fremont, Nebraska, USA)

- animation 3d vertical jump (, Argentina)

- transform of energies in pole vaulting (Puerto Rico)

- Minnesota High School pole vault rules (, Minnesota, USA)

- Missouri pole vault (USA)

- pole-vaulting giraffe (USA)

- giraffe conservation Niger diagram (, Germany)

- absolute angular velocity acceleration orthogonal axes in space (, Mexico)

With this technique shown in the next figure for example, the absolute angular velocoity doesn't depend to any other physic factor than the absolute energy transformation from horizontal line, if we neglct the friction. Therefore, the upward trajectory is directly dependent to the running up speed and not to the mass of the jumper. This the direct law applied by all the animals in their moving technique.

- pole vault upside down (, Missouri, USA)
- ideal conservation reserve design (, USA)

The fixed bar used in this diagram is equivalent to the fixed block used for high and long jumping according to balistic trajectory.

- images of pole vault phase (, Nebraska Wesleyan University, USA)

- pole vault logo (, Fremont Public Schools, Nrbraska, USA)

- Mohawk + high + school + arrow (, USA)

- Don Valley Pole vault (UK)

- pole vault beach (, University of Manitoba, One University Many Futures, Canada)

It's most interesting! - Martial Arts Schools in Aberdeen (, North Carolina, USA)

- kinetic energy potential energy pole vault (, Georgia Institute of technology, Atlanta, USA)

Actually, in this event the muscle force for jumping is negligible. Only a capital of kinetic energy is in account to exchange it with the potential height.

- pull vault jump pendulum animation (, Virtual Campus Graz, Technischen Universitńt; Graz, Austria)

Actually, you have given a scientifc name for the arm pull action in pedulum-pullvault!

- middle school potential and kinetic energy (, Red River Beads, southern Oklahoma, USA)

- animated + witch + flying + into + pole + gif (USA)

- flying pendulum animation (Romania)

- animated happy new year.gif (Singapore)

- kinetisk energi-pendulum (Denmark)

- pole voult kinematic analys (Austria)

- the energy transformation in the motion of a pendulum by applying the unviersal law of conversation of "anergy" (Philippines)

You see it justly.
Consider from left to right in this next figure.
The pendulum consists during a first half cycle, of a falling Downwards-energy (PO, in blue color) completly transformed into Upwards-raising-energy (G'G) following the (ER) trajectory. Then in the second half-cycle, the complete upwards-energy (GG', in brown color) will in turn, transformes itself into the same initial downwards-energy (OP', in green trajectory).
Every cycle of a pendulum, will repeat and follow such mechanism if there is no friction.

- animations + of + roking + mechanism (India)



pendulum Pendulum should be basically defined as follows:

The universal Law of object placement in space is as follow: Location of any object in space are done in such manner that it will be placed by both conditions of being in:

Equilibrium of potential + Equilibrium of Kinetic energy

In summary,
The equilibrium of any free object, will occupy a movement in such manner that it performs a complete circle of rotation. This latter will belong to the initial iso-potential sphere.

a) - Any independent object in space will be located itself in space when any of its location placement, whatever is its correspondent kinetic energy in space, remains at a same iso-potential-sphere.

b) - According to this universal Law, a pendulum (P) is initially rocking in a vertical plane around a center point (G) of radius (GG').
c) - This pendulum initial rocking motion was occupied an arc of the sphere (GG'). This arc is not in equilibrium situation because its motion is not in a whole circle placed in the sphere of radius (GG'). Therefore, this object (P) will arrange itself in such maner that its movement, will be donne in a whole circle belonging to the iso-potential sphere where it will be in complete equilibrium.

Now, this kinetic motion that should be done in a whole circle placed on this given iso-potential, Where should it be placed the pendulum to be in real equilibrium situation?

The answers are shown in this above figure.
Thus, the possible circles of the pendulum being in equilibrium on this iso-potential sphere of raius (GG'), is on a circle in a defined plane perpendicular to the symmetric axis (GG'). This circle of equilibrium rotaion depends to the initial pendulum energy that may be the circle (P) or (P') or at (G') in case where the initial pendulum rotation is nill.


It is why, when friction is neglected, any initially rocking pendulum, will arrange to its total equilibrium for transforming its initial rocking movement, into a whole circle motion around the (GG') axis where its all total energy are in equilibrium as:

Equilibrium of potential + Equilibrium of Kinetic energy = the natural location in the universe space of the given object

This is the Universal Law of Equilibrium of Location placement for any object in the universe space

The pendulum phenomena defined as due to the Earth influence by Coriolis is from quite incorrect empirical imaginary.

- pole + vaulting + kinetic + and + potential + energy (

This the appropiate physical phenomenon for describing the Pole Vaulting energy potential/kinetic mutual transformation.

Pole-vault energy

This following figure is a pendulum mechanism and shows what should be a pole vault.
It consist to transform directly a linear running up energy into a circular rotation one then, this energy is directly transformed into a potential height. The right part of line GG' on this figure shows the aera of the rotation energy colored in brown transforming the athlete P'1 into the jump height OP'. The classical pole have an imperfect energy output and doesn't allow a high speed of the athlete running up.
This technique is an universal one. It can be used for a pure High Jump. Also, it can be used for a Broad Jump if angle of flying up at point P' or line GP', is at 45 degrees.

- happy new year.gif (Vietnam)

- new year vietnam animated (, USA)

Advantages of new year multiplicity is like the one of prayer wheels. So, multiplicity of whishes for best wealthy constructions.

- pole vault energy (China)

- Estonian pole vault (, Estonia)

- Caledonian games pole vault old (, Massachussett, USA)

- The + fastest + a + human + has + run + is + about + 12 + m/s.+++. + If + a + pole + vaulter + could + run + this + fast + and + convert + all + of + his + or + her + kinetic + energy + into + gravitational + potential + energy + how + high + would + he + or + she + go (, Maine, USA)

The basic formula for calculations of balistic height (h) versus speed (v), in m/s with g=9.8 m/s/s, is as follows:
h = v2/(2g)
Thus, with 12 m/s, she or he can get a height equal to (7.35 m).

But with a pole, she or he can add to this height a length equal to the total length of his body with the arms strectched up. Thus for a tall body of 1.80 m the total length to add is about 2.30 m.
This is the current capacity of human to be abble to shift up at such height a weight equal to his own weight. It is what a pole vaulter can do with his arm strenght to lift him up on the pole.
Finally, she or he can theorically clear a bar high of:
7.35 + 2.30 = 9.65 m

However in practice, with a pole in his hand, an athlete reachs difficully a running speed more than 11 s/100m or v=9 m/s. Finally, one have to substract an another limit of the bar height about 5% due to the energy loss in mechanical friction.
Then, with a running speed of 9 m/s. A height that can be cleared is:
h = 4.13 + 2.3 = 6.43 m
But with a minimal 5% of performance loss, the final height may be:
(h) = 6.43 - 0.32 = 6.11 m

From these analysis, an athlete can know what are the important aspects of his pole vaul technique to be enhanced in training.

- impossible is nothing pole vault (, Estonia)

- city space Mechanism (Taiwan)

- impossible is nothing desktop wallpaper (Indonesia)

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- wallpaper desktop Maths (, Coláiste na hOllscoiUle Corcaigh, Ireland)

- best beautiful sailor moon (Vietnam,

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- lémite + de + una + tractriz (Spain)

- Sonny + Duong + pole + vault (, California, USA)

It is thus, the Sonny method for sidereal polevaulting...

- technical + and + mechanical + training + pole + vault + biomechanics + pdf (Turkey)

- pole + vault + technique (UK)

This next diagram, is for the usual polavault the technique inverse of the long Jump one. The long jump when a fixed block was used for jumping.
Here for the pole vault, the hands are used while in long jumping the feet should be put on the ficed block.

- biomechanics + of + High + jump (..)


This diagram may be considered as a High Jump.
This technique of "high Jump" is different from the idea of current high jump. This is according to that that the jump support is not done by the legs feet but is performed by the arm Hands. The physical mechanisme law is the same.

- acceleration + plygons + in + mechanisms + gif + animations (India)

- Coriolis + acceleration ++ in + mechanisms + gif + animations (India)

Pole-vault energy

- where + is + the ++ energy + in + pole + vaulting

- Yelena + Isinbayeva + Take + Off

- 5 + rules + diagram + about + pole + vault + kids (Australia)

- +judo + happy + mother's + day (..)

Note that the denotation "tsunami" of this jumping without a pole. It is due to that its mechanism is done as in the ocean water perturbation. The phenomena if from the Liquid-Law kwon as the Communicating-Vessels. This latter happens at its bottom when there was a sinking of the soil during an earthquake. From there there is a pushing upwards of a big quantity of ocean water.
Tsunami wave phenomenon was shown by the wellknown Hokusai painter. In Judo, it is practically done as follows, illustrating the Energy Conservation:
in a system of well tied-bodies, when there was a fallen body energy, there is necessary a corresponding raising up one. Example is seen with the Morote-seonage where Tori is going falling to make flying-Uke...

- malaysian + pole + athelite + in + actions (Malaysia)

- pole + vault + diagram + Petrov (

- Yelena + Gadzhievna + Isinbayeva (USA)

- Yelena + Isinbayeva + animated + gif (

Here is a shematic of an ideal polevault mechanism where a pole is realized with a fixed horizontal gymnastic bar. Jumping action is here the most efficient. There is a minimal lost energy that happens with a clasiccal pole. The trajectory is here directly transformed from horizontal into a vertical parabola drawn here in red line. While with a long pole the trajectory is rather a hyperbola. For clearness, some figures are shown out of its trajectory. This technique needs high skill and is dangerous for beginners without safety organization.

The main technique of a pole-vaulter, is to know how and when to reverse his body upside-down to be abble to get the maximal summation as total energy for pole-vaulting. Try to pole-vault without doing a reversal of the body. and with an initial 7.5 m/s. You will never clear a maximum level of 2.86 m.
Remind that a gynastics horizontal bar is fixed in the ground while the pole is a moving horizontal bar. Then the optimal use of energy is to start a gimnastic upside-down at the time of the pole impacts on the ground. Because the energy of doing it will be added as elastic energy into the pole material. And also, the pole is at this time nearly fixed at horizontal position on the ground, while the displacement is still horizontal. If the upside-down motion is done latter when the trajectory is directed upward then upside-down of the body will expense or substract from the initial energy of the running up still stored in the elastic pole. In this case, it is like an astronaute doing an upside-down in the void with no bar. He will remain on the spot and produces no additional displacement to his gravity center.
So on this figure, it is at the beginning of the trajectory curve when the horizontal line is going to curved. At this time, the jumper should immediatly start to reverse his body upside-down. This allows to expense a minimal of the initial energy, the one with 7.5 m/s.
In conclusion, the theorical 4.86 m high should be probably about a 4 meters of all things are optimized.

- how + fast + does + he + have + to + run + pole + vaulter + needs + to + clear + 6m (, California, USA)

- gimnastic animated (Dominican Republic)

- pole vault (, Greece)

- energy consumption and conservation projection (, France)

Exactly. A pole is useful but it is energy consumer because it is not a perfect elastic spring. The movement transition can be done directly as a redirection by rotation around a fixed point. It is not used only for rocking as playing on a swing but during the rotation. The jumper can also add arms/body impulsion by pulling on the fixed horizontal bar while controling his upward trajectory.
This need high skill as we see it in gymastics, springboard and particularly in circus shows.

- olympic gymnastic "mens" pole vault (USA, Arizona Phoenix Hifgt-Tech Institute)

- Galileo + "hight" + School + class + make + "fromm" + 1970 (USA)

- hight + school + pole-vault (USA)

- elastic + energy + pole + vault (Brazil)

Modern pole vault concerns only elastic energy owing to high technology of the pole material. The athlete high jump impulse is here negligible because his sprint speed is to high to be able to use his leg impulse. He has only to get ability to sprint with a pole and to preserve equilibrium during the jump energy transfer.

- What+is+the+minimal+ i.e.+ with+no+loss + of + energy, + amount+of+energy + in + Joules + required + to + lift + an + 80+kg + high+jump + athlete + over + a + 2 + metre + high + bar (Australia)

Calculations use the classical uniform accelerated motion law.
The energy is given by the speed and the speed is given by the time of a falling body along a vertical given distance.
Let (h) the distance of the high jump,
Here the acceleration is the gravity 9.8 m/s2
The time (ts) in second is given by:
The initial vertical rising (v) speed is then:
v=(9.8.t) m/s

Finally, with (m) the athlete weight, the necessary minimal energy (E) for a high jump with a bar at (h) meters, is given by:
E = (1/2)(m. v2) Joule

For 80 kg and a bar height of 2.5 meters the necessarry minimal energy is:
E = 1,950 Joule

For a bar height of 2 meters:
E = 1,568 Joule

The 1,150 Joule is the energy of a runner going at 7 m/s or 25 km/h. This may be the average speed of a champion classical high jump sprint.
To compare it with the energy (Es) of a 80kg sprinter with a speed of 10 m/s:
Es =(1/2)(80.102) = 4,000 Joule

Therefore, using the same formula and using a different high jump technique, with a such sprinting energy, the maximum height riched is given as:
5.1 meters high !

This may be compared to the pole vaulting.
Counting 20% of energy lost, he high jump performance may be about 4 meters!

- In + the + high + jump + the + kinetic + energy + of + an + athlete + is + transformed + into + gravitational + potential + energy + without + the + aid + of + a + pole (Canada)

And if the achievement of the jump is so high, it is due to the pole aid. The pole action is neutral. There is no adding energy to the athlete one. If the jump without no pole is very low it is because of the bad mechanism of the human taking off from his foot. The main reason is that human's skeleton structure of his ankle is not formed for a best high jump, as for a animal's hoof one. Therefore, the particular vertical standing of human is due only to the unique original anatomy of his heel. This latter is a original basic and specific structure for vertical standing on the two feet and not a structure formed by accomodation from the four legs position, after some attempt for vertical standing.

- INJURE HUMAN BODY (Nabgladesh)

- The + acceleration + of + gravity + on + Earth + is + approximately + 10 + m/ s2, + more +precisely + 9.8+m/s2 If + you + drop + a + rock + from + a + tall + building + about + how + fast + will + it + be + falling + after + 3 + seconds (USA Boston)

An uniform accelerated motion means a speed proprtional the acceleration time the duration of the fall. Thus after 3 seconds from the beginning of the drop, any mass get a speed of [9.8*3=29.4 m/s] when any friction is neglected.

- motion + of + a + free + falling + body + example + sample + problem

A free falling body can be determined with the formula of the
1) - distance (d) of the falling.

d = 0.5.(A).t2 + (A).t + v0
Without initial motion of the body, the formula is simplifyed :
d = 0.5.(A).t2
with (A) = acceleration of gravity or a constant field of force applyed continually on the body.

2) - from that, a time can be computed :

t = sqr[(2.d)/(A)]
With [sqr] = [square root of (...) ]

3) - With time (t) and distance (d), speed and energy of the body can be obtained :

Speed (v) is :
v = (A).t = (A). sqr[(2.d)/(A)]
v = sqr[2.(A).d]

And energy (W) is :
W = (0.5).(2).(A).d.m = (A).d.m

Practical examples :
The I.S. - International System - units are used here, that is m, s, J. kg
It can be choose to do measurements of the falling body, during a distance d = 0.1 meter (or 10 cm). In this example, the gravity is (A) = 9.8 m/s/s.

- gravity + value + in + feets

In inch : (A) = 385.8 in/s/s
In feet : (A) = 32.2 ft/s/s
In yard : (A) = 10.7 yd/s/s
For Blue Submariner :
In fathom : (A) = 5.4 fth/s/s

Then, the time duration of the fall is computed with the above formula and the speed is get after that with the energy.

t = sqr[(2.d)/(A)] = sqr[(0.2).(9.8)] = 0.1428...s
v = (A).t = (9.8).(t) = 1.4 m/s
W = (A).d.m = 0.98 Joule for a mass m = 1kg
or : W = 0.0098 J for m = 0.01 Kg

- acceleration + of + a + falling + mass + less + than + 9.8m/s2 (Canada)

- mesured + earth + gravity + meter + acceleration (Syria)

- falling + speed + velocity + gravitation + meters (Estonia)

- mathamatic + weight + converter (USA)

The following application apparatus is exactly as you tell it : a Weight Converter. Because it concerns phenomenon of Weight, a real local pull toward a globe center. It may not misunderstood as a universal Gravity measurement where gravity was only hypothesis building from Earth local observations. And weight Converter is a good definition because weight is only known from experiments on a globe and the only we know is our Earth one. from that, it consists to Convert this given universal globe datum as a reference for any OTHER globes using apparatus for measurements.

The weight in motion is energy. Inversely, energy can be expressed as motion in distances and in speed. from that we can know the weight. Then, here following is the Weight Converter according to a ball as the known Earth weight sample...

- foundamental + force + measurement (Hongkong)

Falling body
- falling objects and Voltaire (, The University of Oklahoma, USA)

- falling objects injury force funny (Denmark)

We have there : (A), (d), (t), (v) and (W). Experiments can determined any of these variables as a function of the others. Their magnitudes depend only on the apparatus used.

Therefore, with an initial reference energy, e.g. a spring that can produce a given precise energy of W = 0.0098 J - the same above value - for m=0.01kg
The body of 0.01 kg will be raised up vertically with a distance d=0.1 m, in the case of a gravity (A) = 9.8 m/s/s
Obviously, in the case of (A) different of 9.8 then, the distance will be changed inversely proportional to the (A) value.
The apparatus should be calibrated and the friction of the falling body should be cancelled in the final result.

This is only a simple diagram. Inventor technology is more creative and the values can be highly reduced with electronic means. Also, there are many physic transformation phenomena versus motion to give energy value, e.g. electromagnetic/motion.

- proof + of + displacement + using + acceleration

- displacement + is + proportional + to + the + square + of + the + speed

Generating displacemet is necessarily before any other transformations. But displacement is not easy to get it practically and precisely. We have there the problem of how to catch a motion in a box...

- physic, + spring, + force + constant, + kg, + vertically (Hongkong)

- acceleartion + time + displacement + motion + spring + constant (Saudi Arabia)

- conclude + the + mass-spring + method + simple + harmonic + motion + + with + and + without + added + mass (South Africa)

- what + can + you + conclude + about + the + relationship + between + distance + and + time + for + a + free + falling + body

I dont see what this question concerns precisely. But there are these relationships :

a) - distance is proportional to the square of time.
b) - Speed of the falling is proportional of time.
c) - Energy is proportional to the square of the speed.

- a + rock + is + thrown + vertically + into + the + air. + at + the + top + of + its + paths + its + acceleration + in + "maters" + per + second + squared + is + about (USA)

Its mater remains constant and its acceleartion is about 10 or 9.8 meters/s2.

- a + mass + of + 90kg + is + raised + vertically + If + it + stops + at + a + height + of + 10m + what + is + the + work + done + in + lifting ? (Singapore)

You know it well.
The gravity work done during this mass falling at its initial vertical level. Approximately this work is 10 x 10=100 J if the gravity is g=10 m/s2... if m=1kg
With m=90 kg; and F=(90x10) N then, W=(F.L) J
We get : W = (90 x 10) x 10 m = 9,000 joules

Then, the final energy is proportional to the distance of the falling or to the square of time.

- how + can + set + the + experiment + of + measuring + acceleration + of + gravity + using + electronic + means (Tanzania)

A weight id an experimental datum. Thus it is experimentally determined by measurements. Then, if there is a apparatus from weight measurement, te reading of measure quantity is calibrated on the known measured weight used as a reference. If there is some theorical analytical formula it is allso calibrated on the measurement reference. The weight is known in Physics and given as a force determined by known mass and acceleartion corresponding to the experiemntal weight measurement. This latter is given as 9.81 N in SI unit system at the Earth sea level corresponding to acceleration of 1g. Then a car acceleration is also a quantity of gravite not due to the Universal Gravity. A passenger of a car also experiences a horizontal weight due to acceleration.

An electronic apparatus is set as weight reference corrsponding to the sea level as well as a thermometer is set at ice molten for zero Celsius degree.

- in + case + of + car + the + wheel + friction + act + motion + of + car ++ of + car + but + why + total + friction + of + car + opposit + to + motion + of + car (Nepal)

Of course, of a such car and with a such car, we can't nothing else. When in accelerating action of a car and simultaneously the friction of a car is an equal and opposite as counter-acting then one should avoid a such car like the plage. A solution is urgently required : change the car and persevere practising the pole-vault for one's displacements. In this condition, never a car problem will be endless problems of a car.

Note that if a car don't produce his own displacement it is surely spending its energy to displace the road as an escalator or the air or both.

- pole-vault + paradox + explanation- the + mechanics + of + the + broad + jump
- inventor + cube + "hight"

The pole vault formula is valid for human because the falling body force variation is negligible in the height span interested. Now, take care... A long jump was the Galileo's and Newton's problem and may be also with Leonardo da Vinci. Therefore, an athlete who is training for a broad jump... may be himself in the situation of leaving the Earth condensation system. This happened to the exuberant Baron Münchhausen who was living as a falling body that take him up to the Moon !

Actually, a broad jump concernes physician and scientists for spacecraft that are really their broad jump champions. In Dakhiometry there are many mathematical laws about these broad jumps that describe why a heavenly body is round, why meteorite impacts on these heavenly bodies drawn beautiful circles without never succeeding to squaring them. This is a real physical issue impossibility: to make a cube or plygonal forms from a round heavenly body. The Matter Conservation principle, universal because of the yet unknown expression pleonasm such as "round heavenly body" is a very fruitful foundation for the understanding of phenomena.

I can tell now that the trajectories of these launching objects don't follow parabolic ones even in the frictionless void. This phenomenon can be observe with a launching body in some distance larger then the human environment scale. But when theses laws will be exposed, one can understand clearly the particular reasons. The conclusion means that these balistic object trajectories don't obey to some gravitation law.

- what + is + certainty + "mathamatic"s

The certainty does not means the certainty of one person or one group of people. The certainty is a situation of human uniqueness where each can see the True. Being the universal the True reaches by the individual is therefore a universal sight for any individual. Only reasons can draw a way toward the True. Reasons are the rational guides of human thought and rational guides are the natural fundamental layout of the consciousness of reality that every individual is formed. Then, the Certainty should be a property of the universal, the place where any human naturally stays. Certainty is not only for mathematics, it is a fact of the Unique being conscious to belong to a Whole.

- La + bicyclette + bleue
- matter unit
- beginning + AND + universe
- "machanics" + lean
- particle-level + memory + water
- L'eau + rejetée + dans + la + nature + est-elle + pure
- la + magie + de + l'eau

- what + happens + to + the + earth + when + the + sun + goes + supernova

We can talk about this question only with founded ideas. Here, arguments rest on the Construction principle of the matter condensation.
Then, a star that goes supernova, is the one that had been condensed with too much quantity of matter. Mechanisms of condensation was determined at the beginning of the formation of a cloud of elemental matter. There are a general relationship between the elements of this cloud that determine the mode of the condensation. Therefore, if this cloud had become so rapidly too dense, the condensation may be in favor of a central formation that should be a huge star. At this time, no planets of the environment can have a chance to enlarge and the condition is such that they are supplied with a few matter condensation. Probably the kinetic of the star formation was the main matter consummation. The result is that there was no chance of a real planet to be formed, and even if there was some great planets, the environment is not in favor for more complex construction to begin. Therefore, probably no life was formed in the vicinity of a voracious star.
This means that if the Earth can form the Life, it is because this was determined at the beginning of the cloud of the Solar system. One may consider that the kinetic of formation in the initial system is in such equilibrium that organization of motion can be more accurate and precise. Thus, life that needs a such large motion scale environment as on the Earth can be developed. On can say that the condition of Life is determined at least by the whole Solar system and not only on the Earth.
Therefore, if the equilibrium of the Solar system is determined from its beginning, there is no chance for the Sun as one know it to day, to change something in this system. The reason is that only it goes supernova only if there is much more matter in the environment to continue to condense on the Sun. Obviously there is always a little quantity of free matter in the environment of the Solar system, but never enough. And I think that the rings around most of planets, e.g. the ones of Saturn in our Solar system is the proof that there is no more much free matter in it. Astronomy sciences say that a supernova is at least two times greater than the Sun dimensions. Therefore, there is two times the least chance of having a Sun going enlarged toward supernova and thus to vanish in a glare blowing us all in the dark silent of the firmament.

We can rest on the founded idea that the nature is a precise construction and if Life is there, this Life so scrupulously elaborated, she never will fall in a sudden trap lie in by the nature.

- accuracy + meanning

- What +is + the +speed +of +the +earth + spinning +on +its +axis

The Earth is now spinning two time the around the N. Ok and thanks.

- denoted + pi + day

OO HOhhh... Ha..Happy...

- calculations + oo + gravitational + free + falling + bodies (South Africa)

Please see next or also above for different method to make a body falling...

Athletic motion

- do + you + develop + new + veins + in + the + arm + "fromm" + weightlifting (USA)
A very interesting question. I don't know the results of physiological sciences studies. However, logically we can expected that physical transformation development should only be possible if there is some logistic support organisation. If muscles activities are energy expenses, thus waste and raw material transports are the source and the means of these developments. When man is ill for a long time, the vein surplus may be void from the body.

- gravity + problem + have + mass + "hight" + and + acceleration + how + long + will + it + take + to + hit + ground? (USA)
You can thow down any mass. Falling or moving bodies in any acceleration field, don't depend on mass. Take the equation of uniform accelerated displacement. That is : displacement is equal to acceleration value time the squared time. This is when there is no initial added speed.
Thus, the time is equal to the square root of hight divided by the acceleration value. All this are done in inches, feet, yards or meter versus time in second as you like it.

- locust reproduction diagram (USA)

A graphic of exponential curve...

- énergie + du + saut + d'homme + à + 1 + mètre + haut (France)
(man energy for a 1 meter high jump)

A man that can produce a jump height of 1 meter is not a man but a locust. We will see it in the following :
Let a man or a woman of 70 kg weight or 154 pounds - with 1kg=2.2 pounds.
1) - A 1 meter high jump needs 1400 N.
2) - A 0.6 meter height jump need 840 N
Sensitively tell, we suppose that this person is standing on a balance that records his weight and also its variations. Thus the above jumps are recorded as follows for the 70 kg person :
a) - The first jump is found the initial weight as 70 kg. And after the jump it is recorded : 140 kg.
b) - For the second case, we can read 70 kg and 84 kg.

This means that fir the first jump of 1 meter, it correspondx to a person of weight 140 kg and in the 0.6 meter case, his weight is 84 kg.
Therefore, when one can jump 1 meter high, one can lift up 2 time his weight. And even in the case of a 0.6 m high, on must be able to lift up 120% of his own weight. We can see that in a jump of 1 meter, any human needs to take a run-up before jumping.
A more way to feel these effort let us suppose that you are stretching out forward your arms. Then at a given signal stroke; a sudden weight of 140 kg or 84 kg is weighing on your arms. in such situation, you can have the feeling of how are the energies used for the jump.
Finally when on can have a 0.5 meter high jump, it is a good energycal jump. So here are a listing of what in average, human needs to expense energy when he lifts up above the soil level.

These result are supposed that a personn weight is of 70 kg :

  • - Jump Height;....... Jump Push-Weight.
  • - 1,0m        .......140kg
  • - 0,7m        .......98kg
  • - 0,6m        .......84kg
  • - 0,5m        .......77kg
  • - 0,4m        .......56kg
  • - 0,3m        .......42kg
  • - 0,2m        .......28kg

  • - 0,05m        .......7kg

The last datum is used when we walk normally.
Walking can be done with a lesser energy expense without using push effort of the leg, when one knows how tu use the falling body law effect.
The sprinting athlete can also have a few expense of the leg pushing energy. Probably an effort less than 10 kg is used. In this case all the main energy expense is due to the runner alternately changing on left and right body positions. Because it is there the principal expense of motion energy, the sprinter should have a thinnest but powerful body muscles. This is the less mass. He has the less mass displacement to spend. These are the property of the cheetah, the greyhound and the gazelle for examples.
Most of today sprinters are using high leg pushing force at each stride of the sprint. He wins because he is training to have muscles for force. However, if he is thinner body he can act in motion with high speed. In this case, he can be abble to synchronize with the speed of the falling body law. Thus, a sprinter can use the property of his falling body to get an accelerated uniform forward motion. He can proceed to maintain a continu acceleration on some tens meters along his trajectory. In this case, the human sprinting time can be more lesser than the actual 100m record.

- sprinter + body + structure (Korea)

- progression + of + stride + length + over + 100m + sprint (UK)
Particularly at the first some ten meters. In any other stride, there are progressing distances if an only if, there is a sprint acceleration.

- what + type + of + ideal + body + formation + should + a + sprinter + have (UK)
A great science is necessarily. A high quality quiet spirit with powerfull but thin muscles. However, in the meantime, look at the cheetah and equivalent being behavior. He knows how to free fall, just the time during two step alternance of the sprint. Everyone does it when hopping but be conscious of it. This is the condition of a possible parabolic motion.

- "dlope" + formula + given + one + point (Canada)

- physics ++ athlete + runs + along + a + circular + path + of + a + stadium (USA)

A man running along a circular path is equivalent to a man running upward slope. The higher his speed is the higher the slope. Example a car running on a flat road at 300 km/h when it meets a dlope slope of 3%, is equivalent to a dangerous impact. It is why a such car is flying dangrously losing all its controls. For sprinter running on a circular path he has to spend his maximum highest energy to minimize his loss of velocity. Also if a sprinter meet a slope on his path, probably he falls because at this time, his inertia is too high and he is not enough strong to maintain himself under a such kinetic energy change.

- Why + do + flamingo + sleep + with + one + leg (Canada)

It is a very interesting phenomenon. Why ?
a) - Because of en minimal energy dissipation while one of its leg is well protected ? In this case, it has a ultra high equilibrium system that allow it a minimal internal energy expending. This allows it to be asleep in one leg equilibrium with minimal attention and also with minimal muscle energy consumation activated only for one leg.
b) - Why ??? Is it because a flamingo tempts to simulate a plant in water, like a reed, if one ?

Equilibrium is still a mystery for the current sciences
All the current Mechanical sciences are rather anti-equilibrium theories.

- body + equilibrium (Lebanon)

We usually tell that the more the height the more is the fall.

However, for the alive, the more a body is high the more is his control capacity on his equilibrium balance.

- flamingo + sleep + balance + inverted + pendulum (USA)

- Flamingos + are + frequently + seen + standing + on + one-leg + with + the + other + lifted. + Is + rotational + inertia + enhanced + with + long + legs + What + can + you + say + about + the + bir'7s + center + of + mass + with + respect + to + the + foot + on + which + it + stands (

It is really an enigma for us.
Its mass center is always on the vertical of its standing foot end. About the equilibrium in this position we have some ideas as:
a) - Animals have a great skill to maintain themselves in equilibrium.
b) - The flamingo uses to maintain its equilibrium, whatever standing on the ground or flying in the air, using its wings, its long neck and its long bill. Its don't use their leg muscles as human does with his foot and leg.

Mechanically, all the flamingo masses are in its body. But the masses of its mechanism of equilibrium are on their shoulders, their long neck and their long bill.
This means that to maintain its equilibrium, a flamingo uses his shoulder plus its long neck and its long bill. Its get there a very efficient equilibrium LEVER movable mechanism. It is like a funambulist that stand in equilibrium with a long and heavy stick to steady stand on a rod.

- Theorical + background + of + the + vertical + and + horizontal + components + of + a + force + with + the + help + of + spring + balances (

- diagramma + free + body + humans (Albania)

- standing + on + one + leg + free + body + diagram (

Flamingo sleeping on one leg is in fact the best structure to maintain his equilibrium with fast response and low expense of energy.

Therefore for man, to maintain his equilibrium on one leg, he should use all mass of his upper part and his two rigid lever as his two arms as moments for response to any imbalance situation.

This because, imbalance happens when his straigh leg begins to be inclined as vertical support. A Fast response to imbalance signea should be transmitted to all his mass and by moments inertia movement. Thus the support leg mass is a lowest one that may be absorbed by all his whole body mass inertia.
This the Flamingo method of sleeping on one leg because all its body can easily absorbe any angular displacement of its supported leg and then the imbalance can be rapidly absorbed et corrected by a little body moment.

- flamingos + diagram (

The more the high and low mass of a leg the more the imbalance control is easy for a powerful round and compact body.

- discribe + the + mechanism + of + muscle + conteraction (Ethiopia)

This this case of the flamingo sleeping on one leg the conteraction of muscle obeys to the natural equilibrium sensors in human body.
It can be observed that the head of animal behave as their center of equilibrium sensibility. From there all of their muscular system act with their head as a reference for equilibrium Command Quarter.

Therefore, the global mechanism of a flamingo standing on one leg, is possible whith three falmingo capacities:

Flamingo-acrobat 1) - The falmingo can set out its position easily with high skill and high sensibility to control its body equilibrium.
2) - Its equilibrium tools are composed with great masses of body rotationally movable and a long lever composed by its neck and bill.
3) - A long leg doesn't means easy imbalance. In the contrary, standing on its long leg, a differential imbalnce appears highly amplified at the end of the long leg. Thus with a long leg the flamingo sensibility can more easily detect any imbalance and thus to rapidly correct this latter with less movement of all its body components.
Here next are the different mechanical structures showing their effects for a same displacement.

A) - Long leg induces more slower and shorter imbalance displacement effect and therefore, allows more easy control.
B) - Also, it must be seen that Birds are generally living on branches of trees. Thus, a flamingo is also a bird perching on a Leg similar to a branch of tree under wind blowing.
C) - Adding to these capability of birds, the long leg of a flamingo is light and has no sensible inertia relatively to the flamingo moving body for controling its equilibrium.

Long-legs advantage

- long + legged + "wifeo" (USA)

The Dakhiometry of balance-control rule is as follows:

Good mastering of imbalance is optimal when the imbalnce pertubation is enough slow condormed to the delay of reponse of a balance-control action.
It is why a long system leg-lever in conjunction of its inertia, is in favor for a given efficient power of the imbalance control.

In conclusion
With such equipments probably the equilibrium may not be so difficult for a flamingo and for birds with long legs.

Note that,
These analysis on sensibility of imbalance effects are valid for flamingo-man, when he is standing on very long stilt!

Also, long legs present the same type of advantage for sprinter. Because the sprinter needs less effort expended for the pushing leg while the weight of the sprinter acts on a longer lever and then enhance more efficiently the inertia moment of the sprinter weight for best running speed.
Contrary to the flamingo, in the case of a sprinter, the long leg is used to produce more forward imbalance for a given effort. High sprinting performances are due to the skill for "imbalance equilibrium" and not to the muscles of the sprinter.

- inverted + pendulum + system + the + Newton's + Equations (Lybia)

Such equation may give some idea. This flamingo situation seems to be in the Newton's scope. However, the equilibrium in real life has nothing to do with Newton.
Equilibrium for the alive is a random mecanism and is not a cyclic one therefore, more complicated even if the cyclic mechanism is simple. The Newton's equation is surely from a death mechnism.
Alive equilibrium need the natural intelligence or the understanding of his equilibrium and not the Artificial one that is too complicate to be abble to maintain in steady equilibrium. The pendulum mechanism is only from fixed elastic mechanism of matter. While the alive equilibrium need the FEELING of one's equilibrium. It is why the alive system for equilibrium is too much complex even if the results are simple.

- bike + trial + tolosa + saix (Italy)

- equilibrium bicycle (Russian Federation)

It is actually due to the wheel giroscopic effect. At the maximum of an unsteady equilibrium, it suffice to produce a little effort to maintain steady one position at the summit of the parabolic function of an unsteady equilibrium.


Bicycle for kids       Easy to handle bike

Difference between equilibrium education and
high skill equilibrium which needs High-Leg maneuver ability.

a) - For early age kids practising bicycles as toys, it is recommanded to donot make a bicycle with the weels at kid tiny dimension. In such case it is difficult for them to maintains their equilibrium on wheels of low diamater. In the contrary, the bicycle frame should be designed according to more greater wheel diameter. On such machine, it is more easy for kids to learn and quickly to master their equilibrium for driving a bicycle.
b) - While for high skill bikers, they need maneuver "flamingo high leg" bicycles.


If you are so much intersted by the flamingo equilibrium, it is because the equilibrium of a humanoid robot and most of technology applications are limited to make on object as a stone that ignore what is the auto-equilibrium property.
It is the result of the existence of ALL the current mechanical science theories where the foundamental ato-equilibrium of the alive is quite ignored. This property of auto-equilibrium is too complex for these simplistic old sciences.

For examples:
a) - The main mechanical science is the Newton Dynamics. This latter is rather anti-equilibrium science with its belief on Masses-attraction. A such theory is no more than stating that there is no possible auto equilibrium object. The Newton's falling-object can never tell why a flamingo can be at vertivcal rest standing on a so long leg.

b) - The Einstein's relativity is no more than cancelling any equilibrium in the universe with his terrific spatio-temporal distorsion.

c) - The Quantum and any other modern theories consist to blure the universe into a cloud of statistical indetermined particles without no possible uniqueness self determined object.

Now it is the the current Technology designs that is limited by the difficult or impossible building different self-equilibrium for a mechanical system. The sensitive foot as sensor for equilibrium detection is a kid's idea on the alive equilibrium capability. Aside all these sciences, there is really a Big Ignorance of why man can stand, walk, run and move in equilibrium on the Earth and also why he can or cannot be in weightless conditions.

Really the flamingo spleeping in equilibrium on its long leg is a big "irrational" mystery belonging to the current technology and sciences impossibilities.

- motion + as + way + of + matter + existance (Uzbekistan)

- the + relationship + between + body + and + space (UK)

- tai + tchi + body + movement (Italy)

- how + to + loss + weight + without + exercing (USA)

Everybody look for a such treasure. Unfortunately, nobody still know it. At length, I believe that athletics success is finally due to the unsuccess of finding a such means. But, wait and see, may be a next day...

- "athetism" + as + a + literary + term

- technique + energy + losses + force + crawl + Swimming (Chile)

Optimal energy use is the weight of the head, the shoulder and the arm at the heighest distance over the water surface. To row with the hands is actually a great loss of energy while the falling of these parts above the water surface is the corresponding "wheelbarrow" parabolic running speed.

- water + resistence + increases + with + speed + in + swimming (USA)
Object displacement in water or in other fluid, ore done according to interaction law domain. In matter media there are pressure forces. Displacement resistence is concerned on how a water volume can be displaced in this middle. The more this volume meets difficulty to change of place, the more the volume of water corresponding to the one of a swimmer, meets resistence to advance. Therfore, fishes have body forms that fit to this middle conditions. Force pressures are local phenomenon.
One can see now what is the difference with a gaz bubble in water displacement. The more this bubble id big, the more is his speed to go upward. This is not a pessure force phenomenon but is due to potential equilibrium. This latter is not a local force interaction but happens in the whole water volume. This latter behavior is quite different.

- Butterfly + stroke + suppleness (UK)

Yes. Swimming is basically body suppleness. Particularly the one of the vertebral column. It is so for the dolphin. We can say that in swimming the dolphin vertebral column draw a sinusoidal curve. Human efficiency in swimming rests on suppleness and not rigidity and force. Because the fundamental body displacement, tell as the hydrodynamic of body in the water is the sliding and not the how-to-row that is a similar technique like the how-to-run on the ground. The sliding is internal law of water while the rowing and the running, are external interactions with the media water and solid soil.

- What + happens + when + the + buoyancy + force + is + the + same + as + yout + weight (Australiap

This means that location anywhere in the sea is our home... That we don't need to breath air but only water...

- natation + principe + de + pousse + d'Archimede (France)

(swimming + Archimedes' thrust principle)

Man is floatting on the water surface not because of Achimedes' thrust.

Concerning swimming, one cannot try to advance when using the Archimedes' Thrust. In this case, there is no means to get energy to go forswards. Swimmer can displace on the water surface owing to the use of potential energy that produce weight and acceleration. Therefore, it is the weight that allows to move faster. Method to swim come mostly fromn Indians of America as the crawl, breast stroke, butterfly stroke, overarm stroke,... These are most efficient method of using the weight energy to advance on surface water. How can one use his weight in water ? A simple example is to look at dolphins when they swim on the water surface. This method consists to go at a highest potential and the to fall into the water using this falling kinetic energy to slide forward into the water. May be, man had observed a such dolphin swimming. Therefore, he had invented how to use some of his weight to slide forward in water. The overarm stroke is a such swimming technique. It consist to lift up one's arm, the shoulder and the head up over the water level. This allows to use these weight to slide in water. The butterfly stroke is really the dolphin technique of swimming, the modern crawl is a lightly different method from the overarm stroke but it is also there the use of his weight to move in water.

- vertical + motion + under + gravity + in + jumping + dolphins (Philippines)
Skill of orcs, dolphins and all other fishes to play with the motion. Dolphins jump high vertically and they know that it need much kinetic energy. Therefore, they begin to lose momentum swimming the fastest then diving deep in water and going up to be able positionning their body for a vertical trajectory. This is mostly a running jump and is not only with the fin force.

- technology + on + harmonic + motion + and + dolphins (USA)

It is the case to tell that it is a harmonic motion as the one used by dolphins. And you are right to see it as a texhnology capability. This harmonic motion can produce high performances. Dolphins is a fact of long distance and high speed in displacements. Also, this harmonic motion is high economic in energy consummation because the falling body law is used here it is to tell that gravity is used as in most of natural displacement. Human also uses his falling body method to run faster in longer distance. Therefore, using a such technology method e.g. for ships displacements, is a way of getting optimal efficiency.

- rowing + vertical + oscillation (Lithuania)

This is about rowing boat?
When rowing there is actually a vertical oscillation of the boat and the rower. The oscillation is at frequency of the rower acting to row. Naturally the force he is acting to row is a pushing in the water. It is equivalent to an action of jumping up and forward. Thus, the frequency of the oscillation is the frequency of the rowing and the amplitude of the oscillation is proportional to the force acting with the row.
In brief, the rowing action is to diminish the total weight of the system. Then, the vertical oscillation is equivalent to a boat that the total weight is oscillating vertically. Consequently, its buoyancy property is oscillating.

- mécanique + dynamique + lancée + de + poids (France)

(dynamic + mechanic + to put the shot)

Here also, the most efficient action needs the use of potential energy, the one of a 6-kg weight. The technique consists of using most of this kinetic energy to add there his own thrust energy to put the shot. It does not suffice to be big, tall and strong to be abble to perform a best result.

Here is the physic law condition to perform a highest result.

- representation + of + diagram + forces + catapult (Portugal)
A highest effort peak is obtained with the body motion. This latter is obtained after the end of the body rotation, accelerating started from the initial position. At this final body rotation, the body is faced to the launching direction. The bowl is accelerating forward Thus the shoulder with the arm speed, are finishning to transfer all the remaining energy to the bowl. The high force peak is allowed with this technique to get a maximal efficiency of the catapult according to the possibility of high speed body placement. The arm holding the bowl is there only a complement of the launching.
- "bofy" + fluid + of + human (Thailand)

In summary:
a) - Starting from legs efforts to accelerated the body by using the falling-body law.
b) - While rotating the body to get work from the powerful central body hips.
c) - At the end of all these works, the arm is straightened and ready to transfert from the shoulder all these motions into the bowl.
Only at this end position, one must explode. From the beginning, souppleness are needed to be ebble to move quickly. Therefore, the optimal effort peak should be with a narrowed surface.
Remind that it is the body kinetic energy that must be used and not the arm muscles.

- angle + of + catapult + goes + the + furthest (Korea)

So we can verify the a any shot of a frictionless bullet perpendicularly to a gravity field, goes fthe furthest horizontally when it trajectory starts at 45° relatively to the horizontal plane. It is the optimal use of its initial kinetic energy for a length displacement.

- most + powerful + catapult + launches + the + furthest (Canada)

... ! ! ! ! !

- "machanical" figure (USA)

- physical unbalance (Pakistan)

Actually, to be abble to move quicly the whole body, it is efficient to help oneself with the gravity in an unbalanced attitude for the departure.

- how + conservation + of + angular + momentum + links + to + overarm + throwing (Singapore)

Actually. The amount of angular energy is built from the initial starting moving and is completed by the right leg throwing forwards, as it is seen on this next figure.

Lancé de poids Lancé de poids

Maximum use of the Falling-Body energy.

- In + the + Olympic + shotput + event + an + athlete + throws + the + shot + with + an + initial + speed + of + 12 + rm + m/s + at + a + 40.0 circ + angle + from + the + horizontal.+ The + shot + leaves + her + hand + at + a + height + of + 1.8 + rm + m + above + the + ground.+ How + far + does + the + shot + travel (, Washington, USA)

The thorical results are as follows:

1) - For a 40° shot:
Shot Length on the ground = 14.69 m
Total height of the bowl over the ground = 2.8 + 1.8 = 4.6 m

2) - For a 45° shot:
Shot Length on the ground = 16.51 m
Total height of the bowl over the ground = 3.4 + 1.8 = 5.2 m

Put the shot

The red color, show the time where muscle effort should transfer the whole body motion energy into the bowl.

- whole body structure (Singapore,

- what + is + the + optimum + angle + to + throw + a + ball + the + farest + distance + where + there + is + no + wind + but + air + friction + at + sea + level (, Kansas, USA)

- flamingo right leg stretch (, USA)

- diagram of supernovae transform (Thailand)

- deceleration of throwing (USA)

Actually. It is important to note it.
According to the energy conservation law, if one push on an object, it is because one expenses his energy to communicate it to the object. In case of the shot put, the game is to communicate all his movement energy to produce a maximum displacement of the bowl. Therefore, at the end of the impulse on a bowl, this latter is in maximum accelerating while the athlete is in a maximum decelerating. The optimal shot put is when the athlete remains in null movement, at the end of his throwing impulse. This action needs an athlete great skill.

. - the body as an inverted pendulum (USA nc)

- shot put Hungary (Hungary)

- shot put fundamental (Egypt)

- body motion (USA Carolina)

- putting the shot, muscle (Czech Republic)

- complicated catapult (USA)

- kinetic rhythms exercise (USA)

Yes, there is successive daddition of movements to produce, making a maximum total one before transfering it into the load.

- pictures of shot put technique (Malta)

- training shot put (Norway)

- powerful catapult (Venezuela)

- linear movement of a shot put (UK)

It seems nearly a linear movement of all the body.
However, because this technique is a successive addition of different body parts where finally there is a total growing of energy, the shot put is necessary an accelerated movement. Practically, this acceleration happens violently and is more easily seen at the final arm stretching during the impulse.

- shot put gif (Egypt)

- "machanical" energy (USA)

- easy "machanical" project (India)

- pendulum formula of kinetic energy (Canada)

- up and down "machanical" mechanism (UK)

- "machanical" layout (India)

- "machanical" + advantage + catapults (USA)
- representation + of + diagram + forces + catapult (Portugal)

The mechanical advantage of this technique is as follows:
a) - the main difficulty of being abble to develop the athlete energy is the possibility of a human body to start moving from a rest position then to acquire the kinetic energy after a maximal speed of his body.

- a clear diagram of the way flamingos fly (, Canada)

- hind + institute + of + mdical + sciences (

Lancer de poids

This next diagram shows a top view of the action. In red line, how the body center G displaces during the above weight shot. To use a maximum of the body rotation this latter must be done quickly with the body hanging in the air.

In summary
This technique of shot put is the most optimal one. Because one can see there that the total energy E(total) developped by the athlete is:

E(total)=E(falling weight)+ E(falling athlete)+ E(horizontal displacement)+ E(body rotation)

* E(falling weight) is the one the bullet
* E(falling athlete) is when he begins to drop his body at the same time the bullet drops.
* E(horizontal) is the forward quick initial jumping of the athlete.
* E(body rotation) is the powerful energy of the whole body.

The kinetic of the bullet is the resultant of these actions of high velocity.

- Diagrams + which + shows + how + "huamn" + activities + "humann" + does + which + influence + "tha" + mass + movement (Antigua and Barbuda)

- catapult + most + efficient + release + angle +-trebuchet (USA)

There is the diagram of a catapult launching structure to be built in least of 1s.

Remind, the falling weight must be free. That is to say, the horizontal force to control its direction, is only additive and not friction force. The rotation of all the body is necessary because it is the most powerful motion allowing high energy level of a human body.

Here is somme indicative conditions.

- "humen" + body + movement + in + flash (Bahrain)

- scientific + "nam" + for + the + motion + of + the + human + body (UK)

- mass + inertia + characteristics + main + segments + human + body (USA)

The human body rotation can have an optimal use of the different segment inertia of its lower parts to launch a maximum total energy toward the upper parts and finally toward the hand.

- meaning + of + "bofy" (Uk)

- "bofy" + mechanics + of + running (Canada)

... pffft, pffft... fnext ftime... pffft... I'm f-out f-of breath!

- celerity (Japan)

- flash + physic + motion (Thailand)

- what + does + celerity + mean (USA)

- catapult + movement + equation

A calculation is done for nearest practical conditions applied to a middle capacity athlete with the following conditions :

- Can + humain + move + in + uniform + motion (Canada)

it is an intersting problem.
Telling as human motion seems to mean that a man may move himself in uniform motion. However, when any animated being moves himself it because he is accelerating. Therefore, it is a truth that any alife being can't act in uniform motion.

But in the universe, it is also a truth that anything is moving in uniform motion. For example anybody on Earth is always moving in uniform motion of the Earth planet and all other heavenly bodies of the Milky Way. It is involuntary motion. Because of the physical laws according to that any object in the universe is located in space. And locations are made with a precise fixe location plus a motion arround this fixe point. This location law is denoted as "any object in the universe is staying in its Rest Location. And a rest location is a fixe place composed of uniform motion.

Finally a man is always living with a global uniform motion even if he is sleeping. But a man can't never move himself in uniform motion because he is accelerating when he acts to move. There are also dummy uniform motion, when the acceleration of this man is equal to all frictions in his displacement.

- Weight of the bowl : 6 kg
- Weight of the athlete : 80 kg
- The height of the falling bowl : 0.6 m, with a final speed = 0.35 m/s
- The speed of the athlete to displace with half-cycle rotation on a distance of least 1 m is finally : 0,35 m/s. This characterizes the kinetic energy of the athlete that is completely transfered to the bowl, when it leaves his hand.
- It is assumed that the throwing is following an optimal trajectory from a long horizontal displacement.
- The friction of a sphere displacement in the air is here negligible.

Thus, the calculation gives a length (L) of the throwing as :
L = 26 m

Record is waranted, even with a 22 m distance. This is for a men of 80 kg !

The secret :
1) - Practising quick displacement with a half-cycle rotation, in a length of least 1 m. Do it with simple precise and determined gestures. That means with certainty of movement in the mind.
2) - Practise to follow the bowl falling trajectory and to harmonize his own movement with the bowl one.

To begin paid attention to the falling of the bowl. It may be dangerous.
With this technique expectation of the distance of man putting the shot will be around 30 m.

If this technique is not known by mam then a woman will go beyond man performances. It does not concern pure force but technique, skill and ability.

- parabolic + motion + in + catapults (USA)

Quite exact.
It is the parabolic falling bowl motion that allow to get the highest performance. Man needs not to accelerate the bowl mass. He practises in such manner to be abble to put his energy in addition to the falling body bosy. If you look an orc or a dolphin when they want to jump high out of water. They begin to gain an initial speed in plunging deep in the sea and then to jump out in the air. It is the same process for lauching the bowl with a maximum efficiency.

- moment + of + inertia + moment + multi + "bosy" + solid (Italy)

- "bosy" + weight + converter (New Zealand)

- holding + "bosy" + horizontal + on + pole (Australia)

Athlete's bosy skill...

For comparison :
An athlete of 80kg who don't use the techniwue of the falling bowl and it is the general case observed in championships, the same calculation method used above applied for a perfect throw, the distance obtained is :

L = 16.5 m

This shows that the calculation method is realistic.

- stone + 12.3 + equals ++ 80kg (UK)

- How + is + balance + and + equilrium (USA)

- Physics + center + of + gravity + sprinter + leans + forward (USA)

A precise certainty of observation !
Example is drawn and detailed on this above figure. How, the body center uses its potential and his leg is a lean to deviate the movement forward directed to the target of the shot. It is why the displacement of the body can be as quick as the bowl falling body according to that the law is the same applied to the athlete and the bowl. In the final state to put the shot is a powerful body rotation that transfers all the athlete kinetic energy to the bowl. This technique is optimal in performance according to the use of natural physical law. It is the same case for all motion science as well as to the sprint where the global use of his weight during running is really an art.

When the height of the falling is one meter, the duration of the falling is about 0.5 s. Then to be abble to control this falling body to drive it forward in the direction or putting the shot, the rotation must be done in some 0.5s to make a 180° rotation. Therefore, to be able to get a best performance, the total duration to put the shot shoul be done in about less than 1s. This means the a most highest powerful action is needed !

I highest capacity of self-control is needed because one must stand in a narrow circle to be valid.

To understand the pushing action while doing a body rotation one can try it in exercing to push some weight in swinging it. The aim is to do not know the 6-kg weight inertia. That is to succeed only pushin it during its acceleration.

An another usefullness of knowing potential energy.
You know what happens in tennis. When one serves he throws vertically up the ball and then smash on it during the falling. This is also the use of potential energy.
What is the meaning of a light ball energy ? Nothing of great importance. But remind that the importance is here to throw toward the opposing camp a most fastest ball. Then let us compute the different quantities.
With a falling vertical distance of 5m, the speed of the ball is 10m/s. It is not so dangerous. However you must add to it about 150km/h of the smashing ball speed. This correspond to about 45m/s.
Thus, the percent ration of the ball potential energy that one gains in adding speed to the ball is about +20%. Finally this method of servicing produce a ball speed of 180km/h insteed 150km/h.

This shows how useful is to be in acquaintance with the potential energy.

- stroke + force + and + angle + measurment + of + smash (India)

- Ignoring air drag what is the maximum speed possible for a horizontally-moving tennis ball as it clears the net 0.8 m high and strikes within the court's border 12.0 m distant (, California, USA)

This is a well clearly defined problem.
One must know from where of the net the ball is shot. So we are supposing that the ball shot is done at the other end border of the court. That is the total horizontal trajectory of the ball is of 24 m. This shot is doing horizontally, but not downwards, towards the other end of the tennis court.
Therefore this ball Horizontal trajectory component is a parabola starting it the summit of a parabola ans its Vertical trajectory component is of 1 m.

Thus the solution is defined by this total Vertical trajectory duration (t).
Falling body factors: 9.81 m/s2

Duration of the falling body when friction is neglected:

t = sqrare root of [(2 / 9.81)] = 0.462 s

Therefore, this is also the total Horizontal displacement duration of the shot. Thus, the horizontal speed (V) of the ball is then:

V = Length/duration = 24 / 0.462 = 51.95 m/s or 187.013 km/h

For a smash on a ball at altitude 2.5 m, the ball speed is more higher. It is because the the racket movement is directed downwards and the total falling ball is shorter according to the possibility of more powerful racket impact.

For 0.43 s of vertical duration, the speed is 201 km/h
For 0.40 s of vertical duration, the speed is 216 km/s
For 0.38 s of vertical duration, the speed is 227 m/s
For 0.35 s of vertical duration, the speed is 246.8 km/s

In conclusion,
a) - The practical maximal sending speed of a tennis ball may situated between 220 and 240 km/h.
But remind that the final speed values may be more higher depending to the initial adding speed of the ball shot from the opponent player. If the ball is comming with 100 km/h from the first player and then bouncing from the second player shot then, the total speed of the tennis ball may be (100 + 240) km/h = 340 km/h. However this opportunity is not a frequent occurence.

Probably, the one player sending of a tennis ball can't do better. These speeds are computed without friction and also due to the limited human muscle speed in full action and also to the elasticity limits of the racket and the ball materials

The final maximal speed of a base-ball may be more higher because the player is shooting in a steady posture and the base-ball "racket" is longer and more rigid than the tennis one. Adding to that speed, the base-ball is comming with an initial high speed towards the "racket".

- meaning + "os" + square + a + circle (USA)
Sometime, a champion smash may squeeze and thus, squares a tennis ball...

- table + tennis + ball + speed + reaches + kmh (Germany)
I don't know a means value speed given for a such tennis table ball. Here following is only an intuitive value. The hypothesis is as such. Let a distance of 7 m between two table-tennis men. Then, a high skill shot of the first toward the second can be as quick in such manner that the second man can't have not enough reflex to receive the ball in optimal conditions. the duration of this ball is necessarry less than 0.1 s. Therefore, let this duration of 0.1 s. This bal should have a speed of 70 m/s or 252 km/h.

Hypothesis result : I can suppose that a table-tennis speed may be situated between 210-260 km/h.
Who knows the real measurement ? Please help !!!...

- mechanics + show + "tha" + during + upward + motion + square + velocity (UK)
It is "tha machanical" rebellious finger on a keyboard bad dance.

- calculation + of + the + impact + energy ++ free + fall + energy + equations =MASS+HIGH (Latvia)

- does + the + kinetic + energy + of + the + ball + depend + on + the + speed + of + the + airplane (Canada)

Actually. To have a more efficiency of tennis service, you may add to the ball, the speed of the airplane where you are standing. Until now howeber, the safety services in an aeroplane seems to do not fond of tennis game alleging dummy argument that a plane is not a tennis court.

- of + the + ball + depend + on + the + speed + of + the + airplane (USA)

Yes in the case where we measure it, refering to the airplane external references. However the actual speed of the ball depend to its initial location wher it comes from. For example, a ball in an airplane fall according to the falling body law. While a ball in an space vessel do no more obey the the gravitation law. This because this latter was escaping from this gravity law as well as the vessel was. Therefore, a falling ball in a vessel, can never be used for a remote measurement of any other planet.

- "aiplane" + structure (Saipan)

- structure + of + all + muscles + in + action + when + running + in + the + human + body (South Africa)

It is an interesting vast vision of a general body control in actions. Statistic observations doesn't have some meaning but only for an average behavior capacity of man. Because for a perfect action of body, observations and measurments are quite different. Note that perfect action means the action doing according to physical laws. And a perfect general structure of muscles action may be mostly movements for equilibrium at physic rest. One tell that in such perfect behavior all the muscles must be actions according to the Least Action.

- "cery" + mean + person (USA) - energy + conservation + "tecnique" (Malaysia)

- physics + long + jumpers + sprint + before + jumping (Canada)

To get a maximal longer in a broead jump, the athlete must do a fastest sprint so that his kinetic energy is maximum. However, the stumbling block is that as fast as his speed at the time he had to jump it is cery very difficult for him to lift his body the most highest he can. Because the most efficient angle that he should launche his body, is around 45° relative to the horizontal. It is at this angle that his trajectory parabola share best energy between the vertical and the horizontal displacement.
Then if his spint is too quick, he has not enough leg force for the vertical impulse. In this case, he will fall on the sand and loss equilibrium forward him due to the initial sprint energy.
For the broad jump with a fastest sprint, the athlete may practise a jump with the two legs joined together as in wolley-ball. With this technique he can have a leg impulses enough strong upward. However, what is the olympic rule about the broad jump : one leg or two legs ?
Note that all these limits are due to the human anatomy of the ankle. Human can't sprint quickly when he must jump during his sprint in front of his trajectory. It is why a new technique from USA of high jumping was born that allows running faster - thus more far distance - and improving high jump records. You may abserve that the athlete in this high jumping technique, id jumpsing with two legs and transversally to his trajectory using more efficiently the side of his the ankle.

- the + problem + of + gravity + and + its + effect + on + jumping + for + hight

For jumping high man has only the means of running for acquiring a maximaum of kinetic energy. With this energy, he has to expense its whole for jumping the highest as in pole-vault. He can also use this energy to do a horizontal longest jump. In this case, his total kinetic energy must ne share between a high jump and a long jump. The energy of the high jump must be the just one, no more or no less, enough high to maintain his body in the air the time needed for him to fly forward using the rest of his initial kinetic energy. That is denoted as an optimal energy use.

- anatomy of the human body during the medieval ages (USA)

- anatomy + is + "humen" (Mongolia)

Inversely, anatomy of humen is huamn

According to physic law, from a given kinetic energy, the maximal long jump of any object, using this given initial energy, is obtained when this body starts jumping at 45° from horizontal angle. This can be calculated easily with the Dakhiometry formula of how a catapult launches a cannonball the furthest.
However, because human's ankle anatomy, he can't jump at this optimal angle while running at high speed and then, jumps on one leg. When running quckly, he must spreed out forward his leg.
It is important to know that the longest long jump is done when the high impulse is maximal. There, the jump must not use to jump forwards but upwards.
His heel does not allows a best and powerful support for a high jumping.
He can do it with high speed, if :
a) - He can take off the feet flat from a proemient support over the flat ground This support play the role of elestic reaction for the upward jump at 45°.
b) - He can take off from his heel as blocking and not from the foot flat on the ground.
c) - He can jump with feet together that allow a more strong support.
d) - He can take off laterally from the edge of his foot.
Thus, for long jump the new technique for long jump is the solution (b) and (c). However, I dont know if it is allowed to jump with feet together.
Note that it is the case for the modern high jump that use the solution (c).

- optimum launch angle degrees parabolic (USA New Jersey)

A 45° upward parabolic free trajectory is optimal to get a longest horizontal displacement length. This is done under the following conditions:
a) - For a given initial horizontal speed of a mass.
b) - Under a constant weight directed vertivally. c) - Frictionless displacement.

- high heel shoes harmful (United Arab Emirates)

Broad Jump technique

- explain + the + term + momentum + as + applied + to + an + athlete + in + motion

You are a physician and you know the physical definition of a momentum. For any object, this latter is measured as the product (m.v), the object mass and its displacement speed.

However, in practise, this definition is not a help for anybody when he want to act and to change something. Because this momentum is a possibility of action in the reality. Thus, i.e. athletic events meaning are :

a) - Sprint: is a competition where one has to get the maximum momentum, as for example to perform a 10s/100m.
b) - Jump: the action that an athlete has to do is how to use the momentum he had get in running to transform it into a high or a length.
c) - When throwing a weight as far as possible, an athlete does his best to first get a maximum momentum with all his body and then the distance of his throw is the measure of his capacity to produce a maximum of momentum. Even if there is a rotation of his body, that is physically denoted as a kinetic momentum, the final use of all the motion the body produces, is in fact a pure momentum that is to launch the weight in a line.

In summary, in practise, everybody needs to act for changing something. And the real capacity of doing this is to produce energy from the body moving. Everybody knows how to move his body. An athlete is one who has the skill and the health of producing a maximal motion that is seen as a speed in producing effort, called as a powerful motion. Then, as everybody has a weight (m), what he has to succeed is to get the highest speed (v) of his motion as we see it in the formula (m.v). And to move with a high speed, one must be in good health and more important, he must be also in good mind.

- figure drawing of "huamn" body (USA)

- diffrence + between + balanced + and + unbalanced + forces + how + each + effects + the + motion + of + an + object (USA)

This is the basic technique of how an action take place. In a condensed material system, any action happens on reaction during interaction. Action and reaction are exchanges of energy. And energy goes inside or outside an object. Actions towards exterior must leans on its maximal inertia. And optimal action must be done in the balance of the whole object relative to its main center of mass. For example, in a broad jump, man can't do an optimal jump if he hasn't a support under his foot to be abble to have a maximum running speed. Note that a gazelle or a horse can jump higher while running fast because they have hoofs that are human big toes. Hoof is not the human heel.

- how + to + study + anatomy (Lybia)

- Models + of + animal + behavior (Russian Federation)

- long + jump + "tecnique" (Malta)

- body + part + length + "hight" + relation (Croatia)

Optimal long jump technique may be as follows.

- how to improve height in long jump (UK)

It is the important factor for long jump.
In the classical long jump technique, athlete can't go higher up toward the optimal 45° balistic angle. It is because the human heel is being injured under a such angle with the tibia. Therefore, any long jump performance is levelling about 9-10 meters jump distance.

- impact + explained + Newton's + third + law + opposite + calculating + nonhomogeneous (USA)

- straight-leg jumps (Brazil)

A seemingly paradoxical just expression for the just situation!

- long jump (Vietnam)

A long jump with a solid springboard can be done also with the impact of two straight-legs at the same time. This allows to get the fastest running-up for the take-off jumping energy. Training for this new jumping technique should be done progressively to get the good jump feeling for everyone. Remind that while the legs are out stretched, the whole body must behave as a spring during the leg impact on the solid 45° springboard. - progressively jumping (USA)

This diagram represents a progressive transforation of a running up kinetic energy ratio into a potential one that allow a body take off for a long jump using the reminder of the initial energy.

- animation Japanese horse jumping (Argentina gov)

- walking horse animated (Canada)

- horse the jump (Czech Republic)

Four legs animals give example of optimal high and long jump.
Horse jump is a more usual example. The mechanisme is as follow:
1) - With a running up movement, the horse lock his two hoof of the two stretching ahead legs.
2) - Then from this fixed point, his horizontal movement is raising mostly at 45° up.
3) - All his running up energy is then transformed to the specific jump it want to do.

This mechanism is the same as discribed in this following figure.
There are two modes shown by these animal jumping techniques. A gazelle uses as follows:
a) - Jumping for a longest distance. Thus it lock his two ahead legs at about 45° and then ends the jump nearly on the spot.
b) - When running on a forwards trajectory, the ahead legs angle are more vertical. This is the case where the gazelle uses only a part of the horizontal energy of movement, for the jump action. The remainder of his initial energy is then used for the next horizontal running action.

One may note that because the gazelle is very fast in its displacement, it uses not only its two ahead legs but also, it locks all its four legs for the high speed transformation horizontal-vertical energy.

Therefore, whith with a highest running up speed, a human should also use simultaneously all his legs when locking them on the sprintbord. All his legs means all his two legs.

- body as a natural kinetic form (Canada)

Any skeleton structure is natural finished law project for a partiuclar way of life. A body structure of an alive is a form for optimal tools usefull for this way of life success. Because any alive is of the uniqueness because matter laws is construction of multiplicities in the universe. The universal laws are immutable that means there is no try-and-errors in the matter constructions. There is only uniqueness for any natural construction.

- gazelle jump (, Japan)

- countermovement + jump (

It can be observed that a gazel produce a most high jump when it use all its hoops as a solid block used as a counter running movement.

Gazelle jump technique

For example this next figure give the structure of a four legs body for fast running, high and far jumping. The two back legs is more higher than the two ahead ones.
This allows a most effective use of the kinetic energy during a running and jumping. Example is given by a gazelle. How does it proceed for jumping while running. According to its hoofs there is two steps:

1) - When landing from its previous jump, the gazelle lock all his four legs hoofs on the ground to deviate its horizontal energy up for a high plus long jump.
2) - In succession, while all his body motion is going to take off with its two ahead legs up, the gazelle adds to its total energy, an another push with his two back legs.

All the gazelle trajectory is composed of parabolic curves.
We can see that the next human long jump should try to do as the gazelle jump technique shown on the figure on detail (1) of the ahead legs.

High jump - high jump vector (Canada)

- diagram of high jump (UK)

- high jump step (UK)

- animation GIF stop the war (UK)

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- phases "og" high jump (USA Boisestate edu) - highest+jump (USA)

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- influence + of + media + in + high + jump (USA)
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- Galileo's human body (USA Ohio-state edu)

- high jump diagram (UK Medway gov)

- worlds Highest Middle School High Jump Record (USA)

- high jump skill (Brazil)

This technique needs much skill to be abble to use the highest running up energy. The skill consists to justly estimate the best position for taking off and also it must be also of a high skill to negociate the body over the level bar with the least energy expense. Because with a high jump one is as an austronaut in the void with difficulty to self-control his gestures.

- high falls, Rochester (USA)

- world's highest freefall (USA)

So, does a high fall corresponds to a high jump?

- animation jump reference (Brazil)

- high jump technique (USA Tampabay edu)

- technique to jump higher start (Philippines)
... without angel wings. - highjump foot plant (UK)
With this following technique the leg planting needs skill to precisely adjust the hghjump trajectory.


- high jump drawing photo (Sri Lanka)

- Jump: Tha approach (UK)

- highest jump in history (UK)

- high jump images (Australia Victoria)

- jump highest (Brazil)

- worlds highest jump (Sweden)

- animated spacecraft gif (USA ITT)

- high jump physics (Venezuela)

- Alaskan olympics high jump (Australia)

- Philippines high jump (Philippines)

- method for "higt" jump (Cambodia)

- Australian high jump training (Australia, Victoria Brighton Grammar School edu)

- high jump biomechanics (Vrije Univsersiteit Brussel, Belgium)

- In + the + high + jump + the + kinetic + energy + of + an + athlete + is + transformed + into + gravitational + potential + energy + without + the + aid + of + a + pole.+ With + what + minimum + speed + must + the + athlete + leaves + the + ground + in + order + to + lift + his + center + of + mass + and + cross + the + bar + with + a + speed (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA)

This is given by the result like the one applyed for a trebuchet. Only the energy method is the most efficient for such problem.
The speed of the athlete going up is near the running up one. It is used for the high jump. But there is a minimal part of the whole initial energy for horizontal displacement of the athlete for crossing the bar. The more the higher jump is the more this horizontal part energy for crossing the bar, is nearly invariable. This the characteristic if a parabola relative to its axis.
Resolving this problem is simple when one use the energy consideration.

- trebuchet physics (Colgate University, Hamilton, New York, USA)

- high jump technique and form (Kern Country Superintendent of Schools, Bakersfield, California, USA)

- diagram of the high jump (, Manchester Metropolotan University, UK)

- high jump technical components (, New College, Swsndon Wiltshire, UK)

- Block + on + an + Incline + adjacent + to + a + wall + mastering + physics (, Virginia Tech, USA)

- highest jump ever (Providence High School, Indiana, USA)

- Alaskan high jump (, GCI, Alaska, USA)

- Malaysian high jump athletes (, Malaysia)

- highest jump ever (, Joint School District N░2, Idaho, USA)

- "hight" jump (Vietnam)

- Croatia high jump dance (, Constellation energy, USA)

Nice Croatia champion and nice Berlin stadium spectators!

- united + states + "mens&qupt; + high + jump (, USA)

- Technique for High Jump (, Thailand)

- Zeno paradox stadium (Ukraine)

- DEVICE FOR ELECTRONIC HEIGHT MEASUREMENT FOR HIGH JUMPING AND POLE VAULTING IN ATHLETICS (, Employment an Economic Development Center, T&E Työ-ja elinkeinokeskus, Finland)

- high jump center of mass maximaum "hight" (Israel)

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- cat ba hp Viet Nam (, Japan,

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- highest long jump (, The East of England Broadband Network, UK)

- miss Vietnam (Thailand, uploads/ 2009/08/Vo-Hoang-Yen-2009-Miss-Vietnam-Universe.jpg)

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- viet + vo + dao + calligraphy (Ukraine)

- miss mongolia (Korea, images/news_image_2009-06-15_4404.jpg)

- belly roll high jump (Japan)

- Vietnam ese operator vietlel expands into Laos (Thailand, _v1qE3Ofp5V0/SrrjRY1tO9I/AAAAAAAAD0g/XmdkIi9tm-8/ s400/Vietnamese Bo Doi leaving.jpg)

- xe che Viet nam (Korea, 090406/imageview-2.jpg)

- Vietnam Ho Chi Minh du lich dai nam (Malaysia, files/2008/01/03/ngocha1711/photos/252735/ 48cdce64_dsc04296_resize.jpg)

- Viet + Vo + Dao + Japan (

- in + the + high + jump + the + kenetic + energy + of + an + athlete + is + transformed + into + gravetational + potential + energy + without + the + aid + of + a + pole (, Colorado)

The pole vault, is a tool with the capacity to absorbe the total momentum of the athlete. From there the elasticity of the pole is used to bring up his body. This technique allows to achieve a highest jump.

Without the aid of a pole, the method that allows to perform a maximal height is shown by this next animated figure. It consists there to RE-DIRECT the body horizontal momentum into a vertical one.

A such mode of jump is not dangerous as one may imagine it. There, the impact is not done as a "collision" according to the optimal placement angle of the legs on the springboard bloc.
A dog and a horse perform a very high jump, because they can use all their four-legs as one SOLID steady blocking springboard.

- High + Jump + Technique (

- high + jump + proper + technique (Vietnam)

- jump higher lower or the same with knees pulled towards the chest(raises centre of gavity as compared to jumping with knees extended) (South Africa)

When a body is ejected in the air, what ever the position of an alive reactional whole body, the mass center is the same. Its is differently for a dead body where different part of the body are a not as a coherent behavior system.

In jumping, rigidly extending all his arms and jegs, allows to control the body position and avoid to be unbalanced by unexpected rotation according to the inertia moment of theses straight limbs.

- high + jump + technique (Philippines)

- High + Jump + Drills (USA)

- high + jump + technique (Poland)

- high + jump + technique (India)

- high + jump + technique (

- high + jump + technique (South Africa)

- labeled + high + jump (

- high + jump + technique (Lebanon)

- Highjump + technique (5south Africa)

Note that the cureent high jump tehcnique is done also as this next diagram shows it. However, this current technique dont use a fixed bloc but the block by itself is to spike with the shoees into the soil as a solid block does.

- HIGH + JUMP + "TACNICS" (, Fiji)

A particular specific one.

- high + jump + approach (..) - first + high + jump + technique (..)

- High + Jump + Approach (

- High + Jump + Approach (

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- high + jump + long + jump (India)

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- "igh+jump+net+aimated"

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The Oops' technique...

- high + jump + drills (, Botswana)

- high + jump + drills (

- ansur + maju + lompat + tinggi

- Girls + High + Jump + Oops

The Oops' one...

- Girls + High + Jump + Oops

Undoubtedly, Oups...

- sukan + lompat + tinggi (Malaysia)

- Women's + High + Jump + Oops (, Virginia)

As simple and as Oops or as Hi-gh.

- Liesje + sadonius (Belgium)

- Straddle + Hochsprung

- gif + lompat + tinggi

- high + jump + drills ( - high + jump + drills (

High jump technique

- surprisingly + very + few + athletes + can + jump + more + than + + feet + o.6m + straight + up. + solve + for + the + time + one + spends + moving + upward + in + a + 2-foot + vertical + jump. (, USA)

Actually, a 2 feet or 0.6 meter is an average for man jumping vertically. The duration of this trajectory 0.6 meter high is of 0.35 second. For a very high jump of 0.7 meter it is of 0.38 seconde.

- Nha Trang,Vietnam (, Massachusetts, USA)

- Vietnam ancient space (Vietnam, VNP_Upload/News/2009-10/21/10-10Cs15BL.jpg)

- miss Viet Nam universal in Nha Trang bay (Maleysia,

- record highjump Asia (Vietnam)

- high jump Vietnam (http://Vietnam,

- skill high jump (Viettel, VietNam)

Actually. This jumping technique seems to be a simple one. However to be succeessful it need all the jumper skill. On the other side, this jumping technique can give the same chance for any body morphology to perform a same height. This is according to physic law where a same running energy is transformed to a height independently to the mass. It is why a cat and a dog can jump very high.

- high jump center of gravity (Technische Universität, Berlin, Germany)

High jump in vertical standing position or horizontally need a same jump energy. However, a horizontally laying body seems being abble to cross a highest bar level.

- center of mass Bhigh jump (Portugal, Coimbra, Universidade de Coimbra)

- parabola, high jump (Hongkong)

- the basic rules of high jump in the olympics (Australia Victoria)

- yahoo + 1-kg + rock + is + thrown + at + 10m/s + straight + upward

Theoricaly, this 1 kg or 80 kg or any other weight will jump upward a height of 5.1 meter. This is the case for a jumper's running up that can perform a sprint with a such speed.

- Counter Movement Jump Taekwondo (Columbia)

While hanging up in the air situation, one can use an opponent stroke force to get a more quick body vertical rotation to energeticaly counter his attack with the one's opposit leg or hand. This is for skill of a tiger Taekwondo adept...

- It + can + jump + to + a + height + of ++ when + leaving + the + ground + at + an + angle + of. + With + what + speed + in + SI + units + does + it + leave + the + ground + to + make + this + leap (Canada)

We can not produce some theorical calculation for the classical high jumping technique as in to day practising.
But with the jumping technique shown in this next diagram, a theorical prevision can be done more precisely. It is because the classical technique depend to the final athlete step where it is his heel that limits his leg jumping force.
But with this above technique it can be considered that it is the running up speed which mainly determines the jump height. Therefore,
A maximal theorical leap with a running speed of 10m/s may be some 5 meters high. This means that with a practcal energy waste in this jump of about 20% of the total amount, the leap may be of 4 meters high with a speed of running up of 10m/s. A such initial speed is transformed to a vertical speed leaving the ground of the same amount equal to aproximatly 10-9 m/s of take-off doing towards about 70° upwards over the bar.

- high jump animation (UK Bloxwich Walsall Academy)

- gif animated (Uruguay)

- high jump exercise kids (Greece)


- world's highest jump (UK zen)

- stretching lower back for high jumpers (USA Rochester NY)

Actually, as a cat does it in a jump.

- the body as an inverted pendulum (USA nc)

It is why using a block as a pivot center allow an acceleration of the body rotation speed. This latter enhance the high or the long jump!

- jumping athletes (Greece)

- potential energy animation (Peru)

- high jump (Vietnam)

- animated China (Taiwan)

- Australian "high" jump olympic (USA)


- teaching high jump (Cyprus)

- high jump shoes (USA Texas)

- block + test + vertebral + column (Spain)

- animation wall and steps (Singapore)

- in + the + high + jump + the + kinetic + energy + of + an + athlete + is + transformed + into + gravitational + potential + energy + without + the + aid + of + a + pole. + with + what + minimum + speed + must + the + athlete + leave + the + ground + in + order + to + lift + his + center + of + mas (USA)

It was also similar to the Galileo's questionning on how an object can leave the ground in cancelling the gravitation.
In our case, a man can cancel the gravitation with the minimal speed of running up of 4.43 m/s or 16 km/h or 9.91 miles/h. This a speed of rapid jogging.

However, if he want to contually cancel the gravity and then leaving the Earth, he must have a hugue energy reserve to beabble to maintain a such constant speed working against the gravity force.

- experiments + show + that + the + duration + of + upward + acceleration + in + the + standing + vertical + jump + is + about + 0.2 + seconds. Calculate + the + power + generated + in + a + 60 + cm + jump + by + a + 70 + kg + jumper (USA iup edu)

Data given: 70kg; 0.2s; g=9.8 m/s.s in SI units. This means probably that the time of upward jump duration is 0.2s.
Thus, energy spending in jump is calculate during the reverse of jump. Thus the total falling 70kg body energy is:
0.5*70*(9.8*0.2)2 = 134.5 J

The power can't be calculate here because it need the duration of the falling impulse when the feet hit the ground, spending all the previous falling energy.

- muscles needed when performing a jump (USA)

- inventor animation (Israel)

- elasticity theorems (USA Minnesota)

- high jump (Korea)

- moving centifuge (Canada)

This is the just idea that one have to get when looking to these jumping techniques. These latter must be done as a sling is used to throw a stone far away. It is why the maximum running speed correspond to the maximaum height or length.

- animation of ankle movement (UK)

Here is a schematic of high jump take off phase on a solid springboard. It is doing with a maximum high running up speed. The jumper is face to a high bar level to pass over by rolling up it.

- pole vault equipment (Greece)

- Long jump (Finland)

- jump-Nigeria (Nigeria)

- linear + equation + "fo" + solving + the + "sur + face"+ of + the + human + feet (Japan)

- best long jump shoes (Japan)

- human "magnatic" waves (Egypt)

Broad jump

- logical + reason + for + ball + goes + furthest + at + 45+degree (USA)

There is really a logical reason that any body jumping at 45°upward, goes further in horizontal length.

There is means for caculating it particularly in Dakhiometry where the calculation method is very simple but mathematically proved.

The reason can be briefly tell ass:
With a horizontal running up energy corresponding to a given speed, to go further in a horizontal jump length, this body must share this initial energy into two parts:

1) - The first energy part is spend to move the body up against gravity.
2) - The second part is spend for the horizontal displacement.

The maximal horizontal jump length should depend to an exact ratio of this to energy to do not go high more than it is necessarry and to use the horizontal displacement energy with enough duration to fall the latter possible on the ground.

Therefore, the calculation give an optimal angle of any jump for a longest one, when the upward angle is of 45° directed upward.

The law is as follows:

Law of longest horizontal jumping length under gravity

or law of:
- angel wing anatomy (Canada)

For any parabola y=a.x2, the function between two symmetrical x relative to y axis, have a particular property of maximal length (x) for minimal (y).
The proved law statement is as follows:
The shortest (y) for a longest (x) corresponds to two tangents to the parabola, of ±45° relative to the x axis.

It is applyed to any jump when the (y) is calculated as a time duration and (x) is the jump length.

- long jump images with arm technique (UK)

As arms can maintain a body in equilibrium for a funambulist, arm weights is important inertia tools which should be used to give a direction to the body trajectory by its "pulling" inertia. In any jump technique one should know how to be supple with his arm around the shoulder while acting them as lever mechanisms.

- Stride Long Jump (Australia Nelson Bay)


stride length sprint (Japan)

Running is olympic defined as steps where there is no foot contact on the ground. Therefore, running is man successively flying in the air between each of his step. As this running stride length is longer than the distance between his two leg longest extended than we can see the running as successive long jumping. The secret of how to run fast is how to long-jump without doing successive little high-jumping. Precisely tell, the secret of fast running is how to use the vertical energy against gravity to use it for adding it to the horizontal dispacement work.
We can tell that a wheel can do a such mechanical movement. But it can be observed that the alive two-legs or four-legs can run also as a wheel does it in horizontal line without vertical oscillations. All animals can run very fast in doing successive long-jumps without vertical movement component.
It is why the technic of running fast, is only how to really do a continous fly in doing it with our two legs simulating the continous wheel motion!

- broad jumping(China)

According to an optimal physical law, woman and man can perform a broad jump from 10 to 13 meters in average with a such technique shows below. This a natural one and the rigid block can be find in the nature by anyone as a rock or a tree root.

- a + leopard + springs + upward + at + a + 45 + angle + and + then + falls + back + to + the + ground. + does + the + leopard + at + any + point + on + its + trajectory + ever + have + a + speed + that + is + one + half + its + initial + value (, California, USA)

Obviously the naswer is No.
Because without any calculation, a parabolic trajectory means at first that the vertical length is not directly and linear proportional to the horizontal length. And also that the length of a vertical parabola is greater than the length of its horizontal axis. Therefore, the horizontal (x) speed is not the same when it is added with the (y) axis one.

- A + leopard + springs + upward + at + a + 45 + degree + angle + and + then + falls + back + to + the + ground. + Does + the + leopard + at + any + point + on + its + trajectory + ever + have + a + speed + that + is + one + half + of + its + initial + value (USA, Marshall edu)

Consider that the displacement is frictionless and any speed is defined as vectors. Then:
a) - The leopard speed at any trajectory point is not constant. Because he must described by a symetric parabola curve.
b) - However, his horizontal speed is constant.
c) - But the total speed vector summation in the air trajectory is always equal to the initial speed. That is to say, the horizontal speed plus the parabolic free falling body speed is equal to the initial speed during the running up on the ground. This is the momentum conservation principle.

- A + leopard + springs + upward + at + a + 45+ degree + angle + and + then + falls + back + to + the + ground. + Does + the + leopard, + at + any + point + over + the + trajectory,+e ver + have + a + speed + that + is + one-half + its + initial + value (ICS Advanced Technologies, Ames, Iowa, USA)

There are two ways to consider the speed. It is defined as a vector or as an arithmetics value denoted as a scalar one.
Neither the vector not the scalar speeds are a half of the initial one. But the two components of the total speed are equal between them in case of same starting and ending trajectory parabola level.

- a + ball + is + thrown + vertivally + upward. + What + are + its + velocity + and + acceleration + when + it + reaches + maximum + altitude (USA, Delaware)

V(verical)=0 ; Acceleration = g

- physics + problem, + A + long + jumper + is + capable + of + jumping + 6m. + If + her + horizontal + speed + is + 6.5 + m/2s + as + she + leaves + the + ground + how + high + does + she + go (USA)

This is not really a physical problem. Because there is no means to find a solution.
With the current classical jumping technique, the jump depends to the impulse capability of the blocking leg on the ground for jumping. Therefore, only measurements can give answers. These latter are variable depending to the leg contact on the ground. The current technique of long jumping is not thRaleighe most efficient.
While the just mode of jumping should be done according to physical law. It is the one shown in this next figure. Then, when one had mastering it, it can be given with more accuracy how long and how high a jump would be done with an initial speed of running up.
Note that with a horse one can also give some accuracy results of calculation. It is because the horse jumps with his anterior hoofes blocking on the ground like this next figure shows the device for human feet.

In conclusion
One may note that on a planar ice surface, a horse can't jump... if it has no claws like a polar bear. This is what the current long jump technique is for athletes. He has no hoof and no claw but seems to be proud of his bare feet with nice Achiles' ankles.

- long jump approach (Sheffiels Hallam University, Sheffield, UK)

- long jump animation (Scola Secundária Júlio Dantas- Iníco, Portugal)

- long jump method (, Université de Montréal, Canada)

- long jump technique (, Virgin Islands British)

- good long jump technique (, The University of Akron, OHIO, USA)

- a drawing of a projectile motion event of long jump (USA)

Rational spatial construction on Balistic law
of high and long jumps
Circle (C) and line (L) are trajectory factors for each case of energy transformations of an object (B).
The 90° on this diagram is only concerning broad long jump.

- gambar animasi aplikasi fisika fluida filetype: gif (Indonesia)

- winds diagram about Aalborgs havn (Denmark)


- prevailing winds, New Jersey (USA)

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The origins of long jump Earthquakes...

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... on the fimament Map.

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Brisbane hard time...


Sun path in North-West India...

- site analysis with Sun path Melbourne (Australia)

May be, in winter the Sun path is seen like shown on this diagram but a lithle more higher in the sky as a high jump.

- how + to + use + sun + path + in + Ho + Chi + Minh + city (Vietnam)

Sun path at Ho-chi-Minh City reaches the Zenith.

- Ho + Chi + Minh + City + Sun + path + diagram (Vietnam)

- Ho + Chi + Minh + city + sun + path (Australia)

It corrsponds to the austarlian Coral Sea and all the North of australian mountains.

- spatial + structure + for + large + span + to + a + rectangular + lot + where + a + swimming + pool + exists (Lebanon)

A nice pool...

- aiplane + crash + in + sea + in + Durban + area (South Africa)

- sunpath + diagram + chart + Lebanon (Lebanon)

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- angle + of + the + Sun + in + Lebanon (Lebanon)

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- long + jump + technique (, Japan)

- long jump drills (, North Carolina)

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- chess + astor

- diagram + of + long + jump (Philippines)

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- weitsprung + technik (switzerland)

- sun + angles + North + Carolina (

- sun + angles + for + South + Carolina (

- diagram + with + measurements + for + long + jump (Canada)

- diagram + showing + techniques + of + long + jump (

Note that the optimal jump is done by four-legs animals when they was leaning on the ground on all their four-legs for jumping. The gazel gives us the example. - long + jump + sail + technique (, Botswana)

Obviuosly, before long jump practice we have to take meteorolical advices...

- nigeria + long + jump (..)

- long + jump + techniques + and + drills (

- pictures + of + long + jump + sail + technique (, Botswana)

In such ionic trip orbiting in the air, one have to be expert of sailing his body. It concerns the inertia of our body rolling due to the air friction.
Thus, to maintin a maximum of one's equilibrium, and not being under imbalnced one have to extend all of his Arms and Legs as rigid rod masses. In such posture, one's inertia is greatest. Then, the air friction can difficully make the body rolling. The Jumping sailing is then to maintain our balance at the end of the body trajectory for a best landing posture.

- les + gymnastiques + sacrés +++ universelles (Togo)

Phyics long jump


a Sunrise...

- long jump technique (

Long Jump Technique doing on a solid block is equivalent to the horses jumps when they use their hoofes for blocking there running up momentum. This is the common efficient technique naturally known and used by any animal.

- heighest + peak + in + mammouth (

- horse jump angles (, Missouri, USA)

Really, any animal jump is done starting at 45°. Even if it is done as a little jump.
Horse jump begins on blocking its forelegs as a fixed block. The purpose is to lift up at 45° its body trajectory then, it jumps with its hind legs.

- Coaching + Long + Jump + Technique + + Hang + or + Hitch-kick = the + long + jump + technique (..)

- long jump for children measurement (, Singapore)

With a block, a child that can perform
a) - a 15s/100m can jump:
4.5 m length with a height of 1.1 m.

b) - a 14s/100m can jump:
5.2 m length with a height of 1.3 m.

c) - a 13s/100m can jump:
6.0 m length with a height of 1.5 m.

- parabolic motion long jump (CSUChico.EDU, California State Univsercity, Chico, USA)

Chico - The International earth science Olympiad (Indonesia,

- secondary school laboratory apparatus Malaysia diagram (Malaysia)


Reflection angles are property of energy conservation action.

- animated road runner gifs (Singapore)

- Mauritius + mecanique + (, Mauritius)
- animated human body gif (Philippines)

- trajectory + adjustments + "scince" + olympiad (, USA)

- science olympiad physical science lab propeller (comcast, Missouri, USA)

- athlete + jump + 0.6m + straight + up + find + the + time + spent + moving + upward + need + a + answer + to + this + question + please (, Miami, USA)

It is well known in usual physics.
But, for a 0.6m straight up, the time (t) for only moving upward is:
t = 0.3498 s ; or practically 0.35s

- a + long + jumper + reached + a + maximum + height + of + 0.7m + when + jumping + a + distance + of + 6.4m + measured + from + the + start + of + his + jump. + Assume + the + jumper + follows + a + parabolic + trajectory. give + the + coordinates + of + three + points + that + you + can + infer + from + the + given + information + to + be + trajectory (India)

There is some difference of given data relatively to a theorical parabolic trajectory may be because of air friction. Theorical condition are as follows:
a) - If a jump length is 6.4m long then the height should be of 0.50 m.
b) - If a jump length is 7.5 m long then the height should be of 0.7 m.

For a length of 6.4 m, the trajectory points height (h) and its distance (d) from starting of jump are:

(d): 0.5 m = (h) 0.14 m
(d): 1.0 m = (h) 0.26 m
(d): 1.5 m = (h) 0.36 m
(d): 2.0 m = (h) 0.43 m
(d): 2.5 m = (h) 0.48 m
(d): 3.2 m = (h) 0.50 m

The height is the one of the athlete's gravity center situated below the stomach.

- in + broad + jumping + sometime + called + long + jumping + what + factor + determined + the + length + of + jump projectile + motion (

All what are concerned the balistic motion are defined by the speed. Balistic motion are free motion of an object. Because fondamentlly speed means displacement in space. Therefore, for broad jump a maximum displacement in space allows a more long jump distance.
High and long jump depend only on the initial speed of an object at the time of starting its free balistic motion.
A maximum speed can be due also to an initial acceleration. For example a cat, a mouse or a macaque monkey or a grasshopper can jump a very long distance because they have an initial high speed of muscle action.

- trebuchets + effect + of + sling + length + versus + throwing + arm + length + and + optimal + projection + release + angle (, USA)

For example the throwing of mammer is also a sling type.
The maximal throwing energy depends at first to the 45 degrees upwards angle when launching the hammer and also it depends to the shortest of the total length measured from the althlete shoulder to the hammer end.
a) - 45 degree upward relatively to the horizontal plane. This produce the maximum of the longest hammer balistic effect.
b) - Shortest length because for a same given athlete energy the launching hammer motion is enhanced as inversely proportional to the radius of giration. With a shorter radius of giration the initial speed of the hammer is greater than with a longer length of sling.
c) - More with a long sling radius of the hammer, the leaving launching point should be higher to be done with 45 degrees upwards angle. Because we have to imagine a vertical plane circle with the radius of the sling length at 45 degree. Imagine for example the difference of a vertical circle of 1.5 meters radius and the same circle with a 10 meters one at position of 45 degrees angle. There, the disadvantage of a long sling is that the athlete has to stand in a very inclined position to be abble to control the pulling of hammer inertia.

- motion of bodies under the influence of gravity alone leads naturally to parabolas (

It is more visible with the marathon walking event.
Each step of the athlete begins from a vertical straigt line of all the leg bones where the foot heel leans against the ground. Then, the whole weight is using as falling body in rotation around the straight line leg as radius with the heel on ground as center. The next step is to do the same movement with the opposite leg. It is why the uper falling body has a typical hip appearance of a cyclic pendulum rocking. In practice such walking technique has the less energy expense relatively to the one using the legs muscles pushing. The long duration marathon walking rests on the regularity of such use of natural falling body technique.

- long jump false jump (Ireland)

Actually, something is false behind this word.
a) - Or a jumps a using the legpushing then this above balistic technique is a false jump.
b) - Or jumping is to go further than any man stride can do then the jumping definition as a leg pushing force is a false one.

It seems that jumping over a ditch has the basic meaning of going furthest that one can do. It is why a catapult was invented. But in case of sport, an athlete should jump with his barehand manner. Thus using the balistic law for barehand jumping is the optimal technique that man can invent for jumping over a longest distance.
Therfore, jumping only with his leg force is only a do-it-yourself as you can. This old jumping conception is then not a false jump but only a not-optimal technique.

- England olympic games pictures long jump stick man athletic (, UK)

- Energy of a Vertical Mass/Spring System (, UK)

A human body should be seen as a vertical structure of masses. Human movement should be understood as having a maximal possibilities with the motion around a vertical main axis of his body.
Physical laws are universal to vertical or horizontal postures. But the moving is specific because of the weight characteristic to be a same vertical gravity direction for this two structures.
Masses distribution in vertical structure give rise for humam to have a specific technique behavior for sprinting differently to the animal with horizontal structure. But this is only tschnique methods the purpose of which is to get the same optimal use of energy according to the same universal laws.
For jumping, there is no difference between vertical and horizontal behavior. It constists only to maintain the whole body in one mass unit like a stone and then to rest on the natural balistic motion.

- rising in a parabolic trjectory pictures of free body diagram physics (, Maricopa Community Colleges, USA)

- athlete long jump University physics (, Georgian Court University, USA)

- long jump projectile (, Usa)

- horizontal jump (Thailand)

- kangaroo + jump + mechanics + elastic + potential + energy, (, The University of Westtern Australia)

It is interesting to record animal jumping to define their jump trajectories. They may be pure parabola with the vertical symmetry axis at the middle of these trajectories, as shown in this next figure.
It is because animal movement are done always according to the maximal efficiency of natural law. We can see a such trajectory for any gazele jumping. Because it is more easy to observe a such trajectory form when the leap is done with a height doing in more longer duration.

- art attack como hacer una catapulta (Chile)

- Human jump Motion (, ASAHInet, Japan)

- how + does + the + angle + of + the + catapulte + affect + the + distance + of + a + catapulte ++ launch (, MECnet Tech. & Internet Solutions, Massachusett, USA)

If the longest distance is concerned then, the beam of the trebuchet should launch its boulet when its horizontal-angle at the starting side, is exactly at 45°. Onviously, at the target side this angle is the supplement one equaled to 135°.

- balistic physics (, Montréal, Canada)

- long jump rules (, EQ Computer, Tallinna, Estonia)

- the + rock + leaves + the + trebuchet + at + a + speed + of + 45+m/s + at + an + angle + of + 45 + degrees. how + high + the + rock + gets + at + its + highest + point + Yahoo + answers (, Illinois, USA)

This question is serious. So is the answer.
In this case, you are right to mention only the rock speed. Because with this speed we get the energy scale where the rock may be of 1 mass unit. Therefore, any mass of any object will fit with the following values, provide that there is no friction. It is here only description of the motion and displacement in space. The energy of these movements is known when the object mass is given.
I give here only the final result for the maximum high of the rock from its initial trajectory before leaving the trebuchet. We suppose that the gravity is 9.8m/s/s It is a value rounded in meter unit:
a) - Maximum bounce Height = 25.83 m
The more the angle value the more is this maximum height.
The length of this object trajectory when it falls at the same initial level is as follows:
b) - Length of bounce = 103.32 m
The total duration of this balistic trajectory in the air without friction is :
c) - Duration of the bounce = 4.6 s

With any different slope this maximum length will diminish.
This means that a car at horizontal speed of 162 km/h, hitting and living a slope at 45° will do approximatly a such determined bounce in the air.

Consequence for standing broad jump
- trajectory standing broad jump (Chile)

According to this above law of the maximal long jump for a given initial energy, then a standing broad jump of length equal to 2.5 meters, means that this trajectory is described as follows:
A length of 2.5 m needs a high point of
2.5/4 = 0.625 m heigth.
For a length of 3m:
3/4 = 0.75 m heigth

From these theorical data according to that a standing vertical jump of such rates are real achievements then, a maximum length of broad jump for a man may be situated no more than 2.5 and less than 3 meters long.

- car jump animations (, USA)

- "Mathamatics" heights + and + distance + in + real + life (India)

- construct + a + science + olympiad + calibrated + catapults (, XO Communications, Virginia, USA)

Theorical note on the secret of a 45°
Only the mastering of the rational Spatial Language allows to have a good understanding of movement. It is why the balistic motion law is completly defined in Dakhiometry. Here following is one corollary that have a practical use.
Corollary of Law for relationship between the Height and the Length for a Maximal Length of any bounce is stated as following:
The characteristic of a Maximal bounce Length balistic is that the bounce Height duration is twice its bounce Length one, while the ratio between the Length on the Height is equal to 4.
This is the spatial constancy of a maximum length in balistic motion under a potential field relative to its rest point

For a bounce of maximal length:
a length of 6 m is done with a height of 1.5 m.
a length of 8 m is done with a height of 2 m.
a length of 12 m is done with a height of 3 m.
This later theorical 12m long jump needs a run up speed corresponding to about a 13 s/100m sprint. Therefore all these athletic performances are quite accessible!

From these data, we can see what a high jump is related with.

The above figure of parabolic curve shows clearly the spatial condition of this balistic motion. It is to tell that the kinematics of the maximal bounce Length and its corresponding Height are solely defined by the diagonals of a half-square.

The landing of an optimal 45° jump is very quiet because there is no forward energy excess according to that all the energy is well shared for the jump.

- It is generally considered that an angle of 45 degrees will achieve a maximum distance shotput (India)

In example, for a shotput where is a theorical 20 m length when the bowl falls at a same horizontal level than its starting point. Now, let the bowl is launched at a shoulder height of 1.7 m of an athlete standing on the ground then, the real measuring distance of the bowl touching the ground is at a distance of 20.7 meters.

- vibrations the ground received from a long jump (Omaha Public Schools, Nebraska, USA)

A long jump earthquake ?
May be for a great champion. We may note that for an optimal long jump, the half initial energy of the running up is transfered in the ground and the end of the jump. However, this value is concerned only for an optimal jumping. Because with a bad jumping technique, the final energy creating this earthquake is greater than the above optimal one. This means that the optimal long jumping technique uses only a maximal equal to the half of the jumper inital energy.

- formule mathématique lancer de pierre ricochet (, Toulouse, France)

Alors, selon ce qui est dit précédemment sur le tremblement de terre causé par les sauts en longueur,
Le lancer de pierre par ricochet sur une surface, aurait un parcours le plus long si et seulement si, les bonds de chaque ricochet se fait par bond à 45 ° par rapport au plan commun des rebonds. Dans ce cas, la longueur totale de son trajet est égale la somme successive de la racine carré de l'énergie du bond en cours, en commençant par celle de l'énergie initiale. Ceci en négligeant les frottements, qui pourrait être sur une surface de glace. Le trajet par ricochet sur une surface sans frottement, est donc nécessairement fini et borné.
C'est la cas de trajectoire des sondes envoyés dans l'espace, faisant des ricochets par planètes interposées. Ainsi, envoyez une sonde avec une grande énergie cinétique initiale, dans l'espace de telle manière qu'elle fait des ricochets auprès de plusieurs planètes du système solaire. Cette sonde, finira par s'installer à un point d'équilibre de son mouvement orbital en un point de repos, sans plus chercher à voyager ailleurs. Ce qui veut dire qu'il n'y a pas de possibilité d'envoyer une sonde vers une autre étoile que le Soleil.

- long jump physics (Story Brook University, State University of New York, USA)


- rigid body center of gravity motion high speed complete (Korea)

- broad jump kinetics (, Buffalo, USA)

- catapult launch variables animation.gif (, India)

- animation.gif "paly" ball (Philippines)

- jump happily gif animated (Kuwait)

- statue of liberty bewegende animation (, Germany)

- fuel system in muscles cartoon (Singapore)

- health gif animated (, Peru)

- Illinois agility run.gif (UK)

- cartoon gradual transformation gif (Singapore,

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- hig jump cushion draw (Turkey)

- standing baby "aniamtion" (Jordan)

- animated basic health sciences (Malaysia,

- exercise animated gif (Vietnam)

- mother gif animation (Philippines)

- animated car with luggage gif (, South Africa)

- wind energy gif animated (Italy)

- best regards gif animation (Pakistan)

- download animation gif wings angel (Indonesia)

- long jump technique (Vietnam)


- animation grasshopper gif (Indonesia,

- gif animation castle (Japan,

- gif animation horse (, Norway)

- animated Indian dance (Indonesia,

- spin ice dance gifs animated (, Universidade de São Polo, Brazil)

- achievement animated (Hong Kong)

- jumping for joy animation gif (India)

- earthquake crack animated gif (, Taiwan)

- taekwondo Iran (Russian Federation,

- spinning globe animated gif (Singapore,

- prayer hands animated gifs (, InsightBroadband USA)

- falling in a hole, animated clipart (, Whashington dc, USA)

Actually, at the take-off time, one is like similary as falling in a hole. It is why a good training duration may give the sensation of falling up at 45°.

- kung fu animated gif (, New Zealand)

- taekwondo moves in cartoon (Singapore,

- shi min taekwondo Singapore (Singapore,

- celebration.gif (Indonesia)

- falling money animation gif (, Minnesota, USA)

- long jump animation clipart (Lithuania)

- animated revolving globe of the Philippines with name (Philippines,
- falling coins gif (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

- earthquake gif animation (, The University of Chicago, USA)

- gif animado hospital (Brazil)

- clip art for Bosnia-Herzegovina

- animated Great Wall of China (Australia)

- joke gif animation 'India)

- animated raining money (UK)

- animated canadian jumping over gif

- celebration may day animated pictures (Singapore,

- highest long jump (Philippines)

- gif animated Nepal country map (, Nepal)

- raining money cartoon (Singapoor,

- animated Phoenix bird gif (India)

- gift animation Butterfly day (Brazil)

- animated raining money (, USA)

- gif anime Bouddha (Belgium)


- happy bird day.gif (Indonesia)

- jumping steps animated gif (Sri Lanka)

- success path gif animation (India)

- black metal Indonesia gif (Indonesia, e151/agnimetal/IDBM.gif)

- gif animation Jugoslavija (Croatia)

- elephant jump gif (Hong Kong, image-files/cartoon-elephant.jpg)

- Regards.gif animation and movement (Saudi Arabia)

- girl jumping HAPPILY cartoon (Singapore, images-2008/car-cartoon.gif)

- animation judo gif (Malaysia, albums/j253/Okkun/mma/sakurai_shibata_1.gif)

- Healthy exercise animated gif (Australia)

- clipart animate Venezuela (, Italy)

- animated yawning gif (Indonesia, wp-content/uploads/2009/08/animated-dog-2.gif)

- Judo animations pictures (Indonesia, cartoons-sports/4anjolico-judo-peaceSTL.gif)

- Malaysia Judo association picture (Malaysia, hksdb/html/pdf/sb/08_08/photo-judo1.jpg)

- horizontal jumping (, Japan, Webpages/Health/vertical4.gif)

- New + Delhi + Haryana + India (India)


- animation hold BHU logo law faculty (, Banaras Hindu University Varanasi, India)

- law faculty, BHU (India)

- student jumping girls (Indonesia, /00/06/37/52 /400_F_6375217_xXx7dEMhAUbhutzSllgizWacqrwTfrhT.jpg)

- skok dalek (Czech Republic)

- Which has more rotational inertia a girl running with her legs bent or the same girl running whith her legs striaght (, USA)

a) - Such rigid as wood limbs has low and particularly for human body, practical no possible rotation. Thus running with leg bent or straight is the one with a limp.
b) - No condition of the form of a leg when it is in motion. thus, on a photo a man running is always with legs bent. But it is only fixed images and not the real alive behavior. In fact rigid body members are concerning health because good feeling is always with his muscles in suppleness state.
c) - The member during motion action should behave as a a crack of a whip. Only their is a technique where one can use his members staight and solid with his bust. It is as seen on this next figure where it is used to have a lowest rotation inertia and then to maintains his equilibrium floating in the air, one should have his whole body outstreched in rigid manner.

- long + jump + technique + photos (, Cambodia)

- long + jump + technique (China)

- long + jump + technique (South Africa)

- Long + Jump + Technique + Pictures (Australia)

- Track + Long + Jump + Diagram (..)

- weitsprung + technik

- Theo + Theodoridis + Suit

- diagram + for + long + jump (Vietnam)

- long + jump + girls

This technique fit well for girls drills because it is done according to natural law of Physics. The Gazels do it well according as their natural sixth sens.

- high + school + long + jump + technique

- long + jump + women (Philipinnes)

Long jump according to the Physics universal Law is for anyone.
The long jump distance is practically the double of the usual classic jump that each can perform.
The only condition is only to have the skill of fulfiling the jumping parabola Law. Then if a gorl-athlete had perform with a classic Jump of 7 meters then, she can with this new natural law technique get a 14 meters of jump distance with a parabolic apogee trajectory of height [ (14/2)= 3.5 meters ]. This need a maximal sprinting speed during the running up of about (11 s/100m).
With such athletic factors, a womman can clear the Wolley-ball Net of (3.45 m) height. A woman champion can get such achievement.

- long + jump + technique + diagram (Palestine)

- long + jump + technique (Vietnam)

- ""

- long + jump + technique (

- projectile + physics + grasshopper + 45 (ZAMBIA)

Really,... man-grasshopper long legs. The more the leg-long the more high altitude he will perform.

- "" (Takelau)

- weitsprung + technik (

- Sail + the + Long + Jump + Technique

Assuredly, Aeronautical sail technique... Need pilot's licence.


long jump technique long jump technique

- "" (Takelau UK)

- long jump (Lybia)

- long jump technique sado (, USA)

At first approach, it is really sado. But whith some light training time, it will be interesting being feeling as a canon-ball.

The skill is to get the just contact angle on the jumping block. Because with a just angle it is not so painfull to be ejected correctly as a pilot does, sitting on his jet desk, for a succesful long jumping towards the Moon.

Triple jump:
- how does the body move during long jump (, UK)

All part of the body will follow same parabolic trajectories component of the whole body system motion.
But anybody can acts to add to this an another rotation compoent around to the body center, without changing the parabolic motion parameters. This is done easily by animal cats hanging in the air, that can fall on the ground on their four legs. Most of human can difficully do this rotation like cats. It is mainly because they are giving way to panic. Because they are not used to control their own rotation and also because generally the duration of the falling is to short for the huamn body for his inertia complete control. It is the case for most of big cats for example and for other animals heavier than the cat. For example, an elephant can have a good control of all its movements but it is too heavy as inertia capacity. Note that the inertia is a material system capacity to get an amount of energy variation. For cats, their inertia allows them to have a very high movement acceleration.
In brief,
Human body can move as a whole during a long jump along a fixed parabolic trajectory. Added to this a rotation around his center of mass due to the initial jump action or to any internal muscle energy action when hanging in the air. These latter don't affect the parabolic trajectory that depends only to the air friction.

- Using the fixed block for jumping is also valid for triple jump. The length perfomance is enhenced of about 14+5+3=20 meters. The main gain is get during the first jump.

- Triple jump wallpaper (Estonia)

The first jump of a triple jump is done a shown on this next figure. With a running up of 10 m/s then the thorical jump is about 15 meters length. At the end of this first jump, the athlete will landing on his two leg at the same time. But with the rest of the first energy plus the equivalent standing jump the second jump will be done theorically about a little more than 7 meters further. For the third jump, the length may be of about 5 metres. The total theorical length of a triple jumps doing on a block is then of about 15+7+5=27 meters. Therefore, with enough skill the athlete can hope for a triple jump of a little more than 20 meters of length. He can jump as a gazelle escaping an old cheetah at least for one time.

- when + long + jumping + what + counter + acting + motions + allow + an + athlete + to + maintain + dynamic + equilbrum (, North Carolina, USA)

At the time of take off for jumping everyone has usually the intuitive good manner to be in his equilibrium. But when one is in the air, no more thing can be done to change his take off equilibrium situation. It is like the one of an astronaute because one is in weightless conditions. One will fall in good or bad position according to his initial capacity for equilibrium feeling. In the best case of a good equilibrium in the air, one should strecht his armrs and legs as long as possible to prevent his body rotation effect due to moment of the air friction that may roll the body. Because with a long lever around the body center rotating motion is minimized.

- long jump technique (Singapore,


- celebration gif animated (India)

- taekwondo animated gif (Vietnam,

- wrighting feather pen animated gif (, Hungary)

- animation hol my hand (Malaysia)

- muscles used in standing horizontal jump (University of Texas-Pan American, USA)

From relaxation of a body bended: 1) - Effort exploding from muscles back abdominal around the body center.
2) - It streches toward shoulders and gluteal muscles.
3) - This effort is transmitted with higher speed toward the body ends as armes, legs and feet.

- How to Improve Long Jump Technique (China)

- long + jump + technique (Kyrgyzstan)

- animated long jump (UK, Canterbury, Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School, slggs)

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- animated pictures of long jump (Bhutan, Thimphu, Telecom LTD)

- parabola, long jump (Hongkong)

- long jump techniques (Tanzania)

- long jump (Australia Griffith u)

- origin of longjump (Korea)

Origin of long jump is necessarrily the beginning of any alive.

- new 100m records, long jump record (Sri Lanka)

- long jump animation (Australia Western Australia)

- Indonesian long jump (Indonesia)

- bird animation (Columbia)

- bird gif animation (Indonesia)

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- advanced animation gif (Germany)

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- Long jump technique (USA Eastern Kentucky u)

- vietnamese + jump + wings (USA)

- flying bird animation gif (Russian Federation)

- long jump (Malaysia)

- Bahrain jump wings (Bahrain)

Jumping like a bird flying? Congratulation!

- piste d'atterrissage clipart (Canada mc)


- long jump phases (University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)

- Center of gravity of the body during the landing phase long jump (, Israel)

- long jump technique pictures (Malaysia,

- long jump technique (, Ball State University, Indiana, USA)

- long jump technique (, University of Maine System, Maine, USA)

- long jump technique (, University at Buffalo, the State University of New York, USA)

- long jump technique (University of Boswana)

- Mary Lind star wars (USA)

- diagram of long jump landing (, USA)

This diagram of long jump landing concerns an initial jump up of 45° angle. In this case the landing will be done also with a 45° relatively to the horizontal ground. In such condition, all the initial energy is expensed for transforming it into the the jump distance.
This means that at the landing time, there is no more enough energy to push the athlete into a crash situation. The landing may be done in equilibrium.
But with the usual current tehcnique for jumping, the starting movement of jump doesn't fill the condition of a 45° upward trajectory. Therefore, most of the landing is or too short or too beyond the feet contact on the ground.
Note that ganerally, animal long jumps are performed with such upward 45°. They have the necessary skill of such technique because, it is dangerous for them to lose their equilibrium at the ground contact. An another animal may take advantage on this opportunity. We should remember that the Olympic Game is originated from martial Arts or techniques. Most of Anciant civilisations and also the modern ones was all built from wars practices.

- animated pictures of high and long jump (Egypt)

- long + jump + technique (Bahamas)

- long + jump + technique (Malaysia)

- long + jump + technique (Australia)

- long + jump + technique (

- diagram + of + long + jump (Philippines)

- long + jump + technique (Pakistan)

- how + to + do + a + good + long + jump + technique (..)

Using this technique, the whole runing up energy is transformed wholy into the long jump distance.
While with the current long jump, the athlete have to use his own energy to be abble to have their body lifting in the air. One knows that on ONE LEG, their is no sufficient force to perform a sufficient high jump to fly forwards because the running up speed is to high and one has to avoid the gliding of his foot used as his main require jump fulcrum.
It is an error for using a technique of Long Jump when it was constrained as currently done, to do it as both [a High-Jump PLUS a Long Jump] !

- different + action + of + long + jump + technique (India)

For the current long Jump, there are many contradictory things to do at a same time, during the classic long jump action.

It is for the athlete to have a fastest horizontal running up to perform the most horizontal long jumping distance.

However to realize a long horizontal distance, one have to fly as a bird to allows a displacement in the air. Thus the athlete have to produce a takeoff like a goose paintfully does when it wants to fly over a lake surface. It is really a more miraculously thing when the athlete is forced to do it on one leg. Do you never see a bernache goose doing a take up using only one of its leg?

This latter with the foot precisely put on a tiny defined jumping target. A such horizontal plane target not so visible when one is starting to do a furious running up accelaration. Really, such Long Jump event is a terrific sado punishement thing.

- long + jump + run + up + and + movement + in + air (..)

A long jump should be the event where a whole horizontal movement energy have to be fully transformed into a horizontal distance of displacement.
It is to tell that a high Jump is to transforme the whole horizontal movement energy directly into a vertical displacement.

These are the two well defined challenges.
The true athlete skill of High and Long jumps is there:
How to transform horizontal running up energy into a given maximal optimized parabolic trajectory

Then in a long Jump, one have not to produce a complicated mixture of denatured High-plus-Long Jumps. It is not a successive separated biathlon or decathlon event.

- Long Jump Techniques (South Africa)

A correct High and Long jumps even should be a simple running-up trasformed directly into a parabola trajectory!

- Long + Jump + Technique (Australia)

- long + jump + technique + for + kids (, UK)

- "Lonf" + jump + technics (HongKong)

Long-faraway jump technique... Probably soon record over distance of 12 meters.

- african + high + jumps + gif (

- long + jump + technique + for + girls (, Tennessee) - Long + Jump + Technique (Philippines)

- Long + Jump + Technique (

- Long + Jump + Drills (


- weitsprung + technik (Germany)

- right + techniques + in + long + jump (

- the + approach + of + a + long + jump (UK)

- hitch-kick + technique + in + long + jump (Botswana)

- HANG + TECHNIQUE + IN + LONG + JUMP (, Botswana)

- long + jump + hitchkick + technique (

- Long + Jump + Technique (Nepal)

- Striding + Exercises (

- peach + trees (

- the + LONG + JUMP + TECHNIQUE ((

- long + jump + landing + drills

If the jump trajectory corresponds to the Law-45░ then the landing is done simply on the spot, without no more extra imbalanced motion.

- long + jump + technique + diagram (Palestine)

- drills + for + long + jump (VietNam)

- verspringen + techniek (

- levers + used + in + landing + a + jump (

The leg as straight lever is an optimal indication of the jump-energy ended.
a) - If the leg-foot is to long from the lever 45░ angle-impact then the jumper will be slipped and seated on ground.
b) - If the leg-foot is too short relatively from the lever 45░ angle then the initial jumping energy is not wholy expended for the optimal jumping length. And with this surplus energy the jumper will dive onto the ground or loosing his equilibrium.

long jump technique - chest machines use a lever system (Vietnam,

In reality, most compex alives are constructed with lever structure. Lever is the only elemental mechanism, acting by muscle linear movement. The chest ribs are levers in the curved form that allows to move volume.

- a lever system operating at the ankle of a long jumper (UK)

- long jump technique (Fidji)


- inertia input (Poland)

- two-"foot" long jumps (Canada)

- show me three hundred square root length (USA hr)

If you can a sprint of 7.5 s/100m so in a perfect long jump you can perform a such length of 17.7 m equal about (square root of 300).

- how long is three hundred square root (USA)

- broad jump test (UK)

- long jump (Malta)

- LONG JUMP (India)

- The Long Jump (USA)

- body anatomy diagram (Taiwan)

- step long jump (Greece)

- long jump Russian trainings (Turkey)

- heighest fly over in India (India)

- the jump serve diagrams (USA)

Actually, a body jump self-service...

- take off from running long jump (USA)

This an exact synthetic idea of this long jump technique.
It is why hurdles should be done with a such idea rather with running+jumping one.

- free body diagrams of landing from jump (Canada)

Il the jumper take off is done at 45°, he will land in the same body position as the take off one. Thus, he lands in a 45° trajectory as drawn in this above figure. At the landing impact, his legs must be at the same angle to be in equilibrium. At this time, he has no more horizontal kinetic energy, because this latter is totaly used for the jump distance.

- hurdles technique (Hungary)

Jumping over the hurdle should be done like this above diagram. It consists not to push on the back leg for jumping but to block the front leg stretching and then to roll his body on it for a light take-off over the hurdle. This technique is like the gazelle one. In high speed running, to avoid the ankle injure, human should block his heel with the back of his shoes on the ground.

- high jump (Portugal)

- long jump (Peru)

- does a person's height affect jumping distance (Canada)

Because jumping uses mainly running up energy, no mass nor height of a person affect the jump distance or the jump height.

- free body diagram and jump (Taiwan)

- long jump (Turkey)

- takeoff phase in long jump (Autralia)

- a diagram on how to shot a jumper (Canada)

This jumping technique is really a shot for a balistic trajectory doing with a catapult.

- walk on the wall jump technique (USA)

Very fine observation!
Technique of walking on the wall is the one of changing direction of one's movement energy. We can also climb of a tree with a fast running up by walking on the tree. This is an equivalent technique for a high jump with the help of a wall or a tree. Also when walking on the wall one tempt an equivalent use of running energy to do a long jump in a perpendicular direction of the running up one.
You may note that a cheetah or a leopard or a panther practise this action every day of their life.

- what + is + a + "mathamatical" + ray (USA)

- description + of + trajectories + follows + by + the + bearing + of + two + tangent + surfaces (Peru)

- long + jump + phase + pictures (Canada)

- long jump and transfer (Taiwan)

When jumping,the jumper should stretch out his arms and his legs. According to that his momentum inertia is enhanced for a best control of his trajectory equilibrium in the air.
The best movement energy transfer is only maximal when doing the jump with the above jumping support block to be abble to get an upward starting trajectory in the 45 ° direction.
If the above jumping technique is used, at the time of hitting the 45 ° block, his leg is stretching out to impact on the support block with all his horizontal movement high energy. Only his vertebral column muscles must keep bent. In this situation, his body collects all this kinetic energy for exploding it next as he stretches the vertebral column for the jumping action. His leg is there only a straight support used as a pivot ray and the main jumping effort is done with the powerful vertebral column structure.

- vertebral motion (Australia)

The vertebral column is the basic source of powerful motion and generaly the health source.
We can observe that all the animals move according to their vertebral column as source of motion. It is not because they are animal different from human species. Only, because human had neglected and lost the conscience of his body capacities.
In the long jump and for every body actions, the muscles of the vertebral column should be supple and source of quick motion. In jumping, the vertebral comumn should act as a spring starting from the body center situated in the belly. From that, the arms and legs muscles are only successive motions. The result of these ordinate movements gives very powerful actions. These are optimal movements of all animals that illustrate the marvellous body structure of natural construction.

An optimal long jump technique should not be a jump. According to that a long jump id dependent to the kinetic energy, it is in fact an Impact technique ! Because of the human ankle anatomy, man can not jump with efficiency while he is running quickly. Thus, he shoul do a long jump according to an elestic impact effect. The above diagram explain these conditions. Le leg, from G to P, is use as a rigid ray that turn around arounf the circle of center (P).
A woman or man should sprint to get a maximum speed. Then she or he must get a high jump owing to an impact blocking his heel on the ground. This should be done according to precise angle of his leg relative to the horizontal plane to get a precise resultant speed vector for the final jump. She or He should not jump with the leg but in fact it is a BOUNCE toward H of all the whole body G, after an impact at point P. All these conditions are shown on the diagram. Note : 45° of GP relative to the horizontal.

- anatomy + of + "hume," + body (Saudi Arabia)

- structure of a human body (Korea)
The weak point for human, is his heel anatomy. Thus, he can make a great effort on leg pushing, for jumping or running. Because under some low angle contact with the ground, there is an overhanging of his heel. Thus to overcome this weak point, in broad or hig jump he must push on his heel aand not flat on the foot. Please see it on the figure of broad jump. There must not be a push with the leg muscle, but a bounce on the heel through a straight leg, like as one does it in Tai-Kwon-do technique... when there was a good training.

Broad Jump Formula

- relation + between + broad + jump + distance + and + sprint + times (UK)
Here is a most simple but very precise and accurate formula according to just physic laws.
Let a current value of a sprinter refered to a 100m sprint :

e.g. a sprint of (ts) = 10 seconds for 100 m sprint.

Then, supposing that the jumper can do perfect movement for his jump. The maximal length of his jump is given by this formula :

Maximal Long Jump = 1000/(ts2)

In addition, here is an useful formula for contrôling the broad jump performances. It is haw the athlete goes up in maximal height for an optimal long jump. These are exact expression of laws without introducing no empirical factor. This formula is :

Broad Bound Height = 250/(ts2)

Note that this heihgt is concerning the maximum height of the corresponding trajectory and not the one of the high jump.

- unknown + "hight" ++ with + free + fall + object + gravity + and + time

This formula id deduced from free falling object according to law of the equivalence between kinetic and potential energy. This the ideal case wher no friction happen. In the athetic performance, the air friction can be approximately negligible.
From that with an initial kinetic energy, one can deduce time and the height of a potential. The above formula can be experimentally verified, in case of frictionless. The next diagram of broad jump, is fine for experiement with balls to measure the height, length and time from given initial kinetic energy as predicted by this formula. This latter is geometrically prooved. There is no need of using the anciant a little complicated Least Action Law to compute the optimal broad jump or the cannonball trajectory.

- change + the + "hight" + from + cm + to + feets Note
1 m = 3.280 8 ft

Examples of optimal and maximal long jump for woman and man given with their height :
1) - For a 12s per 100m, the jump is :
1000/(122) = 6.94 meters; Jump Height = 1.736m (5.695 ft)
2) - For a 11s per 100m, the jump is :
1000/(112) = 8.26 meters; Jump Height = 2.066m (6.758 ft)
3) - For a 10s per 100m, the jump is :
1000/(102) = 10.00 meters; Jump Height = 2.500m (8.202 ft)
4) - For a 9s per 100m, the length is :
1000/(92) = 12.346 meters; Jump Height = 3.086m (10.125 ft)
5) - For a 8s per 100m, the length is :
1000/(82) = 15.625 meters; Jump Height = 3.906m (12.815 ft)
May be, you are angel with invisible legs or wings...
6) - For a 6.5s per 100m, the length is :
1000/(6.52) = 23.668 meters; Jump Height = 5.9176m (19.412 ft)
Sorry, you are disqualifyed. You are not woman or man. In fact, you are gazelle performing 55km/h. Here is ticket for exceeding speed...

- threshold + tests + in + athletism (Germany)

- an + olympic + jumper + goes + into + the + jump + with + a + speed + of + 20m/s + at + 45 + degrees + above + the + horizontal. how + far + is + the + jump (USA)

The theorical horizontal distance of this jump is 40.8 meters.
At 20 m/s or 72 km/h, any object taking off at 45 degrees will perform this jump distance. It is valid for a mouse, a mammouth mamouth, man and a whole mountain. That is to say that the jump distance is not dependent to the mass and at 45 degrees, it is the maximum distance for a 20m/s speed.
However, for any object, particularly for a car and a motorbike, one must deduce from this theorical distance, some difference according to the friction of the object in the air.

This jump distance may be the one of a gazelle while a cheetah is running behind it.

- "mamouth" vector (Greece)

- A + jumper + in + the + long-jump + goes + into + the + jump + with + a + speed + of + 12+m/s (USA)

That is to say he is the recordman of the world with 8.33s/100m. His jump will reach about 14m length. And in high jump, may be he can try the pole-vault without the help of a pole... :-)
This may be an extremum for today. But with a new installation of jumping, these results will be reached more currently by high champions. Generally, a sprinter can perform a higher speed at the first 50m then when he reach the end of the 100m.

These are the maximal limits given by physic laws, doing with no wind blows, a perfect high impulse at 45° speed upward.
There is no effect of weight. Only the horizontal speed is the main factor.

With a best support of the impulse, we can hope seeing a record until 11 meters length ! Note the 45° up is only the speed vector at the impulse time. Next, the athlete trajectory goes lower.

Considering the heights of jumps allowed by this energy, one can prospect how to find a new technique for a pure high jump. Thus with a sprint more than 10s/100m the 3 meters limits can be reached. These calculated values indicate that until now, high jumps do not use optimal techniques of sprinting kinetic energy. This is because current techniques is bothered by the ankle anatomy. This latter doesn't allow a high speed while jumping. Therefore, one is yet using the leg force and not the kninetic energy for high jumping. With optimal technique the height reached may be around three meters.

In futur high jump and broad jump will be performed during a same jump !

For broad jump, this present technique will disturbe the support surface of the jump. Because the jump shoes will plough deeply the soil. However an elestic organic material like for car wheel, can be a good solution for elasticity and non-slippery properties.

- cheetah + is + the + fastest + thing + on + four + legs + what + is + fastest + on2 (UK)

My following answer is only imaginary. I don't know exactly any of these speeds.
Thus, may be, an ostrich is the fastest on 2. For two-in-one leg, probably it is marsupial monkeys and the kangoroo...

- How + do + you + use + mathematic + equation + to + find + the + hight + of + an + object (USA)

- If + a + sprinter + running + at + a + speed + of + 10 + meters + per + second + could + convert + his/her + kinetic + energy + into + upward + motion + how + high + could + he/she + jump (Canada)

I believe that the height of his jump can be near the theorical one calculated here following.
One may be affred of injuries that happen when the horizontal speed converted into impulse of upward jump. However, injuries are due only to the non conversion of all his horozontal speed. It is the case when he runs into or collide a wall. The reason is that if all or near all the horizontal energy is converted into vertical speed, there is a few possibility of knock that may injure the athlete. Thus only an efficient training is necessary to be able to jump pratically over a height of 4 to 5 meters.

Note that it is really mathematic considerations because the object height is not dependent to its mass and this is only equivalent to the object speed. Because this phenomena depends only on the Falling Body Law due to the basic property of matter space expression as Potential<=>Rest Location.

- free + "machanics" + notes (India)

- Verticaly + oposite + angle (Qatar)

- State + the + High-Leg + Postulate (USA)

- if + a + sprinter + runs + at + 10+meters + per + second + could + convert + his + kinetic + energy + into + upward + motion, + how + high + could + he + jump? (USA)

It is the real concrete question. Thus we can theorically compute the total horizontal kinetic energy transforming toward the vertical one for a high jump.

- galileo "garvity" (USA)

Thus using the garvity gravity as g=9.81 m per second squared.
With the given speed v=10 m/s we get the time of an inverse falling body that give us the initial nul speed of the falling. It is to say: the question is to ask from what height a body fall to get the speed of 10 m/s.
The time of a such height is :
t = v / g = (10)/9.81 seconds = 1.02 s

This time give us the total height :
h = (9.92/2)* t2 meters = 5.1 meters

Theorically, with a 10 m/s, this sprinter can go up in a high jump, of
h = 5.1 meters

If we consider that practically there is a pessimistic loss in friction of energy in this transformation of 20% therefore, the practical height of this jump is:

h(efficient) = 4.01 meters

This result is quite realistic and can be better done by champions.
We can trust in it. Because the pole vault record is above 6 meters. This is due to the summation of the sprint speed, plus the material of the pole that transforms with high efficiency the arms and the body effort of the jumper, as one does it in gymnastic barre!

It is why the best event of a height jump should use the following support system to be able to improve man performance that is hidden by the static human heell anatomy.

- In + the + high + jump + the + kinetic + energy + of + an + athlete + is + transformed + into + gravitational + potential + energy + without + the + aid + of + a + pole.
+ With + what + minimum + speed + must + the + athlete + leave + the + ground + in + order + to + lift + his + center + of + mass + 2.30 + m + and + cross + the + bar + with + a + speed + of + 0.59 m (Canada)

It is only a formal balistic problem. Because the current high jump technique can not be done according a pure balistic form.
Therefore, if one supose that the initial energy is completely transformed into these given data, without any loss in friction, then:
the initial minimum speed before jumping is 7.31 m/s -or 26.31 km/h.
This correspond to an initial sprint of 13.68 s per 100 meters.

Probably it is the most minimal speed used for champion initial high jump sprint, when the bar level is at 2.30 m.
Note that he can't run faster because speed is a difficulty for locking the foot on the flat ground to be able having an optimal jump.

- "machanic" + stress + strain + example (Korea)

... and complain :-(.

However, the 5 meters high is impossible because the 90 degrees in changing direction of a 10 m/s is violent. May be, no human can perform it without being injured. Only this transformation can be optimally do when using a springboard. Note that in pole vault, the springboard is the elastic pole.

Note that from these relation, one can calculate the theorical speed of objects, when their height are given...

- how + high + a + tennis + ball + goes + when + hit + at + 10m/s (UK)

Yes, it must be emphaiszed. Potentile does not depend to a mass. And in the void a man, a tennis ball, a feather and any object should bounce at a same high. Thus they bounce all at 5.1 m high for a horizontal and also for vertical downward fall speed of 10 m/s .

- Quantum ++ Machanic Square + well + potential problem (Thailand)

Transforming horizontal 10 m/s into 5 meters potential height, is a real quantum square well wall... that happens only accidentally.

- rigid + body + kinetic + energy + transfert (FRANCE)

- laws + of + conservation = balistic (Philippines)

Proposition for modifying the rules about long and high jumps


- human + jump + speed + "hight":

Actually, this is a device for allowing the use of maximal human speed when jumping. The above calculation are applied to ":hight" optimal jumping.

For purpose of improving jumps pratical conditions are needed to be adapted to human anatomy. Then a simple support may be added to allow good condition for human jumping capacity. This next figure shows this simple steady support used for optimal long jump.

- springboard long jump (UK)

- long + jump + horizontal + sliding + board + immages (Inida)

Too much faults:
1) - By sliding
2) - Innacurate setting of feet on the required mark.
3) - No optimal jumping effort when one is standing on one Leg.
Note that four-legs are always starting to jump always leaning on their Four-Leg. Observe examples of gazels...

- orbital + cannon (

May be, anti-gravity...

- High-Orbit + Ion + Cannon (..)

- High + Orbit + Ion + Cannon + Download (

Have a good round-the-world trip !

- Orbital Ion Cannon gif (, UK)

- Anti-Gravity + kinetic (Canada)

- low + orbit + ion + canon + images (

Low... but surprising.

- Winston + shoves + ref (

- High-Orbit + Ion + Cannon (Canada)

- high + orbit + ion + cannon (

the terrific altitude of the orbit apogee is equal to the 1/2 of the ion trajectory lenght.
Example, if the ion achievement length is (12 km / 1000)
then, his mass-center apogee is at (6 km / 1000) from the block. !!!
Therefore, if athlete is in intoxication of success then, be care... he may landing on the Moon.

This means that:
if the High-Jump event is done like doing it as for a Long-Jump techique; he can achieve the high-jump apogee of 3 metter high record. This is a rational estimation according to physical Law... if it is done with an optimal technique for 45░ taking-off.

In this case, the level bar should be situated at about:
       [12m / 2 = 6 m] from the Block].
At about 6 meters half-jumping-length for high Jump record more than 3m apogee is rationally possible. It is not a joke. In the futur we will see the stadium being miniatured...

Seriously, it is now a NEW Time for the Fantastic Super-Human:
A record of apogee more than 3m-high and long-jump of more than 12m are his current capacities.
The Jumping-track should rather long because one need having a long distance for a good runing-up (30-50 meters long ?).
Observing the gazel-jump and one may be convinced. But it is due only to the natural Physical-Law efficiency.

- Universal + Parabolic + Constant (

Does one knows that this 45░ parabola mechanism is showing the contradiction to the First Dynamics Law where it was stipulated that a Non-Motion or Non-Force in the case of a Uniform-Motion-necessary-done in Straight-Line (because changing direction is necessarily done by a Force):

With our next 45░ parabola, it shows the reality of Physical Fact for a true Uniform-Motion done with a parabolic-trajectory that is not a Linear-straight Line motion however with constant energy and a real Constant-Uniform-Motion (denoted as the conservation of momentum)...

It may be noted that a celestial body, orbiting in a circular trajectory, is also mooving in uniform Forceless Motion with an invariable constant energy!

So, performing Long Jump is not Bouncing but Bird-Flying... Oops.

Apogee of a high jump Trajectory when doing it as a Long-Jump technique

The bar level may be situated at about 1/2 of the long distance average.
But it is better to cancel the high-bar if the Jumping-apoggee can be recorded with a digital system. The human mass-center is situated about at the joint between the pelvis and the spinal column. It should be rationally determined for correct digital measurements.

With such (Long/High)-Jump, two simultaneous records may be get with One unique Even doing on the same Jump-Track... of about 70 m long. Two simultaneous gold-Medals for Super-Flying-Man!!!

- high + school + long + jump + technique

Fantastic youthful outlook!

- high Orbit Ion Cannon

with a 10s/100m of the lauching ioncanon the orbit apogee of the body mass-center will be of:
       3,750 !.......            (mm).

- 570-hoic-high-orbit-ion-cannon-ddos-application (

Yes... it's a Dumy-Device-Oparing-System.

- minecraft + orbital + cannon (Phoenic Arizona)

Please take care for a soft landing.

Support for high energy jumping The plane of this support agree to the human heel anatomy when he want to develop his maximal energy for a broad jump. A 45° angle surface allows a more comfort for the feet that can wear a highest body kinetic energy. But it is better to jump on two simultaneous legs. It is only a natural condition. Because may be, in the nature, human may use a necessarry support as a branch, a trunk of tree and also a rock relief to be able to get a large jump. With a such support most of broad jump woman and man records may be over 9 and 11 meters length.

- " n = 570-hoic-high-orbit-ion-cannon-ddos-application"

It is the Time for the Fantastic Gazelle-Man...

- gazelle + jumping + gif (, California)

THe natural being of any animal means only that animals is alway acting according to universal laws.
It is why animal performs optimal movement efforts.
The gazel and also it concerns any type of animal, their jumps are done using their legs according to blocking technique after a running up. This is easy to note this gazel method because fast gazel dont run but each of their steps for fast running is done by constant blocking for each step jumping !

- Low + Orbit + Ion + Cannon (..)

Actually, a Technique for athlete teleportation by ion beams transform...

- rules + of + long + jump (Singapore)

Dimensions of the solid block for long and high jump may be as follows: The 45° aera for the feets jumping may have a larger about 45cm. For long jump, the length of jump landing aera may have 15-20 meters. The distance of jumping will be taken in account starting at the top of the jumping block aera.

The block may be recover with souple anti-sliding palstic material.
However these dimensions may be adjusted according to experience and the conditions needed in practice.

- rise + versus + degree + of + "abgle" (USA)

- high + jump + kinetic + energy + transformed + to + potential + energy + without + aid + of + pole + minimum + speed (USA)
It can be use the same technique as shown on diagram for the broad jump, to perform high jump. This technique is to bounce from the ground usin his kinetic energy. The angle of straight leg contact on the ground, is smore an acute angle, least than 35°. This need a frictionless system on the ground for a so low angle impact. But one can do a maximum sprint before jumping. This higher kinetic energy allows a more higher jump. May be, more than 3 meters. There are formula computing the bounce results for the high jump like the broad jump ones.

- maximum + speed + reach + by + man (USA)
1) - The astronaute's one.
2) - Airplane pilots ones.
3) - Race car drivers ones.
4) - Atheltic speed.
And may be, with new optimal equipment, a sprinter may reach the six seconds time limits at 100m. That is to tell, he can perform until the limit of the 60km/h in natural sprinting effort. The actual record is about 40km/h. There is a real possibility of a simple passive equipment as accessory for allowing this enhencement of sprinting time.
So, a human running after a horse at gallop is possible ! But only during a short time, in least than 200m.
He can also jump higher as he does with the pole-vault. However, after that he can't landing everywhere, the fall will be hard. Jumping on high trees is fine... Obviously these performances are only for good health persons. Thus, human physic, woman and man, is not so tiny as long as she and he, are conscious of physic laws. Remind that it is not with an energetic anti-gravity equipment, but only with natural effort.

- indonesia sea games Laos vollyball man (Singapore,

- """" (Armenia)

- PETANQUE SEA GAMES (Indonesia, venue/petanquexcourtxnationalxuniversityxlaox005.jpg)

- PETANQUE (China)

- petanque in Ireland (, Cork, Ireland)

- petanque logo (Thailand)

Thailand champion...

- Petanque logo (, Iceland)

- petanque (Luxembourg)

- association petanque France (, Japan)

- petanque (Georgia)

- petanque (Spain)

- petanque en Israel (Israel)

- petanque-USA (, Miami, USA)

- petanque-Malta (Slovenia)

- Petanque (Hungary)

- petanque (Woodham Community Technology College, UK)

- petanque + Sweden (, Germany)

- Petanque art (, Germany)

- petanque (Akademia Görniczo-Hutnicza, Poland)

- petanque (Lithuania))

- petanque (, Hungary)

- petanque (University Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia)
- petanque (Armenia)

- petanque (UK)

- petanque (Slovak Republic)

- Petanque (Osaka, Japan)

- petanque (The Ohio State University, Colombus, USA)

- petanque yard (Japan, plala org)

- PETANQUE (Taiwan)

- petanque (Ireland, Dublin, eircom)

- Venezuela petanque (Venezuela)

- petanque (Denmark, Ärhus Universitethospital)

- petanque (Ukraine)

- petanque (Czech Republic)

- petanque (Switzerland, Les autorités fédérales de la Confédération suisse)

- petanque training (Netherlands)

- petanque (Japan)

- petanque modern courts (Uruguay)

- petanque (Russian Federation)

- Thai petanque (Thailand)


- picture petanque Malaysia (Malaysia)

- petanque (Poland student pw edu)

- petanque (Japan)


Here is a diagram of an arm pendular motion in the game of bowls. This is only result of physical considerations and not from experience of an anciant champion. I was only a dilettante with no particular skill...
- PETANQUE (Thailand)

- petanque America (Netherlands)

- petanque, Indonesia (Malaysia)

- petanque skill (Taiwan)

- petanque women (Belgium)

- Petanque Zeichnung (, Germany)

- PETANQUE, DRAW (Slovenia)

- magyar petanque képek (, Hungary)

- how to: creation of petanque ball (Laos)

A petanque ball dimensions is internationally defined.
The principle of a such ball is to have a determined diameter to be hold in an average dimension of human hand. The material should be rigid and elastic one. This ball must have a minimal weight. Then, if its material is a heavy metal it would not therefore be massive. Its surface may be enough grooved to be well hold in the hand but enough smooth to be abble to roll easily and to be placed with some precision on a determined localization on the ground.

- Petanque skill Thai (Thailand)

- petanque-Viet Nam (Vietnam)

- petanque (Romania)

- petanque (Russian Federation)

- Brussels petanque sport shop (Hungary)
- petanque dimensions (Philippines,

- petanque + Miami (USA)

- petanque logo (Taiwan)


- PETANQUE (, Italy)

- petanque (, USA)

- the + minimum + dimension + petanque + in + Laos (Laos)

- petanque Vietnam (Vietnam,

- patanque (Singapore)

- patanque Singapore (Chile)

- petanque Viet nam (Vietnam,

- images of Singapore kids exercising (Singapore,

- petanque Vietnam
- energia Riverside Singapore (Singapore,

- Vietnam Kids gymnastic (Vietnam, 2009/04/r-gymnastic-meet-small.jpg)

- petanque Vietnam (VietNam)

La pétanque est un jeu d'ADRESSE, de simplicité mais où seul l'adresse du joueur compte. Elle est passionnate.

- "" (Armenia)

- bilder + pétanque (..)

- entschuldigungen

-*albums*coloriage-noel-cadre*normal_coloriage-noel-cadre-39.gif/ :

- maîtrise de précision et l'équilibre pétanque

En effet,
Les règles de la pétanque qui consiste à définir la position Fixe des pieds pendant le jeux, est significatifs de l'esprit de ce jeux.
Il consiste par cette fixation des pieds sur place, de ne réussir le jeu de lancer et placer les boules auprès d'un but donné (le cochonet). Dans ces conditions, par l'Adresse des joueurs est donc sollicitée en premier pour obtenir les bons résultats.

Ce qui demande à chacun, une bonne connaissance des Mobilités internes de son corps. Parce que l'adresse des mouvements repose fondamentalement, sur la maîtrise du MOINDRE GESTE DE SON CORPS. Ce qui donc, est le résultat de la maîtrise des contrôles Allée-Retour de l' Esprit-et-Corps... où entre ces deux p&ocorc;les, "il ne doit pas passer l'épaisseur d'un cheveu".

Il y a ainsi, l'Art-du-Tir-Ó-L'Arc et beaucoup d'autres aspects des merveilles de la perfection du corps humain, que l'on tente de faire émerger, même par la voie ludique des Jeux.

Shots in Game of bowls

A - A strong shot to displace an other bowl.
B - A launch of bowl in order to fix the bowl in a precise location on the ground.
B - At C, are possibilities to communicate bowl effect by rotating it in the hand friction.

In starting this action, one uses the maximum effect of falling body of the bowl. This allows to remains supple and thus to get a maximal precision of the shot.


- petanque tir (Russian Federation) - mouvement tir pétanque (Air France)

Il faut bien avoir une vue aérienne du terrain, pour un carreau.

- pétanque + Singapore (Singapore)

Human is from a vertical structure of standing being. It is why he have to be a specialist of the Falling-Body-Art to act efficiently in any action. It is the case in petanque. One should use the falling-body energy to be abble to place and to shoot precisely and powerfully the patanque bowl.

- how + to + train + petanque (Thailand)

Human is from a Vertical-Structure. Therefore, he should to be expert in the use of his capacity of falling-body energy. It is valid in any of his action for moving.

In the case of patanque, where the main rule is to stand with his feet in one fixed position. Thus, he have to use the maximum energy of his falling body weight. He need only to be spouple and brisk. These are the maximal conditions to be highly precise.

- petanque + shooting + technique (Thailand)

- gif animationer for petanque (Denmark)

- petanque + Malaysia (Malaysia)

- petanque shooting technique sado Malaysia)

but these difficulties are reserved for the hand-picked players...

- logo petanque (Netherlands)

- petanque + shooting (Thailand)

- angle + shoot + petanque (Thailand)

Visée de Tir It is current that in petanque one needs to displace the opponent bowl and at the same time to place his own one at the same location of the preceeding without disturbing the current initial layout.

This diagram show how to take precisely the place of an another bowl.

1) - To eject the opponent bowl.

2) - While fixing his own one at the location of the opponent one.

In this case shooting is to aim straight at the indicate zone drawing in red line ahead the target bowl.

- does + the + surface + effect + the + hight + of + the + bounce + of + a + basketball (USA)

Actually. Any effect on a ball acts on its mechanical behavior.
This done as follows:
Any object is two tanks of movement energy. They are the rotation and the linear displacement. Thus when a ball is noth rotating and displacing in straight line, when it bounces on a wall or on the ground, its linear displacement is influenced by its rotation. Also, its rotation is influenced by its linear bounce.
Therefore, a basket ball doesn't bounce as one expectes it when this ball is rotating. In this case, the linear bounce is deviated, generally the height of the bounce is lowered.

- measuring + change + in + displacement + in + the + standing + broad + jump (UK)

In any of type of jump or any type of throwing an object, there are two steps. In broad or high jump or pole vault, the weight of the body is this object to throw.

For example in the broad jump the two steps are :
a) - 1rst step is to put in the object a maximum of kinetic energy. It happens in the initial sprint.
b) - 2nd step is the use of the athlete internal capacity of producing powerful motion. That is the producing of a maximal force directed outward of the body.
The 1rst step is to perform a best sprint that gives a maximum speed before the jumping action. It is the same for the pole vault. Also it is the case for the putting the shot when one try to use the falling kinetic energy of the bowl to get a maximum initial speed.
Now for all these techniques, the jumping action is the same action for the athlete. It is the same because independently of the game rules, the jump is the internal capacity of the athlete. What is the jumping action ? The jump is seen when practising volley-ball or basketball. You may be astonished if I tell that the above diagram of launching the bowl is also a jumping action ! It is quite the same motion to produce a high powerfull energy. This energy is used to launch the body in the broad jump but in the case of putting the shot, this energy is used to make the bowl jumping.

A such powerfull motion is based on the kinetic momentum of the lower parts of the body all along the two legs. And leaning on this rotation energy of the body lower part, the broad jump consists of launching the body upper parts as high as possible.

The broad jump result is the total sprint kinetic energy plus a part of the final jump that is use to make the body flying high and also to give a horizontal pulse forward. The final jump is important because the highger the body fly, the maximal initial and horizontal kinetic energy is efficiently used.

Note that it is telling about the highest flying of the body. It is because the problem here is that a human jump energy can not be compared to the cannonball one that goes so high and must be adjust by a shot angle.

- judo u-10 2006 (Vietnam, /U10soccer7-22-04.jpg)

- comment + s'apelle + la + salle + ou + a + lieu + les + entrainements + d'arts + martiaux + en + japonais

... Le lieu de la Voie ou le Do ?

- Kano's + arrow + diagram (Japan)

- judo + and + physic (USA)

In fact the basic Judo is a research on physical laws of motion and equilibrium through the complex human body system. These studies are in regard of physics what physiology is relative to anatomy. The Jigoro Kano's Judo is the living or the sensitive physic directly known and think by everyone. To know how to express and how to feel motion law, it need a free thinking behavior of a total consciousness of body properties. It is why Judo is more than a pleasnt sport, more than rules of how to win a championship.

- action reaction judo (Slovenia)

There is actually judo technique denoted as the "sene-no-sene" technique. But it is not what is called as action-reaction by Newton. This latter law is physiqcally incorrect. Because energy of an action is not always equal to the energy lost in the reaction. A such pysic is more ceorrectly described as the inertia phenomenon where gain or loss of energy are depending to every object particularity to behave under a change of energy.
In Judo, there is no such reaction OPPOSIT to the action. But there is a contnuity of action that theorically should added to the opponent action. This can be written as:
Judo action = self Action + opponent Action
Therefore, in Judo it is the capacity to have the skill of acting in continuity with the opponent action real time, at the necessary synchronism. This is the meaning of Judo=soupleness.

It is not generaly really what we see during most of Judo championship practice.

- ergonomics measures judo (, Portugal)

Right. It is the aim of martial arts in general and for Judo particularly to underline and to get the mesurements of one's body structure and thus to get ackowledge of on anything situation around him. Ergonomics is the how to adjust one's actions in some environment according to that the oneself and the multiplicity is necessary governed by universal laws. Therefore, action harmony universally bound multiplicity in a whole. It is why most of martial arts can be clasified as Tao, Do, Dao,... meanings. Basically, they are the different techniques on the Way for universal physic knowledge, beyond the ego.
For the Judo, the main practise is not for the how to win, to conquer, to defeat and to be a champion. It is only a superficial purpose that need no knowledge on universality principle of life. The Juso moto is how to seize intuitively any action as a minimal effort while doing it with a maximum efficiency. Judo practise should be true Physics experiments using one's body structure capabilities to sharpen one's wits in conjuction with an oponent that have a same will. It is really as you tell it as human ergonomics measures practices. This Judo is very nice to practice, to see it and is very educative.

- lest + of + the + most + important + words + used + when + talking + about + "humen" + body (Saudi Arabia)

Who does know this minimal word ?
Please, Help !!!

- comment + peut + on + soulever + ou + deplacer + un + object + assez + lourd (Canada)

How can we lift a weight or displace it .

The lifting of a weight can be dangerous to whom it is not an usual action even if one is strong. So there are trolley, barrow or luggage truck.

General method is to go and put his gravity center just under the load and use his leg extention to lift the weight when the vertebral column is not loaded. However, even in the latter case any effort may also be concentrated there. Thus, be carreful. It is because modern life make us forget the elementary optimal gesture for developping efforts.

What can we do in the Robinson Crussoë situation where every thing to do, need a great personnal effort ?
There are many such situation in modern time, where we have no robot, nor machine for doing work. I am going to tell you a such case that one needs to produce hight effort. In Vietnam, frequently in country and also in great town, woman needs to produce physical work. She have to carry a heavy load and then displace it on a long distance. Because, these works are really needed and frequently done properly, she ended to develop an efficient and useful method of carrying and displacing heavy things.
The technique consists of using a flat bamboo beam that has the property to be of hight elasticity. Thus, she uses this bamboo elasticity to be able to displace more easily heavy objects. This technique is possible owing to a great understanding on natural law of the potential energy. Thus, woman in VietNam Wietnam know how to lift and displace a weight as high as their own weight, on a long distance. This woman works is not impose by men. It is only necessity of life that decide the woman will. This method is not frequently use by man. May be because they have not the skill and probably because they can't have a so graceful walk as one can see it produced by woman when they displace with a heavy load.

- PHOTO + "WHER" + OF + "WIETNAM" (Poland)

- transfered kinetic energy (USA)

- draw transformation of energy (USA)

- animation heavy load (Taiwan)

- draw woman country in vietnam (Vietnam)

- Vietnam (Canada)

These hats are craft products. They are done with bamboo leather supported by fine bamboo stems. This hat is very light and fixed on the head through a cushion in torus form and handle on the chin by a strap. Its form as a cone is large to shelter the body against the Sun and also the rain during long working in the fields. Generaly it is wear by women more frequently. It is also used by woman as ornement fashion in cities, wearing back with their head appearing in middle of the hat as a corona.

- changes in Vietnamese families (Vietnam)

- don ganh (USA n.r.a.o.)

- war animations (USA Indiana edu)

About war animation, there is at this end of February and beginning of March programmations about most of wars happening in this last century. We can find it realized on the ARTE Television in Europa. It is intersting to be informed about what most of human experiences the destruction of life events. There was also intructive informations about how in USA individual wealthy and conscious behaviors on justice and liberty come into sight during the Vietnam war.

- vietnam + during + the + vietnam + war (USA)

It was for a human, how to do not resign oneself and to survive...

- symbols of the second Vietnamese war (USA New York)

- fashion during the Vietnam war (UK)

- Australian economy fall-Vietnam war (Australia)

- Vietnam war drawings (USA California)

- diagram of Women's Percentage in Vietnam War (USA, Minnesota k12)

- symbols law Vietnam (Unitymedia, Germany)

- Consequences of Vietnam war (Bryant Public Schools, USA)

- catapult a dessiner (Conseil des Ecoles Publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario, Canada)

En ce qui concerne le catapulte, voici une réalité physique suivante.
Le catapulte de type, usant de la chute d'un poids pour lancer un projectile au loin, est le plus efficace comme lanceur. Ce qui n'est pas le cas, des catapultes-arbalètes, usant l'élasticité de ressort quelconque. La raison est selon la loi universelle suivante:
* Pour communiquer une énergie d'un objet à un autre, l'optimal est d'être conforme à la loi Potentiel-Energy-cinétique ou simplement dit, Potentiel-Mouvement.
C'est le cas de ce type de catapulte qui est l'engin pouvant lancer au plus loin un projectile, de tous les appareils de cet usage.

C'est pourquoi, au lancer du poids en athlétisme, le lanceur doit savoir négocier au mieux, la chute du poids initial, pour l'utiliser et le transformer en lancer de distance.
Ne croyez pas que cette règle est une banalité.
Parce que malgré le Dynamisme newtonnien, les Flèches des Forces que l'on dessine à profusion, les action-réactions, les calculs que permet l'usuel Théorème de Pythagore pour les vecteurs, cette vérité physique, PERSONNE des physiciens des Moyens-Ages au BigBang, ne le sait. C'est "le talent, le pif, le flair du nez de l'empirisme" que les anciens avaient réussi à monter de tel engin de guerre.
Vous avez raison de le signaler ici, en parlant de catapulte, dans ce cas de figure. Parce que ce portage de charge utilise la conservation de l'énergie, pour lancer la charge en avant et ainsi, la transporter plus efficacement. C'est ici aussi, que le talent et l'intuition des gestes qui permettent à chacun d'être conformes au lois physiques pour "un maximum d'effet avec l'effort disponible".
Comme quoi, les capacités naturelles humaines sont bien au-delà de l'orgueil de ceux qui croient être de puissants savants scientifiques et qui ne le sont pas de fait et ne sont que technologiques industrielles. C'est une attitude générale erronnée que l'on fait bien de se corriger, pour ne pas tomber dans le ridicule qui tue.

- normal "womans hight" (, Georgia)

- ganh nuoc (, South of California, USA)

Carrying water... - vietnamese rice LOADING IN BULK AT HOCHIMINH PORT (Singapore)


- looping port telkom (Indonesia, - vietnamese ergonomic human body data (Japan)

- Ho Chi Minh Vietnam war cartoons (, Netherlands)

- foto jupiter M.X. Singapore road race (Indonesia,

- Vietnam war wallpaper (Indonesia, Vietnam War.html)

- famous Vietnam war cartoons (, Philadelphia, USA)

- Vietnam + war + injuries (, USA)

- famous Vietnam war photo (Indonesia)

- Australia Vietnam war cartoons (Autralia)

- cartoons about the Korean war (, USA)

- famous + 1960's + anti-war + protest + drawing (, USA)

- political korean war cartoon (USA)

- war psychology cartoons (Australia)

- korean political cartoon (Korea, 520Pig.GIF)

- Thai political cartoon (Thailand,

- cartoon korea wallpaper (Korea, m01/Korean-Cartoon-happy-valley-06.jpg)

- cartoon political Thailand (Thailand, AAAAAAAAGoE/Utj22QvhYiU/s400/sacrava_no_1118-Thai-King.jpg)

- paddy field in Thailand detection by Satellite (Thailand,

- (Vietnam, wallcoo.net_cartoon_penguin_01.jpg)

- peoples rights in Thailand cartoons pictures (UK)

- wallcoo (Vietnam, big/WALLCOO.COM_1EP022.JPG)

- wallcoo (Vietnam, peace-wallcoo-com.jpg)

- cartoons benefits of new health care system in Australia (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia)

- wallcoo nature (Vietnam, trangthiennguyen/wallpapers/)

- wallcoo mother (Indonesia,

- wallpapers physical science (Chile)

- wallpaper of wall reed and bamboo (Russian Federation, Handcraft-Bamboo-Wallpaper-WALLPAPER-B-.jpg)

- happy mother's day wallcoo (Thailand, wp-content/uploads/2009/03/ lovely_illustration_of_happy_family_with_flowers_wallcoo_com1-300x225.jpg)

- optimal capital structure (Russian Federation,

Lancé de poids

The Ganh technique in Vietnam
An optimal use of physical laws

- judovietnam (Vietnam)

In some latter time I will animated a vietnameese basic special Judo o-soto-gari...

- analytical Kano model (Korea,

The above o-soto-gari that a I will try to animate, is a technique that rests on the Kano's Ju principle.

- news nature wallpapers (Greece)

- Vietnam wallpaper (Vietnam)

- BIG BUDDHA VIETNAM WALLPAPER (USA, uploaded_images/IMG_5376(2)-756756.jpg)

- Poster introduction about Hanoi University of Technology (Vietnam,


- cartoons against mechanism

- anti Vietnam war political cartoons (, Hampstead Public Schools, Hampstead, New York, USA)

- Vietnam anti war cartoons (, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA)

- Vietnam nem (Korea)

- Vietnam war expenses (, Bresnan Communication, USA)

- Red Cros in Vietnam war (France)

- vietnam war (Australia)

- strong + independent + woman + symbols (USA)

- national vietnamese symbols (Vietnam)

- great circle Vietnam Japan (Osaka University phy. sci., Japan)

- Vietnam symbol (Japan, Fukushima OCN)

- Principles of Motion Economy (Thailand)

- self sufficient energy Vietnam (Japan)

- woman Vietnam (Estonia)

- symbol woman Vietnam (Vietnam)

- don ganh (USA Oregon)

- big bang korean animations (Singapore,

- Australia, Vietnam and Singapore together (Autralia, Victoria)

Focus for optimisation of this techniques are:
1) - Use the human skeleton in conjunction with material elasticity to minimize energy expense.
2) - Use of the object potential potentiel resonance energy to displace it.
3) - Lowering center gravity to strengthen the body equilibrium during effort.

In Vietnam, how human applied law of potential energy to displace heavy charges. Pratical process of woman for doing physiqcal works is to apply a bamboo elasticity property to displace more easily heavy objects.

On this figure, we can see how this technique is used. A flat bamboo beam enough strong to support a current average of 60kg of load. These load are shared on the two side of the beam so that a woman can stand and walk in the middle part. Thus to carry the total load the woman stays in the beam middle and put the beam in equilibrium on her shoulder. Then she stands up on her leg effort to lift the load. After this step she goes forwards by little steps and produce at the same time a vertical oscillation. At each step, the load oscillates verticaly and its kinetic energy get rapiddly a high amplitude motion according to the repeated resonance. Thus, the woman can walk at her normal displacement speed while the bamboo beam is oscillating at her step rate. As these oscillations are of sinusoidal form and with enough higher amplitude, the woman gain an oscillation phase where she is unloaded because the heavy object is in their upper trajectory. Therefore, during this cycle phase, she is free of the total weight. So they have to step forward, practical free of effort. Now, this oscillation goes ending its phase downward. But this trajectory is controlled by the woman that is standing steadily and the precise place where the load is falling. As she is standing on her rigid bone structure, the effort of the load makes then a least work. from there, a new oscillation cycle will restart, the bamboo elasticity will throwns up the load. The woman will then be free of charge and can make a step forward, free of load.... and so on on next steps cycles.

- Control + the + flow + of + force + arround + the + body (Philippines)

This is the great technique due to a precise natural law understanding. On the figure, you can see how the falling weight (P) can produce an energy making all the system going itself forwards. This force (F) is there the engine that can furnish an parabola displacement. The free falling body law is used here. Therefore, with this quite marvellous technique, the woman can obtain a high efficient work that she need for life development.

The more, because all her motion must be harmoniously donne according to cyclic phenomenon, it is a quite beautiful show of nice dance.

This is a natural law knowledge applied to the usefullness of life. As one can deliver woman and man from these hard work necessity, it is hope that this technique can be maintained as a sport. We have there a so nice and so clearly law application. Also there is a beneficial endurance trial for man.

- Sprinting Gif (USA IBM)

- endurance sprint gif (Peru)

There is a great difference of mind between endurance races and sprinting. It can be observed on video. The result is that sprinter used too much force of leg pushing. This need too much force for moving the whole body to be abble having a posture for pushing on his leg.
While for endurence runners, we can observe a quite difference in the mouving suppleness. Their moving is more beautiful because according to its smoothness. Endurence needs suppleness to do not expense too much energy. For sprinting one must be supple to be abble to have a more high frequency of left-right motions. Sprinting fast rests on high gesture frequency and not on pushing force.

Necessity of human body movement knowledge

- conclusion + of + elemental + analysis + of + the + human + body

Human body moving, more eccurate definition is the human equilibrium, is the basic source of knowledge. It is the only source of the mechanics and particularly the mathemanics knowledge. No abstraction can claim that it can produce the movement knowledge. The human body and also for the whole alive one, is constructed to allows the thought to get into the science of equilibrium. Look at the new born then one aggrees with this statement. Therefore, where woman and man have skill about their gestures and about all their attitudes they have skill on understanding Physics. Consequently they are linked better to the whole cosmos laws.
Therefore, it is encouraged to each, to practise body exercises all allong his life, woman and man. I am sure that in any human tradition, from the whole America to Africa, Europe, Mediterranean Region to Australia, Russia and Asia, there existes a such understanding of human body. We can include in these practises the folk dances. For example in Asia, traditions use to develop these technique well-known to day in world wide. Every country every Pacific Island, has a such technique. Generally theses techniques had origin from martial arts. However, this is only particular view points, particular applications that are in history. There is not really violence. In the contrary, theses body movement techniques are practises for human health an spiriual development. It is welle know that foundation of most of these techniques come from Buddha teaching for emphasizing that knowledge rests on the body equilibrium and equilibrium is fully the life itself.

- example + of + a + body + that + is + in + motion + but + that + is + also + in + equilibrium (Taiwan)
This a fine description according to your deep undestanding of motion.
Most of motion of the alive are in fact and in general, the know-how of equilibrium. Human have to take conscience of his equilibrium starting from his rest attitude, through any of his gesture, to any of his displacement. Running athletes that can have high endurance and high speed displacements is the one that know how to keep equilibrium using the falling body energy law. The man of perfect knowledge is the man that in a sitting position, can be in equilibrium at any of his skeleton articulation. For a such man that is conscious of his whole body, we can tell that Buddha he is.

- "difine" + how you + say + lunar new year in Vietnam (USA)
According that everybody on Earth receives at least one time a wish from his familly and friends whatever a whish can do, the result is at least a pecious fondest regards that can fill in his mind. Therefore, I add my thought to all these good wishes for each, everywhere he stays, an another whish as it is saying in this present days, for the new year in Vietnam :
"Chúc Mùng Nam Mói".
I am sorry to do not know how to traduce it into particular prononciations that fit to each.
This lunar year 2006 is governed by the qualities that one use to assign to the Dog symbol. The one most known qualities is the faithfullness, reliability and family home gifts.

- Bangladesh fish roue (Bangladesh)
- transformation animation (Argentina)

- Dance animation gif (Vietnam)

- Dòn Gánh (USA)

- Dòn Gánh from Vietnam (USA)

- name + of + parts + of + "humen" + body + with + diagrams (Mongolia)

- left-right + symmetry + Ernst + Mach (Sweden)

- simple + harmonic + motion + and + the + human + body (USA)

- energy + transformation + physic + animations (Turkey)

- indifferent + equilibrium + construction + gravity (Netherlands)

- new + style + animation + gif (Bosnia Herzegovina)

- equality: animated pictures (India)

- quantum animation (USA)

This is quite a physical truth.
Gif or film animations are possible ONLY and ONLY, because universe matter is of discretness principle. If the universe is a Continuum then, no animation is possible. No motion is possible, because motion is the consequence of Succession of discret mater elements. Because the Continuum means undefined location while matter dicretness allows absolute space locations.

- animated gif angel (Canada)

- to establish justice (CANADA)

- Estonia physic (Estonia)

- unity animation (Malaysia)

- strange gif animation (China)

- happy animation gif (USA)

- sorry moving animations (UK)

- stupid animation (UK)

- HUMAN justice (Turkey)

- animated law lady (India)

- lady of justice weighing scale (Philippines)

- animation of a lady (USA)

- weighing balance animation (India)

- establish justice in america (USA)

- animated lady (Lithuania)

- giong ganh vietnam (Vietnam)

- justice symbol (Latvia)

- lady balance head (Australia)

Balancing the head forwards or in rotation allows to use its kinetic momentum for an equilibrium during the whole body action.

- touch of Moon and Sun (Turkey)

- I want touch the moon animation (Romania)

- bamboo competition (Vietnam)
A such sport competition has a meaning of: How to use his internal energy for a best transformation into movement work energy. It is like the marathon trial.

- animation of a lightning beam (UK)

- moving animation of China (UK)

- relationship VN-China (Vietnam)

- Vietnam beautiful bamboo (Vietnam)

Actually, Vietnam cultivates nice bamboo plantations.

- Ancient chinese influence Vietnam (USA)

Actually. There is always civilisation interactions at least between neighbourhood countries particularly from the wealthy Anciants' Chineese thought.

- Vietnam Arts (Singapore)

- animated Chinese man taking water (Singapore)

The means of carrying loads with a lever as a scale is also used in China and probably elsewhere.
However, it can be noted on anciant video that the lever used to carry loads is a rigid one. While the lever used by woman in Vietnam is practised according to the elasticity of bamboo stick. That is to say, woman can also carry a heavy load not with force but by applaying a least action law technique.

- Giong , Vietnam (China)

- Turkey gif animated (Spain)


- Vietnam plant bamboo (Mauritius)

- animated Dominican freedom (USA ca)

- gif animated (Peru)

- fu animated (China)

- Blue Man animated gifs (New Zealand)

- justice law symbol (USA Missouri)

- BHUTAN animation

- human animation legs (USA Alaska)

- literary symbol of justice (USA)

- magic moments gifs (Germany)

- animated regards (Norway)

- vietnam art (Poland)

- image justice Vietnam (VietNam)

- justice symbol (Bosnia-Herzegovina) - animations of Egypt (Slovak Republic)

- human animation (USA Oklahoma edu)

- Vietnam animated (USA Oregon edu)

- Netherlands art (USA Virginia)

- art USA (Vietnam)

- justice symbol (Ukraine)

- against war animation gif (USA Pennsylvania)

- people all tied up animations gif (USA)
- Jamaica animation (Slovenia)

- animated Bangla new year.gif (Bangladesh)

Best whishes for Bangladesh.

- fine art animated gif (Italy libero)

- moving animations of history (USA Pennsylvania k12)

- law balance symbol (Ecuador)

- moving animation (USA Omaha ne)

- Missouri Indian symbols (USA) - Don Ganh (USA Washington k12)

- moving animations (UK Bloxwich Walsall Academy)

- Rhythm by opposition objects (USA Utah k12)

- Animated Mongolia Dancers (USA Chicago)

- movement step by step human body animation gallery (Eritrea)

- moving animation dancers (UK Medway gov)

- Georgia Caucasus (Lithuania)

- moving animations (Canada Ontario edu)

- fun moving animations (USA Monroe edu)

- human body perfect machine (USA At&T)

- cliparts balance beam perfect (Brazil)

- animated Pakistan (Canada Ontario UCDSB)

- moving animations (Australia Wellington girls-schools)

- animated + balance + of + law (Opera mini)

- animated images related to Human life health in funny way (India)

- MOVING animation FASHION (New Zealand)

- Mongolia circus tradition (Spain)

All circus are magic. Mongolia circus is one of the most magic show.

- moving animations (UK Farlington School)

- laboratory experience animated (Israel)

- sun moving animation (USA Rochester)

- gánh's (USA California San Francisco)

- animated justice scale (USA U.P.S.)

- good moving animations (South Africa Univ KawaZulu-Natal Durban-Westville)

- moving animation (USA, CAlifornia LosAngeles, Mary Lind Recovery Centers)

- USA Chicago (Qatar)

- animated Georgia (USA Pavlov media)

- Karel Vojkovsky

- gif human body animation (USA, Motorola)

- South African Animation GIF (South Africa, telkom)

- the geometry the internal human body (Jamaica)

- Animated Sweden (Sweden)

- oscillations additive animation (Poland, Universytet Slasky w Katowicach)

- moving animation (Canada, Alberta, Medecine Hat School)

- human life cycle animation (Khon Kaen University, Thailand)

- organic animation human (Motherwell College Scotland, UK)

- moving animations (Anaheim Union High Schools District, California, USA)

- health equality (University of Richmond, Virginia, USA)

- moving animations holes (Wake Country Public School System, North Carolina, USA)

Fine. This figure represents actually moving using holes of the non-weight. Movement up and down of a alternate elastic lever present a hole of non-weight at the maximum amplitude of oscillations. It is at this out-of-load phase that the athlete has the optimal chance of moving forward moore easily. - human life circle (hkcable, HongKong)

- moving animations (Bristol City Council Children Young Peoples' Services, UK)

- balancing nature and humans animated (B.C. Government, Province of British Columbia, Canada)

- moving animation (Bolton LEA website, Bolton Council Children's Services, UK)

- animated human moving (cybercity, Denmark) - images of unloading luggage (, Michigan, USA)

Actually, it is a just definition. Here is how to expense a minimal muscle energy to displace with a load, by maximizing its unloading.

- moving animation of Haiti (, Hospitals, USA)

- Missouri School animated (USA)

- animated mechanism (MYKOLO ROMERIO UNIVERSITETAS, Universiteto misija, Vilnius, Lithuania)

- giong ganh (, Michigan, USA)

- the woman's role in the Vietnam war (, USA)

Bamboo lever.

- vietnamese vector art (, USA)

- animated human capital (, Pakistan)

- vietnam xua ((, Mediacom Communications Corporation, USA)

The ancient Vietnam...

- moving animations (, Kiribati)

- Vietnam house clip art (National University of Singapore)

- animation of Federation of South Arabia (, New York c, USA)

- SKY MOVING ANIMATION (, Philippines)

- Animated KENTUCKY (k12, USA)

- animated human pictures and gifs (Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi, Turkey)

- Moving Animation (, (Navstivte stránky internetového knihkupectvi Academia, Czech Republic)

- conservation of angular momentum animation (, Canada)

Practically, there is nearly the use of the load rotation conservation. According to the flexibility of the lever the woman maintains this pendulum movement by only a minimal effort for displacing forwards. Because she can use her skeleton structure and not her muscles, to maintain a vertical force of the load. This allows to do not contradict to the perpendicular horizontal displacement force. This latter is mainly her body gravity weight used in resonnance to the load pendulum.
This is why with such technique, there is really a skill of how to expend a minimal effort or a minimal work when one have to displace under a load.

- don ganh (University of California, Irvine, USA)

- blind justice scales (Bangladesh)

The question is to ask if the justice should be in blindness as impartial or he should have on reason a perspicaccious gaze.

- Beautiful New world e-Space Irvine (, USA)

- funny animation of brain (Seychelles)

- peinture vietnamienne (, CAN'L Net'tement Plus, New Caledonia French)

- animated + Sri + Lankan + gif (Sri Lanka)
- New Caledonian vietnamese (, QUALCOMM)

- Iran fun animation.gif (Iran)

- african american animated women images (, Florida, USA)

- Republic of Mauritius animated gif (, Mauritius Republic)

- Pakistan animation gif (Pakistan)

- Nepal sweet animerad (Sweden)

- animated pictures of Bolivia (Minnesota, USA)

- ""

- Thanksgiving turkey animated gif (, USA)


- gif animationen Thai (, Austria)

- animated dancing Armenian (Armenia)

- Madagascar symbols animated clipart (Colombia)

- zero work animation gif (, India)

- physics animation (Myanmar)

It is the ideal case of machanics where friction is negligible. In practice, we can tell that it is a Minimal work for Maximal efficiency.

- Bolivian government animated

- 50km + cycle, + tour + 2009 + Mauritius + carnaval (, Mauritius)

- animation flat Cambodia file gif (, Cambodia)

- christian dance animated (, USA)

- Happy + New + Year + animated + images + to + download (

- new year animations.gif ( - new year animated gif (, Canada)

- animasi new year.gif (, Indonesia)

- new year.gif (Sweden)

- new year.gif (Vietnam)

- vietnam new year

- chinese new year animated desktop wallpaper (2010)


- animated graphic Old Year, Baby new Year (, USA)

- chinese new year animated (Singapore)

- chinese new year animation (, Australia)

- animation chinese new year (Malaysia)

- wallpaper animasi chinese new year (, Indonesia)

- chinese new year animation (USA)

- vietnamese new year wallpaper (, USA)

- image chinese new year tiger animated (China)

- chinese new year pictures in gif format (Singapore)

- chinese new year animation (, Educational computers and sofware suppliers, UK)

- animated new year (Vietnam)

- tiger chinese new year animation (Malaysia)

- animated images of tiger for chinese new year (Australia)

- animation chinese new year (Thailand)

- chinese lunar year animated (, Taiwan)

- animation gif happy new year (Singapore)

- chinese new year (Japan)

- animated chinese new year (, Singapore)

- chinese new year animation (,, UK)

- chinese new year animated (Autralia)

- chinese new year 2010 wallpaper (Malaysia)

- 3Dchinese new year graphics (Singapore)

- chinese new year animation (Indonesia)

- chúc ban tri ky ruoi xuân gif (Viet Nam)

- chinese new year animations (, Singapore)

- animated tiger chinese new year (, Keker & Van Nest LLP, San Francisco, USA)

- animated chinese new year 2010 (Canada)

- chinese new year, animated (, USA)

- chinese + new + year + gif (, BlackBerry)

- animated tiger year 2010 (, Denmark)

- chinese new year.gif (Bangladesh)

- chinese new year ANIMATIONS (, Myamar)

- Malaysia chinese newyear (Malaysia)


- congratulation gif animations (Latvia)

- animated chinese new year (, Philadelphia, USA)

- chinese new year animation (Toronto, Canada)

- Bangla new year design (Bangladesh)

- New + year + anim (, Venezuela)

- happy chinese new year animation (, Singapore)

- 2010 chinese new year celebration Montreal dance (, Montréal, Canada)

- 2010 chinese new year (, Carolina, USA)

- New Years Filetype:gif (, North Carolina, USA)

- clipart + animiert +( satt+) (Germany)

2010 TIGER, Health, Prosperity, Longevity

- zero gif animation (Palestine)

- head and neck consciousness logo (Philippines)


- Indian dance.gif (India,

- ganh (Belgium,

- Animated + Nokia + gif + file + image (, OPERA)

- MAY DAY ANIMATED (, Winniped, Manitoba, Canada)


- gif animations human feelings (India)

- Heart Beat Filetype:gif (Sri Lanka)

- thinking feeling moving animation (Netherlands)

- Japan wallpaper animations (Bugaria)

- animation gif health funny (Indonesia,

- gif animate school (Romania)

- gif animatin castle (, Japan)

- gif inflation belly (, Russian Federation)

- space lighting effects gif animated (Lebanon)

- Obama + animasi + walpaper (, Opera)


- gif animation Saipan (Philippines)

- cartoon Malaysia small kampung houses (Singapore,

- healthy animations pictures (Singapore, //

- harmonic gif animation (Turkey)

- Rotational motion animation + funny (Vietnam,

- best dance animation .gif (, Georgia)

- congratulation animations (, UK)

- gif medical machine animation (, Athens, Greece)

- laos economic development animated (Singapore)

- gif animation river (, Japan,

- ganh (


- gifts animados thank for you atention (, Honduras)


- tem che (Vietnam,


- GIFS BOLIVIA (, Bolivia)

- Buddha gif animation (, Russian Federation)

- status of Pakistan's women and current situation animated (Pakistan)


- quantum scalar Thai Buddhist (Indonesia,

- gif animations biology (Canada)

- da Vinci anatomy animation gif (Malaysia)


- anime bring me to life gif (Hungary)

- anime wind blowing movement (Singapore,

- first aid animation gif (Malaysia,

- gif animations starwars (Singapore,

- realities of Vietnam war cartoon

- vietnam anime (Vietnam,

- animated presentation on raising of capital through the methods of placement (India)

- justice animation.gif (Indonesia)

- educate animation (Indonesia)

- stickman (Japan)

- cartoon safety animation (Vietnam,

- HAWAII ANIMATED GIFS (, Japan, &imgurl=

- Sun gif animation (, Philadelphia, USA)


- blood action animation gif (Thailand,

- student eke compass cartoon (Vietnam,

- korean war political cartoon (Michigan, USA)

- manekenka + fotomodel + mara + bulk + bulk (Slovania)

- Thailand political cartoon (Thailand,

- ganh0 (Vietnam,

- ular animasi (Indonesia,

- peoples rights in Thailand cartoons pictures (UK)

- education in Indonesia cartoon (Indonesia)

- quáng gánh (Australia)

- energy conservation cartooned posters (Singapore, cartoonists/bst/lowres/bstn442l.jpg)

- cartoon Indonesia (Indonesia, long-plea-about-corruption-freedom-of- speech-and-indonesias-road-towards-real-democracy/)

- iluminas mi vida (Mexico)

- health is wealth animated poster (Philippines,>
- long paragraphs on health is wealth (India)

- democracy Indonesia cartoon (Indonesia,

- blind + person + is + able + to + do + different + activities + without + his/her + sigth (, Philippines)

- high + resolution + ban + do + Saigon + xua (

Travelling sailers of Saigon in the past.

- Don ganh line drawing (, Australia)

- gánh + lúa + animated + gif (Canada)

Porter le paddy... l'usage dans les compagnes.

- scales + of + justice (UK)

- gif animado viettel (Peru)

For newer 2012
The Doubling a cube:
Its whole resolution by the Dakhiometry.

If you are the most closely concerned, please, click on this following link:

- srilankan justice angel (Sri Lanka)

- gambar + animasi + happy + new + year + 2012 (, USA)

- Ho + Chi + Minh + Viêtnam + champagne + bonne + année + 2012 (Vietnam)

- gambar + th + 2012 + Beijing + gif

- oxherd + weaving + girl + legend (Singapore)

- Michelle + Obama + speech (2012/09, USA)

... Alive Human Heart. - ganh lua picture (, Austin, Texas, USA)

Actually. An usual personal technique for transporting paddy or rice.

- animated + curtain + gif + files (

- picture + of + not + to + judge + a + person + by + the + look (, Singapore)

- nhat + hanh + duong + xua + may + trang + summary (Philippines)

le Ganh au Viêtnam

- chúc + xuân + happy + "nez" + yaer (, VietNam)

New year of the Cat. Everything runs well if a spade should be called as a spade...

- the saint (, Italy)

- animatie gifs Indonesia danseres (Idonesia)

Indonesia dansers and for most of danses, are too much beautiful and subtle to simulate it with simple drawing techniques.

- poster of conserving environment (cartoon) (Singapore, albums/ab253/jaychkr/poster_cartoon01.jpg)

- posters of Haiti people for energy conservation (CMU.EDU, Carnegie Mellon University, Pensylvania, USA)

- Inverse load balancing, cartoon (Saudi Arabia)

- rocks in equilibrium beach in Indonesia (Romania)

- lifes vital energy in animated gif (Philadelphia, USA)

Actually. Complete whole body motion is characteristic of health full of vital energy.

- animated gif Obama (, USA)

- Obama animations (, Charlotte Public Schools, Charlotte, Michigan, USA)

- animation of Galileo gif (, Education World, Mid Michigan)

- economy animation (Estonia)

- animation icon (Vietnam)

- greatest Lord gif anime (, Indonesia)

- Viêtnam + gánh + lúa (, California, USA)

Paddy Carrier in Viêt Nam

- moder justicia (Hong Kong)

- gifs animated women's history (, Brazil)


- economy animated gifdt (Perou)

- old greek sculptur cartoon (Denmark)

- justicia gif animaci (, Venezuella)

- justicia gif (Peru)

- gifs animados-medicina (, Peru)

- animated thinking (Vietnam, Joanwear)

- animated + pouring knowledge (Singapore)

- animation picture health (Vietnam)


- BUDDHA ANIMATED GIF (Singapore, //

- Ganh nuoc picture (Singapore,



- Animated Buddha (Malaysia,



- don ganh (Vietnam, - don ganh (, Ho-Chi-Minh city, Vietnam,

- animated Buddha of Thailand (Singapore, - animated mother nature (, Montréal, Canada)

- articulation + agreement + NC + symbol (North Carolina, USA)

- Pulse Generator Animation (Philippines)

- vietnam gif (Vietnam)

- quang ganh (, South California, USA)

En effet, les nombreux marchands ambulants utilisent ce mode de transport de marchandise qui les rend très mobiles en fonction de l'achalandage.

- high speed bearing animation gif (, China)

- animated images of women equality in India (Anna University Chennai, India)

- knowledge animated clipart (Coláiste na hOllscoiUle Corcaigh, University College Cork, Ireland)

The purpose of this drawing is to illustrate how in a given situation, the human body movement is adapted to with a least effort. This is the human capacity of being in universal natural mechnic law to make the best of something. Everyone can intuitively know his own capacity. May be it is the Health definition.

- application of impulse and momentum animation (Malaysia)

It true that there are in such displacement under load, the impulsion characteristic. This latter is done as a little movement of the body forward, when the momentum of the load is beginning its rotation in the forward direction.
So it is like a Judo and other martial-arts principe of action that tell to act additivement to the external action to unbalance this latter and cancel its effect on oneself. "A least effort for a maximum effect" to get a maximum that one can't do oneself alone.
This is a capacity of soupleness "Ju".

- forever living products (Poland)

- forever living products logo (Vietnam,

- forever iving Tanzania (Malaysia,


- International Women's Day gif Animated (India)

- forever living products logo (Thailand)

- forever living products logo (

The Earth is a planet in its perpetual equlibrium of its internal energy. There is no external action against the Earth equilibrium because the Solar system is also in equlibrium according to the universal law of heavenly bodies condensation. The Sun burning and will dead when consumming all its gas, is a pure belief of modern science tales that rests on no rational foundation. Precisely, the Earth and also any of the Solar System planet equilibrium is not due to some hazards.
Therefore, we can states that Life is forever the Living product of the Earth structure properties. Obviuosly, Life means here the so unbounded multiplicity of living forms. However Life is an Unity of Life Form that may change in its whole according only to universal Construction laws and not to man's ideologies.

- animated mother India (India)

- Buddha gif animation (, Makaysia)

- charter of fundamental rights in Jamaica (, British Columbia, Canada)

- fundamental rights, India (India)

- animated New Zealand pictures gif (, UK) - "scince" anmation (Indonesia)

- fundamental rights of India (animated) (India)

- logo forever living products Vietna (Romania)

- animation picture of cohesion (India)

- vital gif animation (Hungary)

- biomechanic spine animation (Korea)

Actually. The reason is that under a vertical load, the human body is mainly free to move horizontaly with a minimal energy expense.

le Ganh au Viêtnam

- hearts + crash+arrow + animated + pictures (India)

- ""

- free economic animated clipart (, Bangladesh)

- nguòi bán gánh (Vietnam)

Portage du marchand ambulant.

- criminal.GIF ani (, The United States Department of Justice, USA)

- pendulum principle of energy conservation animation (, Greece)

- animated pull and push gif ( ?)

Actually, you have seen it, the hidden cyclic push-pull technique.
The gravity of inclined shoulder-plus-straight-line-leg are set to offer a pushing resistance when the load is backwards. And when the load is going to forwards high amplitude, the load inertial action will pull the carrier one step ahead. So is the general human forwards moving technique using the gravity and body inertia while using a few muscle energy. For this particular case the moving is like a rhythmic moving or dance.

- Sri Lankan art (Sri Lanka)

- Ho Shi Min gif animation (, Germany)

- animated sun and sea (Vietnam)

- duong xua may trang thich nhat hanh (, USA)

It is not easy to understand the vietnamiese language without their accents on world when there is no specific configuration. So, I'm wrong but the phrase interpretation may be as:
"Where are the favorite old-time ways of the quiet white clouds? ".

- rising sun hope animated (, India)

- Physics force animation (Mongolia)

- Gif + animated + chi + min (, Portugal)

My be, is-it the name Chi Minh?
Chi-Minh means Thinking Light or simply The Light.

- rising sun .gif animated (Vietnam)

According to lifgth refraction and depending on atmosphere humidity a sun rise make the sky gilded or appears as fiery sun.

- gánh hàng (Vietnam)

... transport de marchandises.

- human body following law of equal and opposite reaction (Korea)

Actually, you are right.
However, it is a more general understanding to tell that for any material system, internal kinetic energy are done according to the equilibrium of its inertia. System Inertia is defined in Dakhiometry as the system process for internal equipartition of energy. It is why human acting with his body should be optimal if it is understood and created as coming from his body center. This is the root of any moving body Art particularly visible in the Asian Martial Arts. It is quite perfectly aplied by animals.
The force notion of the current Dynamics is rather simplistic used for mechanism and does not allows to go further in the understanding of the alive body.

- funny + animated + scales + of + justice + gifs (UK)

Actually, this is goddess Justice heavily loadded with her scale hardly clearring a way forwards on the Earth. - well since today is the last official day of winter i want to say to everyone happy spring (, USA)

- porteur ái Viet Nam (, Canada)

- Vietnam, Source: Life

- Bengali New Year celebration (, University of South Australia, Australia)

- xuan ky suu (

- vietnamese new year animated gif (, Oracle Information Company, Next-Generation Data Center)

- xuan ky suu (, Japan)

- Ky Suu (, Whashington, USA)


- chúc mùng nam mói quy-suu (, CIBC Mellon, Canada's leader in asset servicing and issuer services Canada)

- têt ky suu (Slovak Republic)

- Vietnamese new year wallpapers (, Social Security Administration, USA)

- chuc mung nam moi Ky suu (, Fannie Mae, For home owners facing force closure, a new plan is available to help, USA)

May a buffalo labor sow joy of living.

- animated - chinese new year wishes (USA)

- nam moi (, USA)

- chuc mung nam moi animated (

- vietnam new year (Thailand)

- xuan ky suu (, Forsvarets forskninginstitutt, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), Kjeller, Norway)

- nam suu (, Victoria, Australia)

- ky suu (, Belgium)

- nam moi (China)

- anim spring (Northern Illibois University, USA)

New Ky-suu spring beginning with the "Buffalo theorem" concerning the aera of a circle sector. The latter form stylizes the buffalo head with its horns.

- mung xuân Ky suu (, USA)

Gladness on Sping Ky suu event...

- vietnamese new year (, USA)

- Ky suu (, USA)

- Ky suu (Germany)

- Ky suu (Netherlands)

- chúc Xuân (VietNam)

Vietnamese Spring Wishes...

- nam moi Ky suu (VietNam)

New Year of Buffalo. Buffalo is a symbol of ploughing the soil to sow. May it be a revival for our too much frantic world.
Nouvel An. Qu'il soit un renouveau pour ce monde si éperdu.

- animated analitycal balance (International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria)

- symbole démocratie France (University of Sunderland, Edinburgh, UK)

- moving animation (Nova Scotia gov, Canada)

- don ganh (National Defense Academy of Japan, Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan)

- human capital (Columbia)

- Animated Health Equality Scale (UK, NHS Health)

- human capital (USA, North Dakota k2)

- human capital (Myamar)

- Earthquake animations (Vietnam)

- human capital Mongolia (Monglia)

Mongolia people way of life should be a human capital.

- don ganh (Uruguay)

- corps de femme sportive Vietnam (Vietnam netnam)

- Vietnam ancient cycles (VietNam)

- Human Capital Bangladesh (Bangladesh)

- brain mind memory animated (Argentina)

- animation pics of human capital (United Arrab Emirates)

- human capital graphic (Thailand)

- human capital

- Vietnamese human body (China)


In a second half-cycle, the load is pulling forward while in the first half-cycle, the carrier shoulder is pushing upward to further the next second half-cycle. This is the best use of the bamboo elastic rocking.

- law animation (New Zealand)

- animated Vietnamese families (Australia Victoria)

- vietnamese familly value images (Australia New South Wales)

- fardeau (Canada, Acanac)

- gift + animé + fardeau + épaule + femme (Canada)

During hard times, there is a Vietnameese proverb telling:
"Father worying is as the Mount Thai-Son. Mother pains is as water springing from rock".

- Vietnam ancient martial art (Vietnam FTP Ho-Chi-Minh)

When I was very young I began practising the Vo-Thíêu-Lâm method...

- Vietnamese woman gánh hàng (USA)

- Vietnamese gifts sold in America (USA)

- animation of red river Vietnam (USA New York East)

The river flowing by Hanôi, Song Hông. - law symbol (USA New York c gov)

- Vietnam symbol (Japan Utsunomiya-u ac)

- familly law (Georgia Caucasus)

- human brain evolution animated (Mexico)

- Vietnam ANCIENT pictures (Vietnam)

- human capital animate (HongKong)

- goddess of justice and chance (USA)

- justice law symbol of Tanzania (Tanzania)

- Fu + Tao + kinetic + sculpture (USA)

- Vietnamese lady justice (USA California)


- potential and kinetic energy sport animation (Australia usc edu)

- ancient symbols of African justice (Madagascar)

- symbol of equilibrium (USA New Jersey)

- moving animation (Ireland)

- new animated airplanes gif (HongKong)

- gifs Buddha (Argentina)

- animated scale gif (Norway hokeland)

- human evolution animated (Colombia)

- art draw leg (Vietnam)

- sweden spinning animation (Canada)


- gif animate camera (Venezuela)

- Myanmar Buddha symbol (Myanmar)

- VIETNAM symbol (Thailand)



- symbol Buddha (Malaysia)

- Vietnam art (Italy)

- Vietnam art (Thailand)

- Vietnamese art, five elements (Italy)

- symbol for justice (Canada)

- justice symbol (India)

- USA Law (USA)

- justice is blind symbol (USA)


- simple drawings of bamboos (Norway)

- mechanical equilibrium (USA Wisconsin)

- Vietnam Art (USA Pennsylvania) - moving animations of the BUDDHA (UK)

- India gif animate (Italy)

- Energy conservation art (Mongolia)

- mechanical equilibrium animation (Thailand)

Actually, the purpose of this drawing is to show how human body can move while remaining in dynamic equilibrium.

- animated daVinci (Canada)

- Leonardo da Vinci draws the human body (Japan)

- human characteristics in vietnam (USA)

- inscribed rock vietnam (USA ny)

- animation in Russia (Bangladesh)


- human teleportation animation (India)

- woman in Australia "nowaday" (Vietnam)

- human pelvic motions animation (India)

Actually. When the body is down fixed by heavily load, the only possible free movement memaining is the rotation around the body vertical axis. More generally in any case, the most easiest free movements are this rotation one.

- chinese carrying bamboo shoulder poles (USA wa)

- kinetic art china (Vietnam)

Kinetic arts in China is of a high level. It can be seen in circus shows and also in painting and calligraphy.

- free learning drawing human body (Egypt)

- woman symbol (Australia)

- human body floating (Mexico)

Floating body is the the best fitting expression.
Because alive displacements are optimal when their trajectories obey to balistic mechanics. Animals move fine according to that their motions follow to balistic trajectories. And balistic trajectory are done in least friction. Therefore, during an optimal jump or running or walking, the human body is like floating in the vacuum.

- elle body posture (Seychelles)

- art viet nam (Australie)

- Gánh (Vietnam)

- don ganh (Canada)

- bamboo in Viet Nam (China)

This expression designates the bamboo beam used for carrying.

- why + in + practise + to + "models" + not + obey + simple + harmonic + motion + energy + lost (UK)

- springboard + simple + harmonic + motion + mass + period (New Zealand)

- solid body equilibrium experiments in school (Romania)

- Transformation + woman (Germany)

- lady justice (Australia)

- animated balance of justice

Even if the balance of justice is always oscillating the most basic characteristic of justice is to be always to behave in equilibrium.

- animated gif health and social care (UK)

- picture of the lady of the law and justice (South Africa)

- animation justice (Thailand)

- GODDESS of the justice (Italy)

- lady justice animations (USA)

Lady Justice is represented by a goddess with in his hand a scale always in equilibrium maintained.
Actually, human body actions are optimal if they are done according to physic laws. Optimal actions are actions in equilibrium with no wasted energy. A running and jumping gazelle or cheetah is like floating in the air with no force acting. It also for the heavy elephant or rhinoceros sprinting.

- fairy lady (Spain)

When a person know how to act and thus, to know justly according to universal law, he or she appears as a fairy person. Thus, everywhere on Earth, there are much more such person that express a such fairy behavior.

- animation neck (Taiwan)

- surface + anatomy + of + "humen" + neck (Kasakhstan)

- "humen" + hongkong (HongKong)

- all + parts + of + "humen" + body (Ukaine)

- "Humen" + Body + structure (Oman)
- "humen" + anatomy (Oman)

I see, you are all interested on Huamn health...

- diagram + of + part + of + the + "huamn" + body (USA)

- aquot;humen" + body + simplicity (USA)
- "humen" + BODY (South Africa)
- the + mechanic + pencil + inventer (Israel)
- How + can + we + apply + simple + harmonic + motion + in + our + daily + life (Philippines)
- balistic + phase + of + movement (Czech Republic)
Right analysis. There is a phase of balistic movement when the weight carried is falling and pushing the whole forward. Energy come from the potential and not furnished by bearer.

- supperposition + two + sine + waves + proof (USA)
- "humen" + head + neck + anatomy (Japan)
- general + body + control (USA)

1) - When the two loads is going down and their pendulum swinging at the right of the figure, we have there the load falling body kinetic energy that will serve to bounce again upward with a little part that pushes the carrier shoulder making she doing a step forward.
2) - As soon as the woman is stepping forward, we can see the load pendulum as it is swinging backward. This is due only because of the woman displacement.
3) - from there, a new oscillation cycle is restarting when the load is again at its apogee.

In summary,
When the athlete's positions are well adjusted along the whole trajectory, what he has to spend is to contribute a minimal energy to maintain the load oscillation resonnance. Therefore, the ganh uses by woman in Vietnam is an optimal physical law application for doing works.
You may note that dolphins are expert of this technique when they displace on the sea surface. Their body weight is the load itself.

- Distance + between + steps + on + acceleration + for + sprinters (USA)

This walk loaded uses a same principle as for the runner, to get a forward acceleration. In fact, steps are for human only a means to maintain equilibrium during displacement. They are not really used to push. The energycal engine is the weight or the potential energy. Note that the animal four legs allow them to run faster than human. And the basic reason of a four legs is precisely the esaer possibility to maintain equilibrium in successive left-right position changes.

Animation is slow down for motion details. But one can run with.
a) - For fan spectators...
This animation is only schematic et simplistic. Reality is majestic bearings...
b) - For marathon runners or walkers this technique is fine for training.

- rotation+muscles+with+oposite+dirction (Jordan)

This is also due to kinetic momentum conservation. When we do a movement in right rotation, we use to do it with support preventing a left opposite movement. Thus, when we are given ours whole mind to something that need a force to the right, our memory will do automatically the opposite muscle reaction on some support that doesn't exist. It is why many of our gesture are not very efficient because our action are not prepared for starting on a steady position. We see it generally in hand gestures of children behavior.

- hand + and + body + "machanics" + for + the + human + body (USA)

... also, heel machanic.

- describe the relationship between balancing an equation and the Law of "concervation" of matter (Canada)

- harmony + and + cohesion + under + psycology (Ireland)

- why + does + our + leg + rotate + different + direction + when + we + rotate + our + hand + in + opposit + direction (USA)

It is an interesting and usefull questionning.
When I was younger, a same question happened to me. When my left hand rotates with a screewdriver I noticed that my right hand also works hard in the opposite direction. No response was given at this time even if I concluded at this time the natural equilibrium from the momentum concervation conservation principle. Now, today as I am, most of this symmetrical motion have been dissapeared. Both of my hand can work hard indifferently from the other one. So the first conclusion is that theses symmetrical motion due to the left or right reactions come from our education coming from our own experience beginning early in childhood.
For example, if my left hand rotates to the left direction and involontarily at the same time my foot move in symmetrical way, this may be explained as follows. A child at the first time, when he began to manipulate a screewdriver, doesn't know how to do it. He hesitated. He tempts to find and place his body in a best position so that he can master the screwdriver with his hand. But it is not the jsut one. So he tries to do it many time. During these times, the main idea that dominate him is the idea of hand-rotation as a difficult thing to do. Then in his memory was inscribed not the know-how to manipulate with the hand a screwdriver, but the actual confused different postures that he was trying to tempst the advanture with the screwdriver. And what remains in his memory is really how to rotate his leg symmetrically to the so difficult way of mastering the scdewdriver.
Note that many other persons may stick out his tongue in this situation and I don't know in what direction this tonge rotates...

Because we are made of two symmetrical part in one body, there are always a little confusion of these parts in our conscience. Thus, along our time of experimentally practising our body ib the real spoace, there are always in our will a mixed order of moving that is shared out in our two parts, the left and the right. This is done according to natural principle of equilibrium, particularly as most of our movement are the rotation one, the kinetic momentum is naturally applied to these automatic reflexes.
These reflexes may dissapear when our mind are in the most quiet state and with more consciousness of ourselve. For example, if one becomes to be kilful user of tools it is probably that these automatic reflex of the screwdriver is no more existing.

- my + eye + muscle + made + "unvolontary" + movements ++ what + should + i + do (, USA)

We all each of us, have many bad functioning in our body. This is traduced in many involontary gestures. There are always as visible or invisible movements according to erroneous connections between the body action center and its actual objective.
So, it is supposed here that such involuntary movement comes from that if the eyes is making involuntary movements, it comes from our to much significations of everything connected with our optic regard function. Being in this automatic behavior, it is difficult to correct this involuntary gesture. So it need training patiently to overcome this habit. There is no possible medication.
Here is only a way as one particular solution.
If the eye looking function is to much significant as information attached to every external incoming signal then it can be try to turn them away towards an another sensitive body collector as the sense of hearing. So, the training exercices are to blindfold the eyes and tempt to detach it from our surrounding space according to only the use of our hearing of sound. Such frequently exercise can free our eyes automatic movements with any of signal comming from the surounding space. There is a more equilibrium of our senses for our global behavior.

Hereafter are texts on the Dakhiometry,
a rational method for determining properties of the dakhi, the Breath of the universe ...

The dakhiometry, text DK001EN   (sep 2001) The Simultaneity and the Conservation are notions of the Permanence of the universe.
The dakhiometry, text DK002EN   (oct 2001) The memory-universe built in respect of rigorous conditions, but with simplicity.
The fundamental concepts in the Dakhiometry  (nov 2001) In dakhiometry, universal laws and phenomena show surprising wealthy relationships. The futur physical Laws are not yet established in the universe of nowadays.
The Accuracy, the Certainty and the Doubt  (nov 2001) Mathematical accuracy is a mechanical process while Certainty and Doubt are the engine of the evolving Self. Some analysis of the Non Euclidean contradictions.

Proof of the Fermet's theorem  (mars 2002) Equation xn+yn=zn, has no solution....

Cyclone formations  (mai 2002) Cyclones are phenomena attached to the band structure of the atmosphere winds....

The First action of the beginning of the universe  (sept 2002) How to square a circle. This surface transformation is the first natural operation at the beginning of the universe....

The Proof of the universe Evolution Process  (oct, 2002) The beginning of the universe construction used the squaring a circle to allows the central symmetry to establish the left-right symmetry for the alive.

The Proof of the squaring a circle  (oct, 2002) Proof of the surface equality after the squaring a circle.

Calculations of the Pi value  (oct, 2002) Geometrical determination of the new Pi value.

The three postulates on matter  (jan, 2003) The matter recurrence and proof of the Thales' and Pythagoras' properties.

The Achimedes' property  (jan, 2003) The circle perimeter solution of Archimedes and his axiom.

New Proof of Light Refraction and Reflection Laws  (dec, 2004) New Proof according to the Dakhiometry method that shows that light is not a particle and a wawe that may have a trip of 13 billion of celerity distance...

Succession allows Quantities. Basic of Counting.   (august 2007) Unity Succession Principle is the foundation of the universe Fullness. fullness is necessarry to allow Quantity. Quantity is Reality of the World existence.

More detailed analysis written in french only:
Succession and Quantity analysis.

To read more aspects on this theory,
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